Thursday, January 29, 2015

True Loving Kindness

we have an unlimited capacity for love. the more love we have in our lives the more we nurture our essence. spiritual and personal growth begin with true loving kindness.

do what is beneficial to you. do what opens you to the beauty of who you truly are. do what makes you happy. do those things which allow you to experience basic goodness. if you do nothing else today do yourself a favor by looking in the mirror and saying i love you.

cultivate the light within and you will find greater freedom, peace and well being as yours becomes a joyful fulfilling life of beauty, truth and love.

love is your life purpose and destiny. if you are committed to living your destiny yours will be an inspiring and transformative journey of alchemical soul healing and guidance from spirit where with every breath you give voice to your heart and celebrate sacred mother earth.

today you have a chance to change your life. tomorrow you have a chance to change your life. every day you have a chance to change your life. arise and greet the day with a smile of gratitude for today you have a chance to change your life.

when we dedicate our life to the happiness of others ours becomes a world imprinted with positive energy and nourished with love.

welcome home to love. welcome home to the deepest part of yourself. welcome to a place of compassionate spirit where every thought weaves magickal threads of light into blankets of happiness. welcome to a place of wondrous experiences and elevated insight where with every choice you create something beautiful. welcome home to love.

connect to your truth for it is there that you will discover mythic gifts and sacred opportunities which will enable you to receive messages from the angelic realms that you may experience the glorious and divine in the deepest and most profound way.

set your intentions to love as doing so will empower and engage others to act in kind which in turn will create a wave of positive energy that reaches across the universe and beyond.

you are a being of exquisite natural beauty and by embracing your truth with mindful self compassion you transform every experience into something glorious and divine.

drink from the well of inspiration and engage in soulful practices with the intent of making the world a better place for the simplest choices can sometimes create the most extraordinary results.

see your own beauty. touch the divine within. celebrate being alive. life is a series of miracles and by acknowledging and accepting the sacred you create a rich and rewarding environment of love and light.

these are remarkable times and we are remarkable people. believe in yourself and embrace your greatness for you have within you the power to create divine beauty and manifest miracles.

we help the heart open when we cultivate positive connections. the heart is where awareness blooms and it is by opening it that we discover the glory of the love that is our sacred essence. you have with every breath the opportunity to share your heart with others. embrace the beauty that beats within and yours will be a healing and transformative path of bliss. open you heart and you open your life to infinite possibilities.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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