Thursday, January 19, 2017

Spiritual Vision allows us to see ourselves as Worthy

spiritual vision allows us to see ourselves as worthy which leads us to luminous energy fields where we experience true freedom and positive growth.

every time we seek to elevate our consciousness we enter a new stage of our spiritual evolution in which we infuse our existence with purpose, meaning and a greater sense of empowerment.

reverence for the soul awakens our empathic abilities making ours a kinder and more loving journey to the light.

shape your fate by using the powerful spiritual light within to guide you to places of miraculous phenomena where you are immersed in the sacred as you awaken and transform.

with threads of inspiration weave a coat of cosmic energy that you may wear proudly as you walk a path of compassionate experiences and amazing possibilities.

listen to your intuitive voice and harness the divine within for you are an emissary of light and by embracing your divinity you open yourself to the ethereal beauty of the heavens and earth.

we are remarkable esoteric and spiritual people and by joyfully living our sacredness we breathe new life into our world making ours a path of enlightened mystical experiences.

love, inspiration and spiritual prosperity are blessings we are given when we open doors within the soul and walk through into that sacred space where mortal meets divine.

appreciate your gifts and ancestral powers by embracing life fully as you are a sacred being with an extraordinary capacity for love who attains enlightenment with every kind act and compassionate gesture.

the divine realization of the strength and healing force of the human spirit gives us greater self understanding which inspires us to live our life in a sacred way that benefits all.

act compassionately and you will unearth deeper meaning for it is by sharing our love and light that we discover our passion and live our purpose.

may yours be a proud spiritual path of higher states of being in which you are fully awake and aware of just how beautifully divine you are.

spiritual awareness creates cosmic consciousness which sparks enlightenment and manifests infinite love.

make yours a truly divine plan that guides you along a path of angelic communications and higher spiritual awareness where blissful experiences bring light to this world and beyond.

self empowering relationships create inner liberation which inspires miraculous living where we raise ourselves beyond this earth to a place of sacred beauty where angels and spirits embrace us in a dance of loving light.

seek to merge with the divine by making your life one of sacred design where every choice is a great spiritual truth that positively impacts the human soul.

walk a path of realization and awareness knowing that you are blessed with great powers and cosmic energies which when shared will make your life one of mystical encounters and experiences that serve the greater good.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Illuminate the True Sacred Beauty of Who You Are

the healing power of the soul is waiting for you to believe in yourself as this is an act of self love which enhances spiritual life with mystical manifestations that illuminate the true sacred beauty of who you are.

happiness is a choice and every time you make that choice you live your higher calling for the universe wants you to be happy.

create self happiness by immersing yourself in the light of your essence as this will open gateways to spiritual transcendence where you may frolic in the realms of angels.

you are the master of your soul and by embracing this enlightening truth you become self empowered thereby makings yours a life of mystical revelations and divine love.

faith flourishes and miracles happen when we awaken to our truth and shine its loving light on our path.

use the powerful healing energy within to uplift yourself today for it is by believing in our gifts that we live a spirit filled life in which we connect to the universe.

to know and love ourselves is an holistic experience that guides us to mystical dimensions where we are immersed in the sacred source of life.

spiritual well being comes to us when we use our empathic abilities to create positive outcomes.

live your life fully and freely with passionate intent and illuminating wisdom for you are a soul in development whose destiny is forged in the heavens.

imagine into existence a magickal state in which you use your miraculous powers to make positive life changes that provide sacred nourishment for the heart and soul.

together in love let us walk a path through extraordinary and enlightening fields of light into a place of higher knowing where we may unite with the powers of the universe in a celestial dance of joy and happiness.

generously and lovingly nourish all aspects of your life as this is an act of positive self empowerment that leads to spiritual transcendence.

within you is a door to awareness which when opened reveals hidden treasures which lead to sacred places where nothing but love exists.

pray with me in temples of light where ancestral voices speak to the soul with messages of love that create profound lasting transformation.

live your true essential nature and yours will be a better life enhanced by an inner state of joy and an outer state of divine beauty and bliss.

spiritual gifts emerge when we reach beyond our boundaries to realms of heartfelt truths where we embrace the beauty of life in ways that stimulate mind, body and soul.

as enlightened beings of compassionate intelligence we have the ability to use our life force energies to manifest a sacred reality in which we heal ourselves and others as we dance our way into a full and beautiful life.

align with your sacred self and the heart expands as gateways to the divine open and invite you in.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Swim with Me in Peaceful Waters

swim with me in peaceful waters where together we may bathe in the beauty of our sacred essence as we ride waves of bliss to worlds of enlightenment dressed in rainbows of love.

let your anthem be one of self love whose melody inspires souls to dance and whose lyrics invoke the divine thereby making life a celebration.

you are a blessing to all and when you share your inner joy you contribute positively to the world which illuminates your life and the lives around you in a way that awakens divinity and inspires a life of infinite beauty.

this beautiful planet is positively empowering when we see with eyes of spirit and feel with the soul of our sacred self as this connects us to the vibrations of joy and mystical glory of our miraculous world of wonders.

heartfelt devotion to creating a path of sacred significance and positive loving messages, changes the course of life making it a journey of light that leads to a more beautiful world.

embody the blessing of who you are and the miracle of the love within as this will create divine experiences that uplift and heal.

spiritual diversity creates shamanic experiences that open us to new possibilities in which we make choices from a place of love as we manifest a life of meaning and miracles.

express kindness and you beautify your soul as you bestow upon the world the wonders of the heavens within you.

breathe with intention, walk with purpose and live with the knowledge that you are a powerful being of celestial beauty and divine light whose essence is love.

a path of soul based living blesses and heals for it it by choosing to make ours a journey of divine intentions that we bring about positive change.

there is a light that shines within the halls of hope which when embraced guides us to our divine destiny. walk with confidence into the light and immerse yourself in the beauty of your sacred purpose.

by seeking to serve the highest good we enrich our experiences making ours a deeply fulfilling and uplifting life of miracles and spiritual transformation.

feed your life with greater wholeness and you awaken the spirit which makes the experience of being alive more sacred and beautiful.

learn to love yourself and you light up your life in extraordinary ways that change your world each day into one of greater happiness where you flourish with aliveness as you blossom into beauty.

you have a special purpose and that purpose is to be who you truly are for you are a radiant being of sacred origin whose light is meant to fill the world with love.

choose to make changes which turn beliefs into actions as this will empower your future in profound ways that bring joy and happiness to your world.

do those things that leave you feeling empowered and yours will be a rich adventurous life of intoxicating beauty where love flows freely.

the more you love being you the more you empower your spirit for it is when we fall in love with ourselves and our lives that we discover our higher purpose as we soar to new heights of sacred freedom and awareness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Breathe in the Light of Creation

breathe in the light of creation and let its love bathe you in healing waters that you may experience the magick and enchantment of life in a manner that aligns with your true intentions and higher self.

devote yourself to seeking the simple pleasures in life and you will feel more alive as you are guided toward joy.

joyful blissful awareness comes to us when we shine a positive light on our true sacred self for it is when we reveal our divinity to the universe that the energies of love open our life to miracles.

embrace the sacred flow of energy within and you will connect to the world around you in soulful ways that illuminate the spirit thereby bringing you divine clarity and positive change.

one moment at a time make changes that are beneficial. one breath at a time nourish your heart and soul. one day at a time allow your spirit to fly free. one life at a time be who you were born to be. we have the ability to shape our life as we choose one moment at a time.

conspire with the universe to make this a day of beauty where you walk a spiritual path to a place of greater understanding which opens sacred doorways into breathtaking realms of cosmic glory and celestial transformation.

trust in your divine self as this is a soul freeing choice opens gateways to wellness where life is beautiful and change is always possible.

you are ready to shine. you are ready to walk a path of beauty and goodness. you are ready to experience the blessings of life. you are ready awaken to your greatness. you are ready to embrace the essence of spirit. you are ready.

share a laugh and a smile as this is an expression of love that will change the moment into something sacred and beautiful.

we help each other heal when we share our compassionate wisdom and sacred light for we are beings of celestial resonance whose energy is of great comfort when given freely with positive intent.

significant change is upon us and those who listen to the voice of spirit will be inspired to take positive action and create something beautiful that will make the world a better place.

open your eyes to the truth and beauty of your sacred self and yours will be a path of blessings and miracles that transforms life in unique and wonderful ways.

i choose not to be guarded by angels but to be inspired by them that i may set my soul free as i celebrate the glory and beauty of life and living.

you are an expression of love and by sharing this truth you bring happiness to others as you create a greater reality which connects to the light.

i am on an akashic journey of blissful relaxation that aligns with my highest truth where the compassionate light of my sacred self inspires me to be the love i am and to share that blessing with each and every soul i encounter along the way.

greater self confidence awakens the spirit which illuminates a path of sacred blessings that lead to heavenly realms where we may joyously live the beauty of our unique divine being.

create your own karma. create moments that uplift and empower. create pathways to the heart. create a luminous energy field of love and lightness. life is yours to shape and if you believe you can create miracles.

we have the gift of life and that gift becomes more fulfilling when we share its beauty with others as this makes ours a sacred journey of the greatest and highest good.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Inhale Bliss and Exhale Love

inhale bliss and exhale love unto all beings as you open your eyes to the blessings of life for it is when our intentions are sacred that we create something extraordinary and our path becomes one that serves this world and beyond.

divine is the guidance we receive when we listen to the whispers of our heart and wisdom of our soul.

there is something far more beautiful than you could ever imagine waiting beyond your boundaries for you to open its gateway to goodness and find your way home.

the spirit blossoms and ignites what lights the soul when we explore the sacred in deepening ways that serve others.

be grateful for your blessings for they are many and while you may not always see or feel them they will appear more frequently when you listen with your heart and truly believe in their positive inspiring presence.

your smile is a loving beacon of light that embraces the divine in all with a meaningful message that blossoms outward making the world a better place.

make simple changes that allow you to be of service to humanity and the pure light of divine love will bestow upon your sacred self a blessing of miracles that help you create a life of healing and happiness.

the heart flowers when we set our compass to higher vibrational realities as it knows that when our intentions are sacred we open pathways that lead beyond our boundaries where mind, body and soul may blossom freely.

you are a miracle and by loving and believing this profound truth you light the flame of joy as you make life beautiful in meaningful and magickal ways.

brilliantly beautiful are we. for we are angels on earth whose pure soulful essence is waiting for us to awaken and bless the world with waves of poetically spiritual energy that is breathtakingly ethereal.

the heart whispers gently words of loving wisdom and if we truly truly listen we feel a greater sense of aliveness as we are divinely guided into the light.

may ours be a love so great that whenever we share it miracles happen and life becomes a mystical journey of joyous revelation and blissful transformation.

its time you met your higher self for it is at the moment we encounter our true glory and greatness that we learn to love who we are and embrace the light with angelic appreciation.

close your eyes and open your heart and soul to sacred visions that glow with happiness as this will give higher meaning to your life by empowering you to grow as you expand your awareness in a way that makes you truly feel your aliveness.

we are born to bloom. we are born to flower on the earth in a way that awakens the higher self. we are born to live a life of joy. we are born of light and love. bless this and every day by celebrating the miracle of your birth.

the more you value and embrace every part of yourself the sooner you awaken to the sacred as loving who we are is a divine act of kindness which transforms our life in deep meaningful ways.

once we believe that we exist beyond the physical we begin to manifest a diverse and poetic reality in which we delight in our destiny as we share our pure essence and magnificence.

the mind awakens and we birth a new reality when we create a home in our thoughts for those things that make us feel more spiritually alive.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Our World is filled with Miracles and Truths

our world is filled with miracles and truths and by believing in and exploring these blessings we grow in amazing ways as our lives become a joyful celebration of divine light and love.

once we are aware of and believe that we have the ability to live the destiny of our choice ours becomes an extraordinary journey of light where in every moment we experience feelings of joy.

we evolve the soul when we embrace the metaphysical aspects of life as doing so allows us to live more authentically while opening us to the powerful healing energy of our sacred self.

compassionate awareness and care for yourself and others is at core of who you are and by living your divine purpose you create waves of positive energy that shift and change your life in miraculous ways.

share your wonderful soul nurturing gifts as this will light the sacred fire within which will guide you to higher vibrational realms where you may discover the truth and beauty of who you are.

improve the quality of your life by cultivating self acceptance as this will create a path of spiritual heart centered growth in which you are bathed in pure love and light.

a practical spiritual approach to life connects us to angelic realms making ours a joyful heart centered path of divine intent that embraces the light as it serves the highest good.

you have within you a radiant brilliance which is motivating , inspiring and empowering. live it, love it and set it free that all the universe may experience the glory of who you are.

expect miracles for the expectation of the sacred combined with sincere and honest belief is a transformative and empowering blessing which leads to pathways of healing and high vibrational realms.

may yours be a joy centered life of bountiful blessings where you weave a golden thread of spirit that celebrates the sacred and inspires the world to see how truly beautiful you are.

transform your consciousness by looking at life through eyes of spirit as this will give you the freedom to be you and to live your life in amazing miraculous ways.

with power of intention live your beauty in a way that illuminates your radiant gifts and spirit as this is a gesture of self love that serves the good of all.

i wish you a life well lived. a life in which your path is purpose filled. a life of empathic blessings. a life where the soul is alive with positive energy. a life of sacred healing moments. a life of divine beauty. i wish you a life well loved.

connect with your truth and you empower yourself in a way that stimulates mindfulness, vitality and strength thereby opening gateways to higher levels of love and light.

greet this day with joy for to do so is to shine a caring light that opens you to blessings from the universe and messages from heaven.

your heart is an authentic and honest place of pure love and by believing in its truth and beauty you bring good energy to your world as you serve the light.

within each of us is wellness and a deeper sense of love which when explored and embraced creates a spiritual awareness that inspires us to move through the cosmos with courage and confidence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Life Transforming Blissful Experiences

use your spiritual strengths in kind and compassionate ways as this will lead to life transforming blissful experiences of wonderment and peace.

choose your future by planting positive seeds of radiant goodwill from which will grow a light of truth that will illuminate your path will love.

loving yourself will help you make deeper connections that invite miracles and blessings into your life.

we are multi dimensional beings and by believing in our celestial selves we open our heart and soul to the powers of the universe making it possible to reach the divine grace of this galaxy and beyond.

open yourself to the flow of sacred wisdom within and it will lead you to sacred pathways of empowerment where you may use your abilities and gifts to create a positive state of liberation.

enjoy the journey by making it one of spiritual exploration as the discoveries that encompass each moment will awaken the light within allowing you to see the true beauty of your existence.

whether we believe it or not we all live extraordinary lives and by accepting this blessing we can create a spiritual environment of multi dimensional awareness where the divine presence within infuses our heart and soul with a love most sacred.

listen to the whispers of the heavens and yours will be a life inspired by angels where your very essence is bathed in waterfalls of wisdom that open you to universal truths as you experience the light in all its glory.

a profound commitment to walking a positive path awakens the soul which inspires us to weave a beautiful tapestry of divine love that connects us to our higher self.

may the cosmic energy of mother earth make yours a beautiful journey of sacred light that enchants and enlightens your world with love.

liberate your true self and yours will be a heart centered life in which your spirit guides you along a blossoming path to bliss.

enhance your life now by living your purpose in a manner that allows you to experience the joy of being in ways that embrace the soul with love and grace.

we achieve wholeness and happiness when we use our gifts of inspiration to manifest the miraculous.

let us free our deep authentic essence that we may walk into our beautifully illustrated life in a way that replenishes the spiritual energy within and awakens us to our divine purpose.

embrace your desires with a reverence for life and yours will be a path of sacred ancient knowledge where every moment is a blessing that manifests the positive.

you are an enlightened being and by taking a whole hearted approach to the miracles in your life you open gateways to powerful and beautiful pathways to the divine.

you are a divine expression of all that is sacred and by joyfully celebrating your ethereal essence you will feel more connected lo life as you heal in powerful ways.

feel the pulse of creation as it vibrates within you and let it guide you to a blissful state of being in which you blanket the world with your powerful magnetic presence.

a profound sacred awakening occurs when we bless the world with the uniqueness of who we are for it is by sharing our light that we build spiritual foundations that make ours a happier and more meaningful existence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One