Thursday, October 30, 2014

That Place Where Love Flows Freely

embrace your essence and share your deepest gifts that the universe may see within you that place where love flows freely.

commit to positive living by transforming the way you see life for a new perspective will leave you feeling empowered in a way that releases the divine energizing force within and leads you to your higher purpose.

there are angels everywhere. some are friends. some are family. some are strangers and some are those blessed souls who have walked this earth before. see with eyes of spirit the truth and beauty around you. see your true self and know that there are angels everywhere and you are one of them.

awareness of the divine will help you intuitively navigate your life to sacred landscapes of light and love where you may spend your days in the warm embrace of those who see compassion and kindness as gifts to be shared.

we experience growth and spiritual independence when we seek to manifest a magickal life of blissful consciousness and beautiful connections in which we are enlightened and empowered by the healing power of rewarding interactions and positive intentions.

love being you. walk a path of spiritual growth. make inspired changes. love being you. listen to the calling of your soul. free your divine spirit. love being you. live your beauty. embrace your magnificence. love being you.

you are something unique. you are a most beautiful creation. yours is a generous heart of intoxicating beauty. you are energized and alive in a way that promotes positive beliefs and spiritual reflection. you are a being of love who lives for the good of all. you are something ethereal.

all things magickal come from choices and actions which are open hearted and generous.

fully participate in knowing yourself more. make a conscious effort to create a reality that engages heart and soul in ways most positive. take great pride and joy in manifesting a more harmonious life. greatness is something we build with love. commit to making yours a path of grace, glory and greatness.

we are souls in bloom. souls of hope and inspiration. souls of love and light. souls of beauty and truth. love your soul with all your heart. love your heart with all your soul. we are spirits in transformation...

we empower our spirit and soar to new heights when we accept that we are a wonderful gift and fall in love with our life.

your angels and spirit guides gift you with celestial messages to help you find direction in your life through inner and outer healing. open your mind, body and soul that you may hear their truth and your life will become one of magickal moments and mystical experiences.

live for the benefit of others and you will walk a path of angelic encounters where you renew your spirit every time you give to others. live for the benefit of yourself and you will walk a path of divine connections where you awaken your soul every time you give to yourself. live a life that is meaningful. live a life that is significant. live a life that is beneficial. live your true self. love for the benefit of others....

we are guides and teachers. we are messengers and mystics. we are gods and goddesses. if we approach each moment in our life as an opportunity to teach, learn, love and grow ours will be a journey of beauty to a place of bliss where joy is a way of life.

yours is a lifelong spiritual odyssey of ever changing realities all which are meant to lead to your special purpose which is building a home made of love.

a greater capacity for love comes from a greater commitment to seeking new pathways and performing little miracles. you are a sacred loving person and with every act of kindness you add to the beauty of your heart and soul.

if you accept and acknowledge the presence of spirits you connect with the universe on a deeper level and are better able to create a loving environment where lives are beautifully changed by compassionate awareness and awakened love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 23, 2014

You are Deserving of Greatness

empower yourself by doing something you love. enrich yourself by freeing the clear pristine energy within that your life may have the most positive impact. enlighten yourself by fulfilling your dreams in a way that is relevant and revelatory as you weave passion and compassion into your every breath. love yourself enough to do these things for you are deserving of greatness.

you are a vibrant and unique emissary of light with the ability to harness new possibilities and manifest the cosmic while making an important contribution to the betterment of humankind. believe and live this truth.

it is when we are inspired to help others that we journey through the cosmos to a luminous horizon where we can harness new possibilities and see with clarity the beauty and sacredness of all things.

i had breakfast with darkness and depression this morning because they needed somebody to talk to. since i have experienced both of their worlds i thought i could shine some light on their situation. we as a society tend to punish those who are broken rather than trying to heal them in a way that inspires them to end the cycle and begin on a new path of love that is pure and true. i am having lunch with hatred and anger this afternoon because they are in desperate need of a hug.

call upon your guardian angels that they may help you fashion a beautiful life that awakens bliss and makes every breath a rewarding experience to cherished and celebrated.

life loves you. open your heart to love and you open your life to true and lasting happiness.

a charmed life of spiritual treasures and sacred beauty is the reward for those whose awareness of the divine guides them to use their glorious gifts and generous spirit to be of service to the world. be a flower that reaches for the light and yours will be a path of deeply moving moments and life altering experiences that fill your heart and soul with love.

play and dance. educate and inspire. live, laugh, learn and love. swim in rivers of love and bathe in oceans of light. this is your life to live. make every experience something special.

i have lived on the streets. i have seen the worst in people. i have lost everything. i have been depressed. i have been suicidal. i have embraced the darkness and been betrayed by the light. i have lost many a battle but i am winning the war. i have a lovely wife. i have an amazing child. i have a wonderful home. i may be broken and battered but i am beautiful. i am alive. i am worthy. i am sacred. i am special. i am loved. i am the ancient one.

those who are dedicated to the well being of all connect deeply and compassionately with their sacred self and are able to create a miraculous life of greater impact and spiritual significance.

to love yourself is to self heal and transform for the more we embrace the beauty of who we are the better able we are to handle lifes challenges. be passionately committed to loving yourself and yours will be a joyful life that inspires the heart and soul.

find your spiritual purpose and uncover the joys within. you are precious and divine. by discovering your purpose you empower your daily life as your healing gifts evolve and your light illuminates a path of love.

a greater awareness of self and ones true beauty connects us to our destiny in a way that our soul may evolve in a positive manner and we may live a life of higher vibrations and profound cosmic significance.

you are breathtakingly beautiful within and it is when you accept that reality and know your true self that you begin to communicate with other enlightened beings and start your journey to a place of extraordinary miracles where every act is one that inspires love and kindness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 16, 2014

every time i walk in the light i reach for the sun

every time i walk in the light i reach for the sun because i have come to realize that every moment is a time to blossom and that by reaching for higher realities i honor my true self as i live a greater truth. to dream bigger is to find inspiration in daily life and make yours a journey of deeper connections, more profound experiences and limitless possibilities. every time i walk in the dark i reach for the moon.

be a courageous truth teller that uplifts those around you for by being a source of inspiration you discover your purpose and come to the realization that answers appear when thoughts are pure.

we all have a profound mission to live and love in a way that benefits others and it is when we succeed in our mission that we are rewarded by the universe with blessings that touch the soul and inspire the spirit.

assist others along their path and drink deeply from the well of compassion for it is through kindness that the impossible becomes possible and life becomes a gift you can treasure and cherish.

when our intent is to create positive change we bring life to our soul and become spiritually awakened in a way that transforms our everyday existence into something sacred and beautiful.

express yourself freely, promote the highest good, create an environment that is positive and uplifting, embrace moments of magick that enrich the soul and rejoice in the extraordinary beauty of your true and sacred self.

express yourself freely, promote the highest good, create an environment that is positive and uplifting, embrace moments of magick that enrich the soul and rejoice in the extraordinary beauty of your true and sacred self.

those who are passionately devoted to helping others transform are beautiful gifts that bless our world with love so whenever you are touched by an act of kindness be sure to appreciate its beauty and share its light.

a heart centered path of deeper meaning is one in which we make divine connections, hear our guardian angels speak and nourish our soul with love as we breathe life into the world.

a highly evolved so is one that loves more fully and aligns with the sacred self. live your spirit, celebrate your magnificence and let the light of your consciousness guide you to the beauty of who you truly are.

i have had a rich and fulfilling life of divine spiritual encounters and sacred moments of exploration and discovery. through every struggle i have emerged more powerful. through every heartache i have unearthed the most wonderful treasures. through every bloody battle i i have found my way back from the darkness and into the light. it is the madness and sadness of my existence that has enabled me to get in touch with my soul and experience magickal transformations. life is truly a miracle.

bathe with me in the waters of change where we will cleanse our souls that we may emerge awakened and empowered with a new found purpose to celebrate the human spirit with love and grace.

believe and acknowledge your spiritual and metaphysical gifts for it is when we accept that we are more than human that we begin our journey along a path of peaceful encounters and magickal moments of truth, beauty and light.

when angels whisper we who are listening begin to bring about positive change. open mind, body and soul to a place of spiritual awareness that you may hear the whispers and see the miracles that are with you every moment of your life.

enter into the sacred realms of your heart and soul that you may raise your vibration and awaken your divine purpose for you are a reflection of all that is good and beautiful.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Beauty of your True Self

honor your gifts by living a more authentic life and living courageously as you explore the beauty of your true self.

a joyful and fulfilling life is one that is filled with moments of creation that are transformational and evolutionary. it is a life open to a world of possibilities where positive energy flows freely and every breath is filled with beauty. the path to that life begins when we truly love and accept who we are.

express your divinity and explore your possibilities as you bathe in joyful optimism and share your passion for being alive. today is a new opportunity to let the world know that you are a wonderful creation and an incredible soul to be loved, admired and respected.

embrace a life of spirit and seek what the soul aspires to and yours will be a path of extraordinary experiences and loving encounters. know that gratitude for life and a passion for empowering others are divinely inspired actions that move us forward along the road of compassionate evolution. we are the reason for hope. we are the sacred light. we are the breath of possibility and we can accomplish anything we set our soul to.

life is a journey of discovery and exploration. it is an extraordinary inner and outer adventure of empowering visions, angelic guidance and mystical teachings. it is an odyssey of soul and spirit that merges hearts and minds. it is a gift and treasure blessed with love. such is life.

a joyful life of balance and beauty is yours to create. we have in each moment the opportunity shape our life in any way we so choose. we have in each moment the opportunity to choose how we will react. today choose to be calm, choose to smile, choose to laugh, choose to sing, choose to share your gifts, choose to be positive and choose to love. a true and authentic life of beauty and transformation is yours to create.

when we engage with life in a way that awakens our aliveness we learn how to be our higher self and are profoundly changed.

i am a non prophet. in an age of self help gurus, cult leaders, evangelical television personalities... i am a non prophet. i share my light and love not in the hope that you will follow me but in the hope that through my journey you will see your own beauty and discover your own path. i share my love and light not for personal gain but for spiritual salvation. i ask nothing for i believe that i will be provided with what i need. i share my light and love not because i desire anything from anyone but because i have come to the realization that i am light and love. i am a non prophet.

i am a man of words who suffers in silence. people dont understand depression. they keep expecting you to fit into their box and behave in a manner that makes them feel comfortable. i shape my life in a way that maintains my sanity and i will not apologize for that. we are who we are and if thats not good enough for somebody so be it but we will not change to suit those who have not the kindness or compassion to understand anything that doesnt fit into their box of limited thinking. so i will walk my path with a pure heart and a sacred soul. i will walk with a desire to touch lives in a positive way. i will hold my head high for i know the mountains i have climbed. i am a man of silence who loves in words.

my brain is broken. i keep stepping on the shattered pieces and cutting myself. maybe i should put some shoes on. my heart is broken. i keep tripping on the debris and hurting myself. maybe i should choose another path. my soul is broken. i keep falling into abyss and losing myself. maybe i should see the pattern here and weave myself a world of wholeness and happiness. my spirit is strong. i keep rising from the ashes to live and love again. maybe i should share the beauty of who i truly am.

life is a series of profound spiritual moments and those who walk a shining path of compassionate intuition and sacred intent are the ones who will bring hope to the world.

helping people feel good improves the quality of our life. reaching out to others empowers our purpose and guides us to a treasure trove of miracles where the light of awareness opens our hearts and minds. smile at the world and say i love you and it will smile back and say i love you too.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Butterfly of Transformation

you are a butterfly of transformation. a beautiful and special gift filled with inspiration. you are a being of infinite knowing and a blessing to all. believe in your greatness. believe in your magnificence. believe that yours is a life of meaning and significance. you are an angel of transcendence.

be spiritually responsible. illuminate your life with love. be as free as the open sky, empower yourself and awaken your divinity as you contribute to the well being of all. be spiritually responsible.

believe this: you are a vibration of joy, you are a gift of sacred beauty, you are a being of light, you are worthy of all the blessings life has to offer, you are a miracle, you are a treasure and you are the embodiment of love.

you have many gifts to share and every time you share a gift you learn how to enjoy life more for giving of yourself awakens your divinity and makes every moment an expression of light.

you are an awakening being and when you explore possibilities beyond your reach is when you begin to find deeper meaning and live your life in meditative and contemplative ways that make every experience profound and prophetic.

once one realizes that we are spiritual explorers on a personal transformative journey of light and love walking angelic pathways where miracles flow the heavens open and life becomes a divine celebration.

you are a blessing of joy. your very essence contributes to a better world. you are a being of light with a nurturing spirit and an inspiring soul. know that by giving yourself the freedom to shine the universe will reward you by allowing you to see more clearly the miracles that surround you. it is when we live our life as a prayer and celebrate its divine beauty that the heavens open and we are shown the extraordinary. you are a blessing of love.

we are flowers of life and when we choose to blossom in ways that are kind and compassionate we inspire the soul to smile and our path becomes one of infinite joy that connects us all in the light of love divine.

embrace your soul and walk a path of self love for the more you love yourself the more beauty and bliss the universe will bless you with.

share compassion. share kindness. share the liberating power of your soul. share your light. share the love within your heart. share your hopes and dreams share your true and sacred self. share.

ours is a world of infinite possibilities and rich life experiences. we have before us a feast of metaphysical enrichment and spiritual nourishment. its up to us to see that opportunity is not something you find its something you create. look at the beauty of that which is before you and create with it the life you desire and deserve.

look within to the life before you were born and you will discover a mystical path that positively empowers as it awakens you to greater consciousness and the highest good.

in deep gratitude i embrace my desire to serve with mindful purpose that i may connect to the universe in a way that is good to myself and others as i evolve into a sacred light that shines on all creating a lifetime of beauty and blessings.

embody the blessing you are for doing so is the transformational tool that will guide you to achieve your highest good and live a life that is a positive message to be cherished and adored.

set your compass for greater joy and abundance. life is a journey and we choose the destination. we choose the path. we choose every step along the way. set your compass for greater love and kindness.

i seek to live a purposeful life of heartfelt devotion to the divine within that i may bless the world with knowledge from spirit and wisdom from the ancients as i walk with grace and beauty to a sacred garden of love and light.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )