Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Beauty of your True Self

honor your gifts by living a more authentic life and living courageously as you explore the beauty of your true self.

a joyful and fulfilling life is one that is filled with moments of creation that are transformational and evolutionary. it is a life open to a world of possibilities where positive energy flows freely and every breath is filled with beauty. the path to that life begins when we truly love and accept who we are.

express your divinity and explore your possibilities as you bathe in joyful optimism and share your passion for being alive. today is a new opportunity to let the world know that you are a wonderful creation and an incredible soul to be loved, admired and respected.

embrace a life of spirit and seek what the soul aspires to and yours will be a path of extraordinary experiences and loving encounters. know that gratitude for life and a passion for empowering others are divinely inspired actions that move us forward along the road of compassionate evolution. we are the reason for hope. we are the sacred light. we are the breath of possibility and we can accomplish anything we set our soul to.

life is a journey of discovery and exploration. it is an extraordinary inner and outer adventure of empowering visions, angelic guidance and mystical teachings. it is an odyssey of soul and spirit that merges hearts and minds. it is a gift and treasure blessed with love. such is life.

a joyful life of balance and beauty is yours to create. we have in each moment the opportunity shape our life in any way we so choose. we have in each moment the opportunity to choose how we will react. today choose to be calm, choose to smile, choose to laugh, choose to sing, choose to share your gifts, choose to be positive and choose to love. a true and authentic life of beauty and transformation is yours to create.

when we engage with life in a way that awakens our aliveness we learn how to be our higher self and are profoundly changed.

i am a non prophet. in an age of self help gurus, cult leaders, evangelical television personalities... i am a non prophet. i share my light and love not in the hope that you will follow me but in the hope that through my journey you will see your own beauty and discover your own path. i share my love and light not for personal gain but for spiritual salvation. i ask nothing for i believe that i will be provided with what i need. i share my light and love not because i desire anything from anyone but because i have come to the realization that i am light and love. i am a non prophet.

i am a man of words who suffers in silence. people dont understand depression. they keep expecting you to fit into their box and behave in a manner that makes them feel comfortable. i shape my life in a way that maintains my sanity and i will not apologize for that. we are who we are and if thats not good enough for somebody so be it but we will not change to suit those who have not the kindness or compassion to understand anything that doesnt fit into their box of limited thinking. so i will walk my path with a pure heart and a sacred soul. i will walk with a desire to touch lives in a positive way. i will hold my head high for i know the mountains i have climbed. i am a man of silence who loves in words.

my brain is broken. i keep stepping on the shattered pieces and cutting myself. maybe i should put some shoes on. my heart is broken. i keep tripping on the debris and hurting myself. maybe i should choose another path. my soul is broken. i keep falling into abyss and losing myself. maybe i should see the pattern here and weave myself a world of wholeness and happiness. my spirit is strong. i keep rising from the ashes to live and love again. maybe i should share the beauty of who i truly am.

life is a series of profound spiritual moments and those who walk a shining path of compassionate intuition and sacred intent are the ones who will bring hope to the world.

helping people feel good improves the quality of our life. reaching out to others empowers our purpose and guides us to a treasure trove of miracles where the light of awareness opens our hearts and minds. smile at the world and say i love you and it will smile back and say i love you too.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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