Thursday, March 14, 2019

Small acts of kindness and simple gestures of love.

the most powerful spiritual experiences I have ever had began with small acts of kindness and simple gestures of love.

I fell awake one morning and day dreamed about focusing all my energies on walking a positive path of purpose which I then set out to do on that day and ever day after.

as a child it was difficult to move forward because broken people were holding me back. as an adult it was hard to move forward because my response to that situation was to remove myself from it and isolate myself from the world. as a mature man I have opened my heart and soul, ventured out into the world and surrounded myself with loving caring people. we improve our lives not only by learning from our mistakes but also by learning from the mistakes of others.

we do not find a better tomorrow. we create it by doing our utmost to make things better today.

I began to change my life when I started to remove self imposed burdens as doing so allowed me to grow more easily into the true sacred being that I am today.

more than once in my life I have risen from the grave not fully realizing that maybe if I stopped hanging out at the cemetery this wouldn't be necessary. be sure that the choices you make aren't the reason for your problems you have and if they are then do your best to choose better next time.

I opened the doorway to destiny only to see a negative news report so I closed the door and set out on a path of good intentions where I created positive moments that contributed to our world in ways that made the news better and the future brighter.

positive life choices create profound moments that increase our sacred awareness and awaken us to the unique beauty of our existence.

sometimes the absurdity of life is a reminder that our time here is limited and we should embrace every moment for the gift that it is. I was in a tattoo parlour downtown years ago when we heard a Big Bang. we walked outside and a car had smashed into a street pole. the driver was elderly and while driving his axle broke and he couldn't steer the car properly. the stress of this strained his heart which caused him to have a heart attack and die. we checked on him and waited til the ambulance got there and took him away. once that happened the car was still there with both doors open and smashed against a pole. it was then the the parking officer came up and started writing a ticket. we said you know the guys dead right. they continued writing, placed the ticket on the window and walked away. it was absurd. no matter how crazy life is we are simply parked here for a short time and I choose to embrace each moment with love and light before I am towed away.

joyousness is a gift we give ourselves by serving the greatest good with happiness for all as our goal.

p.t.s.d has on one hand been a burden that has surrounded me with darkness while on the other hand being a reminder of what I have overcome and inspiring me to walk a path in harmony with my higher self.

the beauty and wonder of our true spirit is something which when shared manifests miracles.

beyond the imagination you will find higher intuitive realities that if believed in and embraced will fill you with the power of enlightenment which will infuse your life with bliss and beauty.

we manifest magnificence when we use the purity of our heart to light the world with love.

my purpose is unshakable for it is my sacred destiny.

let your life flow naturally and it will facilitate a deep transformation which will guide you along a positive personal path of universal love, light, kindness and compassion.

there is death in the air. every day I hear of another passing. every day I hear of another persons battle with heart failure, cancer and suicidal thoughts. I choose as I have through the dark depressing days of my journey to rise above life challenges and breathe in inspiration from the heavens that I share with those suffering who are still with us. if you are reading this know that you are loved. know that I am sending you divine healing light. know that I am wrapping you in energy from the heart and soul of the universe. know that there is life in the air.

the voice of my soul whispers to me words of wisdom about walking a path of beauty that embraces the highest quality of life. I listen with love and I am transformed.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 07, 2019

My Life Is A Song Of Love

my life is a song of love, my path is a poem of sacred service and my journey is a prayer of peace and freedom.

when I was at my worst I was raised up by those moments where I was not expecting to smile but simple acts of kindness opened my heart which manifested as a joyful expression that would in time save my soul.

I stopped asking very young why is that person in our house because I realized that I came from broken people who attracted broken people and it was my destiny to be broken. it took me half a lifetime to realize that while I was destined to be broken I had the choice of whether or not I wanted to remain that way or to heal. today the scars remain but they are only reminders of where I have been and how I have used my memories to manifest healing.

let today be one of good deeds that lead to higher states where joy radiates and love resonates as we bask in the beauty of our innate happiness.

drink with me the elixir of life that we may unite as one as we blossom into beings of spirit whose path and purpose are to live and love.

the life force within takes wing and lifts us to places of grace and glory when we use our gifts to serve humanity in ways positive and profound.

love yourself, love me, love all people, love life and love the world for you are a being of love born to love and be loved.

you are a sacred vision of celestial beauty born to walk a path of awakening and awareness in which you embrace the world with the loving radiance of your being.

I am a creation of love and I choose on this day and every day to bring forth the kindness and compassion of my true sacred self and share it with the universe.

something transformative is in the air these days. it seems that positive profound opportunities reveal themselves and at the same time somebody I know is very ill. it happens constantly that exciting possibilities present themselves while simultaneously somebody I know has died. darkness and light are sharing the same space and my emotions are vying for their attention. I have chosen to see this cycle as one of wisdom and knowledge where the positive is letting me know that the negative is but one reality and that I always have the choice to wallow in it or rise up into the light of a better more beautiful tomorrow.

in realms of magick I see mystical visions of loving realities where we all live as one in an angelic community of light.

sparkle in the light of your true sacred beauty as you take rainbow steps to a place of pure natural joy where every experience is mystical and miraculous.

I see you hurting but I know that you are strong. I know that healing is possible because I have seen you shine your light and share your love in ways that have helped others heal. look in the mirror with the same eyes that see hope for others and let yourself be inspired. the same energy you use to help people rise from the ashes can also help and heal you.

when I feel hurt I generate new possibilities. when I feel betrayed I create new opportunities. when I feel battered I manifest miracles. my response to the anger, hatred and madness of others is always to build a bridge to a better more beautiful world.

greater freedom and aliveness are blessings we bestow upon ourselves when we truly love, honor, respect and believe in who we are.

a simple smile on the face of a child can refresh the spirit and rejuvenate the soul.

it was when I was hurt, unhappy and homeless that I begin to see the light. for even though I was in darkness and depression I was able to see with clarity the truth necessary to heal. the saving grace about losing everything was the sense of freedom. when you have nothing to live for and don't care if you die the everyday stresses of life are meaningless. you begin to gain a perspective that gives you hope. I was one of the lucky ones who saw this truth and embraced it soon enough that I was saved. be sure that no matter your pain or suffering that you see with clarity your divine truth. I am sending you love, light and positive healing energy.

a strange cycle of positive and negative energy is at play right now. on one hand opportunities and possibilities fill the air. good things are within reach and the future is filled with positive potential. on the other hand every time I answer the phone or talk to people in person I hear that somebody is either deathly ill or dead. I wish good fortune for all. I wish peace for all. I wish happiness for all. I wish healing for all. I wish love for all.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Venture Deeply Into A New Paradigm Of Conscious Compassion

venture deeply into a new paradigm of conscious compassion and you will begin to beautifully manifest the blissful life that you desire.

I have found that the depression which once held me down could be used to raise me up and it is this realization that created the profound healing which saved my mind, body and soul.

I realized at an early age that the more darkness I removed from my mind the better able I was to find my purpose and fuel my dreams.

we experience greater happiness when we communicate spiritually for through spirit our vision of the world becomes clearer and we are better able to improve the quality of our lives.

there is an angel within each of us who awakens when we use our true compassionate nature to cultivate well being by helping ourself and others heal.

open your heart and let love illuminate the way to healing growth, spiritual wellness and an authentic life of meaning.

the discovery that my uniqueness was a pure positive powerful, profound and potent blessing was for me the catalyst for change that allowed me to move forward into the light.

as a child the view I had of love was skewed by broken people and because of that I spent the first half of my life isolated and alone. it was at the age of thirty eight when I was standing on the ledge of life on the brink of death that the universe showed me a glimpse of what kindness, compassion and love looked like. it was that brief vision of true beauty that pulled me from the brink of death and guided me to a life of love. never give up. there are realities beyond your imagination but within your reach waiting for you to discover their presence and invite them into your heart.

craft with me a higher purpose that generates happiness, inspires greatness and uplifts the soul.

it is hard sometimes to see the good in people because so many of us are bombarded with negativity and the weight of all the stress, anxiety, fear, sadness and depression becomes overwhelming and seeps out of us infecting those we come in contact with. let us on this day commit ourselves to releasing those toxins and setting them free. let us instead of infecting others with these negative energies create a flow of positive energies that embrace others. let us not be victims of the worlds madness but warriors of spirit. no matter how dark our day let it be our mission in life to be the light. let us be the example that inspires people to act in kind compassionate ways. I am at this moment sending you love, light and positive healing energy.

I find that when I touch people on a deep spiritual level I bring more beauty and bliss into my life.

no matter how dark and depressed I have gotten on my journey my heart has managed to lead me to the pure healing light of love.

my son says to my wife every night at bedtime - this world is greater than anything - to which she responds - because you are in it. such is the beauty of the world I am blessed to live in.

what will you do on this most precious day to beautify your world.

I never venture outside the box because I refuse to be boxed in. instead I set out each day in a direction of my own choosing to a reality of my own creation where I encounter and embrace sacred sources of love.

winds of change blow along rivers of spirit guiding me to places of higher vibration where I can see with clarity the true beauty in every soul I encounter along the way.

I am a joyous creation of spirit whose heart centered actions embrace the powers of the universe while showering the world around me with love and light.

we all have natural healing gifts and rich resources within us which when used to help ourselves and others make ours a more loving compassionate world.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 21, 2019

My Message Is One of Hope, Harmony And Unity

as a practitioner of spirit my message is one of hope, harmony and unity. the services I provide are all meant to enhance well being and inspire lasting change. my goal is to help you make sacred life choices that awaken your true self and guide you to where love grows. my intentions are real and my impact significant. I am at this very moment sending you love, light and positive healing energy.

true intention, positive purpose and pure honest love are my sacred source of strength and spiritual growth.

for me healing, wholeness and happiness have always been blocked by the never-ending inner dialogue going on in my broken brain. it is during those brief moments when I am able to silence the conversation or at least direct it to something more positive that I have been able to lift myself into the light. the struggle continues but I am stronger than my struggle, wiser than my pain and greater than my maladies.

make it your purpose on this day to say nothing negative, think nothing negative and do nothing negative. if you can accomplish this you will have done something spiritually relevant and miraculous.

weave love into the fabric of your world and yours will be a life that makes you happy.

in moments of positive energy I open the door to spirit and enter into a world of unique experiences where life is a beautiful tapestry of insightful illuminating and inspiring expressions of love.

you are a force in the world. you create ripples of energy that spread throughout this life and beyond with every choice you make. so choose wisely for you want the waves you send out into the universe to be positive ones.

in richness of spirit I explore the beauty of freedom with joyful liberation as I engage the world with a vibrational signature of inspiration and transformation.

one of the things I teach practitioners of spirit is to always have alternatives to the blessings and services you offer. for example if you tell me to visualize something the answer is no because my brain processes information differently. I can not perform that task so I need a different activity to achieve the desired results. if you ask me to close my eyes and meditate that does not relax me it puts my mind in overdrive so I need something different to calm my senses. we all have different brains and if you are going to help people you need to have more than one option at any given time.

walk a path of pure honesty as you explore the spiritual and embrace the sacred for you are a being of profound light and love born to beautify this world with your true divine nature.

a smile and a warm embrace have natural healing abilities that connect the heart and soul of humanity.

with greater love shine your light as doing so will attract soul nourishing experiences that generate pure positive energy.

our star shines brighter every time we show ourself the same kindness and compassion that we show those we truly love.

share with me the sacred energy in your heart and I will share with you the loving beauty of my spirit and together we can embrace the world with the healing light of our soul.

to every one who embraces catch phrases like say yes I say but also say no. for those who say let go I say yes but also hold on. for those who tell us to spread our wings and fly I say yes but also stay grounded. life is about balance. there is always more than one truth. there are always other options. to every one who says reach for the heavens I say yes but also embrace sacred Mother Earth.

traumatic stress filled me with triggers that prevented me from living the life I deserve for most of my life until I began to not only recognize the triggers but use them to cultivate the positive, awaken the profound and inspire the spirit. it was the realization that I could choose how I react that helped me to start living the life I desired.

the kindness of others helps me see with greater clarity the amazing miracle that life truly is.

by being loving and generous we make the heart smile for by doing so we become a messenger of light and an angel of inspiration.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

See the light within the soul of humanity and embrace its beauty with pure joy.

it is my sacredness that makes me willing to look beyond societies prejudices that I may see the light within the soul of humanity and embrace its beauty with pure joy.

even though others have marked me with their prejudices, biases and misconceptions I have always carried on for I know that I am remarkable.

I don't care how good the economy is. I care what kind of person you are. I don't care what god you pray to. I care what kind of person you are. I don't care how you identify. I care what kind of person you are. I don't care if you are rich or poor. I care what kind of person you are. I care about goodness. I care about happiness. I care about kindness. I don't care what mistakes you have made. I care what kind of person you are. I care what kind of person I am. I care.

do those things that touch you deeply and you create realities in which you grow spiritually.

with pure intent I open doorways into the heart of humanity end enter into worlds of spirit where I feel and experience the love that is my birthright.

I begin each day with balance and wholeness for they are blessings that connect me to my dreams and inspire me to use my sacred abilities in nurturing caring ways.

there are secrets within each soul which when opened reveal blessings of divine beauty beyond the imagination that help us heal and transform.

I have lived the majority of my life battling with a brain that processes information differently than others. its hard enough for me to understand myself sometimes let alone have others figure me out. however my saving grace has always been the ability to frame my days in ways that satisfy my mind. I have found what works for me and by doing so have managed to manifest the life that I have always deserved. if you are reading this know that you are stronger than you think. you are not alone and you too can overcome your obstacles and create for yourself a better life. you are loved. bless you.

I thrive and flourish when I open myself to the light and energy of those simple loving moments in life that have the ability to transform.

at my darkest times in life I have always been blessed with serendipitous encounters that gave me hope and inspired me to not give up and to continue to live my extraordinary story.

it was while working with my higher self that I discovered the infinite light and love within the core of my being waiting to be released into the world.

deepen your relationship with spirit by fully loving who you are and yours will be a beautifully overwhelming journey of abundant blessings.

may the light in your heart illuminate your world that you may see the true sacred beauty of your inner and outer self as you live a peaceful positive life.

I remember things from my childhood that are troubling but its those things that I am not sure if they actually happened that haunt me. those things that I hope were not real. those things that are too disturbing yet in my heart I know happened. it is those glimpses of dark reality that trigger the most negative responses in me. I handle this not by trying to wash them from my memory but by making an effort to look at the divine beauty of my life at this moment. I am a survivor and my struggles do not define me. I am alive and I am loved.

love and believe in yourself as doing so will help you heal and grow in ways that manifest a destiny of miracles.

love when genuine and sincere has a life changing impact that richly harmonizes every aspect of our existence.

weave a thread of spirit throughout your life and yours will be a profound karmic path of reverence and revelation that raises you to higher levels of being.

without knowing it we receive gifts from the heavens every day that strengthen our energy and stimulate our spirit. it is by removing obstacles such as self doubt and stress that we begin to see clearly the beauty and blessings of each moment.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 07, 2019

A Map Of The Universe

I was looking at a map the universe the other day when I saw within the stars a path of light to a place of love which inspired me to begin my journey home.

my scars and bruises were reminiscing about suffering one day when they happened upon the sacred realization that they had survived their trauma by using their pain as a platform for transformation.

even in the worst of times when all hope was lost there would be within the darkness whispers of inspiration that spoke directly to my spirit and led me into the light.

thank you - what do you mean by that. have a nice day - what do you want. I wish you well - why would you say that. may all your days be happy ones - get lost. we have become cold, callous and uncaring. let us not continuously question peoples sincerity. let us not mock their positive intentions. let us simply acknowledge their gesture of kindness with one of our own. I love you.

we are beautifully inspiring gods and goddesses placed on earth to spread the spirit of love.

the beam of light that emanates from within is one of great love and when we express our true essence that loving light embraces our entire being and the world around us.

I change my destiny for the better every day by making positive choices that engage the spirit, enrich the soul and embrace the heart with a love most divine.

something sacred and profound happens when we truly love and respect who we are.

my intention is to walk my path in ways that touch the earth with love and by doing so raise my spirit to the heavens where they may embrace my soul with light.

it has become harder to be kind these days for their are those who find kindness generic. it has become difficult to be compassionate these days for there are those who say compassion is not genuine. it has become painful to be loving these days for there are those who see love as a fake gesture. it has become a seemingly insurmountable task to help and heal others yet still I am kind, still I am compassionate and still I am loving. my humanity is stronger than your inhumanity. bless you all.

may yours be a passionate life of remarkable adventures that satisfy the spirit and liberate the soul.

walk with me a unique path of pure integrity to a place of deeper spirit where we are touched by glory as we connect to the divine.

why does someones pain have to be visible. why do we struggle with helping those whose illnesses we cannot see. why do we blame those with broken minds for their maladies. we all have scars that are not visible. we all have pains that are hidden from the pubic eye. let us not shame each other. let us show each other the kindness, compassion and love we all deserve.

mine is a loving universe inspired by light where every thought radiates positive energy and every action embraces life with infinite love.

wholeness, happiness, beauty and bliss should all be steps we take on our journey through life that raise us to our place in the heavens.

kindness directed towards ones self creates a loving state of awareness which connects positively to our natural sacred beauty.

each and every day I make the time to take a memory of something that has hurt me and release it into the universe. this simple act of self love makes room in my mind, body, heart and soul for new memories that help and heal me.

make it your purpose to create positive change as doing so will manifest vibrations of love which will awaken and cleanse your spirit and soul.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Discoveries That Bring Us More Joy And Freedom

insightful discoveries that bring us more joy and freedom are the reward we receive when we open ourselves completely to miracles within the heart and soul of our divine self.

I grew more powerful and began to have a happier life the moment I started to frame my days in a way that my brain could accept. sometimes mental health is simply about accepting the truth and learning how to accommodate its unique eccentricities.

your beautiful sacred presence is a healing light which when bestowed upon others in loving compassionate ways creates experiences that inspire awareness and awakening.

secure am I in the knowledge that by using my natural healing abilities to serve the greater good I can be a catalyst for peace, harmony and love.

may yours be a path of positive vibration where you stand in your own light as you generate, inspire and embrace feelings of love.

now is a good time to let go and awaken, to evolve and grow, to expand and experience, to move forward on your path and to embrace the divine dance of life. now is a good time.

today I will be a source of light for those immersed in darkness.

use your spiritual healing powers to create positive experiences that help you hear the heartbeat of heaven playing its sacred song.

once a long time ago the darkness within had cried so much that it became dehydrated to the point it could no longer produce tears. it was at that moment I took the opportunity to embrace its suffering with the light of my true sacred self. from that point on we began to understand our relationship better and work together to help each other heal. balance is a most beautiful thing.

by being beautifully mindfully focused I am able to create for myself a loving nurturing environment where my heart, soul and spirit feel loved and protected.

I was undressing my spirit the other day when I noticed even that which is sacred has its scars.

we experience pure joy when we awaken our heart and express the love that is our greatest gift in healing ways that embrace each and every soul with light.

my unicorn has p.t.s.d and when I discovered this we became even better friends and instead of her just helping me we helped each other and now we are closer than ever.

free the imagination and you will see the art of your existence and the masterpiece that you truly are.

I was raised around alcoholics so I am sorry means nothing to me. if you are sorry you shouldn't have done it and if you are really sorry don't do it again.

let love be your sacred purpose and yours will be an empowered heart whose spiritual benefits transform every moment of your ethereal existence.

when I leave I will leave a positive impression and for that I am very proud for my purpose and passion have always been to be a good person.

guided by inner light I venture forth each day with the knowledge that I will make my way to exactly where I am meant to be at this moment in my life.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One