Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feed Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

Commune with Spirit and Energize your Soul and Body by Embracing the Beauty of Nature. Dance along the shore of Fairy Lakes and Gather Light in Glens of Heavenly Glory. Feed your Mind with Positive Thoughts and Common Sense Spirituality that you may Ascend to Higher Realms. We are Children of Gods Love and She Smiles and Rejoices whenever we are Happy.

The Heart is a Flower and Life is an infinite Garden of Love for we who Embrace the Presence of Angels and See that ours is a Greater Purpose. Be Aware and Manifest a Vision where all the Steps on your Journey are Guided by Love.

Follow your Spirit to its Cosmic Essence for it is there you will find the Balance and Harmony that will lead you to Joy, Happiness and a Soul Nourishing State of Grace.

Uplifting are those Compassionate Souls who find Peace of Mind in Helping Others. They are the Healers. They are the Messengers. They are the Guiding Lights. We Grow and Evolve as Beings of Spirit when we Share our Love and Kindness.

We are all Unique. Breathe in Deeply the Beauty of Diversity for it is a Flower whose Fragrance Enchants, Enriches and Inspires.

A Soul bursting with Bliss is a Catalyst for Union with the Divine. To find that Bliss we must Reach Deep Within for it is there we will find the Lightness and Joy necessary to Transform our Lives and Manifest our Desires.

Beyond the Horizon is a Place of Wholistic Awareness and Evolving Consciousness where one can Align with the Source. Join me there and Together we will Create a New Earth.

Positive Consciousness and a Holistic Approach to Life will Create a River of Light that Illuminates the Higher Self and Encompasses the Highest Truth which leads to Higher Dimensions where there is only Love.

If you Explore the Realms of Spirit you will find Celestial Temples of Pure Magick where Prayers are Answered with Angelic Experiences that Touch your Soul.

To Change your Life you must Journey through Light as you make every minute an Adventure and Exploration into the Depths of your Soul for it is there you will find your Divine Self and be taken to new Horizons on Waves of Transformation.

when i am shown love and respect i blossom and bloom. nourish my soul with light and i respond with kindness. nurture my spirit with compassion and i respond with purity of intent. i am a reactionary. treat me with honesty and dignity and i respond with truth and integrity. this is who i am.

Sleep with me on Clouds of Inspiration and We will Dream of a World where there is only Love and nothing more.

an internal cleansing and a greater respect for the self helps create better ways to live which in turn leads to joyful opportunities and loving possibilities. pray with gratitude for you have infinite choices to live, laugh, smile, play, sing, dance and love.

Make Conscious Choices and yours becomes a Transforming Spirit of Celestial Awareness that Shines a Light on the Boundless Ocean of Divine Wisdom within.

Life is a Living Affirmation of the Power of Love. It is a Prayer of Peace and Compassion. It is a Song of Creation and a Poem of Kindness.

Deep Knowing and a Path of Self Knowledge leads to a Life of Spiritual Healing and Sacred Wisdom where the Light of a Dancing Moon guides the way to Absolute Joy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, June 21, 2013

Life Is A Remarkable Gift

Thoughtfulness Creates Inspiration. Mindfulness Creates Transformation. Kindness Creates Liberation. The more Positive Energy You Create the more Beautiful a World this Becomes.

Life is a Remarkable Gift and those who Appreciate it and Happily show their Appreciation are the Ones that get the most out of it. Greet this Day with Gratitude and the World will Thank You.

I can see the Earth in your Eyes. Your Body is a Flower that Blooms when Watered with Love. You are Sacred. You are Divine. You are Lifes Greatest Gift. You are Woman. I Love You.

Life is a Guided Exploration of Awareness and Healing. If we Listen to the Voice within it will lead us to a Limitless Sea of Light where we can float Joyously on Waves of Love.

Joyous are they who are Engaged Spiritually for they Create Positive Change through Acts of Love and Kindness with Respect for the Planet and All Living Things.

The Essence of You has a Miraculous Glow which Inspires and Uplifts. Live your Truth and Love who You are for You are a Gift and by Loving yourself more Deeply you will Shine all the Brighter.

in spiritual reverence i share my loving light for this is who i am and who i am meant to be. the greatest thing you can do in life is be who you are. not who somebody else believes you should be. conformity and compromise of self diminish who we are. acknowledgement and acceptance of true self celebrates who we are. be who you are.

Nurture your Dreams with Self Awareness and Inner Peace. Live Consciously and Love Beyond Words for within You is a Divine Fire that will Guide you to a Heightened State of Existence the Moment you Truly Stop to Smell the Flower of Life.

Look closely at your Reflection and you will see Realities that will Empower and Transform your Life.

Life is a Sacred Song of Opportunity and Possibility and those who Benefit the most are the ones who Embrace the Truth and Dance to the Music.

In Meaningful Silence I Open my Spirit to the Energy of Love that I may Shape my Destiny, Know my Bliss and Live my Divine Truth.

If you Live with the Highest Intent and Experience yourself as Love, Compassion and Kindness you will Inspire the World and Light the Universe.

Ignite the Fire of your Spirit with Creative Thinking. Think in Song, Think in Words and Think in Pictures. Life is Art. We are Art. Let us Paint the Earth with Smiles and Sing the Heavens Alive.

be honest. be caring. be kind. be compassionate. be loving. if you are a reader be honest. if you are a lightworker be caring. if you are a psychic be kind. if you are a healer be compassionate. if you are a shaman be loving. be honest. be caring. be kind. be compassionate. be loving.

Gods and Goddesses Awake. Wake up and let the Sunshine of Truth Transform you into Divinity. Passionately Believe that You are a Higher Being and You will Ascend for to Connect with your Sacred Self is to become Truly Alive.

Embedded in the Heart of the Sacred are Words of Wisdom to Guide us to become Better Human Beings. We are all Sacred with Poetry inside us to help us Blossom into Beautiful Beings of Light and Love. Live your Sacredness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We Are Spiritual Alchemists

Believe that you can Change the World and your World will Change. We are all Spiritual Alchemists with the Ability to Inspire Souls and Transform Lives. Believe!

I am at Home when I Smile, I am at Home when I Laugh, I am at Home when I am truly Alive, I am at Home when I Love, I am at Home, I am Home, Its Great to Be Home.

today i will fall in love with love for love is my soulmate and together we can make miracles.

Tribal Rhythms within my Soul are the Music of Life which Inspire me to Embrace my Ancient Self and Dance my Sacred Dream.

live and breathe with your sacred heart as you evolve into wholeness and happiness. we are divine and by showing ourselves the love we deserve we become one with the universe.

Profound is the Gift of Friendship for it is the Seed of Sacredness which Blossoms in our Mind, Body and Soul and Opens us to Love.

hello old friend. i am pleased that the universe has allowed us to reconnect. i am forever touched by the beauty of your soul. i embrace the bliss of your being. i am pleased and inspired that you are open to new possibilities and that you are on the path to loving and respecting yourself. you are radiant as a flower in a garden of dreams and visions. know that when you need me i am here. i have always been here. i will always be here. say yes to yourself and you will change and evolve in ways that fill your soul with grace and gratitude. you are a masterpiece. a work of art sent from heaven. you are poet and poem. free your emotions and battle not your demons but instead release them that they may be encompassed by the light. reach deep within and and taste the sweetness of your sacred self. listen to the voice of the divine feminine and rejoice in who you are. i honor your souls potential and am inspired by your spirits courage. know that i am with you on your extraordinary spiritual journey. i believe in you. i have always believed in you. hello old friend. i love you.

Every time we Share a Kiss, a Hug, a Touch and a Kind Word we Experience Miracles for it is Love that is the Greatest Miracle of All.

In the Butterfly of my Soul we are each a Wing of Love that when combined enables us to Fly with the Angels that one day we may become the Beings of Heavenly Light we were Born to Be.

a deeper connection with mind, body and soul creates enlightening experiences which transform. connect with mind and think yourself whole. connect with body and love yourself happy. connect with soul and bless yourself sacred.

A Grateful Heart allows you to see the Sacred in a Radiant Light that Uplifts and Inspires. Gratitude is an Attitude which Empowers us to Journey to a place of Wholeness and Oneness. Grateful is my Heart.

Let Love Guide You and you will find that the Moonlight of your Soul will Shine a Light on the Sacred Beauty of your Essence and the Divine Gentleness of your Spirit.

you are a beautiful prayer and if you lovingly nurture your inner child the infinite self will uplift you in ways both joyful and profound.

Connect to the Source and the Love within you Embraces your Blessings and Illuminates your Innate Goodness.

It is when we Open ourselves to Love that the Eternal Spirit connects us with our Sacred Self that we may Shine more Light on the Beauty of who we Truly are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, June 07, 2013

A Life That Is Magickal And Miraculous

Walk into the White Light of your Angelic Self and Live a Life that is Magickal and Miraculous.

how we live each moment creates our future. listen with compassion. awaken the joy within that you may heal yourself. communicate with spirit. live with integrity and dignity. illuminate your soul and spirit. let in love. open your heart. follow your deepest desires. discover your true self. guide people on their path. open minds and change lives. how we love ourself creates our destiny.

Breathe, Feel and Play. Breathe the Light of Love into your Heart. Feel the Positive Energy and Sacred Vibrations all around You. Play like the Child you once were and build Sandcastles in your Soul. Live, Laugh and Love.

The Earth is my Mother and I Love Her. I Love Her in ways I never thought Possible. I Love Her Selfless Generosity. I Love Her Transformative Soul. I Love Her Inspiring Beauty. I Love Her Sacredness. The Earth is my Mother and I Love Her.

Kissed by the Sacred are those who Speak the Language of Love. Blessed by the Divine are they who Live their Kindness and Share its Glory. As Beings of Light we Evolve Spiritually every time we say I Love You.

Live your Life in Miraculous ways. Know that its the Simple things which are the true Miracles. Sharing a Smile with a Stranger. Holding the door open for others. Helping someone cross the street. Feeding the Squirrels. Tickling a Child... These are Lifes greatest Miracles.

To Explore Consciousness is to Feel and Experience all that Exists beyond the Self in other Dimensions. It is to Embrace Alternative Realities and Venture into other Realms. It is to Believe in something more and then Seek it out. It is to Know.

Strive to become Better and the Joy that Life holds for You will find its way Home to your Heart.

I am Chosen by the Spirits to do the Right thing. I am Guided by the Divine to work Miracles. I am Infinite and Eternal. I have the Ability to Transform. We are all Chosen by Spirit. We area all Guided by the Divine. We are all Infinite and Eternal. We all have the Ability to Transform. Believe it. Feel it. Live it. Love it!

There is a Light in the Window of my Sacred Self which Illuminates the Path to Angelic Reams that I may be Embraced by the Wings of a Love that is Eternal and Ethereal.

There are Sunbeams in my Soul which warm my Heart and Light my Way by Guiding me to make every Act an Act of Love.

Mine is a Soul Aglow with the Highest Light for I have something to be Thankful for. I am Thankful for my Wife. I am Thankful for my Son. I am Thankful for those Experiences and Encounters that send Waves of Bliss through my very Being. Mine is a Heart Aglow with the Highest Love.

Ours is a Lineage of Light. We are Descendants of the Divine. We are Sacred Beings born of the Purest Love. Ours is a Gentle Spiritual Journey of Greater Transformation. We are the Miracle of Life.

Be Gentle with your Heart. Be Kind to your Spirit. Be Inspiring to your Mind. Be Compassionate to your Soul. Be Empowering with your Body. Be Beautiful. Be Loving. Be Yourself. Be!

Create an Environment of Spiritual Awakening by Embracing the Love within and making your Karmic Imprint one of Higher Guidance and Radiant Angelic Energy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )