Thursday, September 24, 2015

Make The Angels Sing Your Praises

elevate yourself by allowing the truth of who you are to wrap you in the loving arms of a beauty so sacred as to make the angels sing your praises as the heavens open to your glory.

acts of love are gifts we give ourself and others which resonate deep within our being that we may experience greater joy as we immerse ourself mind, body and soul in this amazing journey.

the most miraculous changes occur as a result of positive thoughts and good intentions.

change your reality and you change the reality of others. choose a path of positive direction and meaning and you embrace the welfare of others in a way that enhances and enriches their lives. know that solutions born of love give birth to truths that enlighten. if there is joy in the experience yours becomes a soul directed life where the spirit flowers and greater well being is your reward.

a heart dedicated to loving is a pure and free source of positive energy which expands horizons and breathes life into all it embraces.

honor your feelings by exploring the depths of your soul and making yours a caring environment of light bursting with joy where life is a celebration.

complete self acceptance plants seeds of change which if nourished and nurtured will make ours a divinely delicious garden of pure love.

every moment is an opportunity to evolve. every choice is a chance to improve the quality of your life. everything we do in life can help us grow. it is up to us to decide not only the path we walk but how we walk it.

if we are spiritually focused and devoted to sacred growth our life will be an inspiring and uplifting journey of compassionate self acceptance where the heart and soul find fulfillment.

welcome with an open heart every soul that crosses your path for doing so is a celebration of spirit that will guide you to a life of selfless service, devotion and personal well being.

create good outcomes by going where love wants to go for it is there that your flowering essence will blossom into its true beauty and you will find inner peace.

i have seen angels, apparitions and aliens and all have contributed to who i am in ways that make me devote myself to assisting others along their path that they too may know the beauty of what lies beyond.

an inspired life of unique sacred beauty is our reward for traveling along an open path of love for love is the way to enlightenment.

if we are to change our life for the better we must be willing to heal. we need to cultivate an awareness of self which leads us to accept and believe that we are ethereal beings of light. we have to be open to the gentle waves of energy within for they will guide us to a place of heart embracing transformation. these are the choices we must make to change the path we are on.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 18, 2015

Positive Affirmations Can Change Lives And Transform Worlds

positive affirmations can change lives and transform worlds and its the easiest thing to do. you simply smile and say i love you.

expand into enlightenment and you will find within a peace and tranquility that will inspire you to be of service to humanity by living and sharing a life of heart centered love.

beyond your vision is a place of harmony and love. to get there you need only embrace a positive mindset for doing so will lead you to an enlightening state of consciousness that will open gateways to the world of spirit making yours an extraordinary journey of light.

explore spiritual experiences and you will awaken to the beauty within as you discover that you are a pure positive presence on a journey to the divine source.

you are a vibrant and unique multidimensional being and the light of your soul is filled with positive energy and transforming insights. embrace your true calling and you will build a spiritual bridge to sacred encounters that heal and invigorate. you are a universal and divine being of love.

you are on a spiritual adventure and by illuminating the sacred you begin to understand your essence. it is the realization that life is a pilgrimage to the scared self that creates a recipe for miracles that nourishes mind, body and soul.

live beyond the here and now. explore other dimensions of reality. immerse yourself in alternative realms of light. seek not to live outside the box but to live in a world free of boxes and boundaries. be free for with freedom we find our wings and it is then we fly.

wisdom and joy are ways to wellness. love and light are ways to wellness. awaken to the beauty of your sacred self and walk softly into ways of wellness for it is then that you will discover your blessings and live your divine destiny.

something miraculous happens when we explore the power within. we begin to weave a web of light that transforms our daily life and makes ours a magnificent quest that connects us with the eternal.

your angels and guides share valuable life lessons that are magickal and transformative your job is simply to listen and learn.

a higher dimensional future is our reward when we embrace our souls essence in a celebration of love for it is the realization of our greatness that liberates and elevates.

the more spiritually conscious we are the more transformative blessings we attract into our lives and the better able we are to heal ourselves.

a heart devoted to love is a gift to be shared for its prayers and good intentions help others along their path by bringing more joy and satisfaction into their lives.

you are a sacred treasure and by seeking to joyfully experience each moment of your existence with love as your guide you commune with angels as you connect to the divine.

our glorious universe is constantly sending us kisses from heaven in the form of acts of kindness and compassion. as you walk through this life remember that every smile, gentle touch and kind word are sacred gifts sent from above.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Embrace Your Divine Gifts

to embody ones true self is to embrace your divine gifts and broaden your horizons as you blossom into a loving light in the world.

the healing begins when we awaken to who we truly are for it is then that we begin to believe the impossible and live our sacred purpose.

embrace your sacred essence and your life becomes a powerfully transformative journey of meaningful experiences and compassionate intentions which nurture the whole being.

we all come into this world with a richness of blessings but as time goes by the day to day struggles of life blur our vision and we can no longer see the true beauty that surrounds us. open yourself mind, body and soul to the magnificence of your divine truth that you may once again see with clarity the miracle of life.

something truly magickal happens when we operate in awareness for the more aware we are the more we open ourselves to experience greater love.

to manifest your miracle you must grow more alive every day and to do this you must take care of yourself. you must show yourself the love and respect you deserve. you must believe in who you are. do these things and your days will be filled with delightful moments that inspire and transform.

an ethereal garden exists in each of us where the light of love grows and it is when we share that light and love with the world that we blossom into beauty.

let yours be a path of divine intent where every choice is guided by love. let yours be a journey where passions grow into purpose that lead to you to your sacred space. let yours be a path of light and transformation where every moment is a miracle.

open yourself to the divine healing energy within and yours will be a unique jourey to wholeness filled with meaningful encounters which create lasting change.

lives are transformed by soul centered practices that enrich the spirit with awe inspiring splendor.

fill your heart with the healing power of spirit and do that which resonates with your soul for ours is a life of great beauty and when we live it with more positive intention and purpose we create a better world of well being and harmony.

every moment is deeply transformational for those with the courage to live their truth and be who they were born to be. when we live our divine essence we experience the magnificent beauty of the inner self in a way that evolves our world and makes ours an existence touched by spirit.

i am on a sacred quest to expand my perception and live my truth. my path is filled with meaningful messages to guide me to the wisdom within that i may connect with my purpose. my every step leads me to a new way of seeing. i am immersed in moments of joy that inspire. this is who i am. this is my destiny. i am blessed.

within you are insights and perspectives waiting for you to become more aware that they may reveal their beauty and guide you a place of divine consciousness where you can connect with your true and sacred self.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Planting Sacred Seeds

spirits are all around planting sacred seeds from which an extraordinary life blossoms. this is a magickal world and if we make our path one of affirmative prayers and loving actions we will find our wings and our journey will be something beautiful to cherish and celebrate.

deeply loving actions create unique spiritual experiences that frame our lives in a way that changes our focus and leads us along a path of profound transformation.

start living your dreams. make your purpose to turn hopes and wishes into realities. seek to manifest your passions and yours will be a journey far greater than imagined. the door to truth is waiting for you to open it. wake up to your destiny.

love the day. love the choices that give you joy. love the moments that bring you happiness. love the flow of positive energy within. love the beauty of your true and sacred self. love every breath. love!

yours is a life of higher aspirations worth loving. the more you love yourself the more power you have to change and the more joy and happiness you will create in your life.

allow yourself the freedom to expand your boundaries and live your life with purpose. by reaching beyond your limits you will begin to chart your own course in a way that creates a positive flow in which moments become miracles.

the soul is ready for you to release a beautiful flow of focused passion that all may be immersed in the beauty of who you are as you imprint your love on their hearts.

accept who you are and allow your dreams and aspirations to become realities that lift the spirit and make yours a fantastic journey of love and compassion where true and lasting happiness is your destination.

be kind to yourself. appreciate each moment. let yours be a people loving path. life is a joyful experience when we show ourself the love and compassion we deserve.

you have deep inside a healing altar of light and if yours are prayers of positive intention that call on higher wisdom you will discover that you connect more meaningfully with others and yours becomes a life transformed.

something greater will come your way when you open your heart to the limitless possibilities of love. you are an enlightened being and when you accept this truth and follow your heart life will become a series of beautiful experiences.

focus on the positive and you will be a healing presence whose purpose of being is to help yourself and others discover the beauty within.

may the healing fire of love within you be a light into the world that heals and empowers yourself and others and may yours be a joyous journey of positive outcomes and miraculous results.

love your whole life and you bring light into the world for it is when we love our existence with all our heart that we allow inspiration to flow and our path becomes one of great spiritual purpose and divine guidance that changes lives and serves the highest good.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )