Thursday, June 14, 2018

Release The Spirit of Love That Resides Within

release the spirit of love that resides within and it will enrich your life and the lives of others with positive, profound and healing waters of love and light.

it was when I decided to shine a light on the darkness of my depression that I began to see certain truths which when removed opened me to the true nature and beauty of my sacred self.

you are a rare treasure of truth and beauty whose very essence is an expression of love that enlivens the heart and soul.

enjoy your existence for it is a blessing of light and you are an extraordinary being.

kindness awakens and uplifts the soul by illuminating our life with wonderful gifts which embrace us with a greater sense of happiness.

a smile is a sacred force and an expression of beauty that nurtures our world with goodness.

life changes for the better when we make beautifully thoughtful choices that illuminate and purify our path and purpose in positive ways.

I was building a destiny of light by weaving love into the fiber of my being when I stopped to listen to the sound of my true self growing spiritually.

with loving intent and an open heart I greet this day.

a tree stands in the nature of my love from which grows sacred fruit that nourish the mind, body, spirit and soul of my true sacred self.

at the core of my being is a place of wholeness where the spirit sings a song of miracles which when listened to inspire goodness and greatness.

mine is a path blanketed by love which I share freely with the intention of benefiting and blessing each soul I meet along the way.

your true spiritual calling is to be a doer of miracles.

while following my passions I ventured deep within my spirit where happiness blooms and discovered that I am truly blessed in many ways.

today let us ride the waves of kindness to places of light where together we can serve and enlighten our universe by creating more joy.

profoundly inspiring is the radiant beauty of your heart, soul and spirit.

call forth the wholeness, beauty and love in each moment for they are divine blessings that will deeply connect you to your true purpose in life.

life is transformed when we embrace the true nature of our being and share its sacred loving wisdom with the world.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Say Something Nice

I was waiting yesterday for somebody to say something nice. I waited all day until I realized what was happening. I then said something nice to somebody else and they said something nice back...

greater spiritual health comes when we cultivate compassion in our heart and then use it to contribute something unique and beautiful with the world.

yours is a shamanic voice of spiritual empowerment when used to light the way for others.

the highest path is not the one less taken it is the one taken with kindness, compassion and love as your guides.

we can choose in life what we wish to learn. I chose to learn to love myself. the knowledge I gained has helped me nurture my purpose in profound ways that allow me to live more beautifully.

I invited angels into my heart and their divine reality and sacred wisdom inspired me to engage the world spiritually as I lived the best life possible.

at any moment we are surrounded by simultaneous realities and our job is to choose the one which best serves our sacred evolution.

we are born gifted and our purpose is to share those gifts with each other for we are the caretakers of tomorrow.

the deeper you go within the more passionately alive you will feel and the greater your contribution to the universe will be.

I gave my spiritual self a hug and was rewarded with an empowering energy which inspired me to lovingly craft a life made of pure sacred beauty.

you are a uniquely extraordinary and profoundly sacred being whose actions and intentions are blessings that serve the greater good.

powerful is the voice that helps humanity evolve for it is the voice of kindness, it is the voice of compassion and it is the voice of love.

pure passionate joy like a ray of sunshine warms the heart and soul of who we are when we choose to share our exquisitely beautiful sacred self with the world.

positive living creates within us an awareness of the divine that makes ours a joyful existence which reaches beyond the extraordinary.

today with a clear open mind set your intentions to serving humanity in ways positive and watch as with every act of kindness love flows more freely.

actions inspired by spirit are blessings that embrace the essence of who we are with a new freedom and a higher purpose.

we grow, blossom and transform when we walk in beauty with love as our angelic guide.

with healing spirit love generously and you will be embraced by a celestial awareness that will purify and energize your sweet sacred path.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Live Your Highest Self And You Help Humanity Heal

live your highest self and you help humanity heal. love your authentic self and you help humanity heal. together let us live and love in unity as we help humanity heal.

empower yourself by embracing your goodness and sharing its precious gifts in mindful loving ways that inspire others to act in kind.

I opened myself to the beauty of myself and found myself better able to love myself in ways that are beneficial to myself.

rewarding is the path walked with love for it is one of beauty and power where miracles are created and lives are transformed.

sacred is the soul who awakens the light within and shares its goodness with the world.

mine is an enlivened spirit that is uplifted and nourished by the kindness of those who speak from the heart and love from the heavens.

engage in loving experiences that free the soul and your life will be blessed with a purity that opens gateways of wellness which lead to miraculous worlds of cosmic bliss.

the intention to help others will facilitate growth, beauty and goodness which will bring more joy into your world.

allow your true self to blossom by believing fully in who you are as you follow your destiny to the sweet inspiring beauty of your birthplace in the heavens.

mine is a path of inspiration in which I live my spirituality by making choices that benefit others.

kind compassionate actions elevate our spirit by blessing us with sacred gifts of light and love.

it is when we can see our true beauty that we begin to move beyond the physical into a more spiritual universe.

the simple pleasures in life are spiritual treasures that gently and beautifully guide us along a path of light to a place of goodness.

there are moments of sacred healing that awaken the power within when we champion the human spirit by connecting to each other in sacred ways that reveal our true beauty.

with love and acceptance connect to your spirit and you will feel a higher vibration that inspires within you positive personal growth.

embrace your true self, embrace your divine light, embrace your heart and soul and embrace your angels and guides for life blossoms when embraced.

you are a sacred gift illuminated by the light of the universe whose purpose is simply to love and be loved.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 24, 2018

See The Sacred Within

greater self reflection helps us to see the sacred within which opens us to the gifts of spirit which reside in the heart and soul of who are.

when we see the greater meaning in everything we connect to the flow of life in ways that make our world more complete.

I am open to receive joy, happiness, love and light.

deep love and respect for self embraces us with revelations of kindness that change us is diverse and meaningful ways which bring light into our lives.

with clarity and insight create a path of light that awakens your greatness and illuminates your true sacred self.

a life centered in love is one of healing and empowerment that manifests miraculous experiences.

when thoughts and actions are infused with spiritual light and healing wisdom life becomes a beautiful gem that awakens the heaven within us.

we are all remarkable souls on a nourishing voyage of light whose sacred purpose is to shine the light of lovingkindness upon all of life.

a life attuned to spirit is one of high vibrational realities that emit positive energy and infuse our journey with pure divine love.

your heart is a sacred flower which blossoms when you shine the pure light of your true self on others in ways that make life more beautiful.

if you want to fill your life with happiness and joy make simple meaningful changes that reflect the love within.

voyage beyond your boundaries and you will discover an infinity of choices all which radiate a divine energy that inspires miraculous changes.

beyond the self is a place of spiritual refreshment and joyful liberation where together we may live a luscious life of enlightenment in the heart of transformation.

with mindful awareness love and accept yourself as this will make yours a happy fulfilling life turned on by spirit that is inspiring, encouraging, empowering and transformative.

look deep within and you will discover resting at the core of your being a sacred sweetness which will fill your life with spiritual guidance and waves of joy that will improve the quality of every aspect of your ethereal existence.

deeply satisfying and divinely enriching is our life when we are devoted to awakening to the sacred beauty of who we truly are.

we as beings of light help people heal when we share the love within.

embrace the richness of your profoundly mystical sacred self and yours will be a path of heart centered wisdom that celebrates the beauty of life.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Give Yourself Permission To Live Your Spiritual Truth

give yourself permission to live your spiritual truth.

the power and influence of our intention is such that when they are focused on the greater good ours becomes a bright beautiful future divinely guided by love.

the more aware you are of the spirits around you the more likely you are to venture beyond this reality to enchanted landscapes where your celestial essence may live joyfully in peace and freedom.

come with me on a cosmic voyage of greater understanding where together we will discover our true divine purpose and bring forth a sacred transformation in harmony with the universe.

within each of us are sacred reservoirs of high vibrational energies deeply rooted in spirit which when discovered bless us with gifts of inner peace and empathic empowerment.

you are a divine spiritual being and at any moment you can consciously choose to use the cleansing energy of your soul to enhance your well being and transform your life.

mine is a path of intuitive communication, awakened consciousness and mystical wisdom which I share with the entire universe.

you grow into your divinity when you plant positive seeds of intention in the garden of your soul.

you are highly gifted. make the most of those gifts by living your highest purpose.

we are with each and every step we take evolving from within and by choosing to make ours a path of love the waters of the soul create a divine flow of positive energy that transforms our existence.

it is by believing in who we are that we tap into the energies of the universe and awaken our sacred powers.

a journey of divine love begins with a pure positive sense of being.

release the powers withins as you immerse yourself in the sacred aspects of life and yours will be an all encompassing purely positive path of blissful beauty.

self actualized spirituality sparks an awareness within that improves your world.

the more metaphysically minded you are the more intuitive moments of profound inspiration you will have that steer the soul toward the light.

you are a light being of spiritual magnificence whose omnipresent energy when shared with others creates beneficial experiences that raise this world to higher levels of spirit and sacred realms of love.

it is the intent to lead a more meaningful life that releases the beautiful divine light within and inspires us to build bridges to sacred worlds.

focus your mind on the positive as you embrace and explore the mysteries of the universe as this will make yours a purified existence connected spiritually to all that is sacred.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Luminous Landscapes Of Ethereal Ecstasy

to find your place in the universe engage in practices of sacred self care as this will inspire spirit to gently guide you to luminous landscapes of ethereal ecstasy and deeply nourishing oceans of love.

walk with spirit and yours will be a rich and meaningful life of energy and embodiment where in unique and original ways you unleash the greatness within.

there are within you beautiful sacred spaces free from suffering where soul and spirit await your arrival home.

the greatest possible realities present themselves when we create profoundly healthy relationships that cultivate ecstasy and a reverence for all that is sacred.

with the purest of intentions open yourself to the god and goddess within and life will be a spiritual sojourn of enlightenment, ecstasy and blissful abundance.

embrace your inner beauty for you are an authentic alive presence and by celebrating your connection to self and spirit you become more empowered as you move forward along a path of liberation and greater fulfillment.

know that you are a sacred being blessed with alchemical tools and subtle energies that touch people in heartfelt uplifting ways which make the world a better place.

spiritual freedom comes to us when we use our vivacious heart and soul to infuse life with loving positive vibrations that generate change.

deeper self love is a breath of life guided by spirit that makes us truly alive and happy.

a sustainable life of mystical alchemy and divine purpose is ours when we use our uniquely brilliant powers and innate sacredness to help others heal.

you are a beautiful gift and if you faithfully believe this truth you access higher realms which empower your path with greater possibilities that help you create a more abundant life.

celebrate your divinity with acts of love that embrace your day with compassionate energy and authentic joy.

lovingly accept yourself and you will change from within as the universe blesses you with a balanced beautiful life.

holistic practices have a magical healing energy which empower us to create communities of luminous beauty where we may live in bliss.

I was walking toward self realization when I was inspired by the harmonic vibrations of pure consciousness to breathe in love and love every breath.

positive intentions give us the power to make healthier choices which guide us along a path of wholeness to a place of inner peace.

as beings of spirit we all have sacred gifts and abilities which when used in service to humanity manifest extraordinary blessing that enhance life for all.

alive and free are those who speak their truth with a beautiful energy that embraces the miracle of existence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Live Your Life With Compassion

live your life with compassion as this will nurture goodness and cultivate sacred self worth by radiating positive energy outward and attracting divine love inward.

how your life unfolds is up to you so make powerful choices and beneficial connections that inspire your spirit and beautify your world.

a deeper understanding of self is a fulfilling and healing blessing which guides us into corners of the universe where miracles can be found.

you are a wonderful gift carefully composed of enhanced beauty and transformative possibilities whose sacred essence makes the heart of humanity flourish.

with compassionate purpose and generosity of spirit shine your sacred light by speaking with a truthful tongue of the magnificence and miracle of your ethereal existence.

seek deep spiritual experiences that make yours a soulful journey and yours will be a bountiful life of bliss in which you create your own change.

enhance your every experience by communicating with spirits and harnessing their power to embark on an authentic, fulfilling and soul changing exploration of your ethereal essence.

venture outside your comfort zone and you will discover limitless possibilities, personal freedom and a fullness of life that reveals what happiness truly means.

embrace fully the essence of who you are and the importance of your existence for you are a joyous creation to be loved and cherished.

actively help others find spiritual meaning in their lives and yours will be a purposeful path of heartfelt communication where wisdom arises and love abounds.

we are soul beings on a journey of enlightenment. we are divine emissaries of a higher vibration on a path of light and love. we are the powers of the universe and glories of the heavens on a quest for bliss and beauty. we are enlightened beings on a journey of the soul.

communicate with yourself in a way that elevates the heart as you take charge of your destiny by creating a life you love.

if we truly love ourselves our inner and outer realities are immersed in a bottomless well of positive energies and amazing beauty that cleanse the mind, body, spirit and soul.

open yourself to the lightness of your being and your path will be one of eye opening experiences and positive nurturing encounters that fill your life with spiritual treasures.

we are showered with light when we celebrate who we are in joyful vibrant ways that make us more loving.

awaken your unique essence with sacred self acceptance and you will be swept away in waves of consciousness and compassion that will guide you to the source of love.

focus on happiness and you will see the beauty in everyonel as your souls essence celebrates your positive personal intention.

with healing intentions open up your heart to your spiritual needs as this will bring you inner peace and well being as you live your highest destiny.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One