Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

As a man I have seen far to many women suffer abuse at the hands of men.

From this point on Let No Man Raise His Hand in Anger , Let No Man Raise His Hand in Hate , Let No Man Raise His Hand in Conflict for to do so diminishes the Human Spirit.

Women are our greatest treasure. They bring life into the world. They nurture our spirits and nourish our souls yet far too many of them suffer at the hands of men. What is wrong with us as a society that in the 21st century we still allow this to take place. We must rise up against those that would oppress , we must rise up against those that would abuse. We must rise up against those that value life so little that they would batter ones soul.

Let us embrace Love as a way of life and acknowledge Women as the Divine Blessing they are.

I received a phone call last night from a loved one whose partner was in jail because he had beaten her bloody. What possesses a two hundred pound man to batter a one hundred and fifty pound woman. What possesses a man to ever raise his hand to a woman. This is disturbing , puzzling and unacceptable. As men we must raise our voices for silence is a form of abuse . We can no longer turn our backs on our Mothers , Sisters , Wives and Friends.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

Let today be a Healing Celebration in which we Honour every Woman on Sacred Mother Earth.

For my friends in the Creative Arts I ask that you use your gifts to create awareness. Use your music , art , poetry , writing ... to help change peoples paradigm that we may once and for all put an end to this epidemic. For my friends in the Spiritual/Healing Arts I ask that you send your Prayers and Healing Energies to every Woman who has ever suffered abuse at the hands of a man.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

As a society we must seek to create better men for the ones we have produced so far have failed. We live in a world of rape , murder , molestation , crime and war. We must choose better leaders , create better schools and seek an existence that is less selfish and more selfless.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

The pure loves light of my Wifes smile embraces my soul , the beauty of my sisters enchants my spirit , the radiance of my nieces inspires my inner child and the divine spark within every woman I have ever met motivates me to cry out to my fellow man - No More ! No More ! - put your hand down and raise your heart in celebration of the majesty of all women.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

I ask that you transform your thoughts to those of peace , love and beauty. I ask that you have a reverence for life that honours the beauty of all living things. I ask that you live a soul centered life that promotes social awareness and achieves positive change. I ask that you open your hearts to all women for to do so connects us with higher wisdom and allows love and joy to flow into our lives. I ask that you reach for the heavens while keeping your feet on the ground thereby facilitating peace in the world and creating abundant new possibilities.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

Women have an innate connection to the soul that transcends this earthly existence. Let us rejoice in their magnificence and seek the fruit of their wisdom that we may all find a peace profound as we live in harmony. To move forward in life we must realize that happiness is a choice and must make a conscious effort to make better choices. Teach your children well for they are the future of humankind. We spend so much time teaching math and science and far too little time teaching love , honour , respect , compassion , integrity , dignity and truth. If we are to survive we must teach our children to breathe joy and happiness , to embrace respect and compassion , to see selflessly through spiritual eyes.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

May this simple note inspire you to Light a Candle of Love thereby illuminating a path of spirit nurturing truth that will lead us out of these dark times into a brighter tomorrow.

Tell your Mother you Love her!
Tell your Sister you Love her!
Tell your Daughter you Love her!

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

Yours in the Glory of Love Profound
MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Approach the Darkness in a Loving Manner with a Heart Wide Open

I approach the darkness in a loving manner with a heart wide open because I know that it is but a reflection of my suffering and by acknowledging its pain I can help us both heal.

look every day for deeper meaning, for it is the simple intent to discover that there is more than you thought possible which will help you to grow into your greatness.

we grow as people when we live our passion and share our purpose in transforming ways that enrich and empower.

embody the things that make you special and share them with the world for you are a sacred blessing whose uniquely beautiful essence is a shining light that uplifts and inspires.

to bless someone with an act of kindness is a sacred healing experience for both the giver and the receiver.

mine became a life of greater vision and purpose when I allowed love to fill my heart.

the energy of our sacred essence when shared embraces life with a richness of spirit that fills the world with miraculous blessings.

approach each day with greater self awareness and you will discover just how beautiful you are while opening spiritual gateways to wonderful new worlds.

you are ready to shine. you are ready to move forward in glorious new directions. you are ready to live your highest self. the time is now and you are ready.

the universe is filled with divine realities that reveal themselves when we engage in spirit guided activities that elevate, enlighten and transform.

we evolve spiritually by walking our path in a simple profound manner that expresses our true nature in loving life affirming ways.

we liberate our life when we share the blessings in our heart with the intention of living our highest and greatest purpose.

today I will uplift the human spirit with expressions of love that benefit the good of all.

vibrant is the flow of energy in the soul of those whose uniqueness and diversity create a nurturing environment that changes lives and serves a higher purpose.

speak to your heart and it will embrace you with messages of love that will guide you along a path of miracles and inspiration which will change your life in uniquely beautiful ways.

embrace your life with simple miracles like smiles, hugs and random acts of kindness as this will make yours a soul nourishing path that gives birth to your dreams, desires and visions.

while on a personal journey of spiritual growth I discovered the uniquely beautiful light of love that is my sacred essence and was inspired to walk a path that served the greater good of humanity.

love is a joyously uplifting blessing that transforms, invigorates and inspires every aspect of our existence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 28, 2018

I Have A Capacity For Love That Is Boundless

my child shows me each day that I have a capacity for love that is boundless and that reality has empowered and enhanced every moment of my existence.

I still at times walk through the bowels of hell if only to visit family so I can remember from whence I came and celebrate the beauty of where my heart and soul now reside.

a life lived spiritually is a blessing that opens the heart of humanity to the sacred beauty of the world.

we make divine connections that invite angels into our lives when we nurture our passions and nourish our purpose.

I fear not the truth for all my struggles are but realities that I have conquered which allow me to live beautifully. the truth resides within me for even the darkness needs someone to talk to.

learn to love yourself and you change your vibration which liberates your life in ways that purify the soul.

we grow as a person when through kindness and compassion we help others come alive.

we find insights, answers, meaning and purpose when we explore our true nature and share its pure loving energy.

let the greatness within you light the way and yours will be a path where dreams and desires become sacred realities to be cherished and celebrated.

within the heart and soul of humanity there are miracles and blessings which when shared with kindness help us to manifest an abundant life of joy and happiness.

awaken within you the true nature of love and you will be immersed in positive vibrations of joy which will enable you to grow spiritually.

the world needs you. it needs you to share your greatness. it needs you to shine your light. it needs you joyfully harvest a life of love. it needs you to reach out to others with the compassion that exists within. the universe needs you.

with each and every breath we grow spiritually and it is by recognizing and celebrating this blessing that we bring profound positive purpose to our life.

deeply connect to the powers within and yours will be a journey of light filled with meaningful encounters that enhance and enrich your ethereal existence.

the essence of who we are is sacred and by embracing this reality we experience greater love and happiness.

there rests within the core of our being transformative blessings waiting to awaken and change our life for the better.

we are all born gifted and by removing stress, anxiety... from our lives we are better able to see those gifts and share them with the world.

lovingly create a path of spiritual significance and divine joy as this will help and heal you and those blessed to experience the beauty of who you are.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Beautiful Is The Prayer

beautiful is the prayer of those sacred souls who embrace their blessings with love every moment of every day.

it was when i journeyed inward that I found my sacred self and began to live my life in loves light as a higher spiritual being.

bathe with me in a stream of miracles where love and joy open us to our innate goodness that we may see clearly with eyes of spirit the sacredness in all things.

nourishing are those experiences that bring love to every step you take by embracing the essence of who you are.

the more alive you are with love, the easier it will be to live completely in the moment as you manifest your dreams.

it is my intention on this day to journey into wholeness and venture into love.

your highest calling in life is simply to be yourself for that is a most blessed and beautiful thing to be.

you are a beautifully unique source of light whose loving positive energy and compassionate healing presence are a blessing to all.

the twinkle in the eye of a child that is happy is a beautiful blessing that elevates our mind, body and soul into the light.

cultivate greater harmony and life becomes a song of spirit that inspires our true authentic self to dance joyously in the sunlight of all that is sacred.

within every choice we make, within every step we take and within every adventure we embark on there are blessings waiting to open our heart and soul to the sweet sacred beauty of life.

make someone smile and your soul will blossom in sacred ways that benefit humanity.

the hardest thing to be is who we are and those of us who thrive are the ones who have refused to allow anybody or anything to deter us from being exactly who we are.

from the sacred fabric of your existence weave a blanket of balance and wellness that will warm your heart while adding richness to your life.

see beyond your struggles. see through your pain. see past your depression. see the love that is your true nature. see the beauty of your sacred self. see the glory of your greatness. life is a miracle of illumination and revelation when we look with eyes of spirit and truly see.

wholeness and happiness reside somewhere deep in the soul waiting for us to let them out to play.

you are a healing source of well being whose spirit generates high vibrations of divine inspiration which help make ours a more loving universe.

your sacred beauty is a blessing that touches the heart of others with pure positive energy.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Release The Spirit of Love That Resides Within

release the spirit of love that resides within and it will enrich your life and the lives of others with positive, profound and healing waters of love and light.

it was when I decided to shine a light on the darkness of my depression that I began to see certain truths which when removed opened me to the true nature and beauty of my sacred self.

you are a rare treasure of truth and beauty whose very essence is an expression of love that enlivens the heart and soul.

enjoy your existence for it is a blessing of light and you are an extraordinary being.

kindness awakens and uplifts the soul by illuminating our life with wonderful gifts which embrace us with a greater sense of happiness.

a smile is a sacred force and an expression of beauty that nurtures our world with goodness.

life changes for the better when we make beautifully thoughtful choices that illuminate and purify our path and purpose in positive ways.

I was building a destiny of light by weaving love into the fiber of my being when I stopped to listen to the sound of my true self growing spiritually.

with loving intent and an open heart I greet this day.

a tree stands in the nature of my love from which grows sacred fruit that nourish the mind, body, spirit and soul of my true sacred self.

at the core of my being is a place of wholeness where the spirit sings a song of miracles which when listened to inspire goodness and greatness.

mine is a path blanketed by love which I share freely with the intention of benefiting and blessing each soul I meet along the way.

your true spiritual calling is to be a doer of miracles.

while following my passions I ventured deep within my spirit where happiness blooms and discovered that I am truly blessed in many ways.

today let us ride the waves of kindness to places of light where together we can serve and enlighten our universe by creating more joy.

profoundly inspiring is the radiant beauty of your heart, soul and spirit.

call forth the wholeness, beauty and love in each moment for they are divine blessings that will deeply connect you to your true purpose in life.

life is transformed when we embrace the true nature of our being and share its sacred loving wisdom with the world.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Say Something Nice

I was waiting yesterday for somebody to say something nice. I waited all day until I realized what was happening. I then said something nice to somebody else and they said something nice back...

greater spiritual health comes when we cultivate compassion in our heart and then use it to contribute something unique and beautiful with the world.

yours is a shamanic voice of spiritual empowerment when used to light the way for others.

the highest path is not the one less taken it is the one taken with kindness, compassion and love as your guides.

we can choose in life what we wish to learn. I chose to learn to love myself. the knowledge I gained has helped me nurture my purpose in profound ways that allow me to live more beautifully.

I invited angels into my heart and their divine reality and sacred wisdom inspired me to engage the world spiritually as I lived the best life possible.

at any moment we are surrounded by simultaneous realities and our job is to choose the one which best serves our sacred evolution.

we are born gifted and our purpose is to share those gifts with each other for we are the caretakers of tomorrow.

the deeper you go within the more passionately alive you will feel and the greater your contribution to the universe will be.

I gave my spiritual self a hug and was rewarded with an empowering energy which inspired me to lovingly craft a life made of pure sacred beauty.

you are a uniquely extraordinary and profoundly sacred being whose actions and intentions are blessings that serve the greater good.

powerful is the voice that helps humanity evolve for it is the voice of kindness, it is the voice of compassion and it is the voice of love.

pure passionate joy like a ray of sunshine warms the heart and soul of who we are when we choose to share our exquisitely beautiful sacred self with the world.

positive living creates within us an awareness of the divine that makes ours a joyful existence which reaches beyond the extraordinary.

today with a clear open mind set your intentions to serving humanity in ways positive and watch as with every act of kindness love flows more freely.

actions inspired by spirit are blessings that embrace the essence of who we are with a new freedom and a higher purpose.

we grow, blossom and transform when we walk in beauty with love as our angelic guide.

with healing spirit love generously and you will be embraced by a celestial awareness that will purify and energize your sweet sacred path.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Live Your Highest Self And You Help Humanity Heal

live your highest self and you help humanity heal. love your authentic self and you help humanity heal. together let us live and love in unity as we help humanity heal.

empower yourself by embracing your goodness and sharing its precious gifts in mindful loving ways that inspire others to act in kind.

I opened myself to the beauty of myself and found myself better able to love myself in ways that are beneficial to myself.

rewarding is the path walked with love for it is one of beauty and power where miracles are created and lives are transformed.

sacred is the soul who awakens the light within and shares its goodness with the world.

mine is an enlivened spirit that is uplifted and nourished by the kindness of those who speak from the heart and love from the heavens.

engage in loving experiences that free the soul and your life will be blessed with a purity that opens gateways of wellness which lead to miraculous worlds of cosmic bliss.

the intention to help others will facilitate growth, beauty and goodness which will bring more joy into your world.

allow your true self to blossom by believing fully in who you are as you follow your destiny to the sweet inspiring beauty of your birthplace in the heavens.

mine is a path of inspiration in which I live my spirituality by making choices that benefit others.

kind compassionate actions elevate our spirit by blessing us with sacred gifts of light and love.

it is when we can see our true beauty that we begin to move beyond the physical into a more spiritual universe.

the simple pleasures in life are spiritual treasures that gently and beautifully guide us along a path of light to a place of goodness.

there are moments of sacred healing that awaken the power within when we champion the human spirit by connecting to each other in sacred ways that reveal our true beauty.

with love and acceptance connect to your spirit and you will feel a higher vibration that inspires within you positive personal growth.

embrace your true self, embrace your divine light, embrace your heart and soul and embrace your angels and guides for life blossoms when embraced.

you are a sacred gift illuminated by the light of the universe whose purpose is simply to love and be loved.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One