Friday, November 30, 2012

Embrace the Divine Within

Listen to your Heartbeat and let its Ethereal Rhythm guide you to Embrace the Divine within and Transform your Life in ways that have a Positive Impact on Humanity.

Life is an Extraordinary Fantasy for those of us who have Danced with Faeries, Run with the Unicorns and Rode on the Mothership for We are Joyous in the Belief that Life is meant to be something More.

Embrace with Gratitude the Greatness of your Being and Decorate your Spirit with Joy for a Life infused with Love, Light and Laughter is one which Dances Freely in a Heavenly Place between Reality and Imagination.

The Flower of our Existence when watered with Love will Bloom in ways Magickal and Miraculous.

I caught my Inner Self and Outer Self playing the Game of Life today. There is a Beauty to Balance that makes our Existence all the more Enjoyable.

Upon hearing a Child Laugh I knew in my Heart that the True Beauty of Life is the Purity and Innocence that Children are Blessed with.

It is by Speaking with Kindness that We can make the Greatest difference. Angels and Spirit Guides rejoice when we let Love be our Gift to the World. Treat me with Love and I can hold the Moon in my Hands and the Sun in my Heart.

The Greatest Miracles occur when we Ignite the Flame of Hope with the Essence of Love.

A Loving Embrace can Heal the Soul for it uses the Higher part of Yourself to Serve the Greater Good.

Create Unique Experiences by Climbing the Mountain of Awareness for our Guides give Messages to us when we are Ready and Aware.

Graceful and Welcoming is the Love that Enhances the Lives of others for it Embraces the World with Joys and Pleasures that always provide a Positive Outcome.

The Wind Whispers Songs of Mother Earth and We her Children need only Dance to make the World a Better Place.

Deep Personal Transformation occurs when we Realize that the Universe within us is the true Heaven and We in all our Glory are God.

I am Transformed for I am the Light. Glory be to All who Embrace their Light and Live their Divinity.

Explore what is Possible. Turn Possibilities into Realities. Empower yourself with Possibilities. The Impossible becomes Possible when we choose Belief over Fear.

Magickal things happen to those of us who Believe in Faeries for ours is a Life of Spiritual Exploration where Dreams are Realities Crafted from Love.

If you Choose a Life of Prayer and Intention which Honors Sacred Mother Earth your Journey will be Blessed with Angelic Visitations that will Connect you with Kindred Souls of Divine Light.

Let us gather in a Place of Beauty where the Light of Heaven enters our Soul and the Voice of the Ancients whisper Words of Love which Guide us to Great Epiphanies and Spiritual Transformation.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 23, 2012

Blessings On Your Journey

Blessings on your Journey. Blessings on the Pure Essence of Love that is your True Self. Blessings on the Eternal Sunshine of your Soul. Blessings on the endless Source of Inspiration within your Heart. Blessings on the Positive Impact you have on peoples Lives. Blessings on your Special Gifts and Awakening Dreams. Blessings!

Messengers of Love and Light flutter around the periphery of our Spirit. If we Listen with our Spirit and See with our Soul we will receive a Message that will Transform our World and Inspire us to Live our Greatness.

Live together in Peace, Love together in Freedom and Rejoice in the Knowledge that Life is Beautiful and so are You.

When we water our Gardens with Love everything in it Blossoms. As you Walk through this Life be sure to Share a Smile with All for doing so will Contribute to Creating an Earthly Garden where every Soul is in Bloom.

Life is meant to be a continuous Journey of Sacred Sharing and Divine Love where with Clear Awareness and Positive Thought people join Together as One under God.

Every now and then We must Clean the Window to our Soul that We may better See the unfolding Miracles that occupy our World.

Transform your Reality by Walking a Path of Well Being and Spirit. Change your Life by by Creating something Beautiful that Embraces your Empathic Nature. Be the Bliss that is your Birthright.

Love is a Life Altering embrace that Brightens the Spirit and Rejuvenates the Soul.

Embrace your Shadows for it is by Walking through the Darkness that we find our True Light. The Shadows are filled with Extraordinary Experiences for those Brave enough to Face their Fears. Balance creates Beauty and Blessings that fill the Heart and Soul with Love.

To be a Spiritual Warrior of Wisdom, Beauty and Grace is to Choose a Life that Journeys beyond this Plane into Realms of Revelation and Revolution where each Breath is an Epiphany that brings you closer to God.

The most Meaningful Message we can Share with Humanity is to Love Wholeheartedly with the Purest of Intentions.

Increased Awareness of the Invisible Life that surrounds You will Empower your Heart and Soul as it Guides you to Treasured Moments which Inspire your World.

Deep and Gentle Wisdom has a Positive Impact for it Embraces your Passions and Shapes your Beliefs with Love.

Connect with the Soul World and it will Guide you on a Profound Journey of Spirit to a Place that is Sacred where Life is a Colorful Tapestry of Diversity and Divinity.

The Marriage of Compassion and Intuitive Insight creates a Loving Self Awareness which Facilitates Transformation, Joy and Contentment.

Romance the Divine by Fostering a Deeper Understanding of People from all Walks of Life. Embrace many different Cultures and your Spirit Self will unfold Magickally and yours will be a Heavenly and Holistic Existence of Vision where all your Dreams come True.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 16, 2012

Awakened By Whispers

My Heart is covered with Blossoms that Touch the Soul of others with Beauty and Kindness. Awakened by Whispers from the Spirits and in Love with Life I seek to Impact the Lives of those I meet with Compassionate Wisdom and Ethereal Knowledge.

Small Miracles Shine the Brightest. Let a Child be the one to Teach you how to Love for they approach it from a Place of Purity and Innocence.

I Love my Perfect Imperfection. I Love those Battered and Bruised parts of my Being that make me Unique and Important. I Love being Incomplete for it means I always have a Place to Grow. I Love every Scar for when you put them together they Paint a Portrait of Survival and Spirit. I Love Who I Am for I am a Child of the Universe. I Love my Perfect Imperfection.

Be fully Aware that You are the Fairest Flower. A Beautiful Pearl in Lifes Ocean both Eternal and Ethereal. Fresh and Alive are they who Love who they are.

Happy and Holy are We who Realize that Prayer Liberates the Soul and puts us at Peace with our God.

To be a Pure and Gentle Source of Light which Dances upon Mountains of Magick and Lives in the Joy of Eternity, One must have a Thankful Heart which Drinks from the Cup of Love.

Be Uniquely You and the Heart of every Angel that crosses your Path will Gift your Life with Divine Energy that will Awaken Moments of Love that Transform.

A Soul Inspired by the Flower of Life and Motivated by the Ocean of Love is Divine Gift Immersed in Miracles that brings Joy to the Universe.

Listen to your Heart and Live with the Knowledge that the Highest Vibration of Love is an Act of Enlightenment that creates a Revolutionary Impact.

A Being of Love is as Free as the Sky and as Beautiful as the Universe.

I wish Balance and Blessings for all who wear their Sincerity as a Garment of Spirit for they are the Light which Shines on the Souls of those in need of Guidance.

I find my Way by following the Moonlight of my Soul to a Place of Greater Self Awareness where I am Empowered to move Forward and Live a more Inspiring Life.

The Sound of Laughter is a reminder of the Bliss of Being Alive. Communicating with one another through Laughter is a Glorious Experience that makes the Soul Smile and Opens the Garden Gates to Heaven.

You are a Being of Light and You have the Ability to Create a Beautiful Inner Space where with Loving Intention you can Miraculously Transform your Life.

What is Life after all but an Opportunity to Dance in the Light of Love.

Be True to Who You Are and Embrace the Joy of Being You. Open your Soul and let the Love within Flow Freely. Be deeply Compassionate and find something Beautiful in everything you see. Be a Reality to be Proud of. Be Who You Really Are for Who You Really Are is Magnificent.

I Accept Who I Am. I am Kissed by each Blessing and Inspired by every Soul. I am a Radiant Heart and an Illuminated Spirit. I am Sincere in my Desire to Create a Better World. I am Honest in my Efforts to Impact People in a Positive Way. I am Connected to the Angels and in Communication with the Ancients. I Love Who I Am.

( by Micheal Teal/ The Ancient One )

Friday, November 09, 2012

Worship The Day

Worship the Day with indestructible Enthusiasm and yours will be a more Purposeful Life of Infinite Possibilities and Spiritual Significance.

We are constantly Evolving and the day is upon us when we will Awaken to the Radiance of our Spirit and Rise above the Mountains of Existence to a place of complete Happiness and Sacred Beauty.

I live in an Ethereal World where I make my own Magick with the Earth, Moon and Stars as my Companions.

In every Star i see the Possibility of a Brighter Tomorrow. I see the Beauty of the Universe and the Glory of God. I see my Soul and the Light of a new Day where All people live in Love, Peace, Freedom and Kindness.

Within your Soul there is a place of Celebration where you can connect to your Heartself and Manifest your Truth and Destiny.

Immerse yourself in the Heaven of Freedom for it is a Delicate and Subtle place where your Soul connects to the Universe and the Impossible becomes Possible.

Make every moment Sacred by creating Truth and Beauty in everything you do and yours will be a Life that Blossoms like a Flower.

Your Soul Expands every time you you Shower the World with Blessings and Let your Light Shine.

We are Branches on the Tree of Life connected to the Earth by Love.

There are Beautiful Landscapes of Love within our Souls. It is when we allow ourselves the Freedom to bring out the Radiance within that we Immerse ourselves in Sacred Transformation and make Positive choices which Nourish the Body Temple and Inspire Holiness.

Create a Living Universe of Love by Living your Higher Purpose and Helping every individual have a more Joyful Life. To serve Connects us with Angels and Creates an Ethereal Transformation that Kisses the Face of God.

In the Eyes of every Soul on Earth you can See the Wisdom of the Ancients, The Knowledge of the Elders and the Beauty of the Ancestors.

If you can bring a Smile to the Face of another Human Being then you have Gifted their Soul with something of Spirit whose Beauty will Change their Life.

Live the Highest in yourself and contribute Positively to Humanity by releasing the Natural Bliss of your Soul, for to be a Leader of Change one must Radiate Divine Grace and Love Who they Are.

An Enlightened Society is built upon the Mystical Marriage of Light and Love. To Create a Better World we need only Shine our Light and Share our Love.

Life is meant to be a Cosmic Dance of Love where everyone has a Partner and the Music never stops.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 02, 2012

A Divine Flow of Energy

Mother Earth is a Goddess who manifests a Divine Flow of Energy which opens a Spiritual Gateway that keeps Joy in the Hearts of those who Believe.

Who You Really Are is a Being of Light created from the Greatest Good. Who You Really Are is a Being of Love born with Natural Beauty and Overflowing with Bliss. Who You Really Are is One whose Spiritual Calling is to Live their Truth. Awaken to Who You Really Are!

We are Flowers of Light and when we allow ourselves to Bloom we bring Souls together to Create a World of Beauty where Loving and Nurturing Energy Abounds.

Mother Nature is Alive with a Beauty and Brilliance that Inspires the Imagination and Touches the Soul in ways that Nourish and Nurture.

The Heart and Soul are made of Love for they are the Gifts from Heaven which allow us to Weave a Tapestry of Light and Positive Transformation.

When you Love from your Heart and Soul as you Live from your Mind and Spirit you Manifest an Infinite Awakening where every Moment is a Celebration of being Alive in the World.

Open the Door to Happiness with Blessings of Love as you follow your Heart and yours will be a Rainbow of Experiences guided by Spirit.

Love is the Guiding force behind those who Blaze Trails, Manifest Miracles and Walk a Path that brings Joy to All.

My Song is a Love Song and the World is my Stage. Sing with me and Together we can Change the World.

The Laughter of Children is what Nurtures the Earth. Children gift us with a Special Love that is Deeply Rewarding and Leaves a Lasting Impression. A Child at Play is a Lesson in Spirit for Heaven is a Playground for Angels, Ancients and Ancestors. God Bless the Child.

A Brighter Future for Humanity begins with an Open Mind and an Outstretched Hand. A Smile is a Positive Contribution to a Better World. Share your Light, Love and Kindness as doing so Creates a Flow of Energy that Blesses and Transforms.

We are an Enlightened Species who are Born to Traverse the Universe in Metaphysical Ways and have Experiences, Extraordinary and Profound.

Journey down a new Path of Harmonious Coexistence by Embracing Earths Magick as a Profound Step on the Path of Self Discovery.

The Earths Sacred Rhythm is a Song of Truth that Blooms like a Flower of Love in the Souls of those who Aspire to a Peaceful Joyous Life.

Journey into the Oneness of Inner Stillness and Discover your Joy for yours is a Destiny of Soul Aspirations where Peace, Love and Harmony reign Supreme.

You are a Unique Being of Light and yours is a Life of Meaning. Know that you were Born to Shine and that by Sharing your special Gifts you Foster Connectedness and Journey to Transformation. Every Breath is an Angelic Offering and Every Action is an Opportunity for Growth. Live, Love and Embrace the Beauty of Who You Are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )