Thursday, December 17, 2015

You Are A Miracle Of Joy

you are a miracle of joy whose innate goodness has the ability to heal and all you have to do to experience other worlds and make your way to happiness is believe that this is who you are.

spiritual empowerment and cosmic awareness are rewards that the universe blesses us with when we open our heart and are willing to believe just how beautiful we are.

wisdom enriches the traveler, knowledge empowers the messenger and love enlightens the seeker. life has gifts at every step along our path. be sure that you see, embrace, live and share them.

open the gateway to greater realities and you will discover that you are a higher dimensional being of light who with love and care can change the world.

we are gifted with sacred insight and when we nurture and cultivate our gifts we connect to the divine grace and glory of the cosmos.

loving and helping others reveals the beauty of our true self and creates a positive atmosphere that allows us to awaken into a new and more beautiful world.

awaken the soul, awaken the sacred healing power within, awaken the spirit, awaken the angelic essence of your true self, awaken the heart, awaken the glory of your greatness, AWAKEN!

you have the power to miraculously change for you are a being of light and at any moment you can simply by believing in the beauty of who you are create miracles.

an extraordinary life is the gift we give ourself when we are positively focused on planting seeds of love for this is a profound act that encourages growth deep within the soul.

by exploring other dimensions and seeking other realms we become a spiritually nurturing source of light for ourself and others as it is the willingness to venture into worlds beyond our reach and reality that brings the heavens to earth.

heavenly doors open when we nurture ourself with the pure energy and healing power of our divine essence.

breathe in the beauty of your true and sacred self and you will experience joy in heartwarming ways that nurture the soul and raise the spirit to a place of higher vibrations.

a healthier love of self awakens and transforms by making us spiritually self empowering which guides us to our divine nature and makes us a positive force on a path of great happiness.

to live happy lives we must love the lives we live and to love the lives we live we must first believe in and cherish who we are.

an authentic life path aligns with the divine and creates a loving perspective that touches the heart and soul in ways that inspire, uplift, enrich and empower.

to open the heart is to brighten your world and make yours a path of life changing insights which lead to growth and healing.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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