Friday, November 02, 2012

A Divine Flow of Energy

Mother Earth is a Goddess who manifests a Divine Flow of Energy which opens a Spiritual Gateway that keeps Joy in the Hearts of those who Believe.

Who You Really Are is a Being of Light created from the Greatest Good. Who You Really Are is a Being of Love born with Natural Beauty and Overflowing with Bliss. Who You Really Are is One whose Spiritual Calling is to Live their Truth. Awaken to Who You Really Are!

We are Flowers of Light and when we allow ourselves to Bloom we bring Souls together to Create a World of Beauty where Loving and Nurturing Energy Abounds.

Mother Nature is Alive with a Beauty and Brilliance that Inspires the Imagination and Touches the Soul in ways that Nourish and Nurture.

The Heart and Soul are made of Love for they are the Gifts from Heaven which allow us to Weave a Tapestry of Light and Positive Transformation.

When you Love from your Heart and Soul as you Live from your Mind and Spirit you Manifest an Infinite Awakening where every Moment is a Celebration of being Alive in the World.

Open the Door to Happiness with Blessings of Love as you follow your Heart and yours will be a Rainbow of Experiences guided by Spirit.

Love is the Guiding force behind those who Blaze Trails, Manifest Miracles and Walk a Path that brings Joy to All.

My Song is a Love Song and the World is my Stage. Sing with me and Together we can Change the World.

The Laughter of Children is what Nurtures the Earth. Children gift us with a Special Love that is Deeply Rewarding and Leaves a Lasting Impression. A Child at Play is a Lesson in Spirit for Heaven is a Playground for Angels, Ancients and Ancestors. God Bless the Child.

A Brighter Future for Humanity begins with an Open Mind and an Outstretched Hand. A Smile is a Positive Contribution to a Better World. Share your Light, Love and Kindness as doing so Creates a Flow of Energy that Blesses and Transforms.

We are an Enlightened Species who are Born to Traverse the Universe in Metaphysical Ways and have Experiences, Extraordinary and Profound.

Journey down a new Path of Harmonious Coexistence by Embracing Earths Magick as a Profound Step on the Path of Self Discovery.

The Earths Sacred Rhythm is a Song of Truth that Blooms like a Flower of Love in the Souls of those who Aspire to a Peaceful Joyous Life.

Journey into the Oneness of Inner Stillness and Discover your Joy for yours is a Destiny of Soul Aspirations where Peace, Love and Harmony reign Supreme.

You are a Unique Being of Light and yours is a Life of Meaning. Know that you were Born to Shine and that by Sharing your special Gifts you Foster Connectedness and Journey to Transformation. Every Breath is an Angelic Offering and Every Action is an Opportunity for Growth. Live, Love and Embrace the Beauty of Who You Are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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