Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hear Your Angels And Let Them Guide You

hear your angels and let them guide you with the pure light of love to a place of spiritual abundance where you can change your life for the better as you make heartfelt connections and step into the sacred.

live your best life by clearing and cleansing for it is by removing the negatives in our life that we create a garden filled with love where truth and beauty grow.

i celebrate those blessedly human beings of light whose lives are dedicated to loving service for they are the ones who create positive change and gift the world with hope and inspiration.

mine is an evolving world committed to spiritual growth and thought provoking perspective. i am a holistic traveler on a journey of greater understanding where i live my own truth and create my own magick. i am an infinite being of compassionate tenderness and i love you.

extraordinary is the voice of spirit and if we truly listen ours will become a life of balance and harmony in which we empower and heal ourself as we create new possibilities and divinely unfold.

align with your purpose and you will create a rich inner life of triumphant spirit. embrace the fullness of your being and you will change your energy and fill your days with extraordinary experiences. positive transformation comes from positive choices. let yours be a divine reality of your choosing.

when we make positive life choices we infuse our mind, body and soul with positive pure energy that lights a new path as it fills our very essence with deep joy and gratitude.

within you is a beneficial place of compassionate spirit where great love and respect blossom. look within and set free the beauty of your true and sacred self.

the way you see your life dictates the way you live your life. think positive and your thoughts will manifest actions that inspire growth and lead you along a path of self discovery. see your life as a beautiful gift and yours will be a heartfelt exploration of spirit where every moment is a transformative experience.

may we all come together as one on an inspirational voyage through life in which we touch the world in profound and positive ways as we transform lives and fill our hearts and souls with sunbeams.

look with clarity at the world and see all of the possibilities and opportunities. open your heart and soul to your greatness and glory and yours will be a profound awakening of insight and understanding. our world and our being transform when we truly see, accept and love who we are.

your life is a beautiful mosaic of experiences to remember. look back at the beauty of those moments that made you smile, laugh, sing, dance, live and love for they are the gifts that made you the magnificent being you are today.

positive life choices spark the energy within creating a light of truth that guides and empowers. stand in the light of your greatness and watch as you connect with spirit and your whole world transforms.

to achieve spiritual growth one need only help others move forward for it is through kindness that the soul shines, through compassion that the spirit soars and through love that the heart embraces the heavens.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Passionate Positive Change

passionate positive changes are made by people of clear intent who feel the goodness within and make it their purpose to set it free that it may inspire souls and transform lives.

enlightened and transformative are those journeys which inspire greater self love for the more one is able to love who they are the more likely they are to live a creative life of spirit that leads to higher levels of transcendence.

i invite positive energy into my life. i embrace blessings of inspiration. i immerse myself in experiences that awaken and enrich. i believe in something greater. i make choices that manifest miracles and i release the spirit within. this is who i am and this is how i live my life. i am micheal. i am the ancient one.

live and love in a sacred way for you are made of miracles and everything you touch is blessed by the beauty of who you are.

to love is a life affirming change. to laugh is a life affirming change. to smile is a life affirming change. to live is a life affirming change. make life affirming changes and yours will be a world of deep abiding joy compelled by passion and positive intent.

evolve into a place of positivity where the soul and spirit live together in harmony as guiding lights which inspire you to become fully alive that you may feel the beauty of the love that flows within and share it with the universe.

focus on the positive and with clear intention set your sights on a higher reality in which with divine guidance you evolve in a way that makes your life a soul healing prayer of love where your heart blossoms and your spirit sings.

every time you inspire a heart you create beauty and joy within yourself and as those gifts accumulate you manifest a flow of positive energy that heals and transforms. to touch a heart in a meaningful way is to serve humanity in a manner which makes the world a better place.

i bring healing with me wherever i go. i carry it in my heart and when needed i share it with those whose life needs some light and love.

blessings of enchantment to every kind and generous soul who has ever shared a smile with me for it is simple gestures like that which enrich lives and change worlds. beauty begins with a smile. joy begins with a hug. its just that easy. hold me with your smile and let its beauty hug me til i am happy.

every soul is gifted and if you look deep within you will discover just how miraculous you are.

uplift and empower your life by loving yourself in a way that expands your mind and enriches your spirit for it is by showing ourself great kindness and compassion that we begin to live our magnificence and transform our world into something beautiful.

live your life as a blessing. live every moment as a miracle. live with courage and gratitude. live in service to others. live with the knowledge that you are a vessel of divine love. live a spirit filled life. live, live, live!

we heal the heart with every smile. we heal the spirit with every loving embrace. we heal the mind with every positive thought and we heal the world with every kind and compassionate action. sing with me, dance with me, heal with me.

this and every moment are transformative opportunities. they are moments of infinite possibilities in which we can create miracles. they are steps along a path that we can shape however we so choose. this is your moment.

live with good intention and let love be your passion, purpose and highest calling for you are a sacred light meant to guide in ways powerful and profound.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, March 13, 2015

We Are Spiritual Seekers

we are spiritual seekers, sacred messengers, ancient sages, divine storytellers and beautiful beings of light. let us live our truth and share our treasures that we may manifest a world we can be proud of.

you are unique in a way that beautifies this world for you are an enchanted soul on an empowering journey to happiness and every time your express your unique essence you move one step closer to bliss.

come alive, be aware, open your heart, explore your soul, live your truth and love your life.

yours is a sacred birthright rooted in love and light, for you are born of goodness and it is the beauty of that truth which if embraced that will guide you to a greater tomorrow.

pray with love as your sacred influence and release each prayer like a rainbow in the sky that it may brighten the world of others as it beckons angels and spirits to dance together to the sweet song of life.

the heart is a teacher and if you listen with love as your guide you will learn to generate happiness and have a kinship with all living things as you make your world a warm and welcoming place.

i dreamed myself awake and became aware of the blessings of the sacred and for that i am thankful for there is joy in knowing.

plant seeds of positive intention that yours may be a garden that nourishes the soul by allowing people to taste the richness and goodness of life.

i looked out the window this morning and saw life smiling back at me. it was then i realized that for life to be smiling back at me i must be smiling. sometimes joy sneaks up on us. such is life.

close your eyes and feel the miracle. feel the positive energy flowing within you. feel the divine within. you are an extraordinary soul and if you believe in the beauty of who you are a new world will open itself to you and you will feel the magnificence of your heavenly self.

there is joy in the discovery of our sacred self for when we realize that we are angels here on earth our life becomes a thing of beauty to be celebrated.

you make a better world whenever you smile. you transform lives whenever you open your arms in kindness. you are a shining light to be treasured. believe in the beauty of who you are.

goodness gladdens the heart and embraces the deepest part of the soul as it unites mind and spirit in love and kindness. be good for it is the greatest thing you will ever do.

use your spiritual gifts to help yourself, others and the earth for it is by making every act an act of love that we create a life we can truly treasure and be thankful for.

nurture others with love. nourish others with love. enrich others with love. empower others with love. inspire others with love. transform others with love. whatever you do in life do it with love. nurture yourself with love...

to live a better life is to share more deeply. to live your higher self is to love more sacredly. let your intention be one that empowers for those who reach the greatest heights are those who choose to fly.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Embrace The Purity Of Love

be true to who you are. celebrate your magnificence. live a positive life of higher spiritual understanding. expand your consciousness. embrace the purity of love. align with your destiny as you manifest a life of meaning. believe in the miracle of your existence. life is yours to shape as you like and with every thought, action and choice you have the opportunity to create something beautiful.

you are an infinite being glowing with radiant beauty whose heart is filled with kindness, compassion and love. open your heart that the entire universe may experience the glory and greatness of who you are.

advice from spirit: love what is, improve the way you think, embrace your humanity, discover your bliss, journey inward, nourish the soul, appreciate your worth, touch people with your wisdom, make life changing connections, dare to be you and love yourself happy.

when we live our passions our life becomes a most beautiful thing for by dedicating ourself to manifesting our dreams and visions we create a magickal existence in which ours is an inspired spirit that dances in celebration of the glory and greatness of who we are.

live life fully with a wonderful purpose and a heart full of light and you will feel your soul open as you awaken to your own magnificence.

you are the flower of life and every time you smile you blossom in a way that embraces the world with a light that sends out a message of love.

let me embrace the wholeness of your being that i may truly experience the sacredness of life for yours is a light that flowers from within and radiates a love that enriches and enlightens.

transform your thoughts and you will transform your actions. transform your actions and you will transform your thoughts. we are ever evolving and transforming. fear not change embrace it with an attitude of hope and optimism for you are capable of great things.

every experience is a transforming experience and we as beautiful beings of light have the choice of whether to make it a positive experience.

there is a path within which leads to positive vibrations that when discovered will inspire you with a spirit nourishing truth that will change your world forever.

live your passion with a purpose. live your purpose with a passion. love the life you live. live the life you love. to live is to love and to love is to live. let this be the day when love and life become one.

deep within your soul is a place of possibility where dreams come true and miracles manifest. your purpose on this earth is to go within and release those dreams and miracles that all the world may experience your true and sacred beauty.

we blossom within when we wrap our lives in love. let your every thought and action be ones that are shaped by love and yours will be a path of great beauty that changes lives in ways miraculous.

make heart centered choices. make soul centered choices. make spirit centered choices. make choices that inspire and enrich. make choices that empower and enlighten. make choices that transform and transcend. life is about choices and when we make choices of meaning and purpose we shape a reality we can be proud of.

every experience is an experience that inspires when we look at life through the eyes of spirit for it is when we see the truth of our existence that we appreciate how truly beautiful we are and how amazingly miraculous life is.

in the garden of your soul plant seeds of love and yours will be a sacred harvest that nourishes the spirit as it enriches the lives of all blessed to experience your goodness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A More Loving Existence

i ask of you who are seekers of beauty and truth to see beyond dimensions and fill your heart with joy. I ask of you who are messengers of spirit to create a more loving existence of profound sacred transformation. i ask of you who are beings of light to reach above this reality to a place of freedom where every moment is a life enhancing experience. i ask of you who are miracles of existence to be, do and manifest what you love. this is all i ask. what is your answer.

believe and embrace the truth that you are a loving bright light who was born to add more love to the world.

there is a beacon of light shining within the eyes of the soul which illuminates the divine in all whenever we give our love to others.

we transform the lives of others when shape our life in a way in which every choice is one of maximum spiritual benefit. we make the world a better place when we share our love in a way in which every step is one of kindness and compassion.

we as angels on earth are ever changing and evolving into vibrant voices of spirit whose purpose is simply to live the best life possible. spread your wings and live your purpose.

contribute positively to life on earth by creating a positive lifestyle of grace and wisdom in which you empower yourself with spiritually enriching experiences as you shine your light and love on all.

mine is a lifelong dedication to spirit. an inspiring adventure of sacred evolution and transforming experiences. i am grateful for my blessings and thankful for every soul who has touched my life. i love you.

embark on a sacred journey in which the joy you feel in helping others creates a light of love that embraces the spirit and inspires the soul for yours is a divine purpose and by living your truth and sharing your beauty you can change the world.

discover your truth for within you are meaningful messages full of life and positive energy waiting to bless you with comforting moments and sacred experiences.

when we embrace our life with genuine gratitude we blossom outward as we embark along a path rooted in spiritual experiences for to be sincere, grateful and thankful is to ignite the spirit and light the lamp of love.

being of service allows me to connect with people in an inspirational and thought provoking way that explores the deepest levels of love and changes life for the better.

live your happiness with an open mind and heart as doing so will lead you down a much more positive path where you will be able to teach yourself new things as you create harmony within the soul.

look within and you will discover something far more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. you will discover your true and sacred self.

ignite what lights your spirit and believe with all your heart that yours will be a brilliant life of sacred exploration and divine transformation for it is our thoughts and actions that awaken us the the beauty of who we are.

a loving soul works miracles. open your soul and release its beauty that all the world may benefit from your sacred light and divine essence.

help people smile. help people laugh. help people live and help people love. we create harmony and wellness when we are fearlessly compassionate. help people love. help people live. help people laugh and help people smile.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, February 20, 2015

All Things Are Magickal

open your mind and soul to new realities and live life fully for all things are magickal when you see through the eyes of spirit.

love resides within. hope and healing reside within. spiritual bliss resides within. breathe in beauty and breathe out eternal gratitude for within you are the positive pulsations of life and when you release their greatness you open yourself to receive all the goodness this world has to offer.

you have many gifts and blessings. believe that yours is a divine purpose and share your greatness with others. serve this world and beyond with the knowledge that all life is sacred. open your eyes to a new reality and evolve your life in a way that benefits all. you are a treasure to be cherished and the road to transformation begins the moment you truly love yourself.

everything you have ever dreamed of lives within your soul and when you walk a path that shares the blessing of who you are your soul encircles the universe and miracles begin to happen.

choose the path you embrace with love as your guide and you will create an environment for growth in which you access higher consciousness as you discover the beauty of your true and sacred self.

be sensitive to the needs of others. be sensitive to your needs and desires. be sensitive to the world. be sensitive.

the healer within you is an empathic and compassionate extension of your true self and by aligning yourself with its light you open your heart and soul to a world of magick and miracles.

connect with your higher self and you will experience the joy of spirit in a way that illuminates your life and inspires you to share your sacred path as you embark on a journey of healing, wisdom and transformation.

cultivate a spiritual life by seeking to create blissful memories and you will evolve and change profoundly for yours will be a sacred journey of revelations and epiphanies.

the brightest path forward is to dedicate yourself to making yours a magnificent adventure with a spiritual point of view where angels walk with you and everything you do is something meaningful that serves the community.

embrace the beauty of who you are and have a love affair with life. love yourself and the world around you in a way that makes your heart sing. do what makes you happy and live your dreams. let this be the day you look at yourself and say i love you.

healthier and happier people nurture the human spirit and inspire the sacred soul by embracing freedom and joy in life as they help others evolve and completely transform themselves.

we are blossoming beings and a joyful sense of purpose is the nourishment needed to help us grow into the messengers of love and light that we are destined to be. smile with the knowledge that you are a butterfly of spirit and soon your wings will emerge and together we can fly into the heavens of truth and beauty.

you are a significant contribution to the tapestry of life. you are vibrant and alive in a way that touches the heart. you are an all illuminating soul on a journey of light and love. this is who you are and you are beautiful.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chalice Of Light

drink from the chalice of light and yours will be a profound awakening in which you will discover that you are better able to understand the spiritual world and therefore better able to love yourself and others.

revel in the sweetness of life for you are a sacred gift on a soul filled journey of growing awareness and gentle beauty.

this is a healing prayer. a prayer of truth for all who are suffering. a prayer of beauty for those whose minds are broken. a prayer of light for those whose bodies are battered. a prayer of hope for those whose souls are crying. this is a healing prayer. a prayer of love.

beyond the physical is a place of cosmic timelessness where faeries and spirits gather to celebrate the beauty of life. join me there and together we will dance in the sunlight of our glory for we are living breathing miracles born of love and destined for greatness.

the sun shines through those who care for others for they are the inspirational and sacred souls whose light changes realities and liberates spirits. know that a life fostered by love is a life blessed by the heavens.

yours is a tale of love. a tale of light from a soul that is sumptuous. a tale of beauty from a heart that nurtures. yours is a story of caring and compassion. a story of sharing and giving. a story of kindness and compassion. the book of your life is a sacred tome to be treasured.

open your gentle loving heart and allow it the freedom to make transformative choices that create a new awareness which will guide you to sacred landscapes where you will discover your divine destiny dancing with your spirit in gardens of bliss and beauty.

you are breathtakingly beautiful. astonishing is your beauty. you are a gift sent forth from the realms of gods and goddesses. you are a shamanic journeyer on a path of love and light. you are a spiritual adventurer on a voyage of blissful intent. look beyond this reality and you will see the infinite as it embraces your ethereal and enlightening essence. you are profoundly beautiful. sacred is your beauty.

love yourself and others for love is a healing gift that helps us navigate through difficult times.

open your mind, body and soul to some light hearted playfulness and you will discover that yours becomes a path of evolving consciousness where smiles, giggles and hugs are healing gifts that you bestow upon yourself and others as you create a life of happiness.

there is miraculous healing power within a heart bursting with love and by sharing that love we connect to the source, create rewarding relationships and bring peace to our soul.

with every thought and action we have the opportunity to create a loving destiny for we are the masters of our own fate and life is ours to shape into something beautiful.

live your soul purpose and your life with be filled with heart opening experiences that create a healing environment of abundant wellness where you grow and expand in a way that allows you to love at a higher level.

journey toward light. let yours be a voyage of transformation where you create something beautiful. let your intent be to help others. allow your unique abilities to illuminate your path. allow the goodness and glory within to shine brightly. journey toward love.

this is a time of change and whole hearted transformation. it is an era of enlightenment where more and more people are discovering the beauty of their true and sacred self. change, transform and embrace the miracle you are.

to achieve your souls desire you must have a soul cleansing experience. you must let go of all the negative energy and purge yourself of past mistakes. you must allow yourself to love and be loved. you must open yourself to change. now is the time to celebrate who you are and liberate the beauty within.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )