Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nourishing Our Existence

( artwork by manuela galo de cuendias 1898 )

the more meaningful the contributions we make to our life and the lives around us the more nourishing our existence will be for open hearted interactions with ourself and others enables and inspires us to evolve into the divine.

these our times of great change and we can awaken our dreams and turn our desires into destiny if we approach life at a soul level and seek to make our thoughts and actions expressions of joy.

a healing relationship with the self begins when we immerse ourself in the life force energy within as doing so creates a greater awareness of spirit which frees the soul in a way that inspires us to embrace our true nature and emerge transformed.

journey with me to wholeness where we will joyfully connect to our sacred purpose as we see clearly the sacredness of the soul and align ourselves with our true divine essence.

make an effort to have the most beautiful relationship possible with yourself for it is when we love ourself completely that life becomes a series of extraordinary opportunities that transmit the sacred and transform us into the beings of light that we are destined to be.

let us embark on a sacred journey where we engage life fully as we bring forth more light. let us nurture peace within as we make ours a soul stirring adventure where we positively impact the world around us. let us embrace the oneness of all life.

embrace who you are today and you will bring forth the light of tomorrow which will guide you to profound transformative experiences that will enrich your soul, enhance your spirit and enlighten your very essence.

there are parts of you waiting to be discovered. there are sacred secrets and divine discoveries waiting for you to find your way home. explore the beauty of your true and highest self for it is there that you will experience the healing and happiness you so desire.

you are an instrument of spirit whose true nature is one of heroic adventures that embrace the heart and soul of all humanity with a joyful awareness of the beauty of life.

greater aliveness comes to us when we realize that every moment of our life is an opportunity to experience the divine as we traverse celestial realms within.

ignite your passion and purpose with new visions of light and love by expanding your consciousness in a way that allows your spiritual heart to embrace your own magnificence with happiness and goodwill.

when we bathe in the light of kindness, compassion and love our path becomes one of positive transformation where we feel more fully alive as we connect with the sacred.

purity of thought and intention makes ours a life changing journey of divine energy and sacred courage where spontaneous prayer creates positive realities that transform our life and the world around us.

live your life with the greatest compassion. keep going forward. we evolve and change when we are active participants in our lives. know that everyday miracles occur when we awaken to the reality that each moment in our life is an opportunity to encourage and empower. live your life with the highest intentions.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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