Thursday, June 13, 2013

We Are Spiritual Alchemists

Believe that you can Change the World and your World will Change. We are all Spiritual Alchemists with the Ability to Inspire Souls and Transform Lives. Believe!

I am at Home when I Smile, I am at Home when I Laugh, I am at Home when I am truly Alive, I am at Home when I Love, I am at Home, I am Home, Its Great to Be Home.

today i will fall in love with love for love is my soulmate and together we can make miracles.

Tribal Rhythms within my Soul are the Music of Life which Inspire me to Embrace my Ancient Self and Dance my Sacred Dream.

live and breathe with your sacred heart as you evolve into wholeness and happiness. we are divine and by showing ourselves the love we deserve we become one with the universe.

Profound is the Gift of Friendship for it is the Seed of Sacredness which Blossoms in our Mind, Body and Soul and Opens us to Love.

hello old friend. i am pleased that the universe has allowed us to reconnect. i am forever touched by the beauty of your soul. i embrace the bliss of your being. i am pleased and inspired that you are open to new possibilities and that you are on the path to loving and respecting yourself. you are radiant as a flower in a garden of dreams and visions. know that when you need me i am here. i have always been here. i will always be here. say yes to yourself and you will change and evolve in ways that fill your soul with grace and gratitude. you are a masterpiece. a work of art sent from heaven. you are poet and poem. free your emotions and battle not your demons but instead release them that they may be encompassed by the light. reach deep within and and taste the sweetness of your sacred self. listen to the voice of the divine feminine and rejoice in who you are. i honor your souls potential and am inspired by your spirits courage. know that i am with you on your extraordinary spiritual journey. i believe in you. i have always believed in you. hello old friend. i love you.

Every time we Share a Kiss, a Hug, a Touch and a Kind Word we Experience Miracles for it is Love that is the Greatest Miracle of All.

In the Butterfly of my Soul we are each a Wing of Love that when combined enables us to Fly with the Angels that one day we may become the Beings of Heavenly Light we were Born to Be.

a deeper connection with mind, body and soul creates enlightening experiences which transform. connect with mind and think yourself whole. connect with body and love yourself happy. connect with soul and bless yourself sacred.

A Grateful Heart allows you to see the Sacred in a Radiant Light that Uplifts and Inspires. Gratitude is an Attitude which Empowers us to Journey to a place of Wholeness and Oneness. Grateful is my Heart.

Let Love Guide You and you will find that the Moonlight of your Soul will Shine a Light on the Sacred Beauty of your Essence and the Divine Gentleness of your Spirit.

you are a beautiful prayer and if you lovingly nurture your inner child the infinite self will uplift you in ways both joyful and profound.

Connect to the Source and the Love within you Embraces your Blessings and Illuminates your Innate Goodness.

It is when we Open ourselves to Love that the Eternal Spirit connects us with our Sacred Self that we may Shine more Light on the Beauty of who we Truly are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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