Thursday, December 13, 2018

Move Forward Into A Place Of Positive Energy

the clearer your direction the better able you will be to move forward into a place of positive energy and sacred illumination where you are blessed with gifts of spirit that enhance your divine existence.

no matter how down I have gotten in life my goal has always been the highest good.

ours is a destiny of our own creation. therefore I choose at this moment to venture out into the world with spirit as my guide and love as my goal.

I use metaphysical magnets to post miracles on my fridge. miracles such as a picture of my wife and son, a note reminding me to scatter seeds of love throughout my day and a reminder that I am a being of spirit worthy of joy and happiness.

I was listening to the song of my heart while filling my life with beautiful moments when I realized that by doing so I was coming alive in scared ways that enriched my world with love.

blessings are brilliantly beautiful gifts which when shared breathe light into our lives and love into our world.

look at life from a spiritual perspective and you will see landscapes of love, oceans of beauty, valleys of joy, mountains of bliss and rivers of divine passion and purpose.

I have been contacted by a healer and author this week as well as a shamanic spiritual mystic. one was to thank me for my words and the other was to ask for a reading. its at times like these when I am able to use my sacred gifts that I remember the joy which being of service brings. to all that I have helped over the years know that you have also helped me and for that I am eternally grateful.

beautifully craft for yourself a foundation of love upon which you can build a temple of divine purpose in which your spirit may grow and your soul may prosper.

we are sacred beings of light and if we follow our light it will take us in life affirming directions which lead us to greater joy and happiness.

I seem to manifest happiness whenever I nurture my spirituality for beliefs become blessings of bliss when they are loved.

know that each word you are reading at this moment resonates with energy that is profoundly loving and healing. each vowel and consonant carry with them a positive blessing. feel their radiance. see their light. embrace their love.

I am inspired by mystical visions that breathe life into my world which opens me to the sweetness of the sacred and the heaven in the heart of who I truly am.

we are blessed at birth with an innate goodness. no matter what struggles we have in the life that goodness remains within us. take the opportunity now to open yourself to the beauty within and release that goodness into your world.

open your heart to the reality that you have the ability to heal. by shining your light you cultivate healing. by loving and helping others you manifest healing. open your soul to the truth that you have the ability to miraculously change your life and the lives of those around you.

there is always a greater reality waiting for us to open the gateway and discover its sacred source of light and love.

within even the darkness there are dimensions of wellness which when explored can create a deep knowing that fills our life with healing and wholeness.

cancer is a constant in my life. as you know my parents died two days apart with my father dying on the day of my mothers funeral. I have grown tired of getting the news that yet another family member is on death row. there are far too many to mention here but its been like this since birth. in my family you basically just wait your turn. you know its coming you just don't know when. also it has no age restrictions. young or old it matters not. so embrace each moment while your here. give and receive as much love as possible. do things that make you happy. do things that make your soul sing. do things that make your spirit soar. enjoy the life you have while you have it.

it took a lot of suffering before I made the right changes. it took a lot of pain before I was able to see the light in the darkness. it took a lifetime of struggles before I was able to accept, acknowledge and embrace the beauty within my reach. look closely at what hurts you and see what has been hiding so that you can move forward and become the blissful being of love you were born to be.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, December 06, 2018

When We Are Born Our Heart, Soul And Spirit Are Pure

when we are born our heart, soul and spirit are pure. live your life in a charitable way and that purity will fill your days with wonders that bestow upon your life abundant blessings.

I am grateful for all those blessed beings who have taken the time to say thank you for the words I have shared. know that your words nourish my heart and inspire me to continue to walk a path of spirit.

I am mesmerized by the sacred beauty of those inspired beings of light who with kindness and compassion share their infinite love and wisdom with the world.

an open heart is a blessing of breathtaking beauty that shines throughout our life like a bright star guiding us to ethereal places of divine enlightenment.

when the seeds of your thoughts are positive and you with loving care plant them in sacred soil your life begins to blossom into a beautiful garden of spirit.

look in the mirror with the knowledge that you are in the presence of greatness. smile with appreciation at the divine goodness standing in front of you. celebrate the miracle and magnificence of who you truly are. align with these realities and yours will be an awakened path of infinite blessings.

you can change the world. the truth is without knowing it you change the world every day. one of the greatest joys in life is the discovery of spirit. it is that moment when you realize that simple sacred acts of love flow freely from one life to another in a never-ending parade of pure positive energy.

every kind gesture, compassionate action and loving intention creates a sacred healing moment that shines a light on the beauty of our true sacred self.

once when I had my new age shoppe I got a phone call in which the person said are you that bald headed freak who walks his dog barefoot in the snow. I replied why yes I am. they then said we are going to blow your place up. I responded by saying that its three o'clock, I close at five, you better hurry if you want to catch me.

I drink from the chalice of light for it stimulates within me a goodness that inspires positive actions which make mine a happier healthier path of spiritual growth and divine beauty.

nurture the spirit and you will blossom into a sacred butterfly of great beauty whose wings embrace the world love.

you are a beautiful being of light and when you share that sacred beauty with the world you create experiences that inspire the heart and align with the soul.

I used to own a spiritual shop a couple of decades ago and people would through garbage on my doorstep, insult me and I once even got a bomb threat. through it all I maintained my dignity and my sense of humour. I remember standing out front one day when an elderly woman walked by. I wished her a good morning and she said your the devil to which I replied no if I was the devil I wouldn't be wearing shoes because you just can't find a good shoe for a cloven hoof these days.

you are an inspirational force. every simple gesture of compassion and act of kindness helps others move forward in life. you are a divine soul whose positive essence opens gateways of light and portals of love. you are a spiritual force.

whenever I turn on the light of my soul I see clearly the beauty of my true sacred self and I am inspired to be a better man who makes better choices that create for me a better world.

in the darkness I will bring you light, in the madness I will bring you clarity, in the pain I will bring you healing, in the sadness I will bring you happiness and in the hate I will bring you love for throughout my life within my struggles there was always someone who without even knowing it would bring me hope.

I am touched and deeply transformed by those life experiences that are motivated by kindness and inspired by love.

I find meaning in the world by discovering the remarkable in every person I meet.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Go Beyond Negative Thoughts And Feelings

we always hear that good things are coming, the truth is that they are already here. we just have to go beyond negative thoughts and feelings to see clearly the glorious beauty of all greatness within our reach.

I sang a song of the self to the self which inspired me to free myself from myself and love myself in unselfish ways.

turn on the light of creation and let its radiance inspire you to build a healthy home of hope and happiness where miracles flow freely.

when I awoke this morning I began my day by opening the door to transformation and inviting my past, present and future selves in to discuss ways in which we could brighten my world with beauty and bliss.

use your unique gifts to communicate with others in soulful ways that manifest a higher vibration of love.

reflect deeply on the blessings of light and love in your life as doing so is a nurturing practice that affirms your sacred destiny.

you are worthy. you are deserving. you are unique. you are special. you are loving. you are kind. you are sacred. you are divine. you are all that is. you are all that ever will be. you are beautiful. you are blessed. live who you are. love who you are. be who you are!

thoughts have a life of their own and the more lovingly you treat yourself the more positive those thoughts are and the better and more beautiful your world becomes.

engage life with love and you embrace the world with a lightness of being that nurtures, nourishes and transforms.

I have bruises that are ready to heal and blossom. I have broken bits of past trauma that are ready to transform into butterflies of spirit. I have negative thoughts and feelings that are ready to shed their skin and become positive actions and intentions. I am ready to purge myself of all my baggage and venture home to my true sacred self.

when I encounter difficult times I dance to the music of my divinity and healing blessings profoundly guide me to breathtakingly beautiful gardens of heart and soul.

when you truly love yourself you create something beautiful inside that radiates a positive energy out into the world which brings joy and happiness to your journey.

I struggle every day with depression yet I survive because I have learned that life can change for the better by simply making more positive choices. today I choose to meet friends for coffee and talk about things that make us happy.

while out walking where miracles abound I heard a baby laughing and remembered how divinely beautiful life can be.

nurture me with kindness and I will nourish you with compassion and together we will make the world a better place.

bring life to the soul of who you are by opening your heart that all may see and experience the loving beauty of your true divine self.

when I fuel the fires of transformation I see visions of how beautiful life can be which inspires me to go out into the world with the intention of doing sacred things that benefit all.

what a beautiful gift is the ability to make people smile for a smile is light that brings joy into the heart of each and every soul it blesses.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Ground Yourself In Spirit

ground yourself in spirit as you plant seeds of kindness and yours will be a beautiful garden of luminous energy where love flowers and the sacred blossoms.

I was reaching for the higher truth when I found the book of life which upon reading enriched my world with words and deeds that awakened the heart and spirit of my true sacred self.

your life is a beautifully uplifting blueprint of inspiration that purifies the path you are on while serving as a transformational catalyst for others.

I know you are struggling. I am sending you love. I know you are hurting. I am sending you light. I know you are suffering. I am sending you positive energy. I know you. I am sending you the sacred within me.

make positive choices and empowering changes will occur that awaken your true spiritual nature and open your heart to the bountiful blessings of life.

love is your true purpose for love is a mission that inspires, a blessing that heals, a light that empowers and a belief that benefits humanity.

the more positive our beliefs and feelings are the more we grow and thrive as we move forward into a life of wonder and expanding love.

help me help you help others help themselves.

I saw the devil sitting on the side of the road crying so i stopped to say hello and to talk about why I cast him out. I told him that while he was inside of me my struggle to survive was great but that once I removed him from my life things began to improve. I wished him well and told him that I held no animosity towards him and that I was always available to talk. as I walked away I looked back and saw a tear in his eye which I wiped away with a smile of compassion.

immerse yourself in love and open yourself to its unique powers as you shine a light of absolute joy on each moment of your divine journey.

while on a path of transformation I came upon some inspiration that filled my soul with revelations which led me home to my true sacred self.

be aware no matter the energy that is present at the time that you have the power to change it. so if the universe is poking you with a stick today then take out a shovel, bury it and go forward with a smile on your soul.

yesterday I grew more alive when I did things that felt good for my soul. today I will become more alive by doing things that feel good for my spirit. tomorrow I will be life at its most sacred and beautiful.

a positive powerful purpose guides us to our highest destiny where we connect to the source as we cultivate feelings of love.

isolation and loneliness have been my companions throughout my life but they do not define me. they remind me of what pain and suffering can do and inspire me to venture into the world to find friendship and community.

there is glory in every day. there is greatness in every day. there is goodness in every day. open your heart and soul to the truths that exist every day and you will not only see the extraordinary you will be the extraordinary.

you are a light in the world and when you lovingly shine that light on others you facilitate spiritual wellbeing.

love is a power that transforms and truly beautiful are those who use that power to awaken the spirit and ignite the divine.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 15, 2018

There Is Goodness At The Core Of My Being

while I have been throughout my life severely broken I have also been profoundly blessed for there is goodness at the core of my being and greatness in the people that I share my life with.

be a bringer of light, be a messenger of love and be a cultivator of kindness for this is who you truly are.

we were at a wonderful little diner for lunch yesterday. the setting was lovely and family orientated. they had tvs with no sound just the picture and closed captioning. while the meals were great the stories on the news were all depressing. evil corporations, crazy politicians, sexist celebrities... there are days when this constant barrage of ignorance and stupidity takes its toll. when we went home my wife, eight year old son and myself put together a bookshelf from Ikea, made some pumpkin spice muffins and watched a sweet family show while cuddling on the couch. that is how we handled the madness. we just embraced the beauty of our family.

bathe in the holy waters of compassion and watch as your spirit comes alive and life becomes a blessing of greater happiness.

create with me a foundation of goodness on which we may build a house of happiness where life is a blessing of profound kindness and eternal love.

I awake each day with the desire to transform. I am dedicated to helping myself and others make the changes necessary to create for us a happier healthier existence.

I woke up happiness yesterday. we met for coffee and discussed ways that we could be in each others lives more.

whenever I listen closely to the heartbeat of my humanity it embraces me with a rhythm that makes my life a sacred dance that vibrates at the highest level.

my a.d.d taught me to explore as many different aspects of my existence as possible. my o.c.d gave a structure to my life that has helped me cope with my struggles. my p.t.s.d instilled within me a desire for more that was so intense it moved me forward from the darkness into the light. my mental health problems do not define me. my mental health problems inspire me to work harder to be better, live longer and love as much as possible.

vibrant, alive, empowering and infinite are the blessings that reside within the heart and soul of our true sacred self.

light the fire of love within by sharing your spiritual gifts in an all embracing manner that shows the world the pure positive power of your sacred purpose.

the highest and greatest good are friends of mine and together we seek to create a flow of spirit that will guide people to a place of pure love and light

my well being improved when I accepted the truth of my existence and dedicated my life to creating a new reality which moved me forward into the light.

we have in our lives unlimited love. look beyond your stress for it is there. remove your anxiety and you will find it there. see through your suffering for it is waiting for you there. we have unlimited love in our lives and when we remove those obstacles which cause us pain we see with greater beauty the blessings within our reach.

beautifully craft with me a sacred space of divine humanity where we may generate greater joy, bliss and happiness.

sacred self love when honest and true enriches our life with a deeply transformative energy that frees us from suffering.

I was searching beyond my realty for a truth that would connect me to something greater when a beautiful awakening occurred within that lifted me to a place of pure spiritual ecstasy.

we are each unique, authentic and original beings of divine love, light and energy whose remarkable gifts and abundant blessings make the world a better place.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 08, 2018

What Is The Soul Of Your Story

what is the soul of your story. mine is love. what is the spirit of your existence. mine is love. what is the heart of your journey mine is love. we are beings of love and by embracing this truth and living it fully we sew sacred threads of bliss into each and every step along the way.

I was sitting at a playground watching my son as he embraced the fullness of life with incredible beauty when I realized that joy is innate and happiness is a blessing we are gifted with in the womb.

I gave myself the gift of truth which liberated my spirit and illuminated my blessings which I then shared with others in uniquely inspiring ways.

people don't understand depression. I hear them say I was depressed and I could still work... when talking about depression look at it like you would others illnesses like autism. billy has autism and he is married, has a good job and is fully functional. Dave has autism and can't live alone, has trouble leaving the house and needs constant supervision. they are at different ends of the spectrum. depression works this way also. Debbie has depression and she is having a bad day and has chosen to stay in bed today. sheila has depression and she picked up a gun and shot herself in the head. they are at different ends of the spectrum. I understand depression because I have lived with it for sixty years.

how many churches have to be attacked, how many school shootings do there have to be, how many mass killings do we need to happen before we as compassionate human beings say no more. when do we stop playing politics and start taking care of each other. when do we throw out sexism, racism, homophobia and replace them with love and kindness. stop killing people because your country is the good country. stop killing people because your god is the real god. please stop.

you are a force of love with a beauty unfolding whose soul touches the eternal and whose life is a sacred source of inspiration.

allowing love into my life is what ultimately saved me. while I had many struggles along the way it was my punishing myself and denying myself that truly held me down. then one day i realized that I could rise at any time which inspired me to open the door to my heart and invite people in.

see yourself as worthy and live that truth as you align with your higher purpose for you are a light being born of love on a journey to divine happiness.

I was watching the tv looking for real honest decent compassionate kind loving people and when I couldn't find any I turned it off and opened the door to my Childs bedroom and watched him sleep with the knowledge that good people do still exist.

divine is the love that cultivates a higher purpose and inspires a path of light that leads us to greater happiness.

live your highest self, live your greatest purpose and live your best life as doing do will make yours a journey of positive personal growth and cleansing transformation that leads to true authentic joy.

miracles can happen when we love ourself and others in pure positive ways that open the heart and embrace the soul.

I was awakened this morning by the sound of hope singing a song of encouragement to my true sacred self.

I choose each day to empower myself by seeking encounters and experiences that elevate the heart and soul.

when anxiety overcomes me and I am having trouble breathing I listen to my sacred heartbeat and its rhythms calm me down to the point where I can see my path in a more positive light.

you are a beautifully designed divine being of pure poetic beauty whose very essence is an ethereal expression of love.

feel the vibrations of your soul and let their sacred message help you create a brighter future of significant change in which you reach true enlightenment.

live your divinity by walking your path with compassionate courage and self love while serving the highest and greatest good.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Walk A Positive Path To A Higher Purpose

transcendent and transformational is the reality we are embraced with when we walk a positive path to a higher purpose that opens our heart and soul to greater experiences of love.

be yourself. be joy. be light. be positive. be divine. be kind. be spiritual. be compassionate. be radiant. be loving. be yourself.

I waited many years to be inspired by angels until I came to the realization that I am an angel here on earth and in that moment of awareness I began to inspire myself.

free yourself from the negativity of others by living more positively. positive choices, reactions, paths, purpose, connections, changes...

your true nature is to blossom into the unique and powerful being of beauty and light that is your divine destiny. live your true nature.

there are great benefits to loving yourself completely as doing so frees your soul, deepens your awareness and lights up your world with miraculous experiences.

mental health problems for me aren't a hidden illness because I share them with the world every day while explaining to people that my brain processes information differently than theirs and that to better handle my sacred existence I must frame each moment in a matter that my brain can accept. I am not ill I am challenged and I believe as I always have that I am up to the challenge.

smiles, hugs, handshakes, pats on the back and kind words are beneficial contributions to the betterment of all humanity.

yes you can. remember that time you stood up after you were knocked down. remember that time you thought you couldn't but you did. remember that time you believed it was never going to stop yet it did. remember that time you survived. yes you can because you have survived. yes you can because you are strong. yes you can because you are loved. the time has come to remember that throughout your life you have overcome many struggles. the time has come to remember that YES YOU CAN!

venture with me into greater freedom where together we shall embrace our blessings in beneficial ways that serve the greatest and highest good.

in my dreams I visit other worlds where spirits and angels guide me to places of cleansing awareness and boundless love where I am taught to live my dreams when I awaken.

there are treasures on every path which reveal themselves when we use our vibrant spirit to expand the hearts of those we encounter along the way.

love illuminates the bountiful blessings of life while helping us create a blueprint for happiness that honors the light and serves the soul.

each time anxiety attacks me I embrace the highest good for I know in my heart that my positive energy is stronger than any negative energy life can throw at me.

even if we don't realize it at the time every life experience opens the heart a little wider so that we can let more blessings in.

you are a living miracle and by accepting this truth you connect to higher realms where angels dance in heavenly light.

when I choose to make it my purpose to live from the soul I discover the way to the sacred where I awaken spiritually to the true beauty of my life.

I been this day with a smile. I leave the house with a song in my heart. I embrace each moment with love and I walk in the light of hope and happiness. this is my day and I choose to live it joyously.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One