Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feed Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

Commune with Spirit and Energize your Soul and Body by Embracing the Beauty of Nature. Dance along the shore of Fairy Lakes and Gather Light in Glens of Heavenly Glory. Feed your Mind with Positive Thoughts and Common Sense Spirituality that you may Ascend to Higher Realms. We are Children of Gods Love and She Smiles and Rejoices whenever we are Happy.

The Heart is a Flower and Life is an infinite Garden of Love for we who Embrace the Presence of Angels and See that ours is a Greater Purpose. Be Aware and Manifest a Vision where all the Steps on your Journey are Guided by Love.

Follow your Spirit to its Cosmic Essence for it is there you will find the Balance and Harmony that will lead you to Joy, Happiness and a Soul Nourishing State of Grace.

Uplifting are those Compassionate Souls who find Peace of Mind in Helping Others. They are the Healers. They are the Messengers. They are the Guiding Lights. We Grow and Evolve as Beings of Spirit when we Share our Love and Kindness.

We are all Unique. Breathe in Deeply the Beauty of Diversity for it is a Flower whose Fragrance Enchants, Enriches and Inspires.

A Soul bursting with Bliss is a Catalyst for Union with the Divine. To find that Bliss we must Reach Deep Within for it is there we will find the Lightness and Joy necessary to Transform our Lives and Manifest our Desires.

Beyond the Horizon is a Place of Wholistic Awareness and Evolving Consciousness where one can Align with the Source. Join me there and Together we will Create a New Earth.

Positive Consciousness and a Holistic Approach to Life will Create a River of Light that Illuminates the Higher Self and Encompasses the Highest Truth which leads to Higher Dimensions where there is only Love.

If you Explore the Realms of Spirit you will find Celestial Temples of Pure Magick where Prayers are Answered with Angelic Experiences that Touch your Soul.

To Change your Life you must Journey through Light as you make every minute an Adventure and Exploration into the Depths of your Soul for it is there you will find your Divine Self and be taken to new Horizons on Waves of Transformation.

when i am shown love and respect i blossom and bloom. nourish my soul with light and i respond with kindness. nurture my spirit with compassion and i respond with purity of intent. i am a reactionary. treat me with honesty and dignity and i respond with truth and integrity. this is who i am.

Sleep with me on Clouds of Inspiration and We will Dream of a World where there is only Love and nothing more.

an internal cleansing and a greater respect for the self helps create better ways to live which in turn leads to joyful opportunities and loving possibilities. pray with gratitude for you have infinite choices to live, laugh, smile, play, sing, dance and love.

Make Conscious Choices and yours becomes a Transforming Spirit of Celestial Awareness that Shines a Light on the Boundless Ocean of Divine Wisdom within.

Life is a Living Affirmation of the Power of Love. It is a Prayer of Peace and Compassion. It is a Song of Creation and a Poem of Kindness.

Deep Knowing and a Path of Self Knowledge leads to a Life of Spiritual Healing and Sacred Wisdom where the Light of a Dancing Moon guides the way to Absolute Joy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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