Friday, March 29, 2013

The Dance of Life

The Sun and Moon are Smiles and Kisses from Heaven. They are Sacred Blessings which Illuminate the Path to Salvation and Transformation. They are Beings of Light as are We. When our Earthly Existence is over our Energy is released into the Universe that we may Become the Celestial Bodies we were Born to Be.

You are a Wondrous Beauty of Infinite Possibilities who will Shine the Moment you Believe that You are Special, You are Beautiful, You are Gifted and You are Worthy. The Light is calling you Home. Believe!

The Realization and Acceptance of Mother Earths Message that We are One with Nature will Open a Gateway to Spirit and a Path to God.

Look closely and the Light of Heaven will Guide you along a Path of Cleansing and Purifying where the Heart Dances and the Soul is Kissed by Goodness.

Streams of Light Flow through You when You see Beyond the Stars to the Essence of Who You Are and Taste with Passion and Pride the Sweet Nectar of Life.

A Beautiful Spirit and an Awakened Heart will create Channels of Consciousness in the Soul of every Being which will lead them to a Balanced Life of Bliss.

Together let us Breathe in the Flower of Existence and Experience the Pleasure of a Life filled with Precious Moments and Infinite Beauty.

Wise are they who Learn from their Past, Live their Present and Create their Future for they are the Ones that Realize Life is House that We build to our own Specifications.

To live a Whole and Holy Life we must Truly Accept each Other and let Goodness Flow as we become One with the Universe. To lessen the suffering of Others is to make a more Beautiful World. A World of Good Thoughts which Gracefully Guide us with Clarity and Insight to Embrace each individual as the Uniquely Beautiful Being that they have always Been.

As big as the Universe is the Kindness that Lives within each and every Soul. If we Open our Soul to all of Humanity the Divine Wind of Love will Touch the Sun and Warm the Hearts of One and All.

I enter the Spiritual Temple of my Soul wearing a Garment of Light and embracing Empowering Thoughts that make me Joyously Alive for I am a Messenger and Love is my Sacred Mission.

Life is a Dance of Joy and Sweet is the Symphony that Serenades the Soul.

Flowers of the Soul Bloom when the Flow of Life merges with our Sacred Energy thereby Creating a Garden of Enlightenment within.

Spread your Wings and Love like the Angels for Love is the Greatest form of Prayer and Prayer is that which Embraces the World with Light.

Glory be to All who are Free and Blessed be those that Freed them for We are Messengers from Heaven and when we are Committed to Helping Others we Manifest Miracles and Create a Universe of Loving Spirit.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, March 22, 2013

Healing Begins With Belief

We all have the Ability to be Spiritual Healers as long as We accept the Truth that Healing begins with Belief and ends with Love.

i have a deep reverence for those whose beauty is spiritual. i admire those whose smile has the glow of greatness and whose touch radiates goodness. i have an overwhelming love for those of clear vision and insight who see a brighter tomorrow and work in meaningful ways to create it. i admire they who live the human experience from a spiritual perspective. i have a deep reverence for you.

You are Gifted with Life. Open that Gift and Share it. Open that Gift and Love it. Open that Gift and Embrace it. Open that Gift.

May you be a Vessel of Light that Illuminates a Path of Gentle Loving Energy as you Ignite the Soul with Love and May your Brightest Self engulf the World in Harmony as you Walk with Angels and Dance with Gods.

Gentle and Loving are We who feed our Soul with Love and Immerse our Spirit in Light for We are the Chosen Ones who will Lead the World to a Place of Higher Vibration and Harmony where all live in Peace.

There is a Bridge of Light which leads to Higher Spiritual Landscapes that is made Visible when the Journey of Evolving Spirit is one of Love.

There is a Grace and Glory to a Love which is Born of a Desire for the Greatest Good. A Love that is Built from the Living Awareness that We are all Light Beings on a Path of Spiritual Growth, is a Love that Listens from the Heart to the Sweet Voice of God.

The Beauty of the Soul is Revealed every time we Reach Out to Help Lift the Spirits of someone in need for their is no Greater Beauty than Kindness.

there is a place of healing energy within each soul where the mystical knowledge of the ancients builds bridges to a brighter future for us to find the moment we realize how truly sacred we are.

A Life Truly Touched by Love is one where you Nurture yourself with the Vibration of Enlightenment and Nourish yourself with Transformative Spirituality.

True Freedom is the Ability to be Yourself in the face of criticism, opposition and ignorance.

When you go to bed tonight be sure to Leave the Love on so all can See your Beauty and you can find your way Home.

Illuminate the Heart and the Soul Awakens. Illuminate the Soul and the Angels Rejoice. Illuminate the Spirit and the Gates of Heaven Open. You are a Being of Light. Share that Light and Miracles Happen.

A Radiant Love is a Joy to Behold for in its Purity there is Light and Truth.

There is a Blueprint for Heaven etched on my Soul. My Heaven is a place where there is Time set aside for Joy and Laughter. My Heaven is a Powerfully Inspiring place where our Intuitive Gifts are Embraced. My Heaven is a Spiritually Satisfying place of Light where all Wholeheartedly enjoy their Life.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beyond This Reality

At every Moment we have Two Realities watching over us waiting for us to Choose our Destiny knowing full well that they are One in the Same.

Beyond this Reality there is a Place of Joy and Lightness where the Awakened and Enlightened await the Day when you Realize your Higher Purpose.

By Living our Highest Good and Sharing our Greatest Gifts we Teach People to Create Happier and Healthier Lives that they too may Inspire Others.

My Life Story is One of Miracles where Angels touch my Soul with their Beauty and I am Transformed into a Sacred Being of Light.

Your Heart is a Wonderful Guide. Your Spirit is a Great Mentor. Your Mind is a Magnificent Teacher and Your Soul is a Sacred Messenger. Listen to the Voices within and yours will be a Journey to Paradise.

This morning I tripped on a Miracle and fell on a Piece of the Sky only to Realize that the Sacred is everywhere and I am truly Loved.

Take Responsibility for your Thoughts. Take Responsibility for you Actions. Take Responsibility for your Beliefs. Take Responsibility for your Words. Take Responsibility for your Life. Take Responsibility.

Divine are they whose every Breath is One of Love for theirs is a Vision of Wholeness and a Prayer of Selfless Service. Poetic and Compassionate are we whose every Thought is One of Light for ours is a Journey of Kindness and a Song of Inspiration. Life is meant to bring a Smile to the Soul and Blessed are they who Share that Gift.

Let us Vow to make ours a Better World where the Transformation is so Profound as to Ensure that no other Angel will ever again Hang their Head in Shame.

Be a Light for All you meet and your Life will be one of Limitless Possibilities where Change makes yours a Story of Triumph for as we We Transform the Earth Transforms.

Once you Walk through the Fire every Moment becomes a Moment of Reflection. It is important to Feel what you are Thinking for yours is a Multi Dimensional Existence that is always Changing and Growing thereby Creating a Transformative Stream of Love from which you may Impact the World in ways Positive and Profound.

To be Loved is a Mystical Experience which Miraculously Transforms us from Human Beings to Beings of Light.

We are Saints and Mystics in training for the Time when we Ascend to Spiritual Worlds which allow us to use our Positive Energy to Empower, Inspire and Heal.

Dress yourself in Leaves from the Tree of Life as you Grow into the Divine Being you are Destined to Be.

An Awareness of each Breath infuses the Heart with a Tremendous Feeling of Love for it is when We become Aware that our Journey of Ascension truly Begins.

We are Children of the Sun and Moon. Let us Dance in their Light and Celebrate in Joy the reality that we are Celestial Beings of Love.

Mystical and Miraculous is the Transformation that occurs when the Light of our Soul and the Love of our Heart become One.

The Time of Miracles is Here. It is the Realization that its the Little Things which have the Greatest Impact that will be the Catalyst for the Dawn of a new Consciousness. A Smile is a Gift from God that Inspires. A Laugh is a Blessing that Heals. The words I Love You are a Prayer that Transforms and I Believe is the Truth that will set you Free.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, March 08, 2013

A Shared Dream of Love

I saw a Faery sleeping and was moved by its Profound Beauty. It is important in Life that we never lose the Imagination of our Youth for the greatest Miracles are just Fantasies waiting for the World to Awaken to the fact that they are Real.

Connect with the Joy of your Spirit and Gift the World with the Beauty of your Love.

Live your Dreams by Helping others Live their Dreams for Life when lived properly is a Shared Dream of Love.

Nature Prays for us. Every Flower is a Prayer. Every Tree is a Blessing. Nature is God and Goddess. Nature is a Temple of Transformation. The Birds are Singing Hymns. Nature Prays for us. Listen closely and you can Hear the Wind whisper the word Amen.

Today I made a Profound Spiritual Discovery. I am Wonderful and I am Worthy. Explore Who You Are. You will be Amazed at what you Discover.

There is a Garden within where Plays a secret God. It is a Heavenly Presence that watches over our Inner Child until we are Awake and Aware that we may Open our self to the Innocence and Purity that was once ours.

be nice. let your true self soar. light the flame of love. share the goodness of your smile. be nice. live the life your soul intended. walk a path of peace. kiss the sky with absolute joy. be nice.

Playful and Profound are those who Enrich their daily Life by making everything they say and do a Unique Expression of Love.

Live your Best Life by making a Heart and Soul connection with all Humanity as doing so Completes the Circle and Fills every Breath with Joy.

Birth a new Reality by Exploring the Dimensions of Existence and the Sacred Space within your Heart. Embrace each Experience with Grace and Gratitude as you Express your Soul Purpose. The Pure Essence of You is such as to Inspire in a way the Benefits Humankind with a Flow of Positive Energy. The Transformation begins when you take your next Breath.

The Mind Awakens once we Realize that we Exist beyond the Physical for it is only then that we See with Clarity and Act with Divinity.

Delight in your Destiny for the Eternal Light of your Soul is Shining Brightly on your True Magnificence.

There is a Sacred Land of Healing and Insight where every Moment is a Life Changing Experience and if you close your eyes and look within you will see the Forests of Joy and Fields of Love that await the Dawn of your Awareness.

A Smile is but a Drop in the Ocean of Self Discovery yet its ripples Blanket the World with Positive Energy and Embrace the Universe with Love.

As a Child I would Float on Air and Speak to the Moon for I had not yet been told of all that doesnt Exist. Today I try to add a new Belief to my Life every day. Not that I may Relive my Childhood but that I may Refresh my Soul.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, March 01, 2013

The Earth Is A Sleeping God

The Earth is a Sleeping God which will Awaken the Moment we Change the Nightmare of our Existence from a World of War to a World of Love.

An Awakened Spirit is a Light that spreads Joy as it Illuminates a Path to the Realm of Inspiration and the Mountain of Transformation.

Every Human Being has within them Greatness. Every Human Being has within them Goodness. Open the Door and Set them Free.

The Light of Compassion is a Flower that Blooms in my Heart which I Shine on all those whose Inner Gardens lack Light and Love.

Be Your Purpose. Be Your Passion. Be Your Inspiration. Be Your Creation and make Yourself something Beautiful. Be Who You Are. Be.

A Positive Outlook, A Smile Inspired by Spirit and a Life of Giving and Gratitude are the things that Create Miracles as they are Gifts from the Soul to the Universe.

The Light in my Heart and the Glow of the Moon are Connected for We are Celestial in our Essence and Ethereal in our Soul.

We are all born with an Innate Power to Heal and Empower Others. Claim that Birthright and Share your Inner Calling with the World.

Free are We to Explore those things which let our Spirit Grow and Stimulate our Soul. The Time has come to Embrace our Freedom and Float on Butterfly Wings to Angelic Realms and Ethereal Dimensions.

In Spirit We Flow, In Light We Ascend and In Love We Transform. We are always Evolving and Expanding for that is the Heart of Life.

Awaken to your True Self and Feel the Higher Power. Ignite your Passion and Experience a Deeper Truth. Live your Unique Essence. You are Beautiful.

The Soul begins to Bloom once the Mind Awakens to a place of Divine Intent and Spiritual Imagining.

I Soar above common Reality on Mystical Wings that I may see the True Beauty of Mother Earth and Experience Life in a manner that Inspires the Divine within to Share its Wisdom in a way that Transforms.

Align your Love and Light in a way that Heals as it Guides you along your Chosen Path.

If we look Deeply at Life with Spiritual Eyes we see not only the Truth, We also see the Beauty in this Dimension and Beyond.

Love is a Sacred Truth. It is the Prayer of Hope which Nurtures our Existence. It is the Nourishment which makes our Soul Blossom. Live the Truth.

Pure is the Joy that Radiates from the Heart of those who bring Miracles into our Lives for they are the Sacred Embodiment of All that is Good.

In the Depths of My Soul their is a Land of Ancients where the Seeds of Positive Change are Planted. As I Evolve Spiritually those seeds will become the Flowers in the Garden of my Life. Flowers of Inspiration. Flowers of Kindness and Flowers of Love.

Open the Door to a new Reality and your Life becomes a Continuous Miracle that Floats across the Sky.

Live your Light in a Joyful way that Enhances your Spirit and makes your Soul Happy.

A Better World is Possible. It is Possible because we can be Better People. We can Live Better Lives. We can make Better Choices. If you truly want a Better World the answer is simple: Be Better!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )