Friday, July 18, 2014

Hold Softly Your Intentions

in kindness and gratitude hold softly your intentions as you create a transformational fire to warm the heart and help you heal your life. in supportive and caring ways show yourself the deepest compassion and yours will be a life divine. in love and light gift yourself with a sincere belief that you are worthy of great things. you are a miracle and how you treat yourself determines where your life will lead.

keep your heart open for an open heart is a receptacle for light and love. it is a wellspring of deep healing possibilities. it is a home for kindness and a sanctuary for the sweetness and beauty of the sacred self. keep your heart open and welcome yourself home.

a deep reverence for life and a sincere desire to cultivate kindness and compassion are the keys to manifesting miracles and creating an atmosphere of love that will change the world around you.

it is time for a new relationship with life. a relationship that honours all. a relationship that shines a magnificent light on everybody and everything. a relationship of loving grace which journeys into spirit. a relationship of positive intention. it is time for a new relationship with life.

be an empowering source of compassion and manifest a life of prayer and intention that serves both your soul and the soul of all humankind for it is through service to the self and others that we truly fulfill our destiny and become the angels we were born to be.

embrace your spirit self and embark on a journey of discovery for it is through exploration and experience that we come to see ourself as a beautiful being of light born for greatness.

deep within the spiritual self is a place of increased wholeness and limitless happiness waiting for you to discover its beauty, explore its greatness and learn from its wisdom. immerse yourself in the miracle of your spiritual self and yours will be a life of enriching relationships woven of positive energy which manifest as a life of joy.

answer the call of spirit and take responsibility for your life. answer the call of soul and manifest the life you desire. answer the call of heart and live a life that loves you back. listen closely and when called upon be sure to answer for it will change your life.

in fields of transformation where wholeness and well being grow let us plant seeds of beauty and bliss which we can nourish and nurture that they may blossom into expressions of love and light.

to grow upwards is to awaken your consciousness in a way that inspires you to love your life. climb with me the mountain of transformation and together we will create a beauty so profound that it will change our world and enrich our lives.

you are a spiritual seeker whose inner source of power facilitates personal healing. you are a sacred warrior whose true divine nature is to help others along their path. you are an angel on earth and i love you.

embrace your inner truth for it is there you will discover compassion for all beings and align with your souls purpose.

awaken the heart and release the life affirming energy within that its positive flow may bathe you in beauty as it cleanses your mind, body and soul.

the more open we are to love the more bliss and beauty we welcome into our lives for love expands awareness as it enhances and enriches every aspect of our sacred existence. the more open we are to love the more likely it is that ours will be a house of light and a place of inspiration where the spirit flies free as the soul dances in celebration. open yourself to love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, July 11, 2014

A Nurturing Community of Love and Light

we all have higher truths. we all have the ability to change. immerse yourself in your dreams. venture into the core of who you are and unleash your natural beauty. aliveness and well being are gifts to give yourself. together we can create a nurturing community of love and light.

be an agent of positive change. begin your day with the intent to touch peoples lives in ways profound. let your purpose be to help others find their passion and purpose. do this with the knowledge that by seeking to guide others out of the darkness you immerse yourself in light. be an agent of positive change.

intuitive living and pure intentions create life changing transformation as they are the tools that provide us with the revelatory answers we need to manifest the life our soul intended.

i am extraordinary. yesterday my wife told me that she is with me because i am extraordinary. she said that she was single for so long because she always felt that she would be with somebody extraordinary. i am truly blessed. she is an amazing woman. she is in fact extraordinary. we have a four year old son who is wise and wonderful. he is an indigo child. he is extraordinary. it has been a difficult couple of years for me with no sign of things easing up. yet through darkness and depression i persevere. through madness and melancholy i persevere. through pain and suffering i persevere. i persevere because i am secure in the knowledge that no matter how bad things get, no matter how broken my mind and body are, no matter what the world beats me down with i will triumph for i am good, i am strong, i am wise and i am extraordinary.

clear and thoughtful are they who see the presence of the miraculous for they are the timeless beings of light whose flowering hearts and passion for helping others consciously manifest the life of their dreams.

deep exploration of the soul creates growth and fulfillment by inspiring us to use our pure spiritual strength to journey into healing that we may emerge wiser and ready to claim our bliss.

yours is a life full of blessings and a love that heals. believe in your blessings and immerse yourself in love for it is there that you will discover the greatest spiritual lessons, experience the most powerful light and create the most miraculous changes.

smile at yourself in the mirror and you generate more joy. believe you are worthy and you manifest profound personal transformation. love yourself with all your heart and you create a life of divine happiness.

by loving and appreciating yourself you are better able to help others and to move your life forward to its ultimate destiny of beauty and bliss.

rich self exploration is a wonderful gift you can give yourself for when we venture within we find limitless treasures which show us how truly magnificent we are. explore the light within and set the glory and greatness of your true self free that all may experience your beauty.

awareness of the sacred awakens the light of the soul and changes the atmosphere around you into positive energy which transforms your life in beautiful ways.

when we seek the good in people we smile from the inside and create a powerful healing path of bountiful opportunities and greater happiness.

a life filled with wondrous intent is a life filled with extraordinary experiences of transcendental possibility which open the mind and heart.

our lives are filled with moments that transform and those of us who truly see and embrace those moments are the ones who will inspire others to access their divine knowledge that they too may see the life changing beauty and magickal manifestations within their reach.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, July 04, 2014

Love and Believe in Yourself

your inherent beauty and the strength of your spirit are gifts that benefit others. if you love and believe in yourself you will transform your life in ways that are positive and profound.

ours is a character shaped by love and whenever we do something worthwhile we create a clear path to the exquisite divinity that is our destiny.

the spirit world is alive. empowering visions and sacred whispers caress me until i am overcome with joy. experiences of bliss and encounters with the light embrace me until i am immersed in ecstasy. the spirit world is alive.

you are a ray of light - magickal and wondrous. you are the soul of the earth - beautiful and inspiring. you are the embodiment of love and the breath of the divine. you are a miracle and i love you.

awaken to a new reality beyond your comprehension where the coming of angels guides you along the road to eternity where the ever expanding universe fills your heart and soul with love and laughter.

extraordinary and miraculous is the flow of positive energy within each of us and if we believe in its power and beauty we can create a future and personal spiritual journey of heavenly visions and inspired mindfulness where love is our liberation, transformation and destination.

may your purpose on this day be to open your heart and soul to the sunlight of spirit as you immerse yourself in the higher energy of kindness and cultivate a happier and more fulfilling life.

moments of joy come to those who delve deeply within and discover their blissful inner self. the vibration of the universe is within. the soul of happiness is within. the beauty of your sacred self is within. the magnificence of your essential spiritual nature is within. go within and immerse yourself in the grace and glory of who you truly are.

live from your soul and you will manifest meaningful change. the soul has amazing healing powers. the soul is filled with ancient wisdom. the soul is a reflection of your true self. the soul is all the answers to all the questions dancing together in the light of truth. live from your soul.

when there is joy in what you do you bring balance to your life. when there is joy in who you are you help yourself and others grow. when there is joy the evolving self smiles. live your joy.

connect to your deepest self for flowing through you is spiritual wisdom and sacred knowledge. by connecting with the beauty within you illuminate a path of healing as you discover the tools for happier living.

the most profound answers are the ones we give ourselves. they are the answers we see in a smile, they are the answers we feel in a warm embrace, they are the answers we hear in laughter and they are the answers we create with love and kindness. take the time to truly appreciate and acknowledge the answers you give yourself.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Expect More Out Of Life

expect more out of life. enhance who you are. make better and more fulfilling choices. unleash the transformative power within. create wholeness and flow. believe in something greater. let this be the day you commit to moving forward in a positive way. expect more out of yourself.

focus on you. you are worthy. you are a gift to the divine. focus on you. you are special. you are a treasure to be cherished. focus on you. you are deserving. you are a blessing of light and love. focus on you.

to spread joy is to build a bridge to the spiritual self where you will make healthier choices, live more abundantly and embrace a world of kindness and compassion. those who serve others serve their highest self.

look deep into your soul for it is there you will discover a gateway to light. immerse yourself into the light and you will emerge full of hope. you will find the miracles you have been waiting for within the light of your sacred self.

there is a deep calling within your soul asking you to participate more fully in your spiritual growth and positively change your life in a way that nourishes and nurtures every moment and every breath along your path.

connect to your spirit and embrace your evolution by creating thoughts and actions that liberate the soul and lead to a more joyful tomorrow.

a positive lifestyle and a passionate desire for true happiness makes us more alive and awake while helping us strengthen our spirit and enrich our existence in a multitude of ways.

smile in a loving way, laugh in a loving way, sing in a loving way, dance in a loving way, embrace in a loving way, think in a loving way, act in a loving way and live in a loving way. life is more beautiful when experienced in a loving way.

walk in realms of light and the company of angels for that is where you will make your dreams a reality.

when the opportunity arises to help others on their path embrace it with gratitude for it will enrich the quality of their life and yours. a passion for helping others helps us to see the divine in every breath.

there are profound lessons and deeper truths within every heart and the more stress and anxiety we remove from our lives the greater the flow of positive energy we create and the better able we are to learn our lessons and embrace our truth.

suggestions for this day: live with more aliveness, seek the divine light within, walk a path of liberation, be thankful and appreciative of those moments of peace and beauty, listen intuitively, illuminate your spirit, make a commitment to transformation, celebrate your life and bathe in love and kindness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Life Affirming Experience

to truly love yourself is a life affirming experience that expands your awareness, opens your heart to grace and guides you on a journey to self empowerment where you may live your highest good.

journey toward growth and you will find your life begins to have new meaning and purpose. journey toward light and you will find your life begins to have new passion and significance. journey toward love and you will find your life begins to have new dreams and visions. the time is now for a new beginning. step forward on your path.

live your passions gently guided by wisdom from within and know that when the choices we make are wrapped in love the rewards are transforming.

change your reality. live more powerfully. make soul centered choices. a more meaningful life is yours if you shape your spiritual path with kindness, compassion and love.

step into your greatness and you will find a gateway to inspiration that opens into a world of profoundly spiritual experiences.

my akashic record collection has some great albums in it and whenever life's struggles become too much i take one out and listen to it as a reminder of what an ancient and beautiful soul i am.

live your inspiration. live a fulfilled existence. discover the sacred within. embrace your magnificent gifts. immerse yourself in a deep sense of joy. we have with every breath the opportunity to make a choice that will positively impact our lives. be wise and make every choice in the spirit of love. live the life you deserve.

empowered from within are those who have a deeper connection with self. the more we know and love who we truly are the more joy and happiness we will have in our life.

you provide others with inspiration and direction without even knowing it. every kind word motivates. every smile transforms. you stimulate the soul when you reach out to people in their time of need. yours is a life of meaning and significance. now is the time to show yourself the same love and compassion you show others because you deserve all the love life has to offer and all the love you have within.

with love and kindness release your beauty and healing energy to the heart of all beings as a benevolent prayer and a sacred blessing.

i feel your pain. i see your struggle. i hear your cries. my thoughts are with you. my prayers are with you. my hopes are with you. i am sending you positive healing energy. i am sending you light. i am sending you love. you are worthy. you are beautiful. you are a gift and a blessing. believe in yourself. cherish yourself. love yourself. life will be better. i love you.

life is a series of mystical experiences when we act with love and kindness for it is then that we gain greater clarity, improve the now and open ourselves to opportunity.

awaken to your natural self and with the greatest respect embark on a journey of self discovery and healing with the knowledge that your sacred spirit and eternal soul are there to guide you along the way.

prepare for your greatness. prepare to traverse angelic celestial realms. prepare to be embraced by the highest expression of your soul. the better prepared we are the better the choices we will make and the better the life we will have. prepare to be loved.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Walk a Path of Deeper Transformation

beautifully and profoundly with loving assistance from your guides and spirits walk a path of deeper transformation that you may set free your divine spiritual energy and become who you truly are and who you were born to be.

choose to be joyful. choose to share your passions. choose to give to others in a way that motivates and inspires . choose to love yourself. choose healthier and happier lifestyle choices. you are the master of your own destiny. choose to be joyful.

there is a light in the heart that never goes out for it is the light of love. open your heart and embrace the light.

let your soul show you the way. explore your soulfulness and it will cultivate positive energy and lead you along a path of transformative experiences where you can be who you truly are.

a passionate commitment to transform your life and a sincere desire to serve others will guide you to places beautiful and sacred where collaboration and cocreation will inspire your soul and bless your heart.

may the light of others inspire you to connect to higher realms. may the light of your soul inspire you to let your spirit dance. we are all given wings to soar. seek the light and fly.

create the future you desire by feeding your passions. let your gentle spirit illuminate your path that you may truly see the precious pilgrimage you are on. personal and spiritual growth comes to those who build it not those who wait for it. let this be the day you create something magnificent that will carry you into a better tomorrow.

open your mind, body and soul to a life of spiritual truth and angelic guidance. allow the gentle beauty and blessings of the universe to embrace you. immerse yourself in inspiration, awareness and the natural flow of energy. life is waiting for you to live it fully and when you do yours will be an adventure of healing and wholeness where miracles happen.

embrace the possibilities around you. embrace the opportunities that abound. embrace every moment with sacred intent. embrace every breath with passion and purpose. awaken and give life a hug with the belief and knowledge that it will hug you back.

serve the future now by treating yourself with respect and living in a way that benefits all. the kinder and more loving we are to ourselves the healthier and happier our life will be.

the more compassionate and understanding we are the more likely we are to have spiritually enriching experiences and a life full of miracles.

greater communion with spirit and connection with humanity create magickal experiences and a more joyful life.

you are on a unique spiritual journey. a deeper connection with self as you walk your path will lead you to extraordinary insights and significant life changes. interact with your angels and guides as you voyage into freedom and bliss. listen to the messages around you as you make your way to happiness. know that a journey isnt something we take, its something we make. you are on a unique spiritual journey. make it something magnificent.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Sensation of Being Alive

stop a moment to experience the sensation of being alive. feel the sweetly comforting beat of your heart. see the beauty of the luminous world around you. immerse yourself in the miracle of life and with painterly prose make yours an extraordinary story of love.

change the way you think and you will find yourself surrounded by opportunities to go beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary. possibilities open up for those who not only think positively but who turn those thoughts into positive actions.

with self confidence and perseverance live your dream. live it with the belief that you will end up exactly where you belong. live it with the knowledge that you are capable of great things. life is what we make it so dream of beauty, bliss, love and light then live your dream.

you are worthy of love. yours is a caring compassionate heart to be cherished. your life has value and purpose. you are worthy of love. yours is a fantastic adventure to be admired. your life has meaning and significance. you are worthy of love.

run and play together. sing and dance in celebration of each others beauty. smile and laugh at the joy within. the way we connect with each other heals the soul and transforms our lives.

a willingness to try is deeply encouraging for it means you have hope in your heart and a heart with hope is a treasure to be cherished.

be your own healer. be your own guide. be your own light. the greatest miracles occur when we passionately commit to loving ourself and believing that we are capable of great things. be your own hero.

choose to create new experiences and connect to a higher guidance for it is our choices which determine our destiny. you have within you the knowledge, wisdom and power to create something beautiful and profound. the time has come to shape a future you can be proud of.

you are a but a tree within a forest. a flower within a garden. a thing of beauty amongst the beautiful. it is when we see our true beauty that we recognize the beauty in others and are better able to live our lives in a way that reflects our magnificence.

by acting powerfully and positively as you walk through life you inspire others to act in kind thereby creating a heartfelt community of love and light where all feel truly blessed by the beauty of their existence.

we all have exceptional spiritual gifts and by loving and believing in ourself we create a more profound truth that leads to blissful healing and inspires positive transformation.

fuel your life with divine purpose and make soulful connections that light a clear path to a place of liberation and transformation where to love and be loved is all that is expected.

patience, compassion and a gentle awareness of your natural intuitive abilities create a balanced and fulfilled life where you feel the radiance within as you change from the inside out.

ours is a kingdom of spirit and we are connected to one another by a sacred love. acknowledge and accept this truth for it is when we believe that we can truly reshape our destiny.

i love you on a soul level. i cherish you on a spirit level. your every breath inspires hope. i celebrate who you are. i respect who you are. i love who you are. i love myself on a soul level. i cherish myself on a spirit level. my every breath inspires hope. i celebrate who i am. i respect who i am. i love who i am. this is my mantra. this is my mantra.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )