Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Embrace The Metaphysical Aspects Of Life

explore your inner truth and you will discover that you have natural healing abilities which when set free enrich the spirit while channeling divine energies that embrace the metaphysical aspects of life.

you are a highly evolved and compassionate teacher of love whose profound and divine life is filled with incredibly amazing experiences that make the world a better place. you are a friend. you are a wife. you are a mother. you are a woman. you are a being of light and every day you bless the world with who you are.

a life centered on spirit is one of empowering intentions which embraces the world with beautiful messages delivered from the heart and soul.

enrich your soul and enlighten your mind by bathing in the healing and cleansing waters of true divine love.

a wholistic journey of self growth and evolvement is ours when we live a spiritually oriented life in which we share our healing energy and radiant sacred beauty with the world.

blessed beyond belief are we who open the door to spirit with the desire to connect to something greater as we become something miraculous.

self love and worth are beautiful gifts and powerful tools that we give ourselves which embrace the nature of our soul while guiding us to a place of spirit where the flow of the universe helps us create a loving nurturing environment of heart felt happiness.

find your way into the light by making yours a shamanic journey of sacred truth and a metaphysical celebration that nurtures the soul and opens doorways to spirituality.

positive support and encouragement is a gift of kindness that brings balance and harmony to life.

integrate awareness into your life that you may discover how truly wonderful you are.

it is when our sincere intention is love that we become vessels of spirit whose journey is a blessing of light that empowers and awakens.

joyfully express your sacred spiritual self and your path will be one of exploration, experimentation and enlightenment in which you manifest your dreams and desires.

spirit experienced through love creates personal sacred growth which heals the heart and blesses the soul.

powerful and transformative are those inspired by spirit who with confidence and clarity use their innate sacred abilities to walk a path of wholeness.

in peaceful positive ways i walk through mystical realms hand in hand with the universal flow of energy and beautifully guided by spirit.

when we are spiritually connected with our world we are better able to create a healing environment and fulfilling future that benefit our sacred well being.

you are an extraordinary soul. you are a gift to be cherished. the sacred light of the ancients shines upon you. live, love and share freely the glory of your greatness.

open the gateway to your true spiritual self and show the world the beauty that exists in the greater depths of your being.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Greatness and Glory of your Life

listen to your higher self and sacred treasures will be revealed which connect to the universe giving you a better view of the greatness and glory of your life.

greater possibilities unfold and limitless opportunities come our way when we celebrate our capacity to love.

with reverence for all life whisper your prayer to the universe and yours will be a transformation in which the spirit blossoms as the heart sings a mesmerizing song of love.

with loving intent shine the sacred light of your soul on your ethereal essence as this will awaken you to your divine destiny and guide you on a journey of beautiful visionary experiences.

you are a true miracle of innate goodness and by sharing your blessings you embark on a spiritually exciting adventure of beauty and truth.

a pure heart generates a flow of positive energy that nourishes the spiritual self thereby helping us to create a better life.

if we want a healthier world we have to take our medicine. love is our medicine. take your medicine.

with clear compassionate intention illuminate your path and purpose with the sacred beauty of your true self as doing so will open you to life changing magickal experiences.

listen to your dreams and they will enlighten you to the loving truth that you are a wonderfully beautiful and resonant creation of divine light from the spirit realm whose true purpose is to contribute something special a nd sacred to the world.

conscious awareness of our innate healing abilities opens the heart of who we are allowing our true self to emerge empowered and guide us to a place of sacred purpose where we may transform into love.

alive and happy are we whose positive personal beliefs make us beautifully thoughtful and fully blossoming beings of light.

when you authentically express yourself and you begin to build a destiny of sacred beauty and greater spiritual depth.

heartbeats are sacred thoughts which when listened to weave beauty into our lives making them a loving celebration of spirit.

embrace self acceptance and the divinity within will unfold into your life making yours a fulfilling path of beauty that is powerfully purified by truthful intent.

open your mind to the realization that yours is an inspiring story of mystical truths whose natural flow of divine energy helps those blessed to experience your greatness to grow spiritually.

a deeper experience of self creates around us a field of positive energy which leads to passageways of light that are healing and transformative.

awaken to the truth within and yours will be a life deeply influenced by spirit in which you experience infinite blessings.

open up to your aliveness and let its pure magickal energy take you on a transformative journey of light to beautiful new horizons of love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Create Enriching Moments Of Light

walk beyond the threshold of your existence and reality for it is there that you will discover that you have always had the ability to create enriching moments of light.

a blossoming path of sacred synergy is ours when we engage in spiritual activities that illuminate our great natural beauty.

you have extraordinary spiritual strengths and at any time you can use them to craft a path of transcendent caring that manifests positive realities of harmony and happiness.

the miracle of self forgiveness is that it unveils the glory within which inspires us to create and manifest a beautiful life of joy.

dreams, visions and compassionate ideals composed of light make our path one that is abundantly overflowing with acts of love.

be more open to love and yours will be a delightfully fantastic journey of soul awakening experiences.

listen to the ancients and they will help you create a divine template of sacred aspirations that heal and cleanse the mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.

make loving choices and yours will be a truly beautiful life of spirit where every moment is embraced by the purifying energy of heavens sacred waters.

we are wonderfully divine and love minded seekers of light on a path of spiritual evolution.

you are the architect of your own history with the ability to build a more positive reality of mystical experiences that lead to harmony and happiness.

sacred self confidence manifests powerful profound change which reveals to us mystical landscapes where we may live magickally the miracle of our ethereal existence.

consciously create within your mind a beautiful sea of positive energy and let its peaceful and inspiring waters cleanse your heart, soul and spirit.

when we reach out to help others we embrace our unique essence in a way that opens portals of awareness which lead us to the heart of greatness.

loving self acceptance is a magickal gift which fills our lives with heart centered experiences that improve every aspect of our existence.

touch the higher self with positive loving energy and you create a miraculous reality of ethereal beauty that is divinely captivating.

a more beautiful world is ours when we use our miraculous powers to create a healing environment in which we radiate light and love.

connect with your guides and they will show you the way to a light filled place of spirit and truthful goodness which will transform your world into a place of beautiful aliveness and divine happiness.

there is a smile on the face of the soul and when we return that smile we liberate the higher self which opens doors to new world where we may manifest greater love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We Heal On All Levels When We Engage The Soul

we heal on all levels when we engage the soul for the soul is a sacred teacher who will guide us on a path of personal balance to a place of enlightened bliss.

a wondrous future filled with wisdom that nourishes and empowers awaits those who live their lives for the good of humanity.

listen to the sacred whispers of the soul and you will hear a message of love that inspires you to be a more positive powerful being of light.

you are a precious resource of infinite love and light whose smile can open gateways to transformation.

let us be spiritual companions who experience the light within while living purposeful meaningful lives in which we journey into love.

ours is a loving universe and its time that we as inspired beings of light love it back.

we receive extraordinary benefits when we share our natural gifts and loving spirit with the world.

you are gifted with abilities that radiate positive energy when with infinite compassion you use them to create a greater reality of wholeness and healing.

open yourself to the higher vibrational energies of the angels of spirit and they will awaken you to the happiness within.

inside each soul is a living temple filled with positive inspiring messages and sacred expressions of love waiting for our arrival that they may shine their light for the benefit of all.

we bring clarity to our journey when we have a loving conversation with the pure conscious of our divine self.

it is time to share your gifts so make the choice to work with the higher self to spread light and love to the world.

may yours be a self loving state of pure positive intentions where you speak mindfully as you live your highest good.

kindness towards self manifests precious moments of joy that create a purified atmosphere of holistic bliss.

clarity of thought is a catalyst for spiritual cleansing which inspires us to connect with the universe as we honor the light and celebrate life.

you are a gift to the universe. you are a beautiful soul. you are a sacred being of light. live and love who you are for you are a divine blessing.

an exhilarating awakening of spirit occurs when we seek to create positive change by releasing the constant flow of love within our heart.

you are an expression of the divine whose life is an uplifting adventure of ethereal glory.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Metaphysical Holistic Life of Mystical Experiences

a metaphysical holistic life of mystical experiences that help us grow spiritually is gifted to us by the universe when we immerse ourselves in the healing light of love.

at the core of your being lies a spiritual power source which releases blessings into your world when you when you walk a sacred path of meaning and authenticity.

plant with me a sacred garden where flowers of light nourish the spirit and ours will be an enchanted paradise where every day is a feast of faith overflowing with joy.

when we seek to be of service to humanity we are blessed with extraordinary possibilities that guide us to a magickal world of life changing experiences.

empower your journey by making a deeper connection with your true sacred self as this will create within you balance, wellness and a higher vibration of love.

let us embark upon a sacred journey of beautiful change through purifying waters where our compassionate actions radiate light and love.

you are on a spiritual path and by giving yourself greater freedom to explore deeper truths you let your light shine on your true sacred beauty and yours becomes a journey of joyful self discovery.

spiritual growth happens when we help others heal.

we are infinite vessels of sacred beauty who by compassionately sharing our light support spiritual growth and divine alignment with the heavens and earth.

you have a mystical heritage which if explored will reveal positive passageways to landscapes of light where your blossoming heart is free to soar to new heights of love.

it is by truly loving who you are that you activate sacred abilities which fill your life with intuitive revelations and gifts from heaven.

kindness, compassion and love are the tools necessary to make ours an awakened life and infinite path of being that takes us to higher dimensions of our divine existence.

the earth, the stars, the sun and the moon are all celestial guides which when listened to and followed lead us home to the heaven that is our destiny.

within us are spheres of awareness that increase spiritual happiness and awaken our aliveness when we share the gift of our greatness with the world.

a monumental shift occurs that sets the soul on fire when you partake in heart centered practices that connect you to your higher self.

we make miracles possible when we honor the light as this attracts angelic forces which make ours a spiritual adventure to heightened levels of love.

walk with me through sacred lands where all beings commune in joyful purpose as they help each other transform.

it is by bringing awareness into our lives that we awaken and enhance the deeply spiritual aspects of our true nature.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 07, 2017

I Bless the Universe with the Love Overflowing from my Heart

mine is a spiritually centered life of awareness and growth in which i bless the universe with the love overflowing from my heart.

in fields of ancient wisdom i walk surrounded by angels whose inspiring messages make mine a purpose driven path of beauty and truth in which i share my love and light with the world.

evolution of the soul takes place and we attract spiritual abundance when ours is a positive mindset of boundless compassion that encourages and empowers us to live and share the joy and beauty of our highest self.

we experience the magickal when we partake in powerful spiritual practices that are positive and inspiring.

when you love being yourself you bring more light into your life and waves of change embrace you with greater joy and happiness.

you blossom into a beautiful joyful being of spirit when you use your powerful healing energies to spiritually enlighten yourself and others.

there is a space within where dreams and intentions align and by showing ourselves more love and respect we set those blessings free which impacts our world in positive uplifting ways.

angels and ethereal spirits of higher energy surround us with love and we as sacred celestial beings blossom when we open our hearts fully to those wondrous and beautiful blessings.

it is compassion for others and the courage to love that provide us with greater joy and inspiration.

connect deeply with the essence of your spirit and yours will be a path of higher vibrations and powerful sacred moments.

a change is coming in which your life will be a spiritually enriching mystical adventure of insight and inspiration where beauty and goodness embrace you with love.

the glow of the soul is a lamp of powerful sacredness that lights the way to a mystical world of wonder for those who truly believe and are ready to see clearly the signs and messages dancing in the heavens.

make choices you can be proud of which accelerate your spiritual journey and embrace you with feelings of bliss.

motivate your actions with love and you open portals to the divine where kindness is in the air and your true inner beauty shines radiantly for all the heavens to see.

positive healing energy that is life enhancing lives within us all and we as celestial beings release that energy into the atmosphere when we make genuine caring choices that benefit ourselves and the world.

listen to the whispers of your angelic guides for their words and wisdom are signs from heaven letting you know that you are stronger than you realize and that you have the power to rise above any obstacle life puts in your way.

celebrate mother earth by joyfully greeting each day with a smile on your heart and a mission to let the love and light from within flow harmoniously into the world.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Embrace the Essence of the Earth

embrace the essence of the earth with radiant expressions of divinity and yours will be a path of deep mystical experiences that shower you with love.

a grateful heart revives and rejuvenates higher forms of love which gift us with inner peace and harmony.

with conscious intention lift yourself up so that you can see the soul awaken and reveal the treasures of spirit within.

it is when you feel the flow of cosmic energy dancing in harmony with your true spiritual self that your life is changed forever.

make the choice to journey into wellness and positive transmissions of natural healing energy will bless your life with sacred gifts of genuine truth that make you free and happy.

you are a miraculous masterpiece of spirit. that you exist is a gift.

you are a spiritually attuned and joyful creation with miraculous powers who by loving yourself each and every day create a flow of blessings that positively impact the world.

the deeper the understanding of who we are the more we attract what it is that we desire in life for we are beings of light whose destiny is one of glory and greatness.

in fields of energy and authentic inspiration i gather joyful miracles of profound healing that i release into the atmosphere with the knowledge that they will make their way to those who need them most.

yours is a life truly worth living and by treating yourself lovingly you gain greater insight into what a deeply mystical and wondrous universe this is and how sacred and celestial a being you are.

a happy and peaceful path of pure living comes our way when we embrace new ways of being and choose to live a life of spirit.

give to the world all your beauty that they may discover your magnificence and embrace the divine reality of your true sacred self.

celebrate being alive and the spirit flowing through you will take you on a journey of pure light and love where each day is a blessing of bliss.

your soul has a tale to tell. it is a beautiful natural story of holistic harmony and heavenly blessings where the world embraces the miracle of who you are.

spiritual diversity creates for us a greater reality of magickal possibilities and rejuvenating experiences that make life more meaningful.

a place of wholeness reveals itself to us when we express our divine nature in empathetic caring ways that shine a light on our positive life purpose.

abundant gardens of greater understanding and infinite wisdom reside within the soul and by greeting each day with gratitude and generosity those blessings unfold into our world.

sing a song of spirit as you dance in splendor to the rhythm of your vibrant loving heartbeat for you are a sacred being touched by love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One