Friday, January 01, 2016

Landscapes Of Infinite Possibility

let this be a happy new year where we gather as one on landscapes of infinite possibility and greater well being where the beautiful energy of our pure and sacred essence embraces the universe with love.

higher states of awareness create greater possibilities which transform our life and shape our existence into something divine and beautiful that touches the heavens with light and love.

an enlightened world of limitless possibilities is a blessing we share with ourself whenever we believe fully in the miracle of who we are.

celebrate your life by revealing the truth that you are on a path dedicated to helping others and empowered by love.

a compassionate way of life creates a sanctaury for our greatest good making ours a voyage of discovery where messages from spirit and angelic guidance lead us home to the heaven in our hearts.

your kind heart is an extraordinary gift which when shared will help you move forward spiritually.

when we assist others on their journey we empower our life with metaphysical gifts that awaken us to possibilities by shining a light on the beautiful being we are becoming.

look outside yourself and you will see that we are part of a cosmic consciousness in which the soul and spirit of life are but whispers of the divine inspiring us to express the love within.

i hope you know just how beautiful you are. i hope you realize that you are a powerful force of goodness. i hope you are aware of your greatness. i hope you believe in your magnificence. i hope you love yourself.

we are saints and sages. we are higher dimensional beings. we are light. we are love. let us be who we truly are and live each moments as a miracle. we are sacred and divine.

you have the power to heal yourself and others. you have the ability to profoundly influence people. commit to making yours an ethereal path of reverence and love as doing so will transform your entire life into a positive affirmation of divine beauty.

yours is a pure heart and by embracing your truest self you experience the sacred as you dream the divine into being.

positive thoughts and intentions empower the soul to grow in a way that moves us to be our highest self that we may transform our lives and the lives of others as we make our way home to the heaven in our heart.

an open heart nurtures awareness and leads us to fields of possibility and spiritual exploration where we may discover higher truths and live the beauty of who we truly are.

the divine within is a blessing you are born with that if believed in and embraced will guide you to a life you can truly love.

transformative experiences are ethereal gifts we bless ourself with when we allow the purest energy within to embrace us and others making our life a celebration of light where we evolve spiritually.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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