Thursday, January 07, 2016

A Profound Awakening Is Upon Us

a profound awakening is upon us and those who embrace the pure light of love will gain a greater understanding of their existence and of the beauty of every soul on earth which will lead them to their highest good and divine essence.

trust in yourself and listen to the voice of light within for it will share with you inspiring messages and positive energy which will awaken the heart and transform your entire world.

you are a cosmic soul and by believing in who you are you awaken the spirit and help heal yourself as you shine a light on the truth and beauty of each and every person on your path.

spiritual intelligence is knowing just how beautiful you are and using your gifts and talents to share your love and light with every soul you meet along the way.

yours is a passionate life of great adventures and if you accept and embrace this truth the sacredness of the earth will bestow upon you gifts and blessings that will guide you home to the paradise that is your destiny.

you are a reflection of the divine both profound and powerful whose purpose is to journey toward enlightenment by sharing the joy of light within.

you are a conduit for love and by aligning heart and soul with your true self you create a more powerful awareness that will infuse your very essence with transformative energy that you may experience greater joy and make a positive impact on this world and beyond.

we dictate our own destiny and by using our wonderful gifts in a positive way we make ours a more joyful life and a more enlightened future.

to believe in yourself is to venture toward a blissful reality of spiritual knowingness where you embrace the truth that you are a beautifully formed being of light and love.

blessings of light to all who listen to the whispers of spirit and live their authenticity and wholeness in a way that touches the heart and soul of all.

celebrate your uniqueness. be awake, alive and aware of what a beautiful loving presence you are. honor your true and sacred self. you are a miracle of light. celebrate your uniqueness.

within you is a rich inner world and a deeper reality where the powers you possess are waiting for you to realize that you can overcome any obstacle and manifest positive change simply by believing in yourself.

you are a unique presence in the world and by speaking to the spirits and connecting to the heavens you will discover the blessings of the universe and yours will be a happier tomorrow.

awaken your spirit by learning to love yourself and you will discover that you are a miracle worker with a gift to empower yourself and others.

we evolve in ways positive when we share our light and love with others for it is selfless service and devotion to the greater good that frees the soul and liberates the spirit.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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