Thursday, March 30, 2017

Swept Away along Waterways of Wisdom

we bring our dreams to life when we actively seek to create a pristine positive atmosphere for it is when our intent is pure and true that we are swept away along waterways of wisdom to worlds of sacred wonder.

empower yourself by using the energy embedded within your soul as divine inspiration and your journey will be one that leads you to portals of light in the earth,the universe and beyond.

that moment in which we are truly inspired by the beauty of the spark of divinity within is an esoteric moment of brilliance that guides us toward the heavens and connects us to something greater.

enlightened beliefs manifest magickal moments which lead us to higher worlds of heart centered living and soulful experiences.

you are an angelic presence on this earth whose heart and soul are filled with heavenly transmissions which when embraced with love and pure consciousness will open gateways of celestial beauty so that you may know your higher purpose.

sweet is the glow of love and respect for self as it nourishes our innate spiritual essence that we may see the true sacred beauty of our life.

from the fabric of creation weave with me a blanket of celestial beauty that connects us to the spirit and soul of each and every blessed being on earth while embracing us in heavenly bliss .

confidence and self esteem are blessings of higher intention that open us to the beauty of our existence that we may live our brilliant and magnificent lives from a sacred soul perspective.

i am a divine and sacred creator of wonderful experiences walking a path of spiritual discovery whose unique soul expression is an extraordinary gift that lights the world with love.

possibilities unfold when we accept that we are divine messengers of light and walk our path in a compassionate, loving and purposeful manner that accentuates our natural abilities while guiding us to a place of holistic well being.

we are enlightened souls whose radiant heart light is a beacon of guidance from higher levels. our mission is to see the light and ascend to our celestial garden in the cosmos of a divine reality most beautiful.

live more authentically with sacred intentions as this will create new realities and experiences that help your soul and spirit evolve in unison while you find greater peace and happiness.

sacred thought patterns are powerful and meaningful gifts which when shared with the universe create in us a unique passion and purpose that helps make this a better world.

open with me dimensional doorways of inspired guidance which lead to pathways of love that we may be a light of beauty and truth in a world in desperate need of a reason to rejoice.

focused intent sets us on a path of positive direction where the divine connections we make create remarkable changes and a flow of universal energy which inspires the soul to flourish.

by seeking to transcend life's challenges you increase your vibration and the light of creation shines brightly on the divine beauty that exists within your being.

structure your reality around the pure love and light at the core of your being and its sacred energy will shower you with infinite possibilities while guiding you to higher worlds.

breathe deeply and release the toxins within such as stress and anxiety as this will give you a clearer spiritual vision of life allowing you to blossom more fully as you manifest the greatest good.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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