Friday, September 28, 2012

Spirit of the Ancestors

The Spirit of the Ancestors is the Voice in our head that Calls us Home and the Song in our Heart that brings us Closer to Heaven.

Life is Energy Flowing constantly through every Living thing. We are a River of Grace and Beauty meant to Flow in Freedom. Flow with Hope in your Heart. Flow with Love as your Guide. Flow with the Knowledge that We are all part of a Cosmic Community of Light. Flow!

The Evolution of Human Consciousness begins with a Smile for it is through Kindness that the Spirit and Soul truly Evolve.

In Love with the Universe I walk the Path of the Warrior as the Fae dance around me and Angels sing me Songs of Joy. Imagination is another Dimension where true Reality hides until We are ready to Accept it and set it Free.

We are all on the same Path. We all Breathe the same Air. We all are a Source of Love and Light. We are Children of God and Heaven is a place in our Heart where Soul and Spirit are woven Together. Embrace the Beauty and Blessings of Life and Rejoice for We Are One.

Let the Vision of your Life be one of Love and Intention. It is when we Live our Highest Self that we Inspire our Dreams and Create a better Tomorrow.

Every Breath is an Opportunity to Breathe in Hope, to Breathe in Joy and to Breathe in Inspiration. Transformation begins with a deep Breath.

To Love and Serve is to plant Flowers of Enlightenment. Love Beautifies everything and Infuses it with Spirit. Life is an Ancient Prayer that when said with the Highest Light is Medicine for the Soul. Embrace the Truth of Who You Are and Live every Moment with Passion and Joy. Love yourself as much as your Soul Loves You and Share that Love with the Universe.

Profound and Uplifting is a Smile that Warms the Soul. Smile from the Heart and Free yourself to become the Visionary Messenger that is your Destiny.

Say Yes to Light, Say Yes to Love, Say Yes to Joy, Say Yes to Peace, Say Yes to Freedom, Say Yes to Happiness and Say Yes to You.

Like Stars in the Sky we need to Communicate with each other by Sharing our Light.

Serve Humanity equal portions of Peace, Love, Hope and Healing and yours will be a Life of Miraculous Spiritual Experiences.

We Create Reality. Be Gentle with yourself, Raise your Vibration and make everything you do a Creation made from Love.

Respect for Life will Guide you along a Path to Wholeness where you will experience great Joy and Growth.

Let your Spirit sing. Let it Sing a song of Love. Let it Serenade your Soul. Let it Raise its Voice to the Heavens that the Angels may know your Beauty.

Freedom is to Frolic in Paradise and True Freedom is the Knowledge that Paradise is something you Create with every Kind Word and Loving Smile.

Bless each Moment of Life for every Moment is an Opportunity to Radiate Goodness and Share the Magick of your Soul.

By living life as a spiritual practice you Contribute to a Better World and Awaken the Angel within.

Life is a Luminous Tapestry of Rainbow Light embraced by the Sun and Nurtured by Sacred Mother Earth.

Today I will Teach my Soul to Fly and make my Life a Playground for Transformation. I will Embrace the Dance of Life and Build a Bridge to Enlightenment. I will give Birth to Wisdom and Manifest Dreams of Peace. This I will do Today. Tomorrow - The Possibilities are Endless.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 21, 2012

Let Your Soul Dance

Let your Soul Dance as your Spirit Teaches you to wear your Life like a Rose. Transform your Outlook to that of only Happy Thoughts and Emotions. Be a Rainbow of Light designed by Nature to Illuminate the Flow of Divine Grace. Live your Higher Truth and Be the Love that Inspires the World to Dream.

The Greatest Contribution we can make to Humanity is Love. The Greatest Contribution we can make to Earth is Love. The Greatest Contribution we can make to the Universe is Love. The Greatest Contribution we can make to Heaven is Love. The Key to Life and the Answer to every question is Simple for it is Love. Everything is Love.

Love Illuminates a Path of Hope and Joy that leads to a place of Peace where the Stars of Heaven unfold to Welcome you Home.

To all Dreamers I say invite your Soul out to Play for the Beloved Child of God within is waiting in Silent Joy for the day that you Realize that Heaven is a Playground.

Live and Breathe Change. Love and Embrace Life. Commune with your Heart and Connect with your Destiny. The Time has come to Be Who You Truly Are.

On the Edge of Reality is an Enchanted Realm where a Family of Light Beings gather with the Fae and Dance the day Away. This is a Place i call Home.

May you explore the voices of the natural world and achieve a blissful state of eternal happiness.

All the earth is our home and if we let our light shine freely we will open our hearts to abundant blessings. Existence is a collective experience and by enhancing the life you live you can inspire the imagination of those around you. Together we create miracles, so let us dance as flowers in the wind and celebrate the gifts that inspire us to rise above the ordinary.

May you plant Seeds of Transformation as you See a Higher Purpose. May the Blessings of the Universe lead you to a more Tranquil and Peaceful Self.

The Waters of Consciousness are filled with Thoughts and Prayers of Grace and Tenderness. Live in Joy and Share a Smile with everyone you meet. Life is meant to be an Everlasting Harvest of Love where all Sentient Beings are Eternally Connected. Feel the Connection, Embrace the Consciousness and Live your Destiny.

The Heart rejoices when we Nurture our Gifts for we are Bringers of Light born to Shine.

Be a Vehicle of Light and Live your Life with great Purpose and Meaning. Those who walk with Spirit in each step are Free as the Wind and Blessed with Richness of Life and Wealth of Love.

Divinely Guided, Bathed in Sunshine and Bursting with Joy, mine is a Journey where nothing is Impossible.

Within the Metaphysical Field there is a Sacred Garden where the Light of Love nourishes all Life. Join me there and we will Rejoice in the Rapture of Being Alive.

Be receptive to Miracles and Create a new Reality of Higher Truths and Infinite Dimensions of Love. Transformation begins with the words I Believe.

Every Soul is Unique. Celebrate Who You Are and Enrich your Life with the Beauty and Blessings of Nature.

May you Live the Call of your Heart and Love the Calling that is your Life.

To Live fully is to Create a Life of Love and Compassion where every moment Sparkles with Inspiration and Transformation.

Beyond the Dream is the Vision. Beyond the Vision is the Light. Beyond the Light is the Love. Beyond the Love is the Life. Beyond the Life is the Heaven. Beyond the Heaven there is You. The Answer has always been You.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 14, 2012

Walk in Peace where the Grass is Green

May soul directed energy guided by spirit nourish and embrace you always.

I wish you a walk in peace where the grass is green that you may honour your needs and be the hero of your own life. May yours be a plan of unfoldment where you achieve the highest peak of spiritual fulfillment and may you access your heart intuition as you thrive and blossom in a sacred place of peace.

I wish you a journey where love and joy flow into your life. May you make each day extraordinary as you are embraced by divine light and may you bring forth the beauty within as you access your inner guidance and find your piece of heaven.

You are a radiant light whose very essence illuminates a labyrinth of potential and basic goodness. May you journey to a place deep within where love is your essence and may you live your dreams as you align with the higher self and awaken the teacher within.

When we share our gifts we create a greater living presence in the universe, thereby connecting us to the divine.

I wish you love in your heart , food on your table and a heavenly spirit that makes every day a blessing.

May you know the beauty in your soul as you live
a life of unlimited possibilities and may your
journey take you to places of peace and freedom
where all your prayers are answered.

May yours be a journey of truth , love and light where you explore the infinite and live your personal vision.

Awaken the Love within you and let your Heart soar. Experience the Sacred by Communicating with Angels and Spirits. The Healing Light of Creation looks Kindly on those who Embrace Self Empowerment with Creative Inspiration and Mystical Transformation. We are Cosmic Wanderers and when we Explore Greater Spiritual Depths we Achieve Balance and Peace. Joyfully Celebrate the Beauty of Who You Are and Live a Life of Spiritual Service for you are God and Goddess on a Soulful Journey of Truth and Evolution.

I wish you a journey into paradise where your spirit comes out to play with your soul.

May you be Bathed in Holy Light and have the Angels Teach your Soul to Fly.

We Experience the Sacred when we make Celestial Connections. The Gates of Heaven are already open for those who talk to Angels, Ancestors, Ancients and Spirits.

Shift into a Higher Consciousness and Create a Blissful Future. The Divine Light shines Brightest on those Brave enough to Climb the Sacred Mountain on their way to Spiritual Enlightenment.

May you celebrate compassion as you immerse yourself in awareness and May you connect with the divine as you reach for the stars and rise to the heavens.

Write a new chapter and make the book of your life a story of happiness that celebrates love as a blessing.

Nature is a Song in my Heart that Serenades my Soul and makes Fairy Tales come true.

Inspire your Spirit by connecting to the Magnificence of your own Being. It is when we Love, Honor and Respect ourselves that we truly Blossom.

Communicate with Spirit. A Spirit Dancing is Beauty and Grace for the Soul. We are all Born of Eternal Goodness and by Breathing in the Divine we Liberate our Being and Embrace the totality of Who WE Are. It is a Heart driven Life that is filled with Prayerful Treasures. The Doorway to Change opens into a House of Light and a Home of Love. Let your Heart Inspire and Empower You for you are a Sacred Vision and Love is your Essence.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 07, 2012

Whispers of the Divine

The Soul is Exquisite and Beautiful. It is Who We Are and Who We Are meant to Be. Bring Peace and Comfort into your Life by Immersing yourself in the Miracle and Majesty of your Soul. Positively Impact Change by Embracing the Light from Heaven and setting Sail on a Journey to Greatness. It is once we Accept that we are part of the Sacredness of all Creation that our Lives become a Soul Nourishing Experience. Feed your Soul, Love your Life and Live your Truth. You are Exquisite and Beautiful.

The Whispers of the Divine guide us to Live and be Happy. All we have to do is say Yes and Dedicate our Lives to Feeling the Joy.

Walk a Path of Spirits and Angels. Pray with your Heart and you Delight the Gods. We are Beings of Light and by Embracing this Truth we bring Heaven to Earth and God into our Soul.

I have written a Letter of Intention to the Universe: I intend to be a Caretaker of Life and Love. I intend to Heal myself Now. I intend Immerse myself in the Kindness of others. I intend to Climb to the top of the Mountain and Sing. I intend to Teach with my Heart and Learn with my Soul. I intend to let Joy become my new Reality. I intend to Live, Laugh, Love and Learn. I intend to Be Free and I intend to be Me!

Harvest and Enjoy the Fruits of this fine Day. It is when we Fall in Love with Life that the Celebration begins.

In my Heart of Hearts I Seek to be a Light that guides your Way. In my Soul of Souls I Inspire a Growing Goodness. In my Spirit of Spirits I Ignite a Flame of Peace, Passion and Purpose. We are Living Poetry and I Love You.

Peace is a living Gift which Opens a Portal to Understanding. Give Peace and your Life will be a most Wonderful thing to Behold.

Create more Grace and gather Wisdom as you Seek to be of Service to Humanity. It is through Service that we Embrace the Magick of Spiritual Connectedness.

Be a constant Inspiration by planting Seeds of Possibility. Your Soul's Journey is Richly Robed by all the Love within. Make every Moment a Life Changing Experience. Moments of Prayer and Meditation. Moments of Joy and Empowerment. Moments of Dreams and Aspirations. Kindness to the Self will manifest a Plateau in your Life from which you can See clearly all the Beauty you have Created.

There are Karmic Consequences to every Choice we make. Choose Love and the Consequence will be endless Lifetimes of Joy, Happiness and Light.

Where Spirits Rise there can be found Love and Golden Light. There can be found Intuitive Guidance and Limitless Consciousness. Where Spirits Rise there is a Poetic Heart waiting for you to come Home.

God Bless the Children for they are the Heroes that Save us from ourselves and make us Realize that we are All made out of Love.

Let the Wind blow through your Heart and Free the Inner Moonlight of your Soul that you may Dance, Laugh and Sing your way to Heaven.

Your Soul already Knows where your personal Evolution will lead you. It can already Sense the Miraculous. Listen to your Soul.

Love has no Boundaries, no Prejudices, no Gender, no Religion and no Race. Love when it is Real is Simply Love. I Love You.

The Energy of the Universe brings us Closer to Heaven. Nurture your Higher Self by Walking through Metaphysical Fields of Radical Transformation. We are Crafted out of Love and when we Craft our every Moment out of Love we Claim our Birthright and Embody Wisdom, Timelessness and Awakening. A Life lived Faithfully and Beautifully is a Celestial Symphony which Manifests in Healing Communities of Light. Have a Love Affair with your Life by Embracing the Energy and Living in the Light.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )