Friday, September 14, 2012

Walk in Peace where the Grass is Green

May soul directed energy guided by spirit nourish and embrace you always.

I wish you a walk in peace where the grass is green that you may honour your needs and be the hero of your own life. May yours be a plan of unfoldment where you achieve the highest peak of spiritual fulfillment and may you access your heart intuition as you thrive and blossom in a sacred place of peace.

I wish you a journey where love and joy flow into your life. May you make each day extraordinary as you are embraced by divine light and may you bring forth the beauty within as you access your inner guidance and find your piece of heaven.

You are a radiant light whose very essence illuminates a labyrinth of potential and basic goodness. May you journey to a place deep within where love is your essence and may you live your dreams as you align with the higher self and awaken the teacher within.

When we share our gifts we create a greater living presence in the universe, thereby connecting us to the divine.

I wish you love in your heart , food on your table and a heavenly spirit that makes every day a blessing.

May you know the beauty in your soul as you live
a life of unlimited possibilities and may your
journey take you to places of peace and freedom
where all your prayers are answered.

May yours be a journey of truth , love and light where you explore the infinite and live your personal vision.

Awaken the Love within you and let your Heart soar. Experience the Sacred by Communicating with Angels and Spirits. The Healing Light of Creation looks Kindly on those who Embrace Self Empowerment with Creative Inspiration and Mystical Transformation. We are Cosmic Wanderers and when we Explore Greater Spiritual Depths we Achieve Balance and Peace. Joyfully Celebrate the Beauty of Who You Are and Live a Life of Spiritual Service for you are God and Goddess on a Soulful Journey of Truth and Evolution.

I wish you a journey into paradise where your spirit comes out to play with your soul.

May you be Bathed in Holy Light and have the Angels Teach your Soul to Fly.

We Experience the Sacred when we make Celestial Connections. The Gates of Heaven are already open for those who talk to Angels, Ancestors, Ancients and Spirits.

Shift into a Higher Consciousness and Create a Blissful Future. The Divine Light shines Brightest on those Brave enough to Climb the Sacred Mountain on their way to Spiritual Enlightenment.

May you celebrate compassion as you immerse yourself in awareness and May you connect with the divine as you reach for the stars and rise to the heavens.

Write a new chapter and make the book of your life a story of happiness that celebrates love as a blessing.

Nature is a Song in my Heart that Serenades my Soul and makes Fairy Tales come true.

Inspire your Spirit by connecting to the Magnificence of your own Being. It is when we Love, Honor and Respect ourselves that we truly Blossom.

Communicate with Spirit. A Spirit Dancing is Beauty and Grace for the Soul. We are all Born of Eternal Goodness and by Breathing in the Divine we Liberate our Being and Embrace the totality of Who WE Are. It is a Heart driven Life that is filled with Prayerful Treasures. The Doorway to Change opens into a House of Light and a Home of Love. Let your Heart Inspire and Empower You for you are a Sacred Vision and Love is your Essence.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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