Thursday, January 29, 2015

True Loving Kindness

we have an unlimited capacity for love. the more love we have in our lives the more we nurture our essence. spiritual and personal growth begin with true loving kindness.

do what is beneficial to you. do what opens you to the beauty of who you truly are. do what makes you happy. do those things which allow you to experience basic goodness. if you do nothing else today do yourself a favor by looking in the mirror and saying i love you.

cultivate the light within and you will find greater freedom, peace and well being as yours becomes a joyful fulfilling life of beauty, truth and love.

love is your life purpose and destiny. if you are committed to living your destiny yours will be an inspiring and transformative journey of alchemical soul healing and guidance from spirit where with every breath you give voice to your heart and celebrate sacred mother earth.

today you have a chance to change your life. tomorrow you have a chance to change your life. every day you have a chance to change your life. arise and greet the day with a smile of gratitude for today you have a chance to change your life.

when we dedicate our life to the happiness of others ours becomes a world imprinted with positive energy and nourished with love.

welcome home to love. welcome home to the deepest part of yourself. welcome to a place of compassionate spirit where every thought weaves magickal threads of light into blankets of happiness. welcome to a place of wondrous experiences and elevated insight where with every choice you create something beautiful. welcome home to love.

connect to your truth for it is there that you will discover mythic gifts and sacred opportunities which will enable you to receive messages from the angelic realms that you may experience the glorious and divine in the deepest and most profound way.

set your intentions to love as doing so will empower and engage others to act in kind which in turn will create a wave of positive energy that reaches across the universe and beyond.

you are a being of exquisite natural beauty and by embracing your truth with mindful self compassion you transform every experience into something glorious and divine.

drink from the well of inspiration and engage in soulful practices with the intent of making the world a better place for the simplest choices can sometimes create the most extraordinary results.

see your own beauty. touch the divine within. celebrate being alive. life is a series of miracles and by acknowledging and accepting the sacred you create a rich and rewarding environment of love and light.

these are remarkable times and we are remarkable people. believe in yourself and embrace your greatness for you have within you the power to create divine beauty and manifest miracles.

we help the heart open when we cultivate positive connections. the heart is where awareness blooms and it is by opening it that we discover the glory of the love that is our sacred essence. you have with every breath the opportunity to share your heart with others. embrace the beauty that beats within and yours will be a healing and transformative path of bliss. open you heart and you open your life to infinite possibilities.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Living Expression Of Love

let your purpose and passion be the greater good and yours will be a life in alignment with your dreams where every moment is a living expression of love.

actively seek to give yourself something to smile about and you will be rewarded with bright blessings and mystical experiences that will lead you along a higher path of divine purpose.

live a more compassionate life for by doing so you will look at the world differently which will inspire more positive thought and action.

the higher our path the more empowered we are. the greater our purpose the more inspired we are. the deeper are love the more enriched we are. reach beyond your limitations and you will discover your true greatness.

cherish yourself. give yourself what the soul needs. treasure yourself. feed the spirit with positive energy. love yourself. embrace the heart in a way that inspires miracles. the better we treat ourself the better our world will be.

love arises from the heart and deeply touches the glow of spirit changing our world and making life all the more beautiful.

it is kindness and compassion that transform our world. it is caring and sensitivity that bring us happiness and fulfillment. it is sympathy and empathy that guide us along pathways of prayer and it is love and light that make us realize inspiration is everywhere and that we have within us the ability to create and shape our existence into something beautiful.

listen to the voice of spirit and you will experience the miraculous. listen to the wisdom of the heart and you will experience greater love. listen to the whispers of the soul and you will experience joy and inner peace. listen.

every moment of our lives is an opportunity to evolve. each day we are given the chance to appreciate the beauty around us. transformation begins by seeing and realizing the miracles of life. let today be the day that opportunity becomes reality and reality becomes something grand and glorious.

you are a sensitive and caring soul beautifully crafted of love and light. open yourself to your true greatness and compassionately discover the essence of pure joy blossoming within.

belief is the greatest gift we can give ourself for it is a gift of love that deeply touches us mind, body and soul creating a rich tapestry of divine experiences which inspire and transform.

undress your spirit that it may stand naked in the beauty of the ethereal world that all may see the magnificence of its imperfection and know that our flaws are gifts and that we are glorious.

use your gifts to help others for by helping others you engage the soul in a way that will open you to the beauty and miracle that is your sacred existence where you will experience a greater love for self and humanity.

there is brilliance within you. there is energy of the ancestors. there is wisdom of the ancients. there are things wonderful and glorious. look within with the knowledge that your hopes and dreams have power. there is beauty within you.

when we listen to the heartbeat of heaven we see the world differently. when we see the world differently we give meaning to our life. when we give meaning to our life we feel more alive. when we feel more alive we immerse ourself in light and love. when we immerse ourself in light and love we come home to who we truly are. when we come home to who we truly are we embrace the world with a smile. life is really quite simple once you realize that when you do things that make you happy you are rewarded by the heavens. if you listen closely you will hear the heartbeat of heaven and when we listen to the heartbeat of heaven....

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Soulful Truth and Beauty

see the light surrounding you and you will experience significant spiritual growth. look with clarity at the deepest parts of yourself and you will embark on an unfolding adventure of soulful truth and beauty. it is when we can see and love who we truly are that we heal from the heart and change for the better.

be grateful for the opportunity to relate to others in ways that inspire and you will awaken wellness as you create lasting change for it is when we are truly thankful for our blessings that portals open and infinite possibilities are revealed.

i am on a path of empowerment and spiritual awareness. it is my intent to share my love and light with the world. my desire is always to enrich and enlighten others. know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. know that i am sending you positive healing energy. i am on a journey of transformation and divine exploration. it is my intent to embrace all with my essence.

transform your life today. allow yourself to be guided by the sacred. embrace a new enthusiasm for your journey. transform your world today. allow yourself to be directed by the divine. embrace a new perspective for your path. transform yourself today.

everything has significance. each moment is an opportunity to explore new possibilities. we are infinite and divine. with each breath we can choose to serve. we are emissaries of light. celebrate the sacred and promote good will for all. life is filled with spiritual treasures for those willing to give and receive love honestly and respectfully. everything has meaning.

love who you are and you heal from the heart, heal from the heart and you live your souls purpose, live your souls purpose and you inspire your spirit, inspire your spirit and you love who you are.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Live Your Higher Self

live your higher self and share your riches for life is a mystical experience and when we give freely of our many gifts we heal and evolve as we awaken our inner power and ascend to our place among the stars.

with joy and passion explore your psychic gifts as doing so will bring you greater joy and change your state of being to one in which you are immersed in wellsprings of love.

sail with me on seas of spirit to lands of light and love where we may joyously celebrate the mysteries and miracles of life as we dance with angels to a song of salvation.

we are all shamans and mystics on a journey of spirit. it is by reaching within that we discover our ancient wisdom and ancestral knowledge. the time has come to live our greatness and share the beauty of our true self. we are all seers and sages.

believe that everything you do is something of importance and yours will be a soul guided journey of transformation and growth that inspires greatness and honors your sacred self.

with divine and conscious intention i seek to live in a loving and life affirming way that i may manifest miracles and experience the extraordinary as i transform my world and the world around me.

with guidance from higher realms expand your horizons, immerse yourself in the positive flow of energy and grow into awareness as you transition and transform into a sacred butterfly of love and kindness.

there is a newfound awareness waiting beyond what you see for the day you awaken to your true beauty and fully embrace the glory of your greatness for that is the day you will holistically connect with others and dedicate yourself to the greatest good.

open your heart to the mystical and let the celestial energies illuminate the miracle of self that you may see, feel and experience your true and sacred beauty.

we are multidimensional beings of light and when ours is a motivated direction that takes us deep within the divine energy of love we experience the true beauty of life as we live our higher purpose and vision.

the cosmos evolves when we engage with others in a shared reality of love and light where our intuitive inner beings are deeply rooted in the spirit of transformation and our common goal is to enhance and enrich our experience of being alive.

to live a joyous life have more faith in yourself and embrace your sacredness for it is when we truly love and believe in ourself that doors open and miracles happen.