Thursday, May 19, 2022

Kind Words and Positive Actions


the universal life forces and the positive healing energies of the people on earth have saved me once again through their kind words and positive actions. thank you.

I am so blessed. my wife was brilliant during my heart attack on wednesday. calmly and compassionately she gave me everything I needed to survive this ordeal. the presence of my wife karen and son darwin has been my saving grace. they are my light. they keep me alive. I am so blessed.

to fulfill your purpose you must first have a purpose and to have a purpose you must have a sense of purpose that nurtures positive change. live your purpose. embrace your purpose. love your purpose and do it on purpose.

simple sacred wisdom is the foundation of well being that has throughout my life helped me rise from the darkness into the light.

the heart and soul open wide and our whole being expands when in thoughtful reflection we embrace and celebrate the beauty and blessings of who we truly are.

thank you to all who sent loving messages to me yesterday. know that your thoughts and words are healing. I appreciate your kindness and compassion. you are a blessing. you are loved.

If any of you are wondering where I have been the last four days I have been in the hospital. I had a heart attack on wednesday. they sent me to hamilton to one of the hospitals there. it was scary and it was a rough four days. I am home and healing now. I have to take it easy and change a lot of things in my life. I am okay but I have many bumps and bruises. however my blessings outnumber them. thank you all for being in my life. take care of yourself. you are loved.

I saw insight and inspiration walking hand in hand and when I said hello they hugged me and asked me to join them. sometimes a sincere warm hello can make a profound difference that impacts life in a positive way.

its hard to have a heart centered journey when your heart is broken so make sure you do whatever you can to heal your heart because by doing so it will also heal you.

I believed my life was being taken from me which inspired me to take charge of my own existence by living in the joy of love.

transcendent are the thoughts I awaken to each morning for they are thoughts of you.

be a flower that bears sacred fruit in a garden that nourishes the best most beautiful beings of light and love. be yourself.

when I approach anything in life I first have to first ask myself what can I do to make my brain accept this situation and then I do it unapologetically with the knowledge that to have peace in life I must first have peace of mind.

alive and free are we who connect with life in focused ways that cultivate compassion, foster faith and activate profound enlightenment.

profound self reflection blesses one with deep spiritual insight that helps shape a destiny of pure positive experiences and limitless loving encounters.

personal well being improves when we engage the world in ways that bring forth the light and bring forth the love.

mine is a soulful story that begins on a path to inner peace where the forces of change give me the tools to transform and transcend as I turn my desires into destiny.

its easier to embrace others when you embrace your true self first.


MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One

Thursday, May 05, 2022

I Was Talking to the Shaman Within


I was talking to the shaman within whose words inspired me to connect to the energies of the universe by actively engaging in activities that improve the quality of life.

a profound shift is upon us and the way we react to that shift will determine whether or not we rise from the ashes into the heart and soul of love and light.

if we truly understood the impact of our choices we would make better ones that made our lives, the lives of others and our planet better.

I hope the time comes when we listen to the messages of mother earth and answer her prayers by truly honoring, respecting, helping, healing and loving her.

let us on this day awaken to a new reality in which we support each other as we promote goodness and embrace the strength of the human spirit.

use your blessings to benefit yourself and others as doing so awakens the spirit and nurtures what you love.

choose your thoughts and beliefs carefully for thoughts and beliefs become intentions and actions that can impact our lives and the lives of others in negative or positive ways. thats what I think. thats what I believe. thats why I choose carefully and live compassionately.

in service to humanity I pray for sacred mother earth and vow to do my best to honor, appreciate, care for and love her more.

I opened the gateway to knowledge and discover higher truths that shaped my reality with beautiful clarity and profound blessings.

with tenderness and compassion reach deep within and you will emerge feeling more connected to yourself, others, the heavens and earth.

the choice to partake in a more holistic way of living brought forth remarkable changes that impacted and transformed my life for the better.

may today be a day of miracles in which we connect to our own glory, guidance, greatness and goodness as we honor our light and share our love.

I have seen the worst in people which has moved me to do my best to be my best. it hasnt always been easy but its always been my purpose.

I will never understand those who defend, support, promote, admire and elect racist, sexist, homophobic people and call that faith, freedom and democracy.

I have tried in my way to build a life in which heaven and earth merge with peace and freedom.

I was looking at a tree the other day and the person next to me was looking at an obstacle and the person next to them was looking at an eyesore and the person next to them was looking at a blessing. We were all looking at the same thing. We all see the world differently and its important that we realize how that impacts our lives and the lives of others.

we are the creators of our own lives and the masters of our universe for we are sacred beings of light guided by love whose presence is angelic and whose essence is ethereal.

I went for a walk out beyond my dreams in my dreams where I saw my true self basking in the light of love while waiting for me to wake up.


MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Special and Sacred


the more we learn about ourselves the greater our appreciation for who we are, where we have been, why we are here, how we survived and what makes us special and sacred.

I have never been afraid to say no but there was a time in my life when I was afraid to say yes. I feared letting love into my life because part of me didnt believe it was real and part of me didnt believe I was worthy. the moment I started to change my mindset and said yes was the moment my heart opened and love entered.

enhance your perception of life by walking a positive path that fosters goodness and focuses on the happiness you deserve.

I am a reactionary and when I learned to react to the struggles of life in a positive productive way the world for me became a better place.

to be cherished and loved is a blessing both beautiful and ethereal whose life force energy raises us to higher truths which shine a light on the miracle of who we are.

peace in my heart and soul became a reality when I began to truly believe that I was deserving of happiness and worthy of love.

sacred is each and every breath we take for they are the breath of joy, the breath of hope, the breath of bliss, the breath of love, the breath of spirit, the breath of soul and the breath of life.

the more authentic we are the greater our ability to nurture the spirit and create for ourselves a lasting loving peace.

I once discovered my purpose playing with my passion in a place of positive perspective where their actions produced profound peace.

I am meeting with the deeper meaning of life later today to discuss establishing harmony and embarking on a spiritual journey of health and happiness.

covid came for a visit a recently and caught us in its grip one at a time. first my son, then me and then my wife. we stayed strong, weathered the storm and moved on. we are now past this challenge and are happy healthy and ready to greet the day with grace and gratitude.

in fertile fields of peace and freedom I walk in kindness toward to a sacred source of energy that will awaken my soul with light and embrace my spirit with love.

live your highest truth and the light of your countenance will awaken the world to the sacred blessing that you are.

I once painted a picture on the canvas of time that expressed beautifully the divine within and resurrected my consciousness.

I shall with positive purpose activate my spiritual gifts and use their transforming powers to help myself and those I love to connect with pure loves light.

for me the current reality while difficult has fostered a spiritual emergence. it has shown me whats truly important in life. it has given me greater clarity and life changing insights. it has been a truly transforming experience.

the arts have always been a part of my path. it was what helped me rise from the ashes of my existence. the written word and spoken word were blessings that gave me hope and brought me joy. the arts helped me express myself authentically and honestly. they were my mirror and my miracle. from creativity came consciousness, compassion and courage. we are all works of art. be the masterpiece you were born to be.

bring forth the love from within and be warmed by its sacred light as you create a path of bliss, balance and happiness.


MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Pursuing, Practicing and Preaching Loving Kindness


with open hearted awareness and unwavering faith in yourself set out upon this day with the intention of pursuing, practicing and preaching loving kindness.

the deeper our level of spirit the greater our ability to connect and communicate in transformational ways that honor our passions and purpose.

I was at home one day with my sacred self discussing how to make the world a better place when I was embraced by spirit who reminded me that I was filled with blessings that benefit myself and others which when shared contribute positively to making the world a better place.

my home office is a sacred healing place filled with books, vinyl albums, pictures, poems and memories overflowing with love which connect me to people and places that expand my compassion and awaken my spirit.

use your sacred abilities to explore infinite possibilities that awaken your spirit and make your life extraordinary.

may yours be an exhilarating, energizing, empowering and evolving path of spirit which connects you to ethereal gardens of light where your blessings may blossom into beauty and bliss.

kindness and compassion open hearts and minds to the true beauty of life which moves and motivates us to build a better world.

I am at a place in my life where I am loved more than I could have ever imagined.

the truth, beauty and goodness of both my wife and son are blessings that bring me great joy and make my dreams and desires come to life.

my hearts desire and my souls purpose embrace my sacredness and give me the courage and strength to spread my wings and fly into the love and light of the miracle of life.

we are unique sparks of light and when we help others awaken to the truth of who they are we bring peace, balance and harmony to their lives and ours.

boundless is the energy I receive fro an all embracing love for it opens within me a sacred space of purity that shows me the truth and moves me to make my life healthier and happier.

the determination to be a better man helped me be a better man. the commitment to living a better life helped me live a better life. the desire to love and be loved helped me to love and be loved. determination, commitment and desire when acted upon fills our life with countless blessings.

I was walking toward my true self while being followed by my sacred self and together we decided to take care of and love ourselves.

I hope you know you are a blessing. I hope you know you are light that shines. I hope you know that you are worthy. I hope you know that you are loved.

I was in my office trying to create happiness and higher levels of growth when I was visited by a group of angels who said thank you for the intention of doing something good because the effort taken to do something good has a positive impact that influences and inspires.

I feel more alive when I live my truth with deep love and gratitude for all the blessings in my life.

cherish every step along your path, every encounter, journey, adventure, gift, kindness, song, dance, change, choice, blessing, miracle and love. cherish every moment of your life.


MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Walk on Sacred Ground through the Darkness into the Light


even though I have struggled with life and life has struggled with me I have managed to walk on sacred ground through the darkness into the light of a love worthy of worship.

the bonds of friendship are a tremendous blessing that embrace the nature of spirituality and the energies of the heavens while weaving love and light into the heart and soul.

woven into the fabric of my faith in myself is a sense of wonder that has over the years given birth to many thoughts, intentions, actions and adventures that have been a catalyst for transformation and transcendence.

give thanks with every breath and you will be better for it because thanks is a message of love and hope born of spirit.

once we accept and embrace the truth that there is love within our heart we reach the light of a new reality that transforms our lives in positive empowering ways which fill us with bliss.

I was born a spiritual seeker with a passion for connecting to the universe by shaping my life with blessings and my world with love.

I at my lowest point in life began to serve and save myself which lifted me into the light and gave me the courage to try in my own simple way to serve and save mankind.

I live in a sacred circle of transformation surrounded by the fire of love and filled with truth and light in which I experience the grace and glory of friendship, faith and family.

believe that you can expand your spirit. believe that you can bring people together. believe that you can create your own happiness. believe that you can benefit future generations. believe that you can accomplish great things, believe that you can live a life of love. the world becomes a better place when you believe.

I take time each morning to think thoughts the enhance the quality of life, emit a peaceful positive vibration and bring me beauty, balance and blessings. Then I venture out into the world with the intention of making those thoughts my reality.

the stronger my connection to the earth the greater my gratitude for those moments of peace and comfort along my spiritual path that bring me joy.

the soul resuscitates, regenerates and rejuvenates the heart of humanity when we do our best to live in harmony, truth and love.

I have sailed from the dark waters of depression to the sacred light of love to the blessed beautiful embrace of a family most sacred.

today I will focus my energies on the stunning grace and beauty of my wife and son for it is their positive energy that raises my spirits and embraces me with love each and every day.

positive changes that greatly benefit ourselves and others are the result of positive choices made from the heart and soul.

we grow in spirit when we nurture and foster the goodness within for it is that goodness which will raise us to a pure peaceful place of heavenly happiness.

immerse yourself in acts of loving kindness and your spirit will be revitalized, your soul will be refreshed and all things sacred will be rejuvenated.

I become a better me when I am being exactly who I am supposed to be which is a being of limitless compassion, kindness and love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, April 07, 2022

A Positive Future Springs Forth


positive actions create positive outcomes from which a positive future springs forth.

in groves of inspiration I pick fruit of liberation which nourish me as I venture along a sacred path of transformation.

the more I embraced and accepted the beauty of my own soul the happier my journey of spirit became.

I have faith in myself but its something I had to fight for because people were always trying to take it from me but my belief was stronger than their brutality. I have faith in my family...

we had a nice day yesterday which I needed after a rough week. my wife made chocolate banana caramel pancakes for breakfast. we then went to the thistle bookstore cafe in port dalhousie for hot chocolate, coffee and a treat. after that it was chapters and from their farm boy. finally back home to relax and enjoy the rest of the day and night. simple yet satisfying.

I make clear and positive decisions that improve the quality of life when I am in harmony with soul and spirit.

when darwin was little I would take him out everyday to the park, the early childhood center and the university to visit mom. we would also go to a cafeteria or a timmys. when at the timmys he would at two or three years old walk up to a strangers table pull out a chair, climb up on it and say hi I'm darwin. people would look around and see me with my hand in the air. darwin would tell them his life story then climb down and wander back to me. it was his innocence and honesty that inspired me to be a better husband, father and man.

a reality based in love is the beginning of a happier life where miracles happen and blessings are commonplace.

I remember thinking as a child I dont know what I will be when I grow up but I won't be that or that or that or that or that or that or that or that... I remember thinking as an adult I do know what I will be today, tomorrow and forever I will be this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this...

I like to gather with friends in cafes and talk of nothing, something and everything as this is a truly special activity that impacts my existence in profoundly positive ways.

dreams start to come true when nightmares begin to fade and we start to propel ourselves forward into actions, intentions, insights and activities that help us live better.

we liberate ourselves and experience life on a soul healing level when we serve humankind in gentle loving ways.

I remember back when I was a member of three poets collectives, had my own cable tv show, wrote for a number of magazines and wandered the streets downtown giving advice, doing tarot readings and hanging out in cafes with people of many different paths.

the greatest opportunities come our way when we connect with our true self and align with our sacred self.

I am having breakfast with my past self and future self this morning to discuss things my present self can do to bring forth deeper healing and divine happiness.

may today be a day of pure bliss where you create from love powerfully beautiful moments that bring joy and light to one and all.

you are here for a purpose and that purpose is to be a being of pure heart and compassionate spirit who lives and loves life with a sincere sacred desire to help and heal.

the healing power of love is a blessing that lives at the core of my being and embraces me in moments of struggle giving me the guidance to go forward and the strength to carry on.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Each Morning I get Together with my Thoughts and Prayers


it seems more and more each day that the whole world has lost its mind which is why each morning I get together with my thoughts and prayers to discuss how to make each moment of each day something special I can be proud of. I may not always succeed but I always try which has made those moments when I do succeed all the more special.

essential is the wisdom within for it is a blessing which when embraced and shared can change our life and the lives of others for the better.

cultivate the pure, facilitate the positive and elevate the present to a happiness most profound.

my heart is warmed by my spirit who is inspired by my soul who lovingly embraces my true self who connects heart spirit soul and self to the beauty and blessings of life.

learn to find peace in the most difficult times and yours will be a reality changed from darkness to light which can overcome and rise above the trials and tribulations of life into the open arms of a universe most sacred.

wake up to joy and touch the sky with your hopes, dreams and visions - for today is a brand new day and we have before us an opportunity to transcend and transform.

unique in spirit I walk a love affirming path of sacred authenticity with the intention of sharing the light and love that I am.

we are caretakers of the earth, we are caretakers of the heavens and we can be better caretakers by taking better care of ourselves.

smiles when sacred and sincere spread love and joy which always makes me smile.

I read every day because words for me are a river of light that give me the clarity of vision necessary to recognize and appreciate all the blessings in my life.

dream into being a sacred voyage beneath a sunset sky filled with moments of beauty and miracles of bliss where in deep loving silence you live your faith by loving your life.

cast a circle of contemplation and think of a world of peace, a world of freedom, a world of kindness, a world of happiness, a world of bliss and a world of love.

the first thing my son says when he wakes up each morning is have you had a good day. the second things he says is I love you. he repeats these things over and over throughout the day. I want to be just like him when I grow up.

self acceptance embraced me one day which inspired self respect to act in kind which helped me to believe in and love myself more completely which made my true self very happy.

whispers of spirit embrace me with pearls of joy that help me recognize the blessed beauty of this world and improve the quality of my chosen path and divine purpose.

it took me the first half of my life to not only realize but also believe that I was meant to be happy. The second half of my life has been about manifesting and living that truth.

I shall invite happiness into my world, I shall initiate sacred learning experiences, I shall inspire peace within my heart and I shall integrate love into every aspect of my life.

the sacred self awakens and expands when we are use our gifts and blessings to live the highest greatest good.


MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One