Thursday, November 26, 2015

Create Kindness In The Universe

spiritually conscious living creates kindness in the universe which inspires us to explore the sacred within and make richly transformative choices that bring joy to others that they too may believe in their goodness and realize that life is a gift. be conscious. be kind.

a soul that is nourished enables you to be fully awake and create a life you love that is deeper and more meaningful.

greater self respect and responsibility sparks the divine within and makes us more aware that we have the power to make a difference.

happy and fulfilled are they who come to the empowering realization that they are on a higher mission of abundant well being and heart opening transformation.

we experience greater peace when we honour our own abilities by providing guidance and healing for others. it is through acts of kindness that magick happens and miracles occur.

awaken your true self and share with the world your unique soul story for yours is an impactful path meant to touch hearts and change lives.

loving acceptance of the truth and beauty of your sacred self releases soul based energy from within which nurtures the spirit and creates an atmosphere of heart centered living that changes life for the better. with gratitude and thankfulness accept the glory and greatness of who you are.

every moment in our life is an opportunity to grow and when we seize those opportunities we embrace the essence of life with blessings and miracles that guide us to experiences of tremendous love.

live for the good of all. love for the good of all. it is by accepting that the greater good is that which serves the good of all that we blossom into beauty and ours becomes a garden of sacred transformation.

liberate your passions and purpose by opening yourself to new possibilities for by exploring beyond your reach you will discover waves of light that will illuminate a path to a place of heart centered living where you may live with greater joy.

when we help others transform we experience the extraordinary for acts of kindness create a spiritual well being that makes our journey alive and vibrant with light and love.

the soul has a beautiful smile which shines all the more brightly whenever you reach out to others in love and kindness.

live your life as a positive affirmation of your sacred beauty and divine greatness for you are a unique contribution to the universe whose loving essence is a profound gift and by sharing your light you joyfully immerse yourself and others in a sea of spiritual purification.

to truly be in love with yourself is an empowering realization that will inspire you to live your dreams and move you forward joyously in the direction of your divine destiny.

the brightness within you is an infinite source of inspiration and by sharing its beauty with others you bring more love into the world.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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