Friday, June 07, 2013

A Life That Is Magickal And Miraculous

Walk into the White Light of your Angelic Self and Live a Life that is Magickal and Miraculous.

how we live each moment creates our future. listen with compassion. awaken the joy within that you may heal yourself. communicate with spirit. live with integrity and dignity. illuminate your soul and spirit. let in love. open your heart. follow your deepest desires. discover your true self. guide people on their path. open minds and change lives. how we love ourself creates our destiny.

Breathe, Feel and Play. Breathe the Light of Love into your Heart. Feel the Positive Energy and Sacred Vibrations all around You. Play like the Child you once were and build Sandcastles in your Soul. Live, Laugh and Love.

The Earth is my Mother and I Love Her. I Love Her in ways I never thought Possible. I Love Her Selfless Generosity. I Love Her Transformative Soul. I Love Her Inspiring Beauty. I Love Her Sacredness. The Earth is my Mother and I Love Her.

Kissed by the Sacred are those who Speak the Language of Love. Blessed by the Divine are they who Live their Kindness and Share its Glory. As Beings of Light we Evolve Spiritually every time we say I Love You.

Live your Life in Miraculous ways. Know that its the Simple things which are the true Miracles. Sharing a Smile with a Stranger. Holding the door open for others. Helping someone cross the street. Feeding the Squirrels. Tickling a Child... These are Lifes greatest Miracles.

To Explore Consciousness is to Feel and Experience all that Exists beyond the Self in other Dimensions. It is to Embrace Alternative Realities and Venture into other Realms. It is to Believe in something more and then Seek it out. It is to Know.

Strive to become Better and the Joy that Life holds for You will find its way Home to your Heart.

I am Chosen by the Spirits to do the Right thing. I am Guided by the Divine to work Miracles. I am Infinite and Eternal. I have the Ability to Transform. We are all Chosen by Spirit. We area all Guided by the Divine. We are all Infinite and Eternal. We all have the Ability to Transform. Believe it. Feel it. Live it. Love it!

There is a Light in the Window of my Sacred Self which Illuminates the Path to Angelic Reams that I may be Embraced by the Wings of a Love that is Eternal and Ethereal.

There are Sunbeams in my Soul which warm my Heart and Light my Way by Guiding me to make every Act an Act of Love.

Mine is a Soul Aglow with the Highest Light for I have something to be Thankful for. I am Thankful for my Wife. I am Thankful for my Son. I am Thankful for those Experiences and Encounters that send Waves of Bliss through my very Being. Mine is a Heart Aglow with the Highest Love.

Ours is a Lineage of Light. We are Descendants of the Divine. We are Sacred Beings born of the Purest Love. Ours is a Gentle Spiritual Journey of Greater Transformation. We are the Miracle of Life.

Be Gentle with your Heart. Be Kind to your Spirit. Be Inspiring to your Mind. Be Compassionate to your Soul. Be Empowering with your Body. Be Beautiful. Be Loving. Be Yourself. Be!

Create an Environment of Spiritual Awakening by Embracing the Love within and making your Karmic Imprint one of Higher Guidance and Radiant Angelic Energy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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