Friday, April 05, 2013

Dimensions of Existence

When I was a Child I Played amongst the Stars, I Danced upon the Clouds and I Flew on Eagles Wings to Far Away Lands. I long for my Youth. Come Out. Come Out, Wherever You Are!

There are Dimensions in Existence and in each Dimension we find our Light when we make a Heart and Soul connection.

Dance with me in the Light of your True Magnificence and Together we will Rejoice as our Souls Bloom and our Spirits Flower for Life is a Garden and our Destiny is to Plant Seeds and Dance.

I Awoke this morning with the warm Breath of God on my Soul and immediately felt Free to be the Man I am Destined to Be.

Beautiful is the Heart that Changes and Grows like a Butterfly into a Winged Angel of Heaven and Earth.

Positive Energy is a Healing Force which Empowers us and Connects us with the Divine. When we use the Reservoir of Energy within with Good Intentions something Magickal happens.

In Dimensions Unseen are Answers to all of Life's Questions and Questions for all of Life's Answers. Search less and Live more for anything you need to Know will be Provided if your Heart is Pure and your Soul is Free.

With Childlike Playfulness and an Intention to Inspire leap into the Light of Love with the Knowledge that Angels have Wings and You were Born to Fly.

Listen to the Heartbeat of the Universe and Let the Light of Heaven fill up your Life. We are Healers and Nurturers and it is when we Listen to the Whispers of Truth that we begin to Live the Beauty which is our Divine Birthright.

May Joy Rain down upon your Soul as you come to the Realization that Life Loves You.

Be Grateful for every Day. Be Thankful for every Opportunity to Share a Smile. Be Appreciative of every Step which leads to Love. Be Proud of every Act of Kindness you have ever done. Be Grateful for every Day.

Alive in the Womb of Love is a Radiant Energy Simple and Profound which Creates Inner Transformation and Connects to the Sacred. Awake into Love and your Life will abound with Experiences that Enrich.

Cultivate Self Love and you will begin a Gratifying Journey of Compassion and Understanding where something New and Beautiful happens every Day.

My Life is a Work of heART and I am a heARTist painting the World with Words of Love.

Nature has a Beauty that is only matched by the Beauty of Women for they are One with the Earth.

There is a Glow all around You. There is a Harmonious Flow of Positive Energy that is within your Reach. There are Illuminated Pathways of Revelation and Transformation as Far as the Eye can See. Our Purpose in Life is to Look at Life through our Soul not our Eyes that we may See the true Beauty that Awaits.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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