Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chalice Of Light

drink from the chalice of light and yours will be a profound awakening in which you will discover that you are better able to understand the spiritual world and therefore better able to love yourself and others.

revel in the sweetness of life for you are a sacred gift on a soul filled journey of growing awareness and gentle beauty.

this is a healing prayer. a prayer of truth for all who are suffering. a prayer of beauty for those whose minds are broken. a prayer of light for those whose bodies are battered. a prayer of hope for those whose souls are crying. this is a healing prayer. a prayer of love.

beyond the physical is a place of cosmic timelessness where faeries and spirits gather to celebrate the beauty of life. join me there and together we will dance in the sunlight of our glory for we are living breathing miracles born of love and destined for greatness.

the sun shines through those who care for others for they are the inspirational and sacred souls whose light changes realities and liberates spirits. know that a life fostered by love is a life blessed by the heavens.

yours is a tale of love. a tale of light from a soul that is sumptuous. a tale of beauty from a heart that nurtures. yours is a story of caring and compassion. a story of sharing and giving. a story of kindness and compassion. the book of your life is a sacred tome to be treasured.

open your gentle loving heart and allow it the freedom to make transformative choices that create a new awareness which will guide you to sacred landscapes where you will discover your divine destiny dancing with your spirit in gardens of bliss and beauty.

you are breathtakingly beautiful. astonishing is your beauty. you are a gift sent forth from the realms of gods and goddesses. you are a shamanic journeyer on a path of love and light. you are a spiritual adventurer on a voyage of blissful intent. look beyond this reality and you will see the infinite as it embraces your ethereal and enlightening essence. you are profoundly beautiful. sacred is your beauty.

love yourself and others for love is a healing gift that helps us navigate through difficult times.

open your mind, body and soul to some light hearted playfulness and you will discover that yours becomes a path of evolving consciousness where smiles, giggles and hugs are healing gifts that you bestow upon yourself and others as you create a life of happiness.

there is miraculous healing power within a heart bursting with love and by sharing that love we connect to the source, create rewarding relationships and bring peace to our soul.

with every thought and action we have the opportunity to create a loving destiny for we are the masters of our own fate and life is ours to shape into something beautiful.

live your soul purpose and your life with be filled with heart opening experiences that create a healing environment of abundant wellness where you grow and expand in a way that allows you to love at a higher level.

journey toward light. let yours be a voyage of transformation where you create something beautiful. let your intent be to help others. allow your unique abilities to illuminate your path. allow the goodness and glory within to shine brightly. journey toward love.

this is a time of change and whole hearted transformation. it is an era of enlightenment where more and more people are discovering the beauty of their true and sacred self. change, transform and embrace the miracle you are.

to achieve your souls desire you must have a soul cleansing experience. you must let go of all the negative energy and purge yourself of past mistakes. you must allow yourself to love and be loved. you must open yourself to change. now is the time to celebrate who you are and liberate the beauty within.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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