Thursday, August 25, 2016

Emerge Victorious Into A Life Of Limitless Love

go deep within and see your true path, purpose and beauty as this act of positive intention will impact you in a way that allows you to emerge victorious into a life of limitless love.

when we are empowered by purpose our voyage of life becomes immersed in transformative events and effects that heal our future and seal our fate.

a voracious spiritual appetite touched by awareness will guide you to luminous places of greater happiness.

extraordinarily powerful are those keepers of wisdom who share their immortal spirit and magnificent glory in ways that bless themselves and others.

be an agent of transformation rooted in profound wisdom who uses the energies of life to embrace freedom and fulfillment as you evolve the divine within.

explore yourself as what you discover will alter your reality by creating spiritually inspiring moments where something beautiful happens which opens doorways into happiness.

self remembering creates compassionate vibrations that inspire and empower the heart and soul for when we remember who we truly are ours becomes a more benevolent reality of happy loving relationships and sacred truths.

dance with the spirits and they will guide you to life changing encounters through divine dimensions that lead to a nurturing, supportive and compassionate life of love.

kindness toward yourself unleashes treasures within which lead to higher levels of being.

rise with me to joyful heights that stimulate well being where we may look at the world through eyes of love as we embrace the cosmic light in profoundly beautiful ways.

open yourself fully to the empowering flow of energy within and you will receive miracles that align with your divine purpose and make every moment a celestial experience.

life is a symphony of light and love. if you listen closely you can hear the shamanic drum beat of your heart and if you immerse yourself in its sacred rhythm you can completely transform your world.

embrace the energies of the sacred as this will enhance and deepen your true spiritual nature making yours a life of mystical unions and sacred joy.

the more connected you feel toward others the greater your awareness and the more likely you are to make yours a path of profound opportunities which lead to happiness.

you are a true blessing alive with spirit and by tapping into the amazing powers within you fully experience everything as you become spiritually evolved.

wishes fulfilled are gifts we bless ourselves with when increase self knowledge and dedicate our life to being who we are destined to be.

when we are compassionate and empathetic we cultivate courage and elevate our spiritual state which inspires us to lead a life of greater happiness.

we experience the joy of life when we learn and live the truth that to love and be loved are the greatest gifts in the universe.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Walking A Path Of Kind And Noble Deeds

ethereal purification is the reward for walking a path of kind and noble deeds that serve humanity.

you are a messenger of spirit whose higher levels of energy and self healing potential are blessings which when shared have a significant and positive impact on you r life and the lives of others.

fill your days with esoteric wisdom and transcendent connections for when our intent is to awaken the spirit the flower of enlightenment blossoms and life becomes a garden of boundless beauty.

the soul is pure and when we smile we beautifully illuminate its sacred brilliance making ours a path of light where kindness is our purpose.

let us gather in the light as we walk through magickal landscapes where our divine energies lead us to transforming experiences which embrace our beauty and inspire us to enjoy life more.

cherish your gifts for within each gift there is opportunity for growth and through growth we lift the spirit higher and our life becomes an ethereal blessing of sacred love.

positive beliefs and love of your true self create a transformation that enhances your spiritual evolution by guiding you through a path of light from which you emerge more empowered.

you are the hero of your story and by being more aware of your greatness you make each moment a blessing to be cherished and celebrated.

positive intention and purposeful action truly makes a difference as it heals yourself and others allowing all to blossom more fully.

we experience the mystical and become one with spirit when we express love and gratitude for the blessings in our lives.

within you is a beautiful and endearing wellspring of love which if shared stimulates the soul giving you a more positive experience of the self.

we are all born beautiful and by honoring that beauty we alter our awareness and invite spirit into our hearts as we weave the fabric of a new reality.

close your eyes and open your mind that you may see with clarity an empowering vision of the spirit of the earth as it is when we allow ourselves to experience the sacred truth of our existence that life becomes beautifully divine.

love who you are and you create richer moments of evolutionary enlightenment which inspire the soul to blossom.

in dignity and grace i seek a more profound understanding of myself and others for it is that sacred knowledge which will lead me to a path of inspired communication and radiant well being.

you are a beautiful spiritual being with innate gifts and by showing yourself love and kindness you release those gifts into the universe and life becomes a sacred journey of joy and happiness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Live Each Moment In A Loving Manner

a desire to open hearts and live each moment in a loving manner will make yours a momentous and miraculous journey which lights the way for yourself and others.

when you seek to create a life of your own design you grow as a person and the greatness inside of you embraces every beat of your heart with real meaning and purpose.

may you manifest an abundant life full of hope as you live your passions and share your love for it is your turn to shine.

step into your truth and celebrate your uniqueness for deep inside your essence is a natural state of joy waiting to shower you with more light and love than you ever thought possible.

miracles and blessings are gifts we bestow upon ourselves when we awaken the light within for it is the appreciation and acceptance of our own magnificence which helps us truly come alive.

you are the creator of your reality. create something wonderful. create something magickal. create something beautiful. create something spiritual. you are the master of your destiny.

a more empowered life of transformational holistic experiences is yours when you share freely your energy, unique greatness and raw spirituality with others.

live with kindness and look forward to every day as a positive outlook and mindset are the tools necessary to lead you along a path of unlimited possibilities where you will discover many wonderful things making yours a free abundant life of sacred beauty.

we find insights, answers and deeper meaning when we set our intentions to turning our dreams and desires into truths and realities.

dive deep into the heart of who you are and you will discover messages of joy that will inspire you to intentionally and deliberately live an extraordinary life of light and love.

may yours be a clear new life path where you take inspired actions which invite new opportunities that embrace your heart and soul with pure loving energy.

learn to love yourself for when you truly love who you are you live with greater freedom as you create more lightness in your life.

seek to create and live in joy for it is through positive thought and action that we attract love and make ours a richer more fulfilling life of continuous happiness.

with compassionate understanding happily look forward and you will see portals of transformation which open to personal greatness as they inspire you to achieve your hearts desires.

we are stars in the universe and with every smile, act of kindness and show of compassion we plant seeds of greatness in the cosmos that blossom into flowers of divine light and sacred beauty.

know that you are blessed with empowering inner beauty and by showing gratitude for this sacred gift you create moments of pure connection which breathe life into your dreams and desires.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Listen to the Voices of the Ancestors

listen to the voices of the ancestors as their words and wisdom are the catalyst for change which will holistically nurture your soul and release the vibrant energy within as it guides you on a journey towards empowerment.

true self compassion will help you grow your gifts by making yours an extraordinary life of exploration and enlightenment.

choose your thoughts. choose your actions. choose to embrace the light. choose to immerse yourself in love. life is a beautiful blessing when our choices and actions are of the highest intentions.

esoteric and spiritual opportunities are created when we are passionately committed to allowing the embodiments of the divine to flow into our life.

positive self esteem releases our beauty and brilliance making it easier for the world to see our magnificence and for us to receive messages from the light.

live to love and you will blossom from within as you are guided and inspired to embrace bigger and better goals as love is the catalyst for greatness, glory, change and transformation.

we who dedicate our lives to transformation are beings of insightful guidance whose beauty sprouts forth from within creating an empowering atmosphere of divine love that embraces mind, body, spirit, heart and soul.

smile from the soul as this will raise your vibration creating self healing perspectives that give wings to your true luminous nature.

growth of mind and spirit are the result of appreciating our blessings and believing in who we are for ours is an ethereal existence and we are beings of love and light.

seek to create a safe nurturing environment that is lighthearted and joyful as this will take you to greater levels of truth and beauty that are full of possibility and soul embracing power.

these are times of transformation and by living with sincerity and simplicity we create empowering ways of being which cultivate love and compassion making ours a more positive existence that serves the greater good.

bring more love and light into the world and yours becomes a radiant and authentic life empowered by true divine spirit.

within you is a storehouse of energy and by making a powerful heartfelt choice to embody spirit you release that energy and become a benefit to others which in turn creates nurturing connections that lead to a life of abundance and gratitude.

sharing and exchanging our gifts and blessings with each other contributes positively to the awakening of all by improving the quality of our lives.

you have miraculous powers and through greater self awareness these powers are set free thereby contributing to the healing of yourself and others.

the essence of who you are is multi layered and by sharing your blessings you become a wise and loving guide whose every choice creates a foundation of wisdom and positive experience which benefits the greater good of all.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Discover The Divinity That Is Your Birthright

discover the divinity that is your birthright and let its beauty and power help you create a positive healing environment of profound experiences where universal compassion and kindness are gifts we bless every moment with.

deep inside you is sacred information and by immersing yourself in this ancient wisdom you unleash the essence of joy within creating pathways to pleasure which inspire and energize the heart, soul and spirit.

you are a blessing. a magnificent gift of love and light whose beauty and truth serve the greater good of humanity. be, live and embrace the angel that you are.

give birth to your dreams for it is by making our dreams realities that we change our lives in truly miraculous ways.

today is a day of tremendous opportunities. it is a day in which you can choose to strengthen your spirit. it is a day where you can call on higher wisdom. it is a day in which every expression if wished may be an expression of love. it is your day to shape any way you like. every day is a day of tremendous opportunities.

we are all spiritual artists on a personal journey of growth and ours is a sacred beauty that shines brightly making life a magickal and mystical experience where with every smile we create a work of art.

listen to your highest spiritual guide, listen to the voice of the sacred and listen to your heart as these are beneficial actions that create a stronger awareness and lead us along a divinely inspired path of total aliveness and greater happiness.

do that which speaks to your heart and your soul will thank you by making yours a life embraced by miracles.

know this truth that you are a uniquely beautiful and enlightened being with positive spiritual energies and that loving and believing in your magnificence will open your heart and soul allowing your gifts and blessings to embrace you and the world around you.

smile with your soul and use the positive qualities inherent within as this will make yours a spirit filled life of love, light and compassion which nourishes your visions and creates happiness.

communicate with your guides as their wisdom and insight will take you to higher levels of spiritual growth which will help you heal yourself and others .

you are an inspiration and by shining your light on others you awaken to who you truly are and life takes you to mystical dimensions of sacred beauty and divine transformation.

true expressions of love uplift the human spirit that we may live more fully in inspired and liberated ways.

soulful reflection allows us to become more aware that we have the power to make our personal life journey one of miracles and inspiration.

it is when we let our light shine through that life becomes an inspiring celebration of positive affirmations that embodies our sacred beauty and transforms our divine soul.

embrace the vibrant flow of energy within and you will be immersed in the waters of spiritual purification giving you greater wisdom and purpose by opening you to the deeper meaning of life.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Inspired Imagination and Soulful Transformation

we are spiritually oriented people on a path to wholeness and by embracing this truth ours becomes an enlivening and extraordinary adventure of inspired imagination and soulful transformation where the flow of life leads us to labyrinths of light and love.

release your spiritual sweetness that it may nourish the soul of all blessed to experience the powerful and impactful beauty of your true and sacred self.

know that you without even knowing it are making monumental contributions to life that help others grow.

communicate with higher realms and you will discover an exquisite awareness that awakens you to an evolutionary path of immense power where you may live and love for the good of all.

immerse your mind and spirit in honest self reflection as you courageously explore the light of grace within for this will guide you down a marvelously inspiring path of beauty to a goldmine of soulful sweetness and profound glory.

when we express profound love we bring forth the sacred and life becomes a cherished gift of great joy and fulfillment.

may the presence of the divine within guide you to a place of loving spiritual energy where you can be who and what you were born to be.

deep within us is a quiet joyfulness to be treasured for when we discover and open this blessing its sacred beauty inspires us to live and love fully and completely.

use your inner gifts and exquisite ancestral wisdom to open gateways of understanding as this will reveal your true sac red self that all the world may see and experience the glorious beauty of who you are .

when we speak a language of compassion we give wings to our words that they may soar to higher vibrations of love making life an ethereal garden of divine light and sacred beauty.

those beautiful souls who are passionate about helping others are transcendent works of art who facilitate spiritual growth and make us come alive.

when we embrace our higher nature we activate our true essence and we create a nourishing life of spiritually enhancing experiences which awaken our divine purpose.

wonderful and uplifting are those poetic souls who realize that they are a work of art and their life is a beautiful tapestry of love to be cherished and celebrated.

you are a beautifully conceived celestial being whose generosity of spirit is a valuable contribution to humanity which opens hearts and changes lives. believe in and embrace the true divine glory of your sacred self.

a deeper sense of the spiritual will lead you to encounters with angels where magickal truths will be revealed which open the door to transformation.

may yours be a comforting, contemplative and empowering journey where your every action is a life affirming message of love that opens the heart to the sacred light of the universe and beyond.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Purity of Thought and Positive Intent

purity of thought and positive intent allow us to express our divine beauty in a way that leads us to live an awakened life where we experience miraculous change as we live our scared purpose.

life is lived for the benefit of all when we see the beauty around us and allow our loving presence to embrace it with light.

when we seek the divine we enrich our journey and ours becomes a life that radiates light and love.

connect more deeply with yourself and others as this will give you an empowered sense of self and change your life forever.

clarity, self acceptance, deep love and gratitude are gifts of nourishment and profound healing inspiration which we give ourselves when we live the beauty of our existence as a blessing of spirit.

your divine essence is a blessing of love which if you honor and celebrate its truth will wrap you in a sacred embrace making yours a beautiful life of mystical experiences.

you are a vessel of pure love and by deeply immersing yourself in oceans of spirit you reveal the truth of who you are in an incredibly powerful way that transforms your life and the world around you.

let the flow of life illuminate your essence with sacred sweetness and lead you to gardens of ethereal beauty overflowing with bliss where you may live your destiny with a smile on your soul.

devotion and dedication strengthen the soul and expand the heart making you feel more alive and guiding you to a place of divine bliss.

a positive sense of self worth is a gift to yourself and the world for when you love and believe in who you are life becomes a richly blessed thing of beauty.

live your true purpose and yours will be a radiant life where the light of inspiration creates for you a world where miracles flow.

cherish every encounter for each one is a sacred experience of magickal exploration with possibilities in every moment.

close your eyes, breathe in deeply the presence of the sacred and yours will be a spiritually fulfilling life of divine experiences.

experience the healing energy of empowered living for it is when we believe in ourself and our sacred abilities that we find greater depth and meaning which nurtures, nourishes and soothes mind, body and soul.

rest awhile in the womb of spirituality and you will emerge richer, happier and more connected to gaia.

walk with me through energetic vibrations of spirit and sacred dimensions of bliss where we through self exploration and transformation we may discover our precious gifts and become true lovers of life.

this moment is a powerful opportunity to celebrate the sacred and live in your love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One