Thursday, July 23, 2015

Look Deep Within Where Happiness Flows

with spirit as your guide look deep within where happiness flows and you will discover hidden truths and radiant healing energy that will lead you along a path of mystical moments and miraculous outcomes.

to expand your knowledge in a way that speaks to the heart of all you need to explore inner planes of power, higher sacred consciousness, the unseen world and extraterrestrial realities, for it is beyond our reach and outside our comfort zone where miracles await our arrival.

when we explore our inner truth we get a better sense of the sacred and our divine abilities are awakened that we may share freely with the universe our positive energy and vibrations.

you are something truly beautiful. a miracle of light a love. a blessing fashioned from spirit and soul. i honor and celebrate your glory and greatness.

you are a loving influence and every time you share the beauty of your true and sacred self you enlighten your soul. know that the light of your essence is a gift that touches hearts and changes lives.

open yourself to inspiration from higher realms and let their be the joy of love in every action as you embrace your true spiritual nature and raise your consciousness.

commune with spirit and connect with your true self. it is by accepting and acknowledging that it is a wonderful life that we open ourself to amazing revelations and higher plateaus of intuitive perception and universal love. celebrate you for you are miraculous and beautiful.

seek experiences that uplift for they will raise your vibration and lead you to a place of love and self empowerment where you will immerse yourself in the immortality of spirit as you open your heart and soul to the universe and beyond.

you have the ability to change. at any moment you can transform your life. you are the breath of life and the soul of humanity. you are beautiful. believe in the glory of who you are and live your life as a blessing. you have the ability to change.

the power of prayer is of great benefit for through prayer we open gateways to the divine which inspire us to expand our heart and evolve spiritually as we embrace the reality that we are sacred.

look deep within to the core of your being and listen closely for you will hear meaningful messages from your ancestral and angelic guides which will lead you to holistic pathways and sacred experiences.

to walk a path to enlightenment one must simply serve through spirit and embrace a life of purpose. we heal ourselves and others when we focus our intent on the positive and share our love with all humanity.

we reach a harmonious state when we connect soul to soul. may you touch souls in a way that caresses the world with transformational energy and may you light the way of love with a heightened awareness that inspires the mind and embraces the heart.

embrace the joy of being you and you expand your consciousness as the light within illuminates the essence of love and allows you to experience greater freedom as you manifest the positive.

you are a radiant force from the angelic realm placed on earth to light the world with your truth and beauty. believe in your magnificence and yours will be a path of love profound and joy divine.

to be a compassionate messenger is to accomplish the extraordinary. to share your love and kindness is to gift the world with blessings that make the soul sing. use your natural healing abilities to change your life and the lives of those around you. to give is to live.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, July 17, 2015

Create A Flow Of Positive Energy

when you harvest the sacred you broaden your comfort zone and thus create a flow of positive energy which makes yours a mystical and metaphysical journey that projects joy into the world.

live more purposefully, live more passionately. live! love more purposefully. love more passionately. love. you are of divine origin and by living and loving more purposefully and passionately you open channels of spirit that create transformational experiences and make your cosmic evolution one that lights the world.

allow your intuitive sensibilities to ignite the divine flame within that all may experience the genuine glow of your true nature and sacred beauty.

with clarity and understanding of the sacred meaning of life breathe in the beauty of who you are as you unleash the healing vibrations embedded in your soul for this will make yours a mystical and powerful path of spiritual significance.

cultivate an appreciation for giving and receiving love and you will make your soul feel more alive as you align with the divine and experience the magick of your existence from a greater spiritual perspective.

you change everything you touch so with focused intent touch everything with love.

with purpose and intent release the powerful healing energy within. with love and compassion let your heart expand. with clarity of thought open your mind to new realities. with joy as your companion walk a path of light. our road is paved with miracles when we walk with greatness, glory and god as our guide.

live authentically and you will be divinely guided to treasures of the spirit where your inner fire will inspire you to dedicate your every step to the highest good of all.

be your happiest self by stepping joyfully into the path of who you truly are for it is when we live our destiny that we discover the beauty of life and happiness becomes the norm.

walk with me along the path of spirit where with every step love is imprinted on the soul and ours will be a life of mystical experiences and metaphysical wonders that lead us to the sacred.

within the heart of spirit are glorious things of the highest meaning which lead to a path of greater happiness where the soul blossoms. look within and embrace the beauty of your spirit and yours will be a happier healthier life where abundance flows and pure shining love lights your way.

positive thoughts create positive actions which create positive paths that create positive experiences which create positive communities of spirit that create a loving world. be positive.

the more passionate you are about helping others the more you will be able to help yourself. it is through love that we shine. it is through love that we rise. it is through love that we transform. when love is our purpose love is also our reward.

within you is a powerful source of knowledge, wisdom and ancient teachings. by reaching deep inside and releasing their glory you also set free your inner self that all may see the light of your beauty and know the depth of your magnificence.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, July 09, 2015

You Are A Beautiful Child Of The Universe

free your soul, liberate your spirit and open your heart for you are a beautiful child of the universe whose essence shines like a star and the more who experience your sacredness the better a world this will be.

begin this day with positive intent, live each moment with the highest good as your guide, embrace the glory of who you are and be the love that is your essence for these are the gifts that make life a beautiful and blessed journey.

love minded are those who accept that they are beings of light and live their life in a way that illuminates and inspires others. the pathway to happiness is one of positive intent where we celebrate our unique essence as we awaken our spirit and manifest our divine destiny.

sacred is your beauty and when you let your love shine through you bless the world for it is when we see the light in others that we are inspired to share our greatness and live our glory.

be passionate about everything you do and live with positive intent. passion leads to a life of love and positive intent cultivates kindness and inspires transformation.

you uplift when you nurture, you empower when you nourish, you inspire when you share, you transform when you love and you evolve when you enlighten. these are the things you do when you give freely of your true and beautiful self.

infinite is your beauty and limitless is the depth of your love. be grateful for your greatness and share your light with the world for you are a blessing. infinite is your light and endless is the depth of your divinity.

there is power within. it is a sacred power both visionary and enlightening. reach deeply towards your inner light and let its beauty and bliss embrace you heart and soul that you may heal yourself and the world around you.

i am alive with love and ready to share the beauty of my true and sacred self with those who are open to life changing experiences and willing to dance across the universe with clarity of heart and divine intent.

love is spiritual sustenance and the more we love ourself and embrace the beauty of those around us the more we fill our heart with light and live a life that satisfies the soul.

welcome to happiness. welcome to joy. welcome to beauty. welcome to bliss. welcome to peace. welcome to love. the door is open come on in. welcome home.

to feel fully alive is to feel fully the love and light within for we are at our most alive and awakened when we our living our truth and celebrating who we are.

positive thought, positive action and positive intent are gifts we give ourself that make ours a life worth living and sharing for the essence of spirit is alive in the heart and soul of all things positive.

be a catalyst for transformation by setting an example that inspires others to live beyond their expectations and imaginations. be a creator of positive thought by living your life in a way that motivates others to not only think outside the box but to live outside of it in peace and freedom. be the beautiful being of light you were born to be.

woven of spirit is the light of love within and those who share their light with the universe are the ones whose days are filled with beauty and whose nights are filled with bliss for they are angels of inspiration.

a life in service to the sacred is a transformational journey of extraordinary experiences and profound lessons for to serve the sacred is to live the love that is your destiny.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, July 03, 2015

Look Beyond Your Imagination

look beyond your imagination and beliefs for there are miracles waiting for you to see with clarity the joy and glory of other dimensions and alternate realities. the world is a magickal place for those courageous enough to leave their limitations and venture into the unknown.

fill your life with good intentions and meaningful experiences by being your true self and living your life in a manner befitting such a beautiful being of light. you are a blessing and your every breath is a gift to be shared and treasured.

i send you beautiful blessings of loving intent for it is my desire to make soulful connections of that foster change and inspire joyous purpose that all may see their true beauty and make a positive impact on the planet and its people.

positive purpose leads us down a passionate path of greater love that embraces the soul with heart centered bliss as it empowers and enriches our existence with self revelations that open our world to miraculous possibilities.

magickal is the place of self discovery within for it is there that the light of the sacred shines its brightest with illuminating messages of divine inspiration that bring out the love that is our destiny.

the heart smiles the moment you realize that you are an inspired being of beauty and light on an extraordinary journey of positive purpose and divine love.

smile and you experience more joy. laugh and you experience more happiness. dance and you experience more freedom. embrace and you experience more love. life is a series of experiences of our own making. let this be the day where everything you experience is beautiful.

explore the miraculous state of your being and replenish your spirit by embracing the highest vibrations of love and sharing them with each and every soul you meet.

listen and you will hear your life calling you home to your true path and purpose. listen and you will hear your heart calling you to live your love in ways divine. listen and you will hear your spirit calling you to walk in greatness and glory. listen and you will hear. listen.

deep is the love and respect i have for those brave enough to be their true self in spite of opposition. i celebrate the courage of those who live their uniqueness and authenticity with pride. life is a gift of great beauty to be shared and those who hold their head high as they embrace their freedom are the heroes whose hearts inspire and spirits transform.

live beyond your boundaries and express your greatness in a positive manner that all may appreciate your magnificence and bask in the glow of your innate gifts and sacred purpose for you are an angel on earth and the heavens smile whenever you spread your wings.

reach deep within your soul and you will find a love so great that you will experience the true beauty of your life in a way that cultivates kindness as it inspires the higher self to manifest miracles.

within us is heart centered wisdom, greater self awareness and profound truths waiting for us to discover their beauty and set them free that we may experience the sacred and become spiritual adventurers exploring fields of positive change.

life is a learning experience and those who are good students are the ones who facilitate well being and journey into wholeness. they are the ones who inspire, uplift and accomplish great things. they are the ones who teach by example. life is an education. what have you learned today.

( MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Celebrate Your Life

celebrate your life by spreading joy and happiness not only to those within your reach but beyond to every living soul for it is when we act in selfless ways with positive intent that we connect to the divine and ours becomes a life of love.

this moment you have the opportunity to heal. with every moment comes opportunity. holistic well being and everlasting happiness comes to those who embrace those opportunities as inspiration to manifest their desires and live their dreams.

when we share the light of who we are with others something extraordinary happens that illuminates and inspires both giver and receiver that together they may see the beauty of their existence and travel within to that place of perfect harmony and balance.

love and respect make a difference. inherent goodness makes a difference. positive intention makes a difference. you make a difference.

open the soul to receive the joy of living. open the mind to receive the blessings of knowledge. open the spirit to receive the glory of your angels and guides. open your heart to receive the gift of love. wonderful and miraculous things walk into our life the more open we are.

follow your heart and you will discover just how extraordinary you are. if you remain true to yourself and make spirit based choices your heart will create wonderful outcomes that manifest as divine acts of love. follow your heart for it leads home to you.

a highly evolved spirit is one of pure intentions that embrace the life energy force with love and leave you feeling uplifted. open yourself to spirit that you may experience the glory of your greatness and the beauty of your sacred self.

within the heart is a place of pure bliss and it is when we visit this place that we experience something greater and our life is made richer.

when you believe in yourself you change your life for the better and yours becomes a path of greatness. when you love yourself you change the world for the better and yours becomes a path of divine light. believe in and love who you are.

open yourself up to spirit and you will experience a higher vibration that fills you with wonder and inspires you to unfold your wings that you may fly to the heavens and see with clarity the glory in everyone and everything.

wherever you are is a place of sacred energy for you are a being of divine inspiration whose life is a gift that enriches those blessed to experience the beauty of who you are.

positive actions, intentions and a commitment to spiritual growth creates an extraordinary awakening as it illuminates your path and inspires you to travel through life at the speed of love.

to inspire others we need not climb mountains we need only to smile and reach out a hand with the intention to share those things which make us beautiful.

to evolve you must be happy with yourself. you must believe in yourself and love who you are. it is when we give ourself the kindness and compassion we deserve that we discover how truly miraculous life is. begin this day by giving yourself a hug and saying i love you.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Be Kind With Yourself

be kind with yourself and every step will be positive. be compassionate with yourself and every choice will be transformational. love yourself and and you will discover an inner peace and beauty that will lead you home to your true and miraculous self. how we treat ourself dictates our destiny.

bring others to the light and you will be embraced by a truth greater than yourself that will inspire you to discover the spirit within and immerse yourself in the glory of the sacred.

true spiritual progress comes to those whose intent is to live with great joy for positive thought and action are the tools of transformation which accelerate our ascension and inspire us to explore rich realms of experience.

life loves you. life wants you to be happy. life is a blessing. life is a gift. life knows the real you. life wants you to be joyful. life is a treasure to be cherished. life is a miracle. life loves you.

we open ourself to profound opportunities when we realize that life loves us and live that truth in a manner befitting a being of light. it is acceptance, recognition and belief in our true and sacred self that will lead us to a place of holistic well being where we may be who we were born to be.

love is a transformative gift of divine inspiration which guides us on an experiential journey of light and beauty where we are grateful for every breath.

love yourself completely and the healing power of spirit will embrace the celestial in your heart and guide you on a truly transformative journey of life changing experiences and miracles of love.

cultivate compassion for it is through kindness that our essence is revealed and ours becomes a path of personal revelations that lead us into a world of spirit where every moment is fresh and alive with hope and happiness.

there are planes of existence where prayer and intention are gifts of spirit given to us by our angels and guides that we may discover the heaven within and live our divinity as we create something beautiful.

breathe in the soothing vibrations of the soul and take a positive course of action as you channel the wisdom from the heavens into an encouraging message of hope that transforms your life and illuminates your path with love.

we are eternal beings. we are living expressions of the divine. we are beauty in its purest form. we are the light of a brighter tomorrow. we are miracles in the making and masters of our destiny. we are the answers we have been waiting for. we are gods and goddesses. this is who we are.

deep within your being are profound spiritual truths waiting to burst into lightness that you may create a new reality and travel into higher dimensions.

your authentic self is a beautiful being of purpose and meaning filled with spiritual truths that inspire and empower. be your authentic self.

let us gather as one and use our collective consciousness to transmit powerful transformational energy to the entire universe that all may sail blissful seas of spirit that make them feel joyful and uplifted.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Breathe New Life Into Your Existence

greater spiritual awareness inspires love and light to blossom within you and breathe new life into your existence.

each moment in life is an opportunity to make better choices and create new and wondrous realities that enrich our lives and the lives of others.

treasure forever those moments which make you smile for they are the glimpses of heaven that touch the heart and inspire change.

the sacred truth is that you are a being of light capable of creating miracles and it is belief in your magnificence that will ignite the spark within that you may make positive changes and facilitate greater happiness.

look within and you will discover a place of self fulfillment where enlightening experiences will inspire your free and loving spirit to embrace a life of joyous living with love as your intention.

open your heart to spirit and pray at the temple of the soul that you may transmit divine energy as you contribute to the awakening of others and yours becomes a unique and sacred path of light filled with endless possibilities and miraculous moments.

blessed by the light are they who foster self love for they are beings of deeper awareness on a path of well being whose engaging essence and authentic truth create more joy and change lives in ways that are enriching and beneficial.

pour love into everything. let it wash over your life and cleanse your mind, body and soul. allow it to totally transform your world. to love is to embrace the extraordinary. pour love into everything.

you have the power to heal. the power to heal both yourself and others. you have within you abilities far beyond your imagination. believe in the glory and greatness of your true self and know that you have the tools to transform lives. you are a being of light.

look upwards for inspiration and manifest positive energy as you embrace a higher vibration and embark on a path of life changing experiences.

open yourself to the unknown that yours may be a spiritual odyssey that explores other dimensions, different realities, alternate truths and magickal realms for within the darkness there is light.

i believe in love. i believe to love is to create a better life. i believe love is a magickal healing experience. i believe to love is to open us up to a new world of possibilities. i believe love is the most unique and beautiful life expression. i believe that you are love. i believe that i am love. i believe in love. empower your life with love.

a passion for helping others makes a positive difference in their lives and yours while changing both futures for the better.

your life is an empowering story filled with divine teachings guided by loving spirits. believe in the miracle of who you are that you may accept and appreciate the beautiful blessed journey you are on.

a holistic and spiritual approach to life opens doors to other dimensions and allows us to see more clearly our magnificence.

journey inward to the sacred and you will discover that you are an enlightened being capable of great things whose beauty and truth can inspire others to spiritually progress and evolve.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )