Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Path of Greater Peace and Happiness

a path of greater peace and happiness that radiates an energy of love is ours when we take control of life and use our blessings to uplift and inspire ourself and others.

develop your gifts by seeking deeply transformative experiences which bring forth the love and compassion within while uniquely changing your life in gloriously imperfect ways that embrace healing and wholeness.

refresh and revitalize your existence by bathing in the sacred pool that is the heart of consciousness as you craft mindfully a life of kindness and compassion.

an extraordinary spiritual life in which you journey to joy, happiness and positivity are yours when you set yourself free by shining your sacred light on all.

a life of authenticity and passionate commitment leads to a world of meaningful relationships, transformative experiences and spiritual satisfaction.

be at home in the present moment by giving thanks to the universe for the blessing that is life.

know that you are a healing force of esoteric inspiration whose divine goodness is a blessing that impacts this world in ways positive and profound.

goodness has a beauty that opens the heart and infuses life with greater well being.

align with your souls desires as this will inspire you to partake in peaceful spiritual practices that make yours an authentic life of meaning in which you walk a sacred path of love.

enter the inner temple of your soul and you will discover self healing powers that cultivate reverence, awaken your abilities and foster mystical connections which make yours a path of wholeness.

enhance your life with transformative experiences of awe and wonder that make yours a joy filled journey where your dreams and aspirations are rays of hope that guide you to gateways of possibility where you become the mystical being you truly are.

you are the master of your soul and by nourishing and nurturing its sacred beauty you illuminate the way with a humanity brimming with spirit that embraces the authenticity of who you truly are.

you are uniquely gifted and by exploring and expressing your true spirit in ways that serve the greater good you stand in the power of sacred thoughts and beliefs which make each choice along the way one of light that opens portals to the divine.

angelic assistance is always there waiting to fill our lives with positive powerful intentions and remarkable transformational energy.

truly remarkable are those soulful beings who use their spiritual gifts as tools of transformation to help themselves and others open doors of healing growth that encourage, enlighten and empower.

call forth the wisdom within and let its guidance and insight awaken you to a magical life in which your magnificent self can live freely in gardens of divine light.

step into the mystical truth that you are a being of love whose inner beauty is a blessing which when accepted and shared creates an environment of spiritual wellness.

compassion for humanity can empower our daily life in ways that open portals of light which guide us to worlds of unlimited possibilities.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Spiritual Knowledge connects us to the Divine

spiritual knowledge connects us to the divine while walking us through cosmic fields of pure positive energy to a life overflowing with love.

the more open we are to the magic, mysteries and miracles of life the more amazingly beautiful our journey becomes

our purpose in life is to love and when we fulfil that purpose we create a path of metaphysical enchantment in which we open gateways to greater possibilities and higher levels of happiness.

you are an inspiring soul and empowering force who's actions and intentions when heart centered can change lives for the better.

step into your power and miraculous changes will occur that improve your well being and nurture your divine self.

may we come together in the forest of freedom where our true spiritual nature can soar to new heights as we create a gloriously graceful life of sacred beauty and loving relationships.

thoughts and activities that nurture the spirit are simple sacred choices that help us create a positive loving environment and better life for all.

you awaken your true self when you focus on your unique sacred gifts and listen to your intuitive inner voice as these are divine blessings that empower the spirit and enrich the soul.

share your energy as doing so moves others to act in kind which makes for an esoteric community and diverse spiritual environment in which love and understanding are the illuminating force that guides the way.

authentic intentions of a spiritual nature facilitate healing thereby making ours a more enlightened life of divine ecstasy and sacred purpose.

fuel your life with love as this will immerse you in beautiful fields of sacred energy that inspire positive change and raise you to great heights of happiness.

the world within changes when we connect to the higher self and we begin to create a life of passion and purpose where every day we create miracles.

the power of the soul immerses us in positive healing experiences when we act in beautiful loving ways that sculpt for us a life that is a work of art.

bathe in the waters of the ancient reality that the divine exists and you will awaken an inner light which will guide you to a heart centred life where you have a deeper love for who you truly are.

the heart blossoms when we focus our intentions on cultivating highly rewarding actions and activities that honor and celebrate beings born of love.

I am alive therefore I believe in miracles. I believe in miracles therefore I am alive.

sacred transmissions that celebrate love and life come our way when we use our gifts to serve and inspire others in ways that open new channels and expand awareness.

when you smile the light of the soul shines through you illuminating your path with beauty, truth and limitless possibilities.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Profound Sacred Practices Purify The Heart

profound sacred practices purify the heart and create within us a state of divine euphoria that makes our time on earth a joyful and fulfilling miracle.

experience your essence. let its cleansing light and transformative power inspire within you a life of positive purpose. experience your essence and yours will be a path of spiritual liberation.

pray with me at the temple of the soul. pray with me for a powerful life of happiness. pray with me for love, kindness and compassion. pray with me for a world of peace, freedom, beauty and magnificence. pray with me at the mosque of the spirit. let us pray!

the illuminating reality of our sacred self is that within us is a natural beautiful energy which when activated helps us achieve a greater clarity that inspires joy.

we attract deeper spiritual experiences when we use our innate healing abilities to create enriching environments that enhance wellness for ourselves and others.

you are in charge of your destiny and at any moment of your choosing you can immerse yourself in soul nourishing experiences that embrace the heart of life with love.

live your best possible life by reaching above and beyond this reality into dimensions of spirit that honor and celebrate the true sacred beauty of your ethereal existence.

a personal purpose to selflessly serve humanity creates within us sacred waves of positive energy that embrace the power and beauty of life with rewarding experiences which fulfill the spirit.

deep devotion to walking a path that enriches daily life will expand your possibilities while embracing the wholeness inside of you with thoughts and feelings that inspire greatness.

you are a real and true vision of beauty born of divine ecstasy whose path and purpose are love.

compassionate actions have healing benefits that purify the heart and soul of humanity.

engage in spiritual practices that instill hope in the heart and your life will be a luminous field of positive energy in which you journey into bliss.

may we gather on this day as kindred souls in celebration of the sacred whose purpose is to build a beautiful nurturing environment of energy and inspiration where we can all live freely.

greater spiritual awareness manifests within us a natural state of joy that kindles love while making ours a pure positive existence that connects with the heavens.

you are a flower unfolding in a garden of love and if you embrace fully the glory of this reality you will grow and thrive in ways that create greater joy.

true freedom elevates the heart which inspires us to embrace the beauty of experiences that serve the greater good.

live in harmony with your sacred self as this will foster a deep awareness that will guide you to a place of compassionate living deeply rooted in the energies of love.

we are all born with the ability to overcome. we are all capable of creating change. we are all beings of beauty with a miraculous life story. this is who we are.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Connect to your Path in Meaningful Ways

connect to your path in meaningful ways that embrace every experience with joyful enthusiasm and yours will be a life of sacred purpose where miracles happen.

the heart of Mother Earth beats a rhythm of sacred beauty that nurtures the soul and those who hear that beat and answer with love and respect are the ones who will guide us home to spirit.

blessings of beauty unfold throughout our journey when we live vibrantly and love spiritually.

explore the deeper purpose and meaning of your existence as this will guide you along a path of amazing experiences and rewarding moments that teach you to truly love yourself.

a more choiceful life of sacred truth and brilliance in which we help others heal is ours when we share our unique mission and divine gifts with the world.

I was looking at life beyond my dreams when I was awakened by angels to the truth that mine is a beautiful story of survival which when shared shines a light on what is possible when one perseveres with the intention to grow spiritually.

a smile is a beautifully crafted gift of nature that we are born with that impacts our lives in simple sacred and profound ways.

you have a plethora of positive spiritual attributes and abilities. use these gifts to create a new paradigm of sacredness that lights the way for all humankind.

my higher self called last night and left a message saying you are a beautiful force in the world. I called back this morning and said thank you.

sacred self discovery is a blessing we bestow upon ourselves that opens doorways into the light which inspire us to make each and every choice we make an act of love.

the flame of your divinity never goes out. at any time you can open your heart and soul to its illuminating essence and warm loving energy. it is a blessing we are born with and the more love we show ourself the brighter its light will shine. let us embrace the beauty and tranquility of who we truly are as we sit by the fire.

let us focus on helping humankind. let us learn from each other how to be creators of light. if we can embrace each others uniqueness with love, freedom and happiness we can connect to a higher source. if we can breathe in the aspects of our sacred self that make us feel alive we can manifest miracles. it is by accepting and acknowledging that we as sentient beings have lost our way that will inspire us to not find our way home but to make our home a safe supportive place of positive healing energy. let us be beautiful blissful gifts that enlighten humanity. repeat after me - I am love, you are love, we are love..

you have holistic powers and when you accept this truth by sharing them with all humanity you reach an extraordinary state of being that lights up the soul of who you are with a love most sacred.

live in the light of understanding and let its radiant beauty and deep spiritual energies inspire you to say thank you to the heavens for your blessedly beautiful existence.

I awoke to the sounds of sacred wisdom in my head and realized that it was in fact joy and passion singing a song of spirit which has inspired me to dance my way through this day with love as my partner.

I choose on this morning to bring my life alive by using the empowering energy within my soul to embrace every moment of my day with a kindness that is heartfelt and a love that is divinely compassionate.

life is a lesson taught by spirit and it is my intention to graduate with honours.

it is when we let love illuminate the way that life becomes a rainbow dance in which we discover the blessings of our beautiful sacred existence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Free the Spirit and Heal the Soul

we each have a unique purpose and when we infuse that purpose with kindness, compassion, light and love we connect to magnificent realities that free the spirit and heal the soul.

I begin each day by packing a my sacred suitcase with good intentions, thoughts, ideas, energies and blessings which I will share with others throughout my journey.

this sacred earth is a blessing of profound beauty whose purity and divinity when celebrated and cherished makes ours an enlightened life in which we feel fully alive.

mine is a holistic life of spirit in which I cherish every moment for I am alive and I am blessed.

inner freedom creates outer joy which attracts mystical experiences that make ours a happier healthier world.

awaken to a new purpose. one in which you see the good in all and do your best to foster that beauty. awaken to a path of soul. one in which you embody your radiance and share its light with the world. awaken.

I am, you are and together we can make ours a better world.

a path rooted in pure love and light is a powerfully enlightening blessing of compassionate integrity and sacred inspiration that connects us to the glory and miracle of the universe.

I was using my compassionate spirit to help me cultivate inner peace when I realized that the more love I showed myself the more joy and happiness I brought into my life.

life changes when we decide to remove the binds of fear, anger, hatred, prejudice... life changes when we open our heart and soul to the truth of who we are. life changes when we accept that we are the masters of our fate. today I awaken to a new world for this is the day I say to life I am your master and together we will change.

we each are extraordinary beings on a divine mission to find our own truth and greatness as we reach beyond this world into sacred realms of love and light.

be a sacred warrior whose sword is love and let your battle be to awaken the soul and free the spirit.

you are worthy of love for you are love in its simplest most sacred form and by accepting this truth into your life you open the gates of a heaven all your own.

it was the moment in which I changed the way that I saw the world that my life became more loving and I became a better man.

take a deep breath of happiness as you start your day for belief in change is the beginning of a new path in which you live each moment in miraculous ways.

the clearer our perception of life the more we attract powerful loving energy that fills our life with blessed experiences of spirit which set free the heart and soul of who we are.

reverence for self is a beautiful thing because it honours who we are in a way that moves us forward to a place of sacred significance where we experience miracles that bring us happiness.

there are realms of knowledge deep within the heart which are there to teach us the true meaning of love. open your heart and let its light embrace your life a wisdom most beautiful.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Let Us See If On This Day We Can...

let us see if on this day we can lift ourselves up without dragging each other down. let us make an effort to only make comments that help us grow and prosper. let us with profound gentleness seek to create a path of respect. let us live by example instead of criticizing the choices others have made. let us understand that our battle is not the only battle. let us simply take the time to think about the impact of our words. let us just be nice. let us see if on this day we can...

magical is the discovery of ones divine self as it is a blessing which when set free vibrates through the universe while illuminating a path to ascension.

what is your truth. mine is one of holistic beauty whose impact is beneficial to others in soul enhancing ways. what is your truth.

we have a mystical heritage which reveals itself when we look deep within the core of our being.

support your spiritual growth by helping others transform for it is through selfless acts which serve the greater good that we embrace our divine beauty and activate our sacred gifts.

awaken your heart and soul to the gifts from heaven that weave their way through your life and they will awaken you to the gifts of light that will guide you home to heaven.

love yourself fully, completely, unconditionally and eternally.

I walk in dreams through loving landscapes of poetic beauty where my spirit rejoices in a dance of liberation that breathes bliss into my divine existence.

my soul expands in healing purifying ways when I allow the light of the wisdom within to guide me to my true nature where I may blossom into a blessing of sacred beauty who makes worlds come alive.

from greater spirituality comes greater love and affection and from greater love and affection comes higher awareness which awakens our true self and guides us home to the brightness and beauty of our being.

sacred is the relationship between parent and child for it is the building block for all that is good in life.

whenever I meet extraordinary people whose gift is a spirit that is eternally loving and all embracing I ascend to a place of enlightenment where my open heart dances in the peaceful serenity of a beauty most sacred.

purity of spirit inspires within us a greater love for life which embraces our whole being with beautiful healing energies that work in harmony with the soul of who we are.

I have a passion to serve humanity and a purpose to save myself and together those blessings have enabled me to overcome all obstacles life has placed along my path.

darkness and depression are but realities of my existence that do not define me but instead inspire me to rise above their madness to a place of light where I may Bask in the glow of my true sacred self.

open yourself fully to the experience of love and you enrich the soul with sacred energies that nurture, balance and heal every aspect of your being.

when your authentic self loves your sacred self life becomes a joyous journey of harmony, happiness and light.

I was conversing with my heart about feeling more joy when my spirit stepped in and said to be truly alive and happy one must embrace the pure beauty of their being with greater love and understanding.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Profoundly Inspiring and Positively Beautiful

you are a radiant reality whose essence embraces the heart of humanity with sacred loving intentions that are profoundly inspiring and positively beautiful.

profound and inspiring are those sentient souls who seek happiness through spirit by living the truth of each moment with love as their guide.

love and happiness are blessings we bestow upon each other that bring purpose to our path and joy to our journey.

an open hearted approach to life cleanses the soul in beautifully powerful ways that infuse our world with greater hope for the future.

whenever I choose to live in love I see angels dancing around me and I am moved to embrace a higher state of being in which I am in harmony with life and all its beauty.

kindness is a gift to be shared and when we do so life becomes a beautifully divine journey of miracles.

you have a beautiful heart, a breathtaking spirit and a blessed soul. embrace these gifts then share their natural sacred beauty with the world.

open and honestly take positive steps toward the sacred light of life as this will connect you to the heavens and make yours a spiritual journey to wholeness and happiness.

the greater the freedom we give ourselves the more we connect with the sacredness at the core of our being and the happier life becomes.

I woke up my life this morning and together we planned a day in which we would compassionately share our heart and soul with with the world.

free is the flow of energy running through our veins which when shared attracts extraordinary possibilities that improve the quality of life.

weave with me a path of meaning and authenticity where we as one create a deeper reality in which our greatest service to humanity is love.

this is the truth of who you are - you are love.

stand in the power of your authentic self and let its sacred energies wash over you as this will open your eyes to the beauty of your true purpose.

I believe that you are ready to shine. I believe that this is your moment in time to spread your wings and fly. I believe in you. I believe.

I offer to you the gifts within my heart and the blessings within my soul in the hope they will bring our visions alive so that we may walk together a gloriously exciting path of miracles.

their are truths within the heart which unfold into our lives when our love is unconditional and all embracing.

seek to connect to those things beyond your reach for it is in the cosmos of your sacred truth that you will find the beauty and power of the lightness of your being.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One