Thursday, January 14, 2016

In Fields Of Positive Energy

in fields of positive energy let us gather as one in celebration of life changing transformation. let us experience the enlightening in highly motivating and inspiring ways. in fields of positive energy let us be the light and love that we are.

listen closely for within you the voice of your soul is sharing sage advice that will aid you in your spiritual evolution and inspire you to love and accept yourself more.

by connecting to your higher self you see with clarity the joy of your existence and yours becomes a journey of enlightened thinking and sustained happiness where you ascend to glory.

with love and gratitude as your guides aspire to the highest. it is when we reach beyond our boundaries and live beyond our limits that we discover not only the true beauty of life but also the miracle and magnificence of who we are.

heart centered actions of gentleness and mindfulness combined with a positive outlook and intention create a place of personal and spiritual harmony embraced by moments of pure bliss.

to share with others the beauty of who you are is to make a meaningful connection thereby moving forward in life and manifesting positive change.

be who you truly are and you will bring light and love to your life. be who you truly are and you will be better able to heal yourself. be who you truly are and yours will be a positive and empowering path. be who you truly are.

you can heal yourself. yours can be a path of beautiful life experiences. the change begins when you love and believe in yourself. to truly love who you are is to live your souls purpose and serve your highest good.

you are a blessing of great beauty whose essence is love. embrace your greatness and share your light with the universe for you are one whose life is significant and meaningful. know your worth and let its magnificence change your life and transform your world.

cultivate your intuition as doing so opens the heart to the divine source making yours a warm and loving atmosphere of spiritual truths and sacred bliss.

you have an empowering message and a gift for helping others. use your blessings to create a loving community where all may live their higher calling and love their life.

the more understanding we have of our own existence the more we will be able to help others along their path and make ours a journey of loving intentions and a life filled with joy.

it is when we connect to the highest love and light that we are embraced by the flow of positive energy within and we begin to grow as spiritual beings.

take better care of yourself for it is by showing yourself compassion and kindness that you begin to venture into the world in a loving way and transform your life into something beautiful.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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