Thursday, December 24, 2015

Let Ours Be A Message Of Love

let ours be a message of love that brings people together in an uplifting and positive way that all may gather as one in a joyful celebration of their blessings and live in peaceful bliss.

we are elevated beings and every moment we have here on earth is an opportunity to connect with love minded souls.

this is a magickal time. a time to explore new worlds. a time to dance in the light of your sacred essence. a time to live your beauty. a time to immerse yourself in the glory of your greatness. a time to love. this is a magickal time.

you have the ability to inspire and if you listen to the spirit within you can guide others to move in a new direction that benefits the heart and rejuvenates the soul.

awaken your magnificence for you are beautiful and yours is a profound path crafted with love and blessed with the gift of life.

explore your true nature and breathe in the wisdom of your sacred self for you are a blessing and the moment you embrace the miracle of your existence is the moment that your life will change for the better.

through the spirit of generosity i have made my heart my home and my home a welcoming sanctuary and peaceful environment that embraces all with a love divine.

a life prepared with love is one of profound spiritual awareness that supports your evolution and guides you to the heaven within that you may in turn create a paradise all your own.

let this be a time of bliss where we come to understand that ours is a profound path rich with insight and filled with revelatory messages that will guide us to a place of natural beauty where we may enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

journey with me along shamanic pathways where we discover the truth within and embrace our visionary abilities as we immerse ourselves in peace and harmony.

truly love yourself and your life becomes a sacred walk through the enchanted forest of the soul where with every step you discover beauty and experience miracles.

something beautiful happens when we embrace a higher love. we begin a spiritual transformation that takes us to magickal realms and sacred dimensions where we experience the joy of our divinity.

spirits are everywhere. see with sacred eyes and you deepen your journey. angels are everywhere. see with divine intent and you embrace your highest self. how we look at life determines how life treats us. look at life with love as your guide and yours will be a journey of unique opportunities and limitless possibilities where you discover the miracle of your essence and beauty of your ethereal existence.

to nourish consciousness in a gentle loving way is to embark on a path of total well being. to nurture your true sacred self in a kind compassionate way is to open the gates of heaven.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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