Thursday, March 23, 2017

Let Me Embrace You With My Love And Light

i feel soul good. i have a transformative power that i share so others may heal and awaken. i have blessings that i bestow which radically change lives for the better. i have a loving awareness which is nurturing and compassionate that inspires joy of being. let me embrace you with my love and light. i feel soul good.

explore with me a spiritual reality of all encompassing energy and together we will soar to a higher vibrational level of being where we experience new dimensions of love.

to be present in every moment is to realize that you are a beautiful soul who has the power to heal and the ability to love. once you accept this truth you gain a deeper understanding of your radiant existence which gives your life more meaning.

gentle heart centered sacred encounters create for us higher experiences which make our life an eclectic spiritual journey of divine guidance and love. our task is to see the sacred in all and immerse ourselves in their truth and beauty.

we have strengths and gifts which when used to make changes that positively impact our lives, connect us to the love at the core of our being. embrace and embody those blessings that all may see and experience the loving light of your true sacred self.

focus on you as this will awaken the blessings within allowing you to make better life choices as you move toward joy.

it is by engaging your heart fully that you awaken to your true purpose for the heart is a guiding light which when opened inspires us to embody joy and love as we experience the universe in miraculous ways.

divine human you have the wisdom within you to change the nature of your reality. activate the powers at the core of your being and watch as beautiful blessings unfold before your eyes.

a miraculous life that is sacred and soul felt is one in which we fill our cups with kindness as we share our deeply transformative and unique gifts with the world.

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