Friday, October 19, 2012

Sail the Seas of Spirit

Karma Flows Freely for those who Sail the Seas of Spirit on Waves of Inspiration.

Paint a Portrait of your Highest Vision upon your Soul that the Angels, Ancients and Ancestors may See and Experience the Miracle and Beauty of Who You Are.

Live a Life of Truth and Goodness. Live a Life of Divine Expression and Aliveness. Live a Life of Liberation and Transformation. Live a Life of Love and Kindness. Live a Life of Spirit and Soul. Live a Life!

Conscious Choices enable us to Reclaim our Wholeness and Clearly see the Beauty of the Natural and Sacred Earth. Let every Choice be made from a place of Love and you Transform your Life into one of Light where the Winds blow Free and the Spirit soars on Angel Wings.

There is a Butterfly in my Soul that Floats through Fields of Possibilities leading me to a Life of Deeper Meaning and a Profound sense of Enlightenment.

Walk the Way of Divine Change as you integrate Ancient Teachings into your Soul and yours will be a Journey of Love that takes your Life to the Highest level of Spirit.

There is a House that Nature built where the Earth touches the Sky giving Birth to a Love that is Eternal, Ethereal and Enlightening.

Journey with me to a Place of Mystical Experience and Inhale the Divine. Pray with me of a Life that Transcends Boundaries where every Voice is a Sacred Voice and every Breath is the Breath of God. Love with Me.

The Spirit is a Star Shining Brightly above given Wings by God that it may lead us to the Glory of Love that is our Destiny.

Sacred are We of Light and Spirit who Seek to Live in Freedom and Walk in Peace as we Embrace the Dawn of each new Day as Masters of our own Fate.

There is a vast Ocean of Knowledge within our Collective Consciousness waiting for us to Unify in Spirit that it may Enlighten us and Inspire us to Spread our Wings and Soar with the Angels.

The Love I Feel for Humanity is a Blessing from Spirit which Guides me to a Place of Hope and Happiness where Joy emerges to Bring me Home.

There is a Reservoir of Infinite Divinity where the Spirit Dances in an Eternal Vibration of Joy. Meet me there and We will Celebrate in Blissful Awareness the Oneness of Humanity.

Dance within the Beauty of Life and Open your Soul to the Possibility that You are a God and Heaven Exists within.

Build Castles of Joy that Shine your Light and Create a Reality that Serves the Betterment of the World. Let your Contribution to the World be a Life of Lifted Spirit where Love is Shared. Build Houses of Happiness that Reflect your Beauty and Create a Higher State of Being that Inspires, Enlightens and Enchants all Humankind.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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