Thursday, October 17, 2019

You are a Remarkable Being. You are a Beacon of Light. You are a Beautiful Blessing.

you are a remarkable being. you are a beacon of light. you are a beautiful blessing. this is who you are. believe in who you are. love who you are.

I am a messenger of spirit and every message I have is delivered with kindness for they are blessings of beauty and truth meant to nurture, nourish, support and encourage.

sometimes life gives you signs and you either don't see them or you ignore them. my blood type is B Positive.

I spent far too many years being unbalanced and unhappy so now wherever I go I bring with me balance and harmony for they are blessings that help me express joyously the beauty of my true sacred self.

I greet the day with gratitude for I am awake, aware and alive.

giving thanks is a beautiful gift that benefits our well being while guiding us into the light.

change your reality. if you are struggling change your reality. if you are hurting change your reality. if you are suffering change your reality. sometimes its as simple as changing a frown into a smile. change the little things first and that will help you change the bigger things later. change your reality. if you are bleeding change your reality. if you are dying inside change your reality. if you are reading this change your reality. change your reality.

some of the best work I have done as a reader and spiritual practitioner was not the reading itself but the listening honestly and sincerely to the struggles of those who sought my services. sometimes thats all it takes to help someone heal. we all need somebody that we can share our stories with who will listen without judgement. I say this to all I have crossed paths with - I have heard your cries and answered with truth and honesty. you are worthy, you are loved and I am a better man for knowing you.

I was sitting in the living room on the comfy chair watching through the window for my son to come home from school when he came running around the corner and down the street with his hair bobbing up and down as he smiled at the sight of me waiting for him. it was like a scene from a family show from the seventies. it is moments like that which remind me of how truly blessed I am. there is beauty in simplicity and wonder in innocence.

the realization that there was a force of goodness within me was the catalyst for me finding wholeness and a deeper sense of unity with my true sacred self.

let us come together in cosmic fields of consciousness and create at atmosphere of compassion where we cultivate love.

it has taken me a long time but I now have a more positive relationship with myself and my life is the better for it.

I was painting landscapes of inspiration on the canvas of my soul when I found my divine purpose within the images and used that knowledge to invite miracles into my life.

there are those who would step on your dreams. rise above them and fully embrace your gifts as you manifest your dreams and desires. never let others take away your beliefs, truths, desires and dreams. be who you are in spite of opposition. your dreams are realities waiting to be set free. live your dreams.

some people think I have my head in the stars which I do because it is there that I am able to align with my true sacred self.

freedom and bliss were walking down the street one day when they saw me sitting on a bench alone and depressed. freedom said whatever is troubling you is restricting you. let it go and free yourself. bliss said the struggles you are having are blocking your way. so push them aside and follow your bliss. I took their advice removed my self imposed barriers and set out on a new path. these days I take the time each morning to go for a walk with freedom and bliss as my companions.

excuse my spelling of the key words in this story because they are French Canadian slang and I don't know how to spell them so I am writing them phonetically to illustrate my point. I am one of those irritating people who will when others are talking yell out thats a great name for a band or a great title for a chapter in your autobiography. my son started grade four this year and is taking French so I told him this story. one summer my grandmother was visiting from up north. she liked to sit out front under the big maple tree and sing to the birds. she would sing BAYS MO KEY FE DE DIC FE DE DIC BAYS MO KEY FE DE DIC FE DE DIC. I had some friends over one afternoon and they asked what is your grandma saying. I said I don't know ask her. so they said Mrs DeRoche what are you singing to the birds and she said BAYS MO KEY FE DE DIC FE DE DIC BAYS MO KEY FE DE DIC FE DE DIC. They asked what does that me and she said kiss my ass Frederick. she said listen doesn't that sound like what they are singing - kiss my ass Frederick Frederick, kiss my ass Frederick Frederick. I love my family. my son was amused by the story while not really understanding it. the next morning at breakfast he asked me to repeat it. he said tell me the BEIGE MONKEY story again and I said BEIGE MONKEY thats a great band name. If you ever start a band call it BEIGE MONKEY!

when people disappoint me I seek a deeper connection with my true self which infuses my heart and soul with the kindness and compassion necessary to embrace them with healing spiritual energy.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Gods and Spirits guide me to Places of Light rooted in Love

gods and spirits guide me to places of light rooted in love where the presence of miracles set me free to be the divinely beautiful blessing I was born to be.

I have done readings in which I communicated with ancestors, I have investigated hauntings where I encountered ancients, I have interpreted dreams that put me in the presence of angels and I have looked through the heavens which led me to the altar of aliens. such is the life for we who walk beyond our boundaries and live beyond our reach.

aliveness and awareness help me see the goodness in people and the greatness in myself.

the greatest damage my past inflicted upon me was numbness. in my formative years when I should have been falling in love I was unable to do so because apathy was my only emotion. it took me by surprise the first time I felt something real and tangible. even then I didn't believe it but bit by bit my life went from black and white to technicolor. it went from darkness to light and I began to see clearly who I had been, who I was and who I could be. today I have the love and life that I had for so long been denied. if you are struggling know that it is possible to rise from the ashes of apathy and the bowels of hell. I know this because I am alive, I am happy and I am loved. I can feel it.

I was making my way to higher truths when I came upon the truth that I am worthy which led me to the truth that I am special which guided me to the truth that I am enough which carried me home to the truth that I am deserving of all the happiness life has to offer.

miraculous changes occur when we use our pure spiritual strength and the light of our soul to help ourself and others find greater happiness.

I was able to feel kindness, compassion, contentment and love when I removed all my self imposed restrictions and stopped carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I wish sometimes that I could forget what I remember and I am afraid sometimes that I will remember what I have forgotten.

some people think that I am talking to the mother ship which I am and its a good conversation that with every word shared positively changes me at a spiritual level.

its important to know that the less weight we carry upon our shoulders in life the easier it becomes to lift the spirit.

the moments of inspiration that best benefit the soul are those moments in which a simple sincere gesture conveyed with honesty bring about positive personal change.

thank you for being you. thank you for every kind word you have shared. thank you for every act of compassion. thank you for always being there. thank you for sharing your gifts. thank you for all your blessings. thank you for giving and receiving love. thank you for being you.

I was doing a tarot reading once and when I spread out the cards and looked at them I said to the woman I was consulting that the cards were wrong and began to do a cold reading which by the end of our session warmed the heart and soul of each of us.

I am dowsing to meet you for you are part of my destiny and I know that you have blessings for me just as I have blessings for you.

I was working a fair when a woman approached my booth and asked for a reading - I said no and she began to walk away. it was then that another woman walked up and asked for a reading - i said yes. the first woman turned and said why will you read her and not me and I said because I don't like to waste peoples time. if I am to do this I choose to do it right. when you walked up to the booth I felt nothing and sensed nothing. when she walked up to the booth my senses were overwhelmed. I choose to go where spirit guides me and this time it led me to her. as you make your way throughout this fair don't simply look for a reading, look for someone who resonates positively with you, someone you feel immediately is the right choice. be wary of those whose first priority is not you but themselves. were you to have walked by at another time or on another day I might have said yes. today you were not meant to get a reading from me. this is how I walk my path. I wish you well walking yours.

we who make our way in the sacred, spiritual and self help fields must immerse ourselves in truth, honor and integrity at all times by embracing and embodying the loving goodness that is our birthright.

joyous is my state of being when I connect with who I truly am by living a compassionate life that embraces the highest good.

I was awoken this morning by my higher self who blessed me with a more beneficial state of mind which I plan to use throughout my day to help others find their way.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Drink from the Well of Wisdom Hope and Joy

the more relaxing the atmosphere the better able you are to drink from the well of wisdom hope and joy.

love was not shared properly when I was young, love was not a light that shined for me the first half of my life and love was not something I believed in or sought. when the moment came in which without realizing it I opened a space in my heart I had to then learn how to love. the lessons have saved me and I have risen from my isolation and loneliness to a pure positive place of love I call home.

for the longest time I only saw people as insincere disappointing minions and malcontents. it was the choice to foster within myself a new way of seeing that transformed not only how I looked at people but how I looked at life. these days I can see into the heart and soul of people which is where their true beauty makes its home.

simple gifts given sincerely help me grow spiritually for they embrace me with a sense of sacredness that inspires my true authentic self.

if you are unhappy change is the key. change the way you think, change the way you approach each day, change the way you live and change the way you pray.

act in angelic ways and the heavens will reward you with spiritual messages that bring more peace, love and happiness into your life.

share with me the sheer joy of you and I will share with you the sacred beauty of me and together we will dance through life free and happy.

when I am feeling down my inner child helps me create an atmosphere of love which puts a smile on the faces of my heart, soul and spirit.

I remember believing that love didn't exist and then one day falling in love, I remember thinking I would always be alone and then I met my wife, I remember thinking that the darkness would never go away and then being drawn into the light, I remember believing I wasnt deserving of a better life and then I discovered the value of my true sacred self. how many times have I risen from the ashes before I realized that the ashes weren't my home. I remember one day standing in my own way and then I moved and my life improved.

an extraordinary life of higher purpose in which we are embraced by the richness of love is ours to create. we all have within us the power to make positive choices that help us to manifest miracles. live your glory, live your greatness, live your beauty, live your truth and love your life.

I always new that my life was a fairytale but it wasn't until started to write the story myself that the happy ending I had always dreamed about became a reality that I had the power to create. each chapter since then the story has gotten better and better.

I set out each day with an open-heart and the intention of bringing the divine beauty of life into focus for myself and others.

I have through psychic readings helped many souls make choices that enriched their lives. I have used my sacred energy to heal wounds that the world could not see. I have through ritual banished negative entities from peoples homes. I have spiritually counseled individuals from around the globe. I have smudged, danced, beat a drum, walked through fire, talked to spirits, removed curses, encountered otherworldly beings, had visions and sailed across the heavens. I am a being of light and love. this is who I am.

today I will build something beautiful from my broken pieces. I will create from my misfortune a tapestry of transformation that will radiate loving energy.

I am better able to see the beauty of life when I walk my path with kindness and compassion.

I have far too many triggers. my upbringing brought me so far down that I have spent a lifetime firing shots at demons instead of unloading my weapons and rising up from the darkness. when people ask why are you like this I think about it then I look at a childhood photo and see the look of despair and isolation in my eyes. I share this not for sympathy for I have somehow managed to survive. I have through the love of my wife and son been able to find meaning. I still have my triggers but one by one I have been able to disarm my darkness and step into the light. the battle is not over but I am winning the war.

I manifest the greatest good whenever I make a conscious effort to align with my destiny by helping myself and others to follow a path of spirit.

I went for a walk out beyond my imagination and discovered a place of spiritual truths which embraced me with rainbow visions of goodness that gladdened my heart.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 26, 2019

I Was Unfolding Miracles One Day

I was unfolding miracles one day when when my true essence was embraced with healing intentions that infused every aspect of my life with vibrations of love.

healing is the light of love for it is a sacred blessing that illuminates our path in simple profound ways which guide us to a life worth celebrating.

if you knew someone who belittled children would you follow them. if you were aware of somebody who separated families would you support them. if you heard of someone who cheated on their partner would you champion them. if you happened upon someone who was sexist and racist would you vote for them. it seems that many of you have already answered this question and the answer was yes.

whatever you make, make it sacred. make your thoughts sacred. make your beliefs sacred. make your love sacred. make your life sacred. whatever you make, make it sacred.

I like to create possibilities which inspire choices that cultivate changes which motivate me to manifest miracles.

it was when I first tasted goodness that I began to live a healthier happier life. from that first moment I started to nourish myself with laughter, light and love. now my mind, body, soul and spirit are full and ready to share their own recipes of goodness with the world.

focus your mind on the greatness of being alive and let that truth instil in you a desire to plant seeds of kindness from which miracles grow.

I was looking at life through the eyes of spirit when I saw my higher self dancing with angels and ancestors on a sacred path of goodness which embraced me with an energy that enriched my journey with graceful blessings.

there is a pure positive light emanating from the heart of my child that reminds me every day just how beautiful life can be.

you expect bad people to do bad things. it seems that these days there are more and more seemingly good people doing bad things. police, priests, politicians and presidents... those moments in which I meet a person of honor, integrity, dignity and common sense are moments I treasure. if you are reading this and you are a good decent person know that you are loved. if you are reading this and you are a racist, homophobic , misogynistic misanthrope then shut your mouth and go away.

the path to freedom weaves its way through luminous fields of pure positive energy where gardens of goodness await your arrival.

I walk my path as poet and sage with spirit as my companion and together we share words and wisdom which express a truth that serves the highest good.

I am packing a lunch of prayers, divine energy, profound change, good thoughts, healing wisdom, lessons of light and unconditional love which I will share freely with everyone I meet that they may be nourished mind, body, heart, spirit and soul.

a soothing spirit is a radiant blessing of love and light which when shared freely creates for us greater realities that help us to heal and be happy.

the better the decisions I make, the better my life becomes and the better able I am to live a better life.

adventure carries with it an energy that heightens awareness while awakening us to the sacred forces, divine energies and ethereal experiences all within our reach.

listen to the healing words emanating from within for they are divine blessings whose soul purpose is to open your heart, elevate your thoughts and help you make the profound changes necessary to to live your dreams and love your life.

the more I open my heart the more poetic and passionate my life becomes, the more I open my mind the more pure and profound my life becomes and the more I open my soul the more peaceful and positive my life becomes.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 19, 2019

A Divine Display of Niceties

I was being nice yesterday when something nice happened that made me feel so nice that I decided to make my entire life a divine display of niceties.

incubating within each of us is something sacred and special which blossoms beautifully when we with great respect we walk a path of spiritually directed purpose to higher realms in which we commune with ancients, aliens, angels and ancestors.

the deepest love is the love for self for it creates within us a place of spiritual harmony which radiates pure positive energy into our lives that is transcendent and transformational.

be free, be authentic, be original, be special, be unique, be who you were born to be, be who you truly are, be light, be love and unapologetically just be you.

I layer my life with equal parts of reverence and respect for who I was before I was born, who I was while I was growing up, who I am at this very moment and who I will be when I make my way into my next existence.

common sense and common courtesy empower ourselves and others for they create within us thoughts that motivate us to answer the call of spirit and move into higher happier realms of common good.

Today I Will. Today I Can. Today I Will. Today I Am.

a greater humanity exists within us. we have to believe this, embrace it and use it with the purest intent to assist ourselves and others.

I will bring healing to my life, I will bring happiness to my life, I will bring joy to my life, I will bring love to my life and then I will venture out with the intention of sharing those blessings with the world.

as I was searching for treasure deep within I discovered my true self and we began a divine dialogue that has seen me through the darkest times while guiding me into the light.

once I accepted and believed that I was a work of art born to create happiness and cultivate love I was able to look with eyes of spirit at the canvas of my life and paint my masterpiece.

let me bathe in the light of your countenance for you are a sacred being and your very essence weaves a tapestry of boundless beauty that touches the heart and soul in ways gloriously profound.

by making it our path, purpose and intention to be a better person we encourage sacred growth as we evolve into spirit.

what am I thinking, what was my cats name when I was six, guess my weight, what are the lottery numbers... if you are a practitioner and you are answering questions like this then you don't know what your job is. if you are a patron of the psychic arts and you are asking these questions then you don't know what it is that we do. a psychic in the twenty first century is a spiritual counsellor, a proprietor of the soul and a divine consultant. we are not some b movie witch, we are not a reject from a fake reality show and we are not your mother. the more respect you have for yourself, the. more respect you will have for us and the better things will work out. the truth is you know the answers. so ask the proper questions and together we will move forward into the light.

its my turn, its my time, its my life. I will stop waiting, stop searching and start living. its your turn, its your time, its your life. stop waiting, stop searching and start living.

awaken on this day to the vibrations of love and yours will be a journey guided by spirit in which you are encouraged by the sacred to fully embrace the beauty and blessings of life.

while on an adventure of spiritual truth with happiness and wellbeing we happened upon the highest good and together we began a more compassionately beautiful relationship with life that has helped us to love ourselves, each other and the world more.

the better we know and understand ourselves the easier it will be for us to choose thoughts that heal and make choices that breathe new life into our being.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 12, 2019

I would be a good person who lived a good life for that is my choice

as I watched my childhood being taken away far too soon and felt my spirit being filled with bad wisdom I still knew deep within that I was deserving of better and that no matter what happened I would be a good person who lived a good life for that is my choice.

look deep within for there is a universe of ancient wisdom and angelic blessings waiting to be set free that you may live the message of love that is your higher calling.

in the darkest of times I survived because I knew as I have always known that there is something sacred and beautiful emanating from the core of my being that will not only see me through my struggles but also guide me to the glory and greatness of who I truly am.

I awoke to the sound of my depression weeping which moved me to try and understand it better in the hope that we could both release ourselves from the darkness of our existence and move forward into the light.

be inspired by the sweetness of your soul, be empowered by the strength of your spirit and be enlightened by the greatness of your true sacred self for you are an extraordinary ethereal being whose very essence elevates the soul, spirit and self.

with gratitude and appreciation I approach this day for I know that no matter my struggles and hardships that I am a sacred soul and my blessings exceed my misfortunes.

I'm alright I'm okay. I have high blood pressure. I'm alright I'm okay. I have a hernia. I'm alright I'm okay. I have attention deficit disorder. I'm alright I'm okay. I have post traumatic stress disorder. I'm alright I'm okay. I have severe depression. I'm alright I'm okay. I have have a beautiful intelligent wife who inspires me. I'm alright I'm okay. I have a nine year old son who makes every single day a thing of beauty. I'm alright I'm okay. I have a strength and courage that brings me comfort. I'm alright I'm okay. I have what I have and with what I have I have created a beautiful life. I'm alright I'm okay.

when I awakened to life I became aware of my blessings which inspired me to appreciate my gifts and share them lovingly with the world.

ours a life of choice. choose your path, choose your passions, choose your purpose and choose your partner. ours is a life of choice. choose wisely.

I was traveling through the universe within seeking places of divine love when I was embraced by the light of a deeper understanding which elevated me to new heavens that I never new existed.

you have within you a sacred energy that heals and when you connect to that energy you become a healing source of light for yourself and others.

I remember vividly the day I evolved into my true self because it was the day I began to breathe happiness and experience love as I walked into the light.

with every year that passes I open new doorways to different worlds where I make deep loving connections with alternative truths which help me evolve to a higher level.

my inner spiritual life and my outer sacred life invited my pure past life and my positive future life out to play a game of magick and miracles.

angels, spirits, gods and guides are gifts from the universe waiting for us to ask for their assistance. close your eyes, open your heart and ask.

I am now pretty much the name I was gifted with twice in my life - The Ancient One - for yesterday I turned sixty one. now when people ask what I was in a past life I say younger than I am in this life. however I have always carried with me a line from a Bob Dylan song that spoke to me since my youth. its a simple truth that embraces my spirit - I was so much older then I am younger than that now. even though I am advanced in years I have reclaimed the innocence, honesty and playfulness of my early ethereal existence.

whenever I am in the grip of depression I go to a place where the mystical and metaphysical meet and I am awakened to the beauty of my true divine essence which lifts me into the light of a brighter better tomorrow.

I was looking within waiting for possibilities to emerge when I got an inspiring message from my sacred self telling me to embrace the heart of spirit for I was a free flowing being of purpose and meaning.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Friday, September 06, 2019

Look Within and see Visions of Rainbows

no matter how hurt I was as a child or how dark and depressing things became for me, I was always able to look within and see visions of rainbows which transported me to places of sacred beauty beyond imagination and into inspiration.

deep within our soul and high within our consciousness are spiritual truths from which we can shape realities of light and love.

walk with me in luminous fields of love where we as one may forge for ourselves and others a pure positive path to peace and freedom.

think more deeply, act more responsibly, live more compassionately and love more completely.

evolve yourself, love yourself, enrich yourself, love yourself, empower yourself, love yourself, enlighten yourself, love yourself, experience yourself and love yourself.

I have had christians recruit me, the Salvation Army send a missionary over to pray for me, satanists ask me to open a branch of their organization, star children offer me eternal peace, moonies offer me immortality, scientologists try to heal me, ministers try to convert me, hippies try to get me stoned, witches try to bed me and those with otherworldly beliefs invite me to the mothership. its been an interesting journey. I wonder who will seek me out next. to insanity and beyond.

in a day and age when every word we say is subject to criticism and misinterpretation I choose nonetheless to live with an open heart for I know who I am and I know what I mean.

I have crossed paths with fakes and frauds over the years and called them out because it matters not to me how good you are at your job, it matters more how good a person you are. you can learn and grow and get better at your job but you have to make a conscious choice to be a better person. what we do as psychics is not about money, its not about ego and its not about fame. what is it? its about time you grew up and pulled your head out if your ass. its about time you considered the consequences of your actions. its about time you thought of somebody other than yourself. its about being who you were born to be not who you have become. I have crossed paths with angels and ancients over the years and said thank you for showing me the way.

when I shine my light and share my love I grow spiritually because these are compassionate acts of kindness that raise my vibrations to a place of divine goodness.

questions I have been asked over the years and my response: guess my weight - pull my finger. what am I thinking right now - I don't know but I am thinking its time for you to leave. should I marry my fiancé - it you have to ask a stranger. what can I do about my period - ask your doctor. I don't believe in any of this so do something that makes me believe - what colour is the sky in your world. Jenny McCarthy says she can cure autism - my mother says don't pick your nose with a fork. do you have special powers - I'm batman. die blasphemer - okay but can I have lunch first. how do you sleep at night - with my eyes closed and my head on a pillow. how do you live with yourself - I have no choice because theres no way I hell I am living with someone like you. can you see inside my heart - let me get my scalpel. you think you are god - no but we went to school together, she was sweet.

we who seek to serve humanity sometimes wait the longest for humanity to serve us. I myself have never waited because I never asked for or expected anything in return. I just fulfilled my purpose knowing that my reward is the satisfaction of living my life with a good heart and an open mind.

I discovered hope in my heart and in that very moment mine became a miraculous life story of healing and happiness where visions became truths and dreams became realities.

life for me is an endless conversation in which I share with the world the beauty of my healing journey and the bliss of a destiny shaped by the cleansing light of love.

for breakfast this morning I will feed my soul natural healing energy and I will nourish my spirit with inner and outer beauty while all the while singing a song of truth, magnificence and transformative power.

I met some moonies on the beach in the seventies, I knew a woman who would stop on the side of the road to pray for roadkill, I saw a spirit at lily dale New York, I met an elder who inspired within me love for the earth, I crossed paths with a raelian at a hotel in Hamilton, I was invited by an investigator to Area 51, I traveled to the church of scientology in both Toronto and New York, I was recruited by born again christians to run a hostile, I was asked by a satanic church to open an office in Canada, I used to visit a buddhist temple to pray and clear my head, I have done and been to seances, I had an alien encounter, I have studied everything from christianity to the church of the subgenius, I have experienced astral projection, I have played with pagans and danced with witches, I have counselled alien abductees, I have done healings - spellwork and removed curses... these are but a sampling of the roads I have walked. I am an explorer of spirit. I an a warrior of wisdom. I am a beacon of blessings and divine beauty on a path of discovery. I look forward to my next revelation.

when you take a step forward do so with love, kindness and compassion as your guides for by doing so you make each step forward a step into the sacred.

my childhood was taken away from me. my adolescence was stunted by struggles within my family. I can't go back and change these truths but I can go forward with the intention of nurturing and nourishing a life of kindness and compassion.

people find out that you are a psychic and they stick their hand out and say what do you see. they ask you things like what was my sisters boyfriends name when I was a child. they ask you to tell them a secret about themselves to prove you are real. I say no. I say go away. I say grow up. if this is what you believe psychic work is all about then you have watched too many b movies. it is a calling that we who are true answer with love. it is a blessing that we who are authentic share with pure intentions. people find out that you are a healer and they say make me walk without this chair. I say the soul has no chair. read these words and see beyond them to the love and light that they are waiting to embrace you.

how our life unfolds depends a lot on how and why we folded our life in the first place.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One