Friday, October 26, 2012

Joy on your Journey

We are all in our own way Magickal Practitioners with the Ability to Draw down the Moon and Rise like the Sun.

Everything is going to be Alright. Make every day Sacred and you begin to Heal. A Wave of Positive Energy is on its way. There will be Joy on your Journey. Things can and will get Better. Breathe Purity and Love into your Life and Listen to your Spiritual Helpers. In Darkness and Depression there is always Light. Be the Light and the Love of the Universe will Transform your World.

Believe Wholeheartedly in the Profound Truth that You are a Being of Light and the World is both your Playground and Paradise.

Communicate directly with your Guides, Ancestors and Angels. Deepen your Faith and Strive to be Extraordinary. Embrace the Loving Air of a New Day and make a Lasting Impression. This is your Life. Live it, Love it and make it something Beautiful.

The Light of Truth is that within each and every one of us you will find Psychic Energy, Inner Harmony and Enlightenment. Our Mission here on Earth is to Embrace and Accept our Greatness and Release all the Beauty of the Heavens that rests within.

Your Unique Destiny is one of Spiritual Wholeness, Epiphanies and Revelations. What makes it Unique is that every Soul is a Snowflake from Heaven and every Spirit a Fingerprint from God.

Gentle as the breeze Positive Change washes over those who Embrace Life in all its Glory.

When I gaze towards the Moon and Stars I See the Positive Loving Face of a Higher Power which Whispers to my Soul that everything we be Alright.

Live your Highest Intentions and work with your Spirit Guides to Create a Reality where Thought and Word are One. It is when we are Spiritually Open that a Gentle Stream of Inspired Thought leads us to Circles of Compassion and Friends of Enchantment. Lift your Vibration, Empower yourself and let yours be a Healing Journey where You are both Angel and Master.

We are Angels on Earth. We are Born with Extraordinary Gifts that are Truly Life Changing. Our Mission in Life is to find our True Self and Claim our Birthright.

It is True that your Soul leaves Footprints along every Path you take that others may Follow those steps which lead to Places of Spirit and Temples of Love.

Heaven becomes Visible to those Dance in the Realm of the Fae and Frolic in the Forest of the Unicorn for they are the ones whose Souls are made of Stardust.

It is when we start to Grow in all situations that we are able to Unite in Love and Harmony.

It was while sailing along Seas of Serendipity that I realized there is Beauty everywhere and We are an Evolving Culture of Love.

A Guiding Angel has taught me to Walk through Worlds that I may do my small part in Uniting the Mother Earth with her Children.

Give Birth to Beauty, Give Birth to Joy, Give Birth to Light and Give Birth to Love. Blessed are they who Birth to that which makes God Smile.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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