Thursday, December 10, 2015

We Begin To Shine Brighter When We Expand Our Perception

we begin to shine brighter when we expand our perception for it is then that we see with greater clarity the angels surrounding us and make the profound discovery that life is a truly holistic experience.

we are agents of creation in a galactic community whose soul purpose is to love and be loved.

as beings of light we have the ability to heal. we have within us the gifts of the universe which if shared spiritually empower ourself and others. as beings of love we have the ability to change the world.

live your destiny now. immerse yourself in spirit. dance in the light of your soul. you are a celestial being whose life is to be celebrated. you are a special gift in the land of the sacred. you are a messenger of hope and happiness. live your truth now.

the coming changes will manifest a reality of positive knowledge and deeper understanding which will lead us to higher levels of compassion that we may live the love that is our true divine nature.

open your heart today to the beauty of your highly spiritual existence and share with the world the glory of your divinity and the miracle of your true and sacred self.

positive spiritual aspirations and joyful participation in your existence soothe the soul and illuminate the way to divine universal energy which gives you the opportunity to experience other worlds and discover the transformative power of your sacred self.

you are the creator of your life and when you focus your intention on creating something beautiful you become an inspiration for yourself and others.

hope, confidence and a deeper connection with self is a marvelous gift we can share with the world that inspires miraculous healing and positively benefits all.

the more open and willing we are to experience love in all its glory the more opportunity we will have for spiritual growth and the more enriched and enlightened our life will be.

an amazing adventure of cosmic awareness awaits those who choose to awaken the beauty inside for it is when we cultivate and nurture our true authentic self that we become beacons of light and messengers of spirit.

a more rewarding life full of goodness is a gift we give ourself by believing in who we are and living our truth with a smile on our soul.

celebrate your magnificence with life affirming thoughts and soul satisfying actions that make a positive impact for you are a messenger of light born to share your beauty and change the world.

lift your dreams that you may see more clearly the spiritual tools woven into their divine messages and use those tools to create a life of sacred beauty where love is the only reality and happiness the only truth.

love and accept life and life will love and accept you. its not the law of attraction as much as it is common sense.

life becomes an incredible adventure for those who hear the whispers of angels and ancestors and follow them to dimensions of spirit where every thought and action are exquisite creations that manifest miracles of joy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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