Thursday, February 05, 2015

Walking A Meaningful Path

be an ambassador of light walking a meaningful path of indomitable spirit. be a spiritual rebel exploring and experimenting divine realms and sacred dimensions. be an angel of healing and happiness soaring to places of beauty and truth where miracles are gifts and blessings to be shared. be who you were born to be. be yourself.

treat yourself with dignity. show yourself the respect you deserve. embrace the beauty of who you truly are. live the miracle of your existence with integrity and positive intent. love yourself fully and completely. treat yourself with kindness.

in fields of intuitive awareness with divine intention i cultivate compassion as i build positive relationships for mine is a soul nourishing journey of deep knowing where we all are connected by love.

let ours be an open hearted path where we help others in need as we build a better future and embrace the fullness of who we are.

seek to create a compassionate world where your every thought and action are a source of deep nourishment that positively impact your life and the lives of others.

be true to who you are, actively create your life, uplift and encourage others, see the magick in people and devote yourself to spiritual growth for these are choices that will afford you the opportunity to live the happiest life possible.

your true path forward is blessed by spirit and by acknowledging this sacred truth you ensure that yours will be a positive and rewarding future. it is belief in the beauty of who we are and gratitude for our blessings that will guide us to the power within ourself that we may live our visions with a heart that glows and a soul that sings to the heavens.

today i venture forth on an esoteric exploration of evolutionary transformation where every moment is a magickal experience of spiritual truth and i am embraced by the beautiful luminous light of my sacred self.

let us create a nurturing community of heart centered awareness where compassion and grace are a way of life and all are divinely empowered beings whose lives are filled with extraordinary experiences of light and love.

i am sending you love for i am sorry for your loss. i am sending you light for i know the darkness is hurting you. i am sending you spirit to raise you above your struggles. i am sending you hope to inspire you to move forward. i am sending you my heart and soul that you may never again feel alone. i am sending you love for i am blessed to have you in my life. i am sending this to all who are suffering. you are loved.

align with your intentions and expand your possibilities for you were meant to be happy and by embracing positive thought and intention you open the gateway to a world of blissings and blessings.

a life deeply rooted in spirit is one in which you have a greater sense of well being and feel happy with yourself for it is through spirit that we are able to see the true beauty of who we really are.

share your sacred gifts and you align with love for it is in service to humanity that we make our deepest connection to the soul. to help change lives is to help yourself ascend to a place of universal energy and divine light where moments are miracles and miracles are your constant companions.

within the depths of your essence are an inner strength and beauty whose positive energy transmissions send loving messages to the heart and soul guiding you to live your true magnificence and love your highest self.

embrace the true harmony of the divine presence within and yours will be a blissful heart on a path of playful self discovery in which you achieve your goals and live your dreams.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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