Friday, March 29, 2013

The Dance of Life

The Sun and Moon are Smiles and Kisses from Heaven. They are Sacred Blessings which Illuminate the Path to Salvation and Transformation. They are Beings of Light as are We. When our Earthly Existence is over our Energy is released into the Universe that we may Become the Celestial Bodies we were Born to Be.

You are a Wondrous Beauty of Infinite Possibilities who will Shine the Moment you Believe that You are Special, You are Beautiful, You are Gifted and You are Worthy. The Light is calling you Home. Believe!

The Realization and Acceptance of Mother Earths Message that We are One with Nature will Open a Gateway to Spirit and a Path to God.

Look closely and the Light of Heaven will Guide you along a Path of Cleansing and Purifying where the Heart Dances and the Soul is Kissed by Goodness.

Streams of Light Flow through You when You see Beyond the Stars to the Essence of Who You Are and Taste with Passion and Pride the Sweet Nectar of Life.

A Beautiful Spirit and an Awakened Heart will create Channels of Consciousness in the Soul of every Being which will lead them to a Balanced Life of Bliss.

Together let us Breathe in the Flower of Existence and Experience the Pleasure of a Life filled with Precious Moments and Infinite Beauty.

Wise are they who Learn from their Past, Live their Present and Create their Future for they are the Ones that Realize Life is House that We build to our own Specifications.

To live a Whole and Holy Life we must Truly Accept each Other and let Goodness Flow as we become One with the Universe. To lessen the suffering of Others is to make a more Beautiful World. A World of Good Thoughts which Gracefully Guide us with Clarity and Insight to Embrace each individual as the Uniquely Beautiful Being that they have always Been.

As big as the Universe is the Kindness that Lives within each and every Soul. If we Open our Soul to all of Humanity the Divine Wind of Love will Touch the Sun and Warm the Hearts of One and All.

I enter the Spiritual Temple of my Soul wearing a Garment of Light and embracing Empowering Thoughts that make me Joyously Alive for I am a Messenger and Love is my Sacred Mission.

Life is a Dance of Joy and Sweet is the Symphony that Serenades the Soul.

Flowers of the Soul Bloom when the Flow of Life merges with our Sacred Energy thereby Creating a Garden of Enlightenment within.

Spread your Wings and Love like the Angels for Love is the Greatest form of Prayer and Prayer is that which Embraces the World with Light.

Glory be to All who are Free and Blessed be those that Freed them for We are Messengers from Heaven and when we are Committed to Helping Others we Manifest Miracles and Create a Universe of Loving Spirit.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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