Thursday, March 30, 2017

Swept Away along Waterways of Wisdom

we bring our dreams to life when we actively seek to create a pristine positive atmosphere for it is when our intent is pure and true that we are swept away along waterways of wisdom to worlds of sacred wonder.

empower yourself by using the energy embedded within your soul as divine inspiration and your journey will be one that leads you to portals of light in the earth,the universe and beyond.

that moment in which we are truly inspired by the beauty of the spark of divinity within is an esoteric moment of brilliance that guides us toward the heavens and connects us to something greater.

enlightened beliefs manifest magickal moments which lead us to higher worlds of heart centered living and soulful experiences.

you are an angelic presence on this earth whose heart and soul are filled with heavenly transmissions which when embraced with love and pure consciousness will open gateways of celestial beauty so that you may know your higher purpose.

sweet is the glow of love and respect for self as it nourishes our innate spiritual essence that we may see the true sacred beauty of our life.

from the fabric of creation weave with me a blanket of celestial beauty that connects us to the spirit and soul of each and every blessed being on earth while embracing us in heavenly bliss .

confidence and self esteem are blessings of higher intention that open us to the beauty of our existence that we may live our brilliant and magnificent lives from a sacred soul perspective.

i am a divine and sacred creator of wonderful experiences walking a path of spiritual discovery whose unique soul expression is an extraordinary gift that lights the world with love.

possibilities unfold when we accept that we are divine messengers of light and walk our path in a compassionate, loving and purposeful manner that accentuates our natural abilities while guiding us to a place of holistic well being.

we are enlightened souls whose radiant heart light is a beacon of guidance from higher levels. our mission is to see the light and ascend to our celestial garden in the cosmos of a divine reality most beautiful.

live more authentically with sacred intentions as this will create new realities and experiences that help your soul and spirit evolve in unison while you find greater peace and happiness.

sacred thought patterns are powerful and meaningful gifts which when shared with the universe create in us a unique passion and purpose that helps make this a better world.

open with me dimensional doorways of inspired guidance which lead to pathways of love that we may be a light of beauty and truth in a world in desperate need of a reason to rejoice.

focused intent sets us on a path of positive direction where the divine connections we make create remarkable changes and a flow of universal energy which inspires the soul to flourish.

by seeking to transcend life's challenges you increase your vibration and the light of creation shines brightly on the divine beauty that exists within your being.

structure your reality around the pure love and light at the core of your being and its sacred energy will shower you with infinite possibilities while guiding you to higher worlds.

breathe deeply and release the toxins within such as stress and anxiety as this will give you a clearer spiritual vision of life allowing you to blossom more fully as you manifest the greatest good.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Let Me Embrace You With My Love And Light

i feel soul good. i have a transformative power that i share so others may heal and awaken. i have blessings that i bestow which radically change lives for the better. i have a loving awareness which is nurturing and compassionate that inspires joy of being. let me embrace you with my love and light. i feel soul good.

explore with me a spiritual reality of all encompassing energy and together we will soar to a higher vibrational level of being where we experience new dimensions of love.

to be present in every moment is to realize that you are a beautiful soul who has the power to heal and the ability to love. once you accept this truth you gain a deeper understanding of your radiant existence which gives your life more meaning.

gentle heart centered sacred encounters create for us higher experiences which make our life an eclectic spiritual journey of divine guidance and love. our task is to see the sacred in all and immerse ourselves in their truth and beauty.

we have strengths and gifts which when used to make changes that positively impact our lives, connect us to the love at the core of our being. embrace and embody those blessings that all may see and experience the loving light of your true sacred self.

focus on you as this will awaken the blessings within allowing you to make better life choices as you move toward joy.

it is by engaging your heart fully that you awaken to your true purpose for the heart is a guiding light which when opened inspires us to embody joy and love as we experience the universe in miraculous ways.

divine human you have the wisdom within you to change the nature of your reality. activate the powers at the core of your being and watch as beautiful blessings unfold before your eyes.

a miraculous life that is sacred and soul felt is one in which we fill our cups with kindness as we share our deeply transformative and unique gifts with the world.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Your Destiny is to help Humanity live in Greater Joy

live fully in the moment with the knowledge that your highest truth is that you are born of light and your destiny is to help humanity live in greater joy by awakening wellness and cultivating love.

walk with dignity and sacredness for you are a healing life force who when awakened will live a happier life of holistic spiritual well being.

there is a sacred fire which is ignited within when we live our true essence. it is fire of ethereal beauty that awakens the glory and greatness of our divine self.

embrace a new way of life by accepting and living the truth that you are a sacred soul whose every breath is an extraordinary contribution that makes a difference in the world.

be passionate about your journey and seek to immerse yourself in deeper dimensions of love as these are transformational acts of healing that make a profound difference in the mystical dance of life.

live with an open heart and yours will be a journey of self discovery that sparks the spirit with positive peaceful energy.

deeply embedded in the soul of who we are is an ecstatic beauty whose spiritual benefits are happiness and abundance. our mission is simply to open the gateway and set it free.

a healing environment is a source of divine nurturance which we create when we actively seek to make ours a peaceful loving world.

by making positive changes in our lives we create an atmosphere of happiness which reveals our true beauty while instilling within us a greater sense of peace.

center your journey in peacefulness and it will be one of power and grace that is filled with profound truth where every choice you make opens a gateway to the sacred.

when we walk a path to love on sacred fertile ground we expand our possibilities creating for us a world of profound perspectives and loving awareness in which we live our highest desires.

those who see life through spiritual eyes and are inspired by its beauty are healthier and happier for they have love in their heart and joy in their soul.

spiritual awareness opens gateways to realms of powerful healing and holistic wellness where our beautiful radiant souls may cultivate sacred loving connections as they manifest a life of miracles.

be a source of comfort for yourself and a miraculous metamorphosis takes place that will make yours a brave and poetic life which positively serves the world.

live authentically by aligning with the highest good for it is the destiny of every soul to walk a path that embraces the earth and the heavens with love.

trust your inner guidance as it is a blessing which if embraced enriches life in profoundly helpful ways that light your path with love.

yours is a compassionate, loving and extraordinary life. it is a heart centered journey of abundant possibilities and cosmic truth. it is a life to be honored, cherished and celebrated. this is your life.

give yourself love and watch as you explode with positive energy for love of self is a sacred gift that brings bliss into our lives.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Abundant Love Creates an Atmosphere of Inspiration

abundant love creates an atmosphere of inspiration which opens the immortal soul, making ours a life of transcendent devotion and deep spiritual fulfillment.

a life of purpose is one of natural spiritual growth. it is a path of purification and transcendent devotion. it is a true sacred source of happiness. love your life and live your purpose.

may ours be a mystical, spiritual and sacred celebration in which we awaken into aliveness as we transform inwardly and move forward into a heart opening adventure.

speak your deepest truths and you become more empowered as truth is a blessing that guides us along a path of miraculous experiences to a peaceful state of being.

a life of compassion and selfless service is one of higher purpose that benefits humanity.

share your soul as this is an expression of divine love whose transformative power can make your journey one of bliss and beauty.

focus on fulfillment by seeking holistic solutions as this will embrace your mind, body and spirit with sacred vibrations and the pure divine light of love.

cosmic forces are at work in our lives and by opening ourselves completely to their celestial glory ours becomes a highly empowering journey of divine timing in which every relationship is sacred and every moment is a blessing. 

profound self realization enhances wellness by taking us to that place within where epiphanies flow which brings joy into our lives by making us grateful for every day.

selfless service shines a light of spiritual brilliance which illuminates the way to fields of consciousness where we have deeply satisfying experiences that purify the heart and soul.

clarity of intent helps us create greater joy for it allows us to see the beauty of our true self.

immerse yourself in the energies of love and you will experience the joys of life in ways that invigorate, elevate and positively change your world for the better.

spiritual wisdom initiates transformation which elevates our consciousness to a beautiful place of pure existence where we may weave a coat of kindness and compassion from the fabric of a reality most sacred.

cultivate gratitude as this is a blessing for our spirit that inspires us to discover deeper meaning within as we embody the divine.

you are unique in the universe and true devotion to your path and purpose raises you to spiritual levels of wholeness where you may live joyfully your destiny.

open hearts with your love and yours will be a life that is spiritually nourished with greater happiness and well being.

focus inward and you will discover magickal and miraculous wellsprings of energy that will change your life in the most powerful ways.

engage the world with your sacred beauty and the heart of the universe will raise you to ethereal planes of existence where you may live freely and joyfully.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Look At Life With Spiritual Eyes

look at life with spiritual eyes and you will see transformative truths which inspire and create change.

higher self connection and healing intentions make ours a beloved life force that empowers and enlightens while cultivating sacred well being.

we all have natural intuitive abilities and authentic powers which if embraced will deeply connect us with our purpose by manifesting transcendent experiences of self transformation.

stop and smell the flower of life and it will open your heart to the wonder and beauty of who you truly are.

know that you are a blessing for all humankind for by accepting and celebrating this truth you transcend your barriers and create a path of mindful experiences and miracles.

we transform all areas of our life when we embrace our sacred gifts for this activates the divine by making us a spiritual butterfly.

the way to a better life is through loving compassion for kindness creates within us a radiant wellness which illuminates a road to spiritual fulfillment.

the heart bursts wide open when you make it your purpose to become better than you are for it is by walking a path of positive intention that you elevate your consciousness and raise your true self to a pure and profound place of sacred wholeness.

mindfulness creates a compassionate awareness which takes us into deeper dimensions where we are our immersed in a transformational flow of energy that heals the heart and makes our journey one of life changing outcomes that enlighten and empower.

we are magickal beings and by walking in a positive direction we transform our lives into one of fulfilling relationships and meaningful personal growth where dreams become realities of beauty, bliss, love and light.

you are a sacred force and powerful presence in the universe with extraordinary gifts and healing energies that become fully alive when you live your truth and love your divine self.

we are on a profound and enlightening journey of becoming where by living our purpose we increase our capacity for joy and deepen our love of life.

in silent self reflection i envision life as a transformative dance of beauty where i befriend myself as i shine my light for all the world to see.

dive deep within the core of your being and use your inner experience to lovingly craft a life of playful exploration and profound enlightenment.

express your vision in loving ways with every soul you encounter as this will create reciprocal relationships that light the way to a destiny most divine.

a wide open heart has a powerful energy that enlivens our spirit with sacred values and magickal blessings when we share our love with the universe.

alive and free are we whose divine aspirations connect us to our truth that we may navigate the tides of change with heart aligned choices which open doorways to miracles.

invigorate your journey with sacred intention and a positive sense of self as this will create extraordinary opportunities that facilitate profound transformation.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One