Thursday, December 01, 2016

The Experience of True Happiness

sacred behavior merges heart and soul as it opens us to the experience of true happiness.

give yourself permission to use your extraordinary abilities and angelic vibrations to transform your life into one of divine blessings and ethereal bliss.

give to yourself and the world around you the gift of an open heart and yours will be a life in harmony with the soul.

we all have at the core of our being life changing energies which when unleashed enliven the spirit while showering us with messages from the divine.

explore who you are and you will discover the miracle of being alive for it is by truly understanding the beauty of our sacred self that we create spiritual friendships and open gateways to love.

remember to love yourself and yours will be an awakened path that touches the now in a way that allows you to heal through awareness.

you are a gift from above. you are a catalyst for good. you are a sacred spirit born of beauty and truth whose life is a blessing. you are breathtakingly divine. i love who you are.

our very being is filled with blessings in disguise and each time we discover one we find another light within that will guide us to mystical experiences and an infinite amount of love.

listen to the whispers within and your hearts intelligence will guide you to a place of spiritual knowledge that is wonderfully uplifting and positively profound.

open yourself fully that all may feel your loving presence and experience your true compassionate nature as you embrace their heart and soul with a light most sacred.

thoughtful acts of compassionate understanding are blessings we bestow upon the world which enlighten our journey and enrich our lives.

profoundly significant is your unique spiritual path and by dancing in the light of its sacredness you experience true healing for it is at that moment when we truly believe in our divinity that miracles begin.

live meaningfully by celebrating your life and changing the way you experience the world as these simple acts facilitate spiritual enlightenment.

infuse your life with unconditional self love and you will become aware of just how magnificent you truly are.

live from the heart by walking a path that reflects your intentions as this will allow you to receive and experience love in beautiful ways that are conducive to spiritual growth.

with guidance, wisdom and intuitive intelligence we lift the soul to a state of heightened awareness where we are showered with inspirational messages that create within us an extraordinary transformation.

to be a happier person you must simply look within as by doing so you will see that you are pure love and realize just how good it is to be alive.

awaken to who you truly are for you are a being of great love whose heart is pure.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Friday, November 25, 2016

Bathe Your Life In Deeply Transformative Experiences

live your greatness by immersing yourself in the spiritual gifts within as this will strengthen your connection with the divine and bathe your life in deeply transformative experiences.

holistic intentions and a positive perspective open us to messages from the universe that we may walk a path of rewarding relationships empowered by the light.

you are a beautifully crafted sacred soul and by believing in yourself you create a flow of loving energy that fills your life with profound experiences and insights from beyond.

your dreams are closer than you know. they are waiting for you to open the door of opportunity and step through. our dreams become realities when we make the choice to live them.

awareness of self inspires us to live our life in simple profound ways which immerses our heart and soul in harmonious, peaceful and compassionate energy leading us to a place of joyous life experiences.

divine reality is a blessing of empowering inspiration that liberates our lives and leads us to our highest and greatest purpose.

walk with me a life affirming path in which we use our unique sacred abilities to be compassionate spiritual helpers that make a difference in every life we touch with love.

help people empower themselves and you help yourself live the best life possible.

within you are intuitive gifts and healing vibrations which will reveal themselves when you allow your being to evolve spiritually as it is when we grow our spirit that we fully realize the magnificence of our existence.

learn to love yourself for once you do yours will become a blissful quest in which you are engaged spiritually where you connect more closely with the miracle of life and the magick of who you are.

greater dimensional fields of divine brightness and moments of total enlightenment are waiting for us to discover that ours is a collective spiritual evolution to be loved, honored and celebrated.

you purify, energize and change your vibration by loving yourself in positive empowering ways.

invite angels into your life as they will teach you that you are a profoundly gifted being of light whose life has a divine purpose.

ours is an energetic universe and by living beautifully you create a joyful union that nurtures your passions and infuses dimensions of your being with miracles of a celestial nature.

expressing your true voice is a spiritually self empowering act which creates a life force flow of energy that embraces your world with messages of light and love.

you are a vessel of light and when you share the blessings of your heart you honor your journey in a way that assists and empowers yourself and others.

you are a unique masterpiece and by staying true to yourself you open a gateway to the miraculous power of the lightness of your being.

a great love for all is something to be soulfully celebrated as it is a sacred choice that creates a path of earthly and heavenly experiences which illuminate our path with grace, glory and a beauty most divine.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Call Forth Your Souls Essence

call forth your souls essence and connect with your sacred energy as these are the steps to profound inner bliss.

a path of spirit guided actions embraces both self and higher self opening us to an extraordinary life where dreams and desires are blessings we manifest with every breath.

greater self awareness allows us to focus on the things we love which makes ours a most beautiful and sacred life.

make significant changes that open you to the life giving energy within and this will lead you in exciting new directions where you will experience the divine.

it is by consciously seeking to evolve our spirit that we experience a deeper truth which connects us to the universe and envelopes our life with new possibilities and realities.

do what you love by offering your gifts to the world and making empowering choices that bring your visions alive.

you are an expression of the divine and by living your divinity miraculous things occur which make yours a wonderfully uplifting path of the highest well being.

present moment awareness is a gloriously enlightening gift we can give to ourselves that will ignite our innate abilities thereby changing our lives in beautiful and powerful ways.

walk a path of loving intention and you will discover your true authentic self which will guide you to a place of greater revelations and life changing insights.

at any moment you have the ability to use your true spiritual gifts to create significant results that empower and enlighten your life beyond your dreams.

choose joy and happiness. choose a higher love. choose to connect more profoundly with your true sacred self. the choices you make can elevate and transform your life today, tomorrow and forever.

shine your light for others that theirs too may be a love filled existence and divinely enlightened life.

there are metaphysical and spiritual forces of divine energy flowing through us waiting with gentle guidance to lead us down a transformative intuitive path to the light of the sacred.

a greater sense of contentment comes to us when we express our sacred essence by accepting and loving who we are.

share your miraculous gifts and you bloom from within making yours a soul infused life of illumination and transformation that opens gateways to the spirit.

enjoy being yourself by embracing the truth of who you are for you are a blessing whose love and light blossom in a way that touches the heart and soul of others making their path and yours something sacred and beautiful.

insights flow from within when we open ourselves to the wellsprings of loving energy that exist in our extraordinary lives making ours a fuller and more meaningful path to the sacred.

step into your power and let yours be a rich life of soul inspired actions that lead to higher levels of wholeness and divine spiritual awakening.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Luminous Place of Evolutionary Emergence

live your life in a deeper way for there is a luminous place of evolutionary emergence within waiting for you to experience the miracle of who you are.

you have the ability to heal yourself by walking a path of profound self discovery for it is when we truly know who we are and embrace our magnificence that we find balance and well being.

focus on spiritual healing by embracing love for the divine as it is belief in the beauty and brilliance of the miracles of life that soothes the soul and nurtures the spirit.

deep spiritual exploration unleashes the power of the heart by immersing us in greater self awareness which fosters sacred growth and makes us happy to be alive.

a direct path to enlightenment is the reward for following your true purpose and passion as this is a blessing that opens us to experiences that enrich and empower.

the more at home we feel in the world the more likely it is that we will discover and connect with glorious sacred beings of greater kindness and compassion.

use your divine intuitive abilities not to predict your future but to shape it into something sacred and beautiful.

be grateful for your gifts and you evolve your consciousness. live in truth and you transform your life. love who you are and you awaken your sacred voice. it is by showing ourselves the kindness and compassion we deserve that we manifest our desires and make our dreams come true.

may yours be a joyous radiant life of self exploration where every moment is delightfully engaging and every breath is filled with love.

a realistic sense of self makes ours a spiritually fulfilling path in which we live and love more meaningfully as we share our gifts and blessings with the world.

we are extraordinarily beautiful enlightened beings and by embracing this greater reality we discover our true path and reach blissful states of awareness and awakening.

expose yourself to other voices and yours will be a path that is extremely rich in spirit whose compass points to joy for there is wisdom, light and love in every heart and soul.

understanding and awareness of the divine self provides deep healing for the soul while gloriously illuminating a path of joyful passion and sacred purpose.

unique, inspiring and powerful forces are at work and by listening to their messages you expand your experiences and gravitate toward a rich and rewarding life of love and light.

we evolve and change in positive ways when our passion for life is one of spiritual diversity and divine destiny.

inspirational perspectives are shamanic tools that enable us to soar to higher levels and feel joyously alive.

open yourself to the healing power of love and yours will be a most rewarding journey of heart centered living that illuminates and transforms.

we exist in a different way when we have a more positive sense of self as this connects us to messages within while nourishing our whole being.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Make yours a Life dedicated to Self Discovery

make yours a life dedicated to self discovery where you feel good about being alive and yours will be a sacred voyage infused with kindness that is empowering and uplifting.

a sincere wish to help others transforms and awakens us which makes us a beacon of light and love.

you are a healing force of loving intention whose remarkable gifts and abilities wait within for you to discover your greatness and live your miracle.

we grow and evolve into a love filled vibrational life when we accept the truth that we are pure positive luminous spiritual beings.

to open yourself to higher sources is to embrace the heart of humanity in a sacred manner that is deeply inspired which guides you to a beautiful path of pure love.

create a sacred space where you may immerse yourself in the light of intention as this is a generous and kind endeavor that will change your life in beneficial ways.

you are a miracle in progress divinely guided along a path of intuitive and spiritual development whose highest destiny is one of sacred healing love bathed in waves of joyous energy.

mindful self compassion is a metaphysical resource that helps us manifest a brighter future by showing us ways to transform.

be kind to yourself for acts of love are tremendous gifts of spiritual significance that show the world just how remarkable you are.

we are one and by loving each other we can create spiritual communities of divine light that stimulate positive change and make the world a more sacred and beautiful place.

there is beauty unfolding and joy in every moment for those generous souls whose path is one of positive loving energy and sacred healing experiences.

step into your wisdom and enter into wholeness as doing so will inspire you to learn more about yourself which will guide you home to the heaven in your heart.

a smile can be an extraordinary act of kindness which immerses us in spiritual insight that we may experience the miracle of knowing and live the love that is our destiny.

seek out new experiences which facilitate spiritual friendships that connect you to the sacred and yours will be a life embraced by light where you traverse landscapes of love.

focus on compassion and you will experience deep growth that makes you better able to serve humanity and achieve your goals.

sweet is the freedom we reward our self with when we embrace the power of positive intention as this is a sacred choice that activates joy and makes meaningful moments of deep divine fulfillment.

a simple shift in perspective can be a profoundly meaningful act of divine wisdom that cultivates mindfulness and releases the love that grows within.

live your life in love with who you are for yours is a journey to the highest good and by engaging in meaningful activities of self loving care your honor your essence and celebrate your existence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Contribute Something Positive to the Fabric of Life

a deeply satisfying life of infinite possibilities and ethereal connections is yours when you actively seek to contribute something positive to the fabric of life.

to spiritually communicate with your own true nature is to walk a path of divine enlightenment.

align with spirit for this is a profound and powerful act of self love that will move you to help others grow as you enhance their well being and change your world for the better.

life changing transformation comes to us when we embrace our truths, ignite our inner wisdom and share our gifts and guidance with the world.

something amazing happens when we experience the divine. we become more inspired and the happiness within overflows taking us joyously into realms of higher vibrations.

we begin to build a joyful life and become who we truly are when we open ourselves to the blessings of angels and accept that we are created with love from above.

you are a compassionate and nurturing conduit for spirit and by sharing the sacred knowledge and wisdom within you open gateways into realms of divine manifestation and transformation.

to live this moment in a positive way is a sacred healing experience that nurtures the divine within by illuminating a path to the love that is your true essence.

to love yourself is a blessed and beautiful gift that creates a happier healthier you and a more fulfilling joyful life.

within you is a powerful sacred space of immense benefits that facilitate healing and cultivate love when you awaken your spirit by joyously sharing the beauty of who you are.

live more authentically with a powerful purpose and the divine life energy within will send you loving messages that w ill inspire you to align with the soul and make you feel good about yourself.

you are blessed beyond belief and the instance you believe and embrace this reality you discover what inspires you and journey into love.

self love and acceptance awakens us to the truth that we are a gift to the world.

the voice of the heart when listened to gives us divine clarity which makes us more sensitive to the sacred energies that surround us and leads us to a purposeful life of enhanced wellness.

you are the author and your life is an inspirational story of spiritual guidance where you live your souls calling as you become a higher being of light.

we shine brightly in the universe when we act with kindness for love is a sacred beacon which illuminates our path to all the heavens in the divine cosmos.

there are around us endless possibilities and universal life forces which evolve the soul when we accept our sacredness and allow ourselves to fully experience life.

each day is a blessing where we awaken to the divine when we walk a path of peace and love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Connect more Deeply with your Ethereal Essence

open your arms to the sacred embrace of life and you will connect more deeply with your ethereal essence as you awaken the divine within.

may you use your intuitive healing abilities to open energetic spiritual gateways which activate inner experiences of sacred balance and joyful harmony.

we are beautiful souls of cosmic energy whose celestial truth is written in the stars and by living the love that is our essence we transform as we ascend.

focus on the spiritual beauty of your true natural self and you create a much more meaningful path in which you fully enjoy a life of great accomplishments and rewards.

you have positive gifts and by nurturing your natural abilities you shine a light on those blessings making yours a deeper spiritual life of ethereal encounters and sacred experiences.

have reverence for the world around you by drawing inspiration from its sacred beauty and illuminating your path with the light of its divine magnificence.

there is more to life than you realize. there is a divine light source waiting to illuminate your path. there is deep spiritual healing waiting for you to discover your abilities. there are remarkable experiences waiting for you to reach beyond your boundaries. there is a love most sacred waiting for you to come home. there is more to you than you realize...

the more spiritually oriented we are the more likely we are to facilitate self healing by communing with the spirits and immersing our mind, body and soul in oceans of divine awareness.

explore the mystical and you will discover miraculous truths that are good for the soul which will inspire you to pursue your divine purpose and sacred calling.

may ours be a magickal sacred land of higher vibrations where gifted people of spirit live in harmony, gratitude, appreciation, light and love.

when we find within us the courage to change we experience the healing power of the love that is our essence as we align with our highest good.

create with intention a true sacred path where you awaken spiritually as you traverse dimensions of love and light.

open yourself completely to the loving energy within and you will be spiritually cleansed which will bring you perfect peace and harmony that you may delight in the beauty of your angels, ancestors, guides and sacred self.

sacred loving relationships raise us higher into spiritual and angelic realms as they guide us to environments of compassion and gentleness that inspire and transform.

we are constantly evolving as holistic and metaphysical messengers of light and by living each moment in peaceful positive ways we inspire growth on all levels as we connect our heart and soul to the true miracle of our existence.

an infinite sea of sacred inspiration is ours to enjoy and experience by loving who we are for it is through self love that we dive deep into the ethereal waters of our divine essence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One