Thursday, December 03, 2015

Walk With Me Through Landscapes Of Sacred Adventure

listen to the voice within telling you to believe in yourself and walk wth me through landscapes of sacred adventure and profound spiritual realization where together we will change our world and the world of others.

you are a beautiful soul of genuine love whose every step is a gift and whose every breath is a blessing.

you are an instrument of light and when you open yourself to new experiences your life becomes a song of love that serves as a beacon of hope to all blessed to experience the miracle of your existence.

there is a sacred healing space within us all where the love and light that is our birthright waits for us to realize our magnificence that it may blossom and illuminate our world with heavenly spirit.

open yourself to spirit by sharing the profound healing gifts within for it is when we share our truth and beauty that we become more alive and ours becomes a happier and healthier existence.

a soul centered approach to life creates heaven in your heart which helps you live your inspiration and be a catalyst for others to explore their own heart and soul.

may your gratitude be intense, may your thankfulness be passionate and may your love for life be positive and profound.

when we discover more loving ways to express ourself we align with the divine and ours becomes a life that serves the greater good of all.

when we create our reality from compassionate energy we bring about positive change that inspires kindness and attracts love.

cultivate self compassion and nurture positive relationships for these actions will immerse you in the healing waters of spirit that you may transcend this earthly realm and venture into new places of existence where you can see your true beauty and better appreciate the sacredness of all life.

you are a channel of light and when you do that which aligns with your heart and soul you breathe spirit into your life.

call forth the very best of who you are by releasing your spiritual gifts that the world may experience your extraordinary life and the divine, positive and loving path you are on.

a better relationship with the divine will empower and inspire you by embracing you with life affirming messages from the soul that enlighten and transform.

honour yourself on this day by releasing your magickal essence that it may share the healing and wholeness of your divinity by cultivating greater love and manifesting heavenly light.

compassionate actions empower and uplift by making room for spirit. take action today and the universe will thank you.

when you allow yourself to experience the brilliance of who you truly are you bring out your spiritual gifts and innate sacredness which will lead you to oceans of happiness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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