Friday, February 20, 2015

All Things Are Magickal

open your mind and soul to new realities and live life fully for all things are magickal when you see through the eyes of spirit.

love resides within. hope and healing reside within. spiritual bliss resides within. breathe in beauty and breathe out eternal gratitude for within you are the positive pulsations of life and when you release their greatness you open yourself to receive all the goodness this world has to offer.

you have many gifts and blessings. believe that yours is a divine purpose and share your greatness with others. serve this world and beyond with the knowledge that all life is sacred. open your eyes to a new reality and evolve your life in a way that benefits all. you are a treasure to be cherished and the road to transformation begins the moment you truly love yourself.

everything you have ever dreamed of lives within your soul and when you walk a path that shares the blessing of who you are your soul encircles the universe and miracles begin to happen.

choose the path you embrace with love as your guide and you will create an environment for growth in which you access higher consciousness as you discover the beauty of your true and sacred self.

be sensitive to the needs of others. be sensitive to your needs and desires. be sensitive to the world. be sensitive.

the healer within you is an empathic and compassionate extension of your true self and by aligning yourself with its light you open your heart and soul to a world of magick and miracles.

connect with your higher self and you will experience the joy of spirit in a way that illuminates your life and inspires you to share your sacred path as you embark on a journey of healing, wisdom and transformation.

cultivate a spiritual life by seeking to create blissful memories and you will evolve and change profoundly for yours will be a sacred journey of revelations and epiphanies.

the brightest path forward is to dedicate yourself to making yours a magnificent adventure with a spiritual point of view where angels walk with you and everything you do is something meaningful that serves the community.

embrace the beauty of who you are and have a love affair with life. love yourself and the world around you in a way that makes your heart sing. do what makes you happy and live your dreams. let this be the day you look at yourself and say i love you.

healthier and happier people nurture the human spirit and inspire the sacred soul by embracing freedom and joy in life as they help others evolve and completely transform themselves.

we are blossoming beings and a joyful sense of purpose is the nourishment needed to help us grow into the messengers of love and light that we are destined to be. smile with the knowledge that you are a butterfly of spirit and soon your wings will emerge and together we can fly into the heavens of truth and beauty.

you are a significant contribution to the tapestry of life. you are vibrant and alive in a way that touches the heart. you are an all illuminating soul on a journey of light and love. this is who you are and you are beautiful.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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