Thursday, November 26, 2015

Create Kindness In The Universe

spiritually conscious living creates kindness in the universe which inspires us to explore the sacred within and make richly transformative choices that bring joy to others that they too may believe in their goodness and realize that life is a gift. be conscious. be kind.

a soul that is nourished enables you to be fully awake and create a life you love that is deeper and more meaningful.

greater self respect and responsibility sparks the divine within and makes us more aware that we have the power to make a difference.

happy and fulfilled are they who come to the empowering realization that they are on a higher mission of abundant well being and heart opening transformation.

we experience greater peace when we honour our own abilities by providing guidance and healing for others. it is through acts of kindness that magick happens and miracles occur.

awaken your true self and share with the world your unique soul story for yours is an impactful path meant to touch hearts and change lives.

loving acceptance of the truth and beauty of your sacred self releases soul based energy from within which nurtures the spirit and creates an atmosphere of heart centered living that changes life for the better. with gratitude and thankfulness accept the glory and greatness of who you are.

every moment in our life is an opportunity to grow and when we seize those opportunities we embrace the essence of life with blessings and miracles that guide us to experiences of tremendous love.

live for the good of all. love for the good of all. it is by accepting that the greater good is that which serves the good of all that we blossom into beauty and ours becomes a garden of sacred transformation.

liberate your passions and purpose by opening yourself to new possibilities for by exploring beyond your reach you will discover waves of light that will illuminate a path to a place of heart centered living where you may live with greater joy.

when we help others transform we experience the extraordinary for acts of kindness create a spiritual well being that makes our journey alive and vibrant with light and love.

the soul has a beautiful smile which shines all the more brightly whenever you reach out to others in love and kindness.

live your life as a positive affirmation of your sacred beauty and divine greatness for you are a unique contribution to the universe whose loving essence is a profound gift and by sharing your light you joyfully immerse yourself and others in a sea of spiritual purification.

to truly be in love with yourself is an empowering realization that will inspire you to live your dreams and move you forward joyously in the direction of your divine destiny.

the brightness within you is an infinite source of inspiration and by sharing its beauty with others you bring more love into the world.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nourishing Our Existence

( artwork by manuela galo de cuendias 1898 )

the more meaningful the contributions we make to our life and the lives around us the more nourishing our existence will be for open hearted interactions with ourself and others enables and inspires us to evolve into the divine.

these our times of great change and we can awaken our dreams and turn our desires into destiny if we approach life at a soul level and seek to make our thoughts and actions expressions of joy.

a healing relationship with the self begins when we immerse ourself in the life force energy within as doing so creates a greater awareness of spirit which frees the soul in a way that inspires us to embrace our true nature and emerge transformed.

journey with me to wholeness where we will joyfully connect to our sacred purpose as we see clearly the sacredness of the soul and align ourselves with our true divine essence.

make an effort to have the most beautiful relationship possible with yourself for it is when we love ourself completely that life becomes a series of extraordinary opportunities that transmit the sacred and transform us into the beings of light that we are destined to be.

let us embark on a sacred journey where we engage life fully as we bring forth more light. let us nurture peace within as we make ours a soul stirring adventure where we positively impact the world around us. let us embrace the oneness of all life.

embrace who you are today and you will bring forth the light of tomorrow which will guide you to profound transformative experiences that will enrich your soul, enhance your spirit and enlighten your very essence.

there are parts of you waiting to be discovered. there are sacred secrets and divine discoveries waiting for you to find your way home. explore the beauty of your true and highest self for it is there that you will experience the healing and happiness you so desire.

you are an instrument of spirit whose true nature is one of heroic adventures that embrace the heart and soul of all humanity with a joyful awareness of the beauty of life.

greater aliveness comes to us when we realize that every moment of our life is an opportunity to experience the divine as we traverse celestial realms within.

ignite your passion and purpose with new visions of light and love by expanding your consciousness in a way that allows your spiritual heart to embrace your own magnificence with happiness and goodwill.

when we bathe in the light of kindness, compassion and love our path becomes one of positive transformation where we feel more fully alive as we connect with the sacred.

purity of thought and intention makes ours a life changing journey of divine energy and sacred courage where spontaneous prayer creates positive realities that transform our life and the world around us.

live your life with the greatest compassion. keep going forward. we evolve and change when we are active participants in our lives. know that everyday miracles occur when we awaken to the reality that each moment in our life is an opportunity to encourage and empower. live your life with the highest intentions.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Path Of Spiritual Evolution

there is greater meaning and sacred healing within yourself and others which when believed in and embraced will take you down a path of spiritual evolution where yours will be a life extraordinary.

there is possibility in every moment and if you believe in possibility the gifts of life and the healing powers of love will make their way home to you.

the power of your true self is limitless and if you believe in your greatness you can facilitate your freedom and liberate your spirit as you embrace your worth and significance.

let ours be a unifying prayer where we encourage each other to live a happier healthier life of bliss and harmony where we practice gratitude and live our divinity .

awareness of self and spirit helps us dream a new life into being because enhanced understanding of our true beauty is a gift we can give ourself which inspires the soul to sing and transforms our every step into a dance of love and light.

positive action and intent combined with mutual respect and love cultivates compassion and creates a better quality of life.

the key to your destiny is a myth. there are no keys because there are no doors... we ourself put up walls. we ourself put up fences. light the lamp of awareness that you may see that it is we who create boundaries and blockages. when we awaken to this truth we become more evolved and the pure spiritual energy of our true self is unleashed. throw away the key for you are free. you have always been free.

you are a truly wonderful gift and when you accept this truth with all your heart yours will be a soaring spirit of enlightened vision that ignites the inner fire and facilitates love of self and others.

the desire to help others creates a sacred sovereignty that allows the soul to bloom by embracing your spiritual heritage and gifting you with the reality that there is always hope.

when love is your purpose and kindness your passion yours becomes a path toward a brighter future of esoteric truths and metaphysical wonders where the great light of destiny and the sacred heart of mother earth vibrate joy and happiness.

there is a place deep within where belief is born. a place of divine good where gifts of the universe reside. go to this place and awaken your wisdom as you discover your miraculous powers. there is a place deep within where heaven is created.

the more open we are to receive blessings the more light we bring to the world and the more able we are to walk a path of positive transformation where we experience deeper healing and live our celestial destiny.

we are immortal beings of pure vibrational energy born of light whose heart and soul are filled with esoteric treasures.

once you discover your greater purpose the veils between dimensions are lifted and you see more clearly all the possibilities available which guides you to your greater purpose that you may do what makes your soul happy.

the spirit of mother earth is within you and by immersing yourself in her cleansing essence you gain the power to transform and yours becomes a magickal universe of holistic harmony and divine joy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Revel In The Adventure Of Life

revel in the adventure of life and let your natural beauty and life force energy embrace all who traverse this sacred land for it is by sharing our love and light that we open ourself to spiritual dimensions and the healing waters of the divine.

life is a most precious gift and we honour that gift by living beautifully. by sharing our gift we invite the spirit home as we awaken the divine. life is a most precious gift and we honour that gift by loving beautifully.

the divine is within us all and by embracing this reality with great joy we transform the spirit as we create balance and harmony.

when we encourage and inspire wellness in others we create a deep soul connection and our true self comes alive.

you have the capacity to create great beauty. you have the ability to touch the heart and soul in ways profound. yours is an elevated spirit. yours is a path of higher awareness and consciousness. you are sacred and divine. you are a being of great beauty. what a wonderful creation.

a spiritually motivated life is one of sacred awareness in which we grow and flourish into heavenly beings who change our life and the lives of others for the better.

see the angels in your daily life and open yourself to their beauty that they may guide you in a more positive direction that is spiritually rewarding where you can embrace your extraordinary powers and live your every moment with deep love and respect for yourself and the world around you.

shine a light on the path within and you will see a place where wishes come true and miracles happen. there are treasures within each of us waiting to be discovered that they may change our lives so we can change the world.

celestial guides and helpers are always with us. the more awakened and aware we are the better able we are to see their presence and open ourself to receive their love and light.

self nurturing creates clarity and insight. self love creates inner peace and harmony. how we treat ourself contributes greatly to how the world treats us. awaken to your true beauty and begin this day by embracing your sacred self and saying i love you.

you are a highly sensitive being whose life has a significant impact on others. live your life as a prayer and seek to make your every action a blessing and yours will be an extraordinary future where you are joyous and happy to be alive.

enjoy the here and now. set free the beauty that is alive within your soul and live this moment in a way that edifies and empowers.

when we are of service to others we are better able to enjoy the here and now for it is through acts of kindness and compassion that we embrace our cosmic responsibilities and create an environment of sacred light and positive energy vibrations.

journey to a place of self love for it is there that you will discover the wondrous things alive within and hear the sacred voice of the ancients.

i am blessed every day by the kindness of angels. i am inspired by heavenly souls who touch my heart with divine light and beauty. whether you know it or not you are an angel and you are a heavenly soul. thank you for being in my life. i love you.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 29, 2015

An Opportunity For Good

this very moment in your existence is an opportunity for good. you can choose right now to guide and direct yourself along a path of richness and spirit. you can invite your angels in as you let your demons out. you can respond to any given situation with love. these are things you can do. for your true self knows that this very moment in your existence is an opportunity for good.

let love and gratitude flow through you and accept your blessings. do what makes you happy and allow your deepest intentions to become your most beautiful realities. yours is an evolving story of spirit and you have control over what you write.

explore new possibilities and opportunities as you move in a positive direction for these are choices that will profoundly empower you on your path and guide you to a place of lasting happiness.

do that which serves your soul and your life will be a feast of joy and happiness that gently nurtures your divine self as it inspires a new passion for being alive.

every experience is a gift. every person is a treasure. every moment is a blessing. given these truths we should be living our lives as a celebration. open yourself to the beauty around and let the love that is your essence rejoice as you immerse yourself in every gift, treasure and blessing you have.

when you contribute to the happiness of others you find greater joy and spirit reveals itself as you journey into higher realms where you emerge into your sacred self.

we are beautiful ever evolving beings of light and by following a path of purposeful living and peaceful loving solutions we increase our spiritual awareness as we move joyously toward heaven on earth.

strengthen the positive by living your sacred worth. allow your spirit to guide you to the heart of compassion. untether your soul that the world may experience your divine beauty. this is your world to shape and you do so by sharing your glory and living your greatness.

unexpected opportunities based in spirit come to us when we commit to empowering others to overcome lifes challenges by embracing the light and living their love.

with pure love open yourself to lifes blessings for by doing so you see more clearly the gateway to heaven and yours becomes a deeply spiritual and purposeful life of great joy and happiness.

good things happen when we are more awakened and compassionate. miracles occur when we embrace loving awareness and share our divine caring presence. we are beautiful bright lights born to shine. we are souls in transformation born to be a source of inspiration. live this truth and yours will be a journey of joyful aliveness.

you have deep within your heart and soul a reservoir of pure positive energy and by believing in who you are and immersing yourself in its cleansing waters you develop yourself spiritually as you expand your capacity to love.

to fully love and accept yourself is to choose to grow for it is through belief in the beauty of who we truly are that we transform into healing loving angels of light.

a soul filled life creates a flow of events which uplift the heart and awaken the best in you that you may realize your true nature and commune with the divine.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Freely Unfold Into A Life Of Beauty

spiritual well being comes when we are brave enough to wake up to a new reality where we freely unfold into a life of beauty. embrace the essence of who you are by creating a safe and supportive environment where you may live a larger destiny as the world within provides guidance and wisdom. it is through mindful self compassion that we heal our heart and soul thereby becoming the gods and goddesses we were born to be.

to be a hero is to be yourself. to be yourself is to love life and the world around you. to love life and the world around you is to embrace all with kindness and compassion. to embrace all with kindness and compassion is to be a hero. to be a hero is to be yourself.

share your gifts with others. share what brings you joy. to show kindness and compassion is to fill the heart and soul of humanity with insight and inspiration.

faith can heal. belief can heal. have faith in who you are. believe in your greatness. hope can heal. dreams can heal. have faith in your hopes. believe in your dreams. you are a blessing and a miracle and the gateway to glory opens the moment you have faith and believe.

these are times of great change and those who illuminate their lives by stirring the magick within will open our hearts to the spirits of the land that we may all embrace higher wisdom as we immerse ourselves in unlimited possibilities and opportunities for growth.

awaken to the positive and allow its powerful feelings to inspire you to be true to yourself and forge a new clear path where you may explore your connection with spirit.

have an intimate conversation with your angels, ancestors and guides. listen and let their healing words infuse your mind, body and soul with spiritually transformative power. follow the path they bring you to for it will lead to greater understanding and a richer and fuller life of divine beauty and sacred love.

make your life better by building bridges of spiritual growth to places that light the fire within your soul for it is through actions that inspire hope that we make miraculous connections which help us evolve into our sacred self.

i hear messages from beyond which guide me to mystical planes where i embark on magickal adventures that lead to positive enriching experiences. all of this occurs simply because i listen.

selfless service to others creates a more compassionate life. every time we help another soul we manifest more meaning and inspire greater beauty. open your heart and let the light of love within guide you to your greatness that you may live the beauty of your true and sacred self.

a new earth is forming where we will connect with higher planes and awaken from within for ours is a journey of light and we are beautiful celestial beings on a sacred path of love.

to help and heal creates an expansion of light which in turn illuminates opportunities for growth that have a positive impact on our collective evolution.

we are positive loving people and by lighting the sacred fire within we create meaning in life that leads us to a place of greater glory where the miracle of our divinity begins to unfold into a blossoming flower of beauty, bliss and spiritual mastery.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Heartbeat Of Our True Sacred Self

the heartbeat of our true sacred self plays an ancient song of love and when we listen closely and open ourself to its beauty life becomes a tribal dance of kindness, caring, compassion and community.

whenever we help another soul to create a beautiful life our life becomes all the lovelier for life is a garden and when we plant seeds of joy, beauty, happiness and bliss we grow miracles that nurture ourself and others.

you are an extraordinary individual with an extraordinary life on an extraordinary journey of extraordinary adventures to extraordinary places of extraordinary light where you will discover extraordinary love. be extraordinary. its who you are.

a commitment to positive change will open doorways into other dimensions and realities where you may see more clearly just how wonderful you are and blossom into the beautiful being of light that you were born to be.

love from the heart and live from the soul for by doing so you create an atmosphere of kindness and caring which will positively transform your world.

a beautiful life is a gift we give ourself when we truly love and respect who we are. believing in yourself is a gateway to greatness. open the gate and explore the wonders that await you.

you are a blessing to others. you are a blessing to the earth. you are a blessing to the universe. blessed are we who know and love you. blessed are we who experience your greatness. blessed are we who are touched by the light of your divinity. you are a blessing.

engage your soul in a sacred dance as you sing a song of spirit and celebrate the truth and beauty of who you are.

we all have a higher calling but not all of us hear or heed the call. listen closely and take the message to heart and yours will be a path of transformation and ascension.

open yourself to new realities, ideas, dimensions, beliefs... the more open you are and the more willing you are to change the better your life will be. for every obstacle you remove there is a blessing waiting to embrace your essence.

there is light within the soul and love within the light. open your soul and unleash its beauty that all may benefit from your love and light.

awaken to a life of boundless joy. awaken to a life of passion and purpose. awaken to a path of positive intention. breathe in the beauty of who you truly are and allow yourself the opportunity to see your sacredness and use your gifts to explore the magnificence of your being as you serve humanity with love and compassion. awaken!

i am connected to you and you are connected to your neighbor and she is connected to a friend at work and they are connected to someone they met in cyberspace and he is connected to me... we are all connected.

when the soul of the sacred and the heart of the spirit discover each other is the moment in our existence where we have the clarity to live our highest good and love our true self in a way that serves humanity and the universe.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )