Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Path Of Spiritual Evolution

there is greater meaning and sacred healing within yourself and others which when believed in and embraced will take you down a path of spiritual evolution where yours will be a life extraordinary.

there is possibility in every moment and if you believe in possibility the gifts of life and the healing powers of love will make their way home to you.

the power of your true self is limitless and if you believe in your greatness you can facilitate your freedom and liberate your spirit as you embrace your worth and significance.

let ours be a unifying prayer where we encourage each other to live a happier healthier life of bliss and harmony where we practice gratitude and live our divinity .

awareness of self and spirit helps us dream a new life into being because enhanced understanding of our true beauty is a gift we can give ourself which inspires the soul to sing and transforms our every step into a dance of love and light.

positive action and intent combined with mutual respect and love cultivates compassion and creates a better quality of life.

the key to your destiny is a myth. there are no keys because there are no doors... we ourself put up walls. we ourself put up fences. light the lamp of awareness that you may see that it is we who create boundaries and blockages. when we awaken to this truth we become more evolved and the pure spiritual energy of our true self is unleashed. throw away the key for you are free. you have always been free.

you are a truly wonderful gift and when you accept this truth with all your heart yours will be a soaring spirit of enlightened vision that ignites the inner fire and facilitates love of self and others.

the desire to help others creates a sacred sovereignty that allows the soul to bloom by embracing your spiritual heritage and gifting you with the reality that there is always hope.

when love is your purpose and kindness your passion yours becomes a path toward a brighter future of esoteric truths and metaphysical wonders where the great light of destiny and the sacred heart of mother earth vibrate joy and happiness.

there is a place deep within where belief is born. a place of divine good where gifts of the universe reside. go to this place and awaken your wisdom as you discover your miraculous powers. there is a place deep within where heaven is created.

the more open we are to receive blessings the more light we bring to the world and the more able we are to walk a path of positive transformation where we experience deeper healing and live our celestial destiny.

we are immortal beings of pure vibrational energy born of light whose heart and soul are filled with esoteric treasures.

once you discover your greater purpose the veils between dimensions are lifted and you see more clearly all the possibilities available which guides you to your greater purpose that you may do what makes your soul happy.

the spirit of mother earth is within you and by immersing yourself in her cleansing essence you gain the power to transform and yours becomes a magickal universe of holistic harmony and divine joy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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