Thursday, January 28, 2016

Light With Me The Flame Of Awareness

light with me the flame of awareness. weave with me the extraordinary. create with me a place of profound understanding where the soul finds peace. discovery and transformation are things which we manifest when we make positive life affirming choices. soar with me to a higher state of being.

if we as messengers of light embrace the wisdom within each of us we will manifest mindful change for everyone has a gift to share and by doing so we will reach a higher state of being where inner and outer happiness is ours.

a deep appreciation and respect for your true self will elevate you that you may heal in profound ways and begin to live the beauty of your existence in a manner which befits a being of divine light.

let ours be an illuminated journey along mystical pathways which lead to positive experiences that inspire us to make ours a kinder more compassionate world where all people are loved, honored and respected.

angelic is the voice of our soul for its gentle nature carries us to a heaven within where we may light the fire of love and live our truth with hope and happiness as our companions.

meaningful prayer helps us to manifest authentic spiritual living by coming into awareness and once we are aware we are better able to venture into the beauty that is our birthright.

i choose this and every day to live with spiritual integrity and approach life in a meaningful way as i bring divine light to others by sharing my powerful and affirming message of love.

one of the most powerful things we can do is be kind toward others for kindness is the blessing that changes lives in ways that make this world a better place.

in this moment embrace the truth that your thoughts and intentions will guide you toward transcendence that you may watch yourself grow as you live your magickal adventure.

illuminate your path with gratitude and compassion and you will serve your vision as you change the world.

commit to your life for doing so will open doorways to enlightenment that you may discover through open hearted awareness that there is something greater within and that you are the blessing you have been waiting for.

may ours be a path of mindful practices where we aspire to wholeness as we motivate ourselves by focusing on the well being of others and serving the highest good.

allow the essence of the universe to bring you happiness. allow the heavens to inspire you to create your own beliefs. allow the other realms and dimensions to accelerate your spiritual growth. life improves exponentially when we allow ourself those things that we deserve.

we are remarkable individuals of great power who can change the world by believing in who we are and living our truth in a way that inspires the spirit and elevates the soul.

there is a deep sacred space of divine empowerment that is always calling us from the other side and when we listen and truly hear we will discover the beauty and bliss that awaits us.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Life Of Enriching And Enlightening Experiences

immerse yourself in the gifts you were born with for it is there you will discover the essence of love and yours will become a path of choices from the heart which make you spiritually strong and guide you to a life of rich and enlightening experiences.

listen to yourself for listening rejuvenates the soul. listen to yourself and the message will lead you to beautiful experiences. listen to yourself and you will travel through this world and beyond. listen!

consciousness is shifting and if you listen closely you will hear the heavens singing for we are on the cusp of a miracle so beautiful as to transform this world into the paradise it is meant to be.

embrace your spiritual nature for you are a servant of the light and by living your truth you experience greater joy and yours becomes a journey to other worlds where love is your guide.

yours is a unique life path and by choosing what is good you unleash the happiness within and open the gates of grace and glory that you may live your beauty with a smile on your soul.

may we go beyond awakening to a place of awareness and action where divine healing energy guides us to a life of openness and love.

our spirit and humanity blesses and empowers. dance with me in joyous delight in the glow of the celestial transcendence of our true sacred self.

light the sacred fire within and you will feel more energized and alive. the fire within is filled with insightful messages and by following their guidance you will encounter the mystical as you are embraced by the divine.

share the true beauty of who you are and yours will be a path of transformative experiences that offer spiritual guidance and raise the vibrations of others while enhancing their existence.

you have a unique purpose in life and if you use that purpose to build a bridge of love you will serve the highest good in a way that facilitates divine bliss.

use your gifts to assist others that they may find their way to a place of enlightened living and in turn use their blessings to inspire and elevate others.

gentle and beautiful are we who emit light from within in a way that expands perceptions and illuminates the heart of the divine.

connect to the earth and yours will be a path toward healing in which you radiate a light that guides you to mystical experiences that transform your life.

the purest of intentions will create spiritual solutions of light and inspiration that will lead you to the altar of love.

embrace life with a spiritual focus and positive affirmations. by making choices that enrich and empower we connect with our energy in ways ancient and sacred that honor and celebrate the whole self.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, January 14, 2016

In Fields Of Positive Energy

in fields of positive energy let us gather as one in celebration of life changing transformation. let us experience the enlightening in highly motivating and inspiring ways. in fields of positive energy let us be the light and love that we are.

listen closely for within you the voice of your soul is sharing sage advice that will aid you in your spiritual evolution and inspire you to love and accept yourself more.

by connecting to your higher self you see with clarity the joy of your existence and yours becomes a journey of enlightened thinking and sustained happiness where you ascend to glory.

with love and gratitude as your guides aspire to the highest. it is when we reach beyond our boundaries and live beyond our limits that we discover not only the true beauty of life but also the miracle and magnificence of who we are.

heart centered actions of gentleness and mindfulness combined with a positive outlook and intention create a place of personal and spiritual harmony embraced by moments of pure bliss.

to share with others the beauty of who you are is to make a meaningful connection thereby moving forward in life and manifesting positive change.

be who you truly are and you will bring light and love to your life. be who you truly are and you will be better able to heal yourself. be who you truly are and yours will be a positive and empowering path. be who you truly are.

you can heal yourself. yours can be a path of beautiful life experiences. the change begins when you love and believe in yourself. to truly love who you are is to live your souls purpose and serve your highest good.

you are a blessing of great beauty whose essence is love. embrace your greatness and share your light with the universe for you are one whose life is significant and meaningful. know your worth and let its magnificence change your life and transform your world.

cultivate your intuition as doing so opens the heart to the divine source making yours a warm and loving atmosphere of spiritual truths and sacred bliss.

you have an empowering message and a gift for helping others. use your blessings to create a loving community where all may live their higher calling and love their life.

the more understanding we have of our own existence the more we will be able to help others along their path and make ours a journey of loving intentions and a life filled with joy.

it is when we connect to the highest love and light that we are embraced by the flow of positive energy within and we begin to grow as spiritual beings.

take better care of yourself for it is by showing yourself compassion and kindness that you begin to venture into the world in a loving way and transform your life into something beautiful.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, January 07, 2016

A Profound Awakening Is Upon Us

a profound awakening is upon us and those who embrace the pure light of love will gain a greater understanding of their existence and of the beauty of every soul on earth which will lead them to their highest good and divine essence.

trust in yourself and listen to the voice of light within for it will share with you inspiring messages and positive energy which will awaken the heart and transform your entire world.

you are a cosmic soul and by believing in who you are you awaken the spirit and help heal yourself as you shine a light on the truth and beauty of each and every person on your path.

spiritual intelligence is knowing just how beautiful you are and using your gifts and talents to share your love and light with every soul you meet along the way.

yours is a passionate life of great adventures and if you accept and embrace this truth the sacredness of the earth will bestow upon you gifts and blessings that will guide you home to the paradise that is your destiny.

you are a reflection of the divine both profound and powerful whose purpose is to journey toward enlightenment by sharing the joy of light within.

you are a conduit for love and by aligning heart and soul with your true self you create a more powerful awareness that will infuse your very essence with transformative energy that you may experience greater joy and make a positive impact on this world and beyond.

we dictate our own destiny and by using our wonderful gifts in a positive way we make ours a more joyful life and a more enlightened future.

to believe in yourself is to venture toward a blissful reality of spiritual knowingness where you embrace the truth that you are a beautifully formed being of light and love.

blessings of light to all who listen to the whispers of spirit and live their authenticity and wholeness in a way that touches the heart and soul of all.

celebrate your uniqueness. be awake, alive and aware of what a beautiful loving presence you are. honor your true and sacred self. you are a miracle of light. celebrate your uniqueness.

within you is a rich inner world and a deeper reality where the powers you possess are waiting for you to realize that you can overcome any obstacle and manifest positive change simply by believing in yourself.

you are a unique presence in the world and by speaking to the spirits and connecting to the heavens you will discover the blessings of the universe and yours will be a happier tomorrow.

awaken your spirit by learning to love yourself and you will discover that you are a miracle worker with a gift to empower yourself and others.

we evolve in ways positive when we share our light and love with others for it is selfless service and devotion to the greater good that frees the soul and liberates the spirit.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, January 01, 2016


Landscapes Of Infinite Possibility

let this be a happy new year where we gather as one on landscapes of infinite possibility and greater well being where the beautiful energy of our pure and sacred essence embraces the universe with love.

higher states of awareness create greater possibilities which transform our life and shape our existence into something divine and beautiful that touches the heavens with light and love.

an enlightened world of limitless possibilities is a blessing we share with ourself whenever we believe fully in the miracle of who we are.

celebrate your life by revealing the truth that you are on a path dedicated to helping others and empowered by love.

a compassionate way of life creates a sanctaury for our greatest good making ours a voyage of discovery where messages from spirit and angelic guidance lead us home to the heaven in our hearts.

your kind heart is an extraordinary gift which when shared will help you move forward spiritually.

when we assist others on their journey we empower our life with metaphysical gifts that awaken us to possibilities by shining a light on the beautiful being we are becoming.

look outside yourself and you will see that we are part of a cosmic consciousness in which the soul and spirit of life are but whispers of the divine inspiring us to express the love within.

i hope you know just how beautiful you are. i hope you realize that you are a powerful force of goodness. i hope you are aware of your greatness. i hope you believe in your magnificence. i hope you love yourself.

we are saints and sages. we are higher dimensional beings. we are light. we are love. let us be who we truly are and live each moments as a miracle. we are sacred and divine.

you have the power to heal yourself and others. you have the ability to profoundly influence people. commit to making yours an ethereal path of reverence and love as doing so will transform your entire life into a positive affirmation of divine beauty.

yours is a pure heart and by embracing your truest self you experience the sacred as you dream the divine into being.

positive thoughts and intentions empower the soul to grow in a way that moves us to be our highest self that we may transform our lives and the lives of others as we make our way home to the heaven in our heart.

an open heart nurtures awareness and leads us to fields of possibility and spiritual exploration where we may discover higher truths and live the beauty of who we truly are.

the divine within is a blessing you are born with that if believed in and embraced will guide you to a life you can truly love.

transformative experiences are ethereal gifts we bless ourself with when we allow the purest energy within to embrace us and others making our life a celebration of light where we evolve spiritually.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )