Thursday, September 10, 2015

Embrace Your Divine Gifts

to embody ones true self is to embrace your divine gifts and broaden your horizons as you blossom into a loving light in the world.

the healing begins when we awaken to who we truly are for it is then that we begin to believe the impossible and live our sacred purpose.

embrace your sacred essence and your life becomes a powerfully transformative journey of meaningful experiences and compassionate intentions which nurture the whole being.

we all come into this world with a richness of blessings but as time goes by the day to day struggles of life blur our vision and we can no longer see the true beauty that surrounds us. open yourself mind, body and soul to the magnificence of your divine truth that you may once again see with clarity the miracle of life.

something truly magickal happens when we operate in awareness for the more aware we are the more we open ourselves to experience greater love.

to manifest your miracle you must grow more alive every day and to do this you must take care of yourself. you must show yourself the love and respect you deserve. you must believe in who you are. do these things and your days will be filled with delightful moments that inspire and transform.

an ethereal garden exists in each of us where the light of love grows and it is when we share that light and love with the world that we blossom into beauty.

let yours be a path of divine intent where every choice is guided by love. let yours be a journey where passions grow into purpose that lead to you to your sacred space. let yours be a path of light and transformation where every moment is a miracle.

open yourself to the divine healing energy within and yours will be a unique jourey to wholeness filled with meaningful encounters which create lasting change.

lives are transformed by soul centered practices that enrich the spirit with awe inspiring splendor.

fill your heart with the healing power of spirit and do that which resonates with your soul for ours is a life of great beauty and when we live it with more positive intention and purpose we create a better world of well being and harmony.

every moment is deeply transformational for those with the courage to live their truth and be who they were born to be. when we live our divine essence we experience the magnificent beauty of the inner self in a way that evolves our world and makes ours an existence touched by spirit.

i am on a sacred quest to expand my perception and live my truth. my path is filled with meaningful messages to guide me to the wisdom within that i may connect with my purpose. my every step leads me to a new way of seeing. i am immersed in moments of joy that inspire. this is who i am. this is my destiny. i am blessed.

within you are insights and perspectives waiting for you to become more aware that they may reveal their beauty and guide you a place of divine consciousness where you can connect with your true and sacred self.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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