Friday, October 12, 2012

The Art of Inspiration

Savour your Journey for every Moment is a Miracle to be Cherished. We are Blessed Beings of Light and if we Open our Souls we will Realize that every Breath is a Visionary Experience. Liberate your Shamanic Essence and Listen to the Voice of God which Resonates within. Transformation is a Choice. Choose to Change in ways that Positively impact not only yourself but the World around You.

Envision a Future of Profound Harmony where all are at One with the Beauty of Nature.

Life is Art and I am the Art of Inspiration. Let me Love you in Creative ways which stimulate the Imagination and move you to Live your Dreams.

I am at my Happiest when immersed in the Breath of Life and the Sacred Womb of Love.

The Beauty of Existence is Graced by the Singing of Birds and each Song is a Prayer for cleaner air and a Better tomorrow. Let us join Together in Harmony to save Mother Earth that the next Song the Birds sing will be a Love song.

Like a Tree from a Seed our Life will Blossom if we Plant Light and Love in the Fertile Spiritual Landscape that is the Garden of our Soul.

Trust your Spirit and yours will be an Awakened Life of Personal Transformation that Radiates the Divine like a Ray of Sunshine on the Soul.

Live your Life on your Terms and you will find Peace within yourself. It is by Living our True Self that we become Angels of Light. Believe in your Abilities and approach everything with Reverence and Respect. Happy are they who Live in Gratitude and Love in Kindness. You are the Creator. Create a Spiritually Powerful Life that Evolves into a Higher Vibration.

A Child at Play is a Song of Love that Lights the Universe with Inspiration and Imagination.

There is an Eternal Spring within you Flowing with Waters of Inspiration and Insight. Let the Beauty of your Inner Self wash away your struggles and fears that you may come to the Realization that Life was Created to make you Smile.

In all of the Universe there are none more Beautiful than you. Let your Love be an Offering to Sacred Mother Earth. Make Divine Choices and the Voice of God will lead you Home. In all the Heavens there are none more Glorious than you. Believe that You are on a Path of Heart and that you have the Choice to build Bridges. Bridges of Opportunity. Bridges of Bliss and Bridges of Transformation. In all the World there are none more Sacred than you.

Every Woman is Divine. Every Man is Holy. Every Child is Sacred. We are Gods and Goddesses and Heaven is but a Home waiting to be built. Let us Gather in Harmony and Create a Heaven we can be Proud of.

Glorious Blooms the Flower of Belief. Believe in yourself and you Create a World of Magickal Moments and Breathtaking Beauty.

To Breathe is To Pray. Breathe with me in Pastures of Peace and ours will be a Prayer of Love that Opens the Floodgates of Joy .

Those who are Kind in Thought emit Positive Energy for theirs is a Brighter Flame that Illuminates a Path to a Place of Stillness, Grace and Beauty.

I am the Moon and Sun of Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment. Dance with me upon the Shores of Loves Ocean.

It is not that i see the Future, it is that i see the Light within and Release it that all may see the True Beauty of the Inner Self.

Seeds of Goodness grow Flowers of Gratitude which create Gardens of Radiant Spirit where Kindness Blooms.

Be a Visionary Dreamer and Walk this Sacred Landscape as a Messenger of Light touching every Soul with the Love in your Heart.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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