Friday, May 31, 2013


Praise Be to Mother Earth for she is the Essence of Love and the Embodiment of All that is Sacred.

There is a Light in the Window of my Soul that serves as a Beacon for those who are Lost. Know that I am here and You are Loved.

The Moment we Realize that All Life is Precious is the Moment that the Gates of Heaven Open and We are all called Home.

Kindness is an Experience. Compassion is an Inspiring Gift. Love is a Transformational Blessing. Be Kind, Compassionate and Loving for they are the Keys to making this a Better World.

Magickal is the Purity of Intention in those who see the Sacred in every Breath and Live every Moment with Love in their Heart.

Brightest Blessings on this Beautiful Day. I wish you Great Joy and Glory as you Cleanse your Soul in the Rivers and Streams of Transformation. May the Light of the Universe Illuminate a Path of Positive Experience and May you do what you Dream as you Create a Happier Life.

The Soul Speaks Softly as it Guides us to fall in Love with Who We Are and Share that Love with all of Humanity. Listen to your Soul.

The Wisdom of the Ancients is within every Soul for we have Walked this Earth before and We will Walk it Again.

Share your Wisdom and use your Innate Gifts to Benefit others and yours will be a Life of Rainbow Visions, Heavenly Gifts and an Evolving Consciousness that Expresses your Truth in ways Transformational.

An Educated Heart is one that Knows the Truth of Love. It knows that Love is Honest. It knows that Love is Faithful. It knows that Love is Sacred. It knows that Love is True. It knows that Love is a Divine Tapestry. An Educated Heart makes Choices that are Profound and Beautiful.

It is those things that reach beyond the norm and Touch the Soul which have the Greatest Impact on our Lives. I have seen True Beauty and for that I am Blessed.

Beyond the Imagination is where I Live. It is a Sacred Place of Faeries and Unicorns. It is where Fantasy and Reality come together in a Luminous Field of Love to Dance. It is a place of Infinite Dimensions and Realms. It is a Self Made Paradise of Passion, Purpose and Positive Change. Beyond the Imagination is where I Live.

A Happier Life is achieved when our Intention is Balance, Harmony and Positive Thinking. They are the Ingredients which bring us that Blissful Peaceful Feeling which gives Birth to Love.

To Feel Truly Alive we must Change and Grow. We must Connect to our Source Energy and Live a Life that Gladdens the Heart. We must be Kindhearted People who Walk a Path of Peace and Freedom. We must be the Vessel of Light that is our Birthright.

Let Life Flow. Let it Guide You Peacefully and Gently to the Deepest part of your Soul. Let Life Flow. Let it Inspire you Embrace your True Self. Let Life Flow. Let it Open your Heart to Everlasting Love and Spiritual Insight. Let Life Flow.

Let us Bathe in the Peaceful Waters of Love and wash away of fears that We may Live the Life our Soul intended.

Uplift your Spirit by Raising your Voice for someone in Need. Inspire your Soul by Reaching out to those who Struggle. Transform your Life by Helping Out the less Fortunate. A Life of Service is a Life of Love.

The Gypsy in my Soul sees my Future and shows me how to Transform my Life from the Inside that I may Live my Highest Self.

Today I will make someone Smile. I will Journey out on a Quest to make someone Laugh. It will be my Greatest Gift if through a Kind Word or a Hug I can give someone Hope and Happiness. Today I will show someone Love. What will You do Today.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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