Friday, July 19, 2019

I live my life one day at a time and one dream at a time.

I live my life one day at a time and one dream at a time. I live my day one dream at a time and one life at a time. I live my dream one day at a time and one life at a time. I am alive and I live.

mindful and motivated are we who walk our path with respect for ourselves and reverence for the earth.

the moment I stepped out of the darkness I began to see feathers from angels strewn along my path which led me to sacred places of goodness, greatness and glory.

it is the heart that lights the way. it is the heart that heals the soul. it is the heart that raises the spirit. be of good heart and yours will be a divinely glorious life.

a deeper sense of the sacred will embrace your destiny with a goodness that will enhance every experience and enrich every moment.

personal freedom comes to us when we liberate our mind, body, soul and spirit.

it was while watching one of those used karma salesmen run about catching phrases and then passing them out to the unexpecting public that I put my words in the pocket of my soul and began to act out my intentions in a way that helped my dreams blossom.

we evolve as beings of spirit when we use our energies to enrich and empower those who are struggling to see the beauty and experience the magnificence of who they truly are.

today I will connect my humanity to my divinity and set out on an adventure of spirit that brings light and love to the world around me.

a leader is not someone whose thoughts and actions are sexist and racist. that is not a leader. that is a loser. that is a monster. we have to stop approaching politics as a team sport . we have to begin to make choices that embrace all humanity with kindness and compassion. we do not need leaders. what we need is lovers of life whose path and purpose is to make our world a better place.

let us unite in peace and set our spirits free that we as angels on earth may experience fully the greatness of who we are and the glory of the universe that is our home.

I was resting one day within the colours of a rainbow when I saw with eyes of spirit the true beauty of the garden sanctuary that is Sacred Mother Earth.

serve selflessly, live spiritually, act soulfully and love sacredly for by doing so you connect to the earth, the universe and the heavens.

with reverence and respect I refresh and renew those parts of my spiritual self that radiate righteousness.

the more conscious I become of others suffering the greater is my compassion and the more loving is my intention.

love emerges when we live our life in ways which embody the miracle of our true sacred self.

mine is an essence of spirit which when nurtured kisses the world and embraces the universe with truth, beauty and light.

if we act collectively with spirit as our guide and love as our intention we can light the world with peace freedom, hope and happiness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Friday, July 12, 2019

Healthy and happy are those beings of spirit who seek to bless themselves and others with love and light.

healthy and happy are those beings of spirit who seek to bless themselves and others with love and light.

happiness is your purpose. joy is your purpose. bliss is your purpose. kindness is your purpose. compassion is your purpose. love is your purpose. live your purpose.

the realization and acceptance that we are divine beings helps our soul to blossom.

my ptsd was poking me with a stick while my o.c.d taunted me with thoughts of things undone when my a.d.d said what are we going to do next and my depression replied nothing. I need to make new friends.

when we aspire to inspire what transpires is a joyfully liberating feeling of love that elevates the human spirit.

there are realities unseen that light the world with love which reveal themselves when we remove and release those things that block our hopes, dreams and visions.

at this very moment I am sending you the light of my spirit and the love in my heart to embrace you with healing energy to nourish your soul and brighten your world.

the pursuance of positive change elevates and transforms our life while connecting us to the radiant beauty of our true sacred self.

a beacon of light is on its way which will nourish your spiritual self and help you heal your wounds that you may experience greater happiness and harmony.

your intent when pure and positive imprints your life with gifts of goodness, greatness, gratitude and glory.

I find that when I open the door to spirit a light fills my world with waves of bliss that make mine a journey where there is beauty in every breath.

we benefit significantly from grateful attitude for it is a hug of joy that we bestow upon ourself.

when your purpose is greatness and your intention is goodness yours is a path of glory.

in those moments when you are touched profoundly by someones kindness return that blessing by reaching out to others with positive actions that create a flow of love which inspires good in all.

at my darkest time happiness confused me, joy infuriated me, elation attacked me and love betrayed me. I began to see the light when I opened my heart and soul to those things that people had tainted for me and used them to paint my path as a portrait of truth, transformation and transcendence.

I know you are suffering right now but when I look at you I do so with the eyes of love and I see the true divine beauty within. the time has come for you to look at yourself with eyes of love, see your greatness and let its healing light free you from your pain.

the highest paths are the ones that bring heaven to earth and share its beauty and brilliance in uniquely inspiring ways that replenish the spirit and rejuvenate the soul.

joy is a heavenly light which with beautiful clarity blesses us with love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Thoughts generate feelings and today I choose to think of things that make me feel Happy

thoughts generate feelings and today I choose to think of things that make me feel happy.

the essence of your being is a blessing that breathes love and kindness. embrace your essence with the knowledge that each breath you take creates a flow of divine grace and beauty.

focus your smile on those who suffer in silence with the knowledge that this simple gesture radiates a divine grace that lifts the spirit by contributing positively to humanity.

when I need guidance and inspiration I look within for my heart and soul are places of faith that embrace me with simple sacred gifts which help me grow spiritually.

people see me as a bit rough around the edges but truth is I am more sensitive then I let on. it still upsets me greatly when people are mean, ignorant and hateful for no reason. I find it disturbing when people are hurtful towards others they don't even know just because they are different. I am especially bothered when I see parents who allow their children to walk this path and not only do nothing to stop it but actually foster it. know this that if you choose to be that kind of person then I have chosen to be the person that calls you out in public and puts you in your place.

I love who I am when I am not being who others want or expect me to be.

you are your sacred purpose. to love, honor, appreciate, respect, revere and embrace fully who you truly are is to live your divine destiny.

a spirit approached me and asked me to open my heart to the miracles within. I did and found myself surrounded by a sacred beauty that benefited myself and others.

no matter the direction you take you are walking a path to enlightenment. whether or not you see it and believe in it is up to you.

I am devoted to making my life extraordinary and I do so by embracing those simple blessings that people take for granted. common courtesy and kindness inspire me. a simple smile and a warm embrace empowers me. I have found in the ordinary pockets of beauty and brilliance that have awakened my spirit. I am dedicated to making my life extraordinary.

personal freedom begins the moment we allow ourselves to heal. by making a conscious effort to rid yourself of negative people, places and things you open gateways to a better more beautiful life.

we are born who we are and then society slowly takes away our innocence and does its damndest to form us into something we are not. we spend our lives trying to make it back to who we truly are and some of us never make it home. stand strong. believe in yourself. be different. be weird. be neither a square nor a round peg. be whatever the hell you wish to be. be exactly who you are.

dreams are but realities in waiting and we are beings of light with the ability to end the waiting and give birth to those visions.

I was listening to the voice of spirit talking to my higher self about how sacred and special life is when I was embraced by a radiant light that illuminated all the blessings in my world.

a rewarding life is one that embraces the miraculous in ways that nourish, cultivate and bring joy to every aspect of our existence.

I was on a journey of wholeness when I discovered a path to happiness which led me home to my loving family.

to respect ones own divinity is to open the heart and soul to the wonders of the universe and the miracles of the self.

see your magnificence and use it to activate your blessings and purify your purpose.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Each Time We Open Our Heart We Brighten Our World

each time we open our heart we brighten our world with a loving perspective in alignment with all that is sacred which empowers us to live soulfully and grow spiritually.

eternal is the happiness I feel for I have not only survived but have done so with a compassionate heart and a loving spirit.

relax and live. relax and love. relax and transform. well being and inner peace come to us when we rest and relax.

I was helping my celestial self heal my mortal self when the song of creation embraced me with a sense of purpose that produced pure positive change

profound are the connections we create when we seek to make our life and the lives of others better by embracing every moment with pure positive energy from the source of our sacredness.

a holistic approach enriches our life and moves us forward into a happier future of harmony and balance where miracles happen.

I know of somebody who died of suicide and a well meaning soul asked a psychic for understanding in this matter. the psychic with a group of remote viewers gave the person insight into how the individual died and where they were now. if you are a practitioner or just a believer in the psychic arts and you think this is a nice story you are delusional. it is unprofessional, immoral and offensive on every level for them to have done this. no decent human being would take advantage of this situation. I could have told the person they talked to everything they said before they said it. this was not insight but insidious garbage. in times like this you console. you offer kindness and compassion. you do not play b movie infomercial psychic. I have been a practitioner for decades and have managed to keep my dignity, integrity and honesty. be sure when you are talking to those who claim gifts and powers beyond this world that they are first and foremost good people.

change your way of thinking into something better and brighter as this will bathe you in sacred waters which cleanse the soul that you may reborn and baptized into a life loving spiritual truth.

a better quality of life awaits those who with sacred sincerity seek to serve the highest good by embracing the world with ethereal experiences that facilitate pure positive change.

we help to heal ourself and others when we activate the hearts purpose by sharing the gift of love.

walk with me a path of light and energy beyond this universe where together we open our eyes to the truth that we are angels of love on a transformative journey of sacred significance.

you have within you the capacity to transform and the ability to manifest a new reality.

one day I made friends with my true sacred self and together we set out on a path of amazing experiences focused on happiness and guided by love.

whenever I am blessed with a life affirming experience mine becomes a more loving heart.

yet again I have been made aware of a suicide. I have lost count of the number of friends, family, neighbours and acquaintances who have taken their lives. I myself have walked that path more than once. my saving grace has been my strength of spirit which has pulled from the brink of disaster more than once. if you are hurting. if you are suffering. if you are thinking of suicide know that you are not alone. know that you are loved. I have not only survived but managed to have a long life that I can be proud of. my scars are eternal and my suffering is visible in my words and my eyes. yet I can say that there is hope. it took me a long time but I finally learned that love is real and I am worthy. I am sending you all love, light and positive healing energy. bless you.

a grateful heart makes positive loving choices which deeply nourish the spirit with feelings of wholeness that embrace our journey with an aliveness that inspires well being.

the heart of life beats a rhythm of love which if listened to makes ours a sacred dance of beauty and bliss that embraces the extraordinary.

sometimes rare moments from my past that weren't traumatic seek me out and remind of people and places that touched my broken heart and gave me the hope needed to carry on. miraculous are those memories that make the soul smile.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 20, 2019

I Turned on the Light of Possibility

I turned on the light of possibility which allowed me to see an abundance of opportunities that helped me to create a life of meaning and purpose where I could grow in spirit as I manifested miracles.

when people tried to beat me I chose to better myself. when people tried to hurt me I responded with compassion. when people sought to break me I healed myself with the light of spirit. when people tried to love me I said no thank you for I realized that suffering and sorrow need not be a part of love. from that point on I surrounded myself with those whose love was true which was the blessing that transformed my world.

you are deserving. you are precious. you are unique. you are gifted. you are special. you are loved. you are enough. this is who you are.

I began to bring about positive personal change when I made the choice to approach everything in life with loving compassion.

you raise yourself up to a state of grace by reaching for higher realities and realms of existence which allow you to see clearly that you are a beautiful creation of light whose birthright is love.

envision for yourself a future bathed in warmth and aligned with the divine in which you are guided by spirit to a state of bliss called love.

be sure when you are online that it is social media you are using and not anti social media for far too many of us spend far too much time criticizing others.

the pure beauty of the divine within when shared shines a light on our life that serves as a blessing for ourself and others.

the other day I was kind to myself and that simple gesture inspired within me positive changes that helped my soul blossom and created harmony within.

my mind body and spirit were playing healing games with my heart and soul when my true authentic self joined them and together we carefully crafted a world of wellness that embraced our higher purpose.

there were times in my life where I truly believed that I was born with a broken heart and that it would never mend. I believed that love was an illusion, it wasn't real, it was just something fake that people used to manipulate you. then I met my soul mate and gradually she put together the pieces of my broken heart and it was then that I realized love was real and that I was worthy of it. today I am surrounded by love.

loving yourself fully and completely inspires the soul, awakens the heart and reshapes destiny.

I move forward in life by connecting with people in compassionate ways that enrich the heart and soul.

I believe in truth and it is that belief which has helped me rise from the ashes while guiding me along a path to greater joy and happiness.

positive thoughts can bring healing to your life, positive intentions can bring light to your journey and positive actions can bring love to every aspect of your existence. be positive.

I walk my path with pure intent for I am a spiritually alive being of light whose purpose is to help other sacred souls create a greater humanity.

consciously create for yourself an atmosphere of love centered in compassion and you will find that more and more days will be bathed in healing light and divine happiness.

bathe in the light of better choices and yours will be a positive and empowering journey of heart based living that opens doors to transformation.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sacred Self Worth Inspires True Spiritual Freedom

sacred self worth inspires true spiritual freedom which manifests a beautiful life of beauty, blessings and bliss.

I am excited to be alive and to celebrate I shall create my own miracles and share them with every soul I meet along my path.

at the core of our being is a nurturing sacred presence waiting to fill our days with deep joy and spiritual freedom. to activate this blessing we must simply be, live and love who we are.

the greater our love for ourself and others the deeper our well being and the more powerful positive experiences we bring into our lives.

profound honesty cultivates mindfulness which illuminates the soul while inspiring us to embrace a positive path of peace, purpose, passion and pleasure.

your true divine nature is a blessing of celestial beauty to be cherished and celebrated.

living in the moment manifests a transformative stream of sacred experiences that lead us to uniquely beautiful places of profound powerful passionate purpose.

while exploring opportunities to expand I was embraced by experiences of abundant spirit which heightened my senses while inspiring me with dreams and visions of the highest greatest good.

live life. love love. live and love every aspect of your existence. live life. love love.

know your worth and believe fully in who you are for doing so will inspire you to reach out and touch the heart and soul of humanity with happiness and well being as your intention.

in goodness and grace let us embrace our world with love as we listen to the guidance of the soul and journey along a path of light.

we are each in our own way a force for good. we all have the ability with simple acts of kindness to change the world around us. we are in fact sacred beings of light and love.

antisocial media is becoming far too offensive to the point that my inner hippie is telling me I should revert back to my childhood and tune in turn on and drop out.

the sun, the moon and the stars love you because they realize that you like them are a celestial body who lights the way for others.

today is a day of choices and I choose beauty, bliss, joy and happiness.

may your purpose here on earth be to create a life of love and may your passion for our world be the belief that there is good within all people.

immersed within the sacred beauty of who we truly are is a universal light which awakens the heart and soul whenever we say the words I love you.

good things happen when we listen to our heart and tend to our spiritual needs.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Be More Caring, Compassionate And Loving

somebody did something nice the other day which surprised me and I thought when did kindness become such a rare thing which motivated me to be more caring, compassionate and loving.

mental health has been my downfall many times, it has been my enemy on numerous occasions and it has been the devil in my garden that took away my freedom. it has also been my creative muse, mystical guide, saviour and salvation. see the light within your darkness and let it guide you home to the happiness you deserve.

within each moment there are flashes of bliss which we see with clarity whenever we express ourself in heart opening ways.

welcome awakening into your life and invite awareness into your home for these are simple sacred acts of positive intention that will bring you great joy and happiness.

the soul flowers when with kindness and compassion we express love by sharing our divine beauty and living our scared truth.

we breathe in love and bathe in waters of joy and bliss when we make it our purpose to cultivate the sacred in life.

I am a god, you are a goddess and we are sacred creations of beauty and love whose mission in life is to live our truth in kind generous ways that serve the greater good of all.

we are beings of light and I beg of you to turn that light on for ours is a world immersed in darkness and if it is to survive we must all shine our sacred loving light.

loving choices are blessings of spiritual light which move us to walk a path of inspired practices that open gateways to miracles and touch the divine.

the greatest lesson I have learned from life is even though we may rise from the ashes into the light shit still happens and to survive we must be diligent and persevere in our quest to be happy, healthy and whole.

the heaven in our heart is filled with purifying waters that cleanse the spirit and transform who we are whenever we seek to make ours a more beautiful world.

with sacred self confidence I walk positive pathways that manifest greater love and infuse my life with heart crafted experiences.

this is a wondrous universe rich in spirit and we are beings of light. embrace the wonder and live your light.

treat yourself lovingly and yours will be a path of joyous moments, magical possibilities and rejuvenating experiences that make every day a celebration of being alive.

happy are they who see their true beauty and blessings for they are the messengers of light whose example inspires others to explore and discover their own magnificence.

the better we are to ourselves the more likely we are to attract what we deserve and desire.

dance freely in the light of the soul as you open your heart to a sacred life truly worth living.

when we show kindness to others we radiate a loving healing energy that connects with the heart and soul of humanity.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One