Friday, September 28, 2012

Spirit of the Ancestors

The Spirit of the Ancestors is the Voice in our head that Calls us Home and the Song in our Heart that brings us Closer to Heaven.

Life is Energy Flowing constantly through every Living thing. We are a River of Grace and Beauty meant to Flow in Freedom. Flow with Hope in your Heart. Flow with Love as your Guide. Flow with the Knowledge that We are all part of a Cosmic Community of Light. Flow!

The Evolution of Human Consciousness begins with a Smile for it is through Kindness that the Spirit and Soul truly Evolve.

In Love with the Universe I walk the Path of the Warrior as the Fae dance around me and Angels sing me Songs of Joy. Imagination is another Dimension where true Reality hides until We are ready to Accept it and set it Free.

We are all on the same Path. We all Breathe the same Air. We all are a Source of Love and Light. We are Children of God and Heaven is a place in our Heart where Soul and Spirit are woven Together. Embrace the Beauty and Blessings of Life and Rejoice for We Are One.

Let the Vision of your Life be one of Love and Intention. It is when we Live our Highest Self that we Inspire our Dreams and Create a better Tomorrow.

Every Breath is an Opportunity to Breathe in Hope, to Breathe in Joy and to Breathe in Inspiration. Transformation begins with a deep Breath.

To Love and Serve is to plant Flowers of Enlightenment. Love Beautifies everything and Infuses it with Spirit. Life is an Ancient Prayer that when said with the Highest Light is Medicine for the Soul. Embrace the Truth of Who You Are and Live every Moment with Passion and Joy. Love yourself as much as your Soul Loves You and Share that Love with the Universe.

Profound and Uplifting is a Smile that Warms the Soul. Smile from the Heart and Free yourself to become the Visionary Messenger that is your Destiny.

Say Yes to Light, Say Yes to Love, Say Yes to Joy, Say Yes to Peace, Say Yes to Freedom, Say Yes to Happiness and Say Yes to You.

Like Stars in the Sky we need to Communicate with each other by Sharing our Light.

Serve Humanity equal portions of Peace, Love, Hope and Healing and yours will be a Life of Miraculous Spiritual Experiences.

We Create Reality. Be Gentle with yourself, Raise your Vibration and make everything you do a Creation made from Love.

Respect for Life will Guide you along a Path to Wholeness where you will experience great Joy and Growth.

Let your Spirit sing. Let it Sing a song of Love. Let it Serenade your Soul. Let it Raise its Voice to the Heavens that the Angels may know your Beauty.

Freedom is to Frolic in Paradise and True Freedom is the Knowledge that Paradise is something you Create with every Kind Word and Loving Smile.

Bless each Moment of Life for every Moment is an Opportunity to Radiate Goodness and Share the Magick of your Soul.

By living life as a spiritual practice you Contribute to a Better World and Awaken the Angel within.

Life is a Luminous Tapestry of Rainbow Light embraced by the Sun and Nurtured by Sacred Mother Earth.

Today I will Teach my Soul to Fly and make my Life a Playground for Transformation. I will Embrace the Dance of Life and Build a Bridge to Enlightenment. I will give Birth to Wisdom and Manifest Dreams of Peace. This I will do Today. Tomorrow - The Possibilities are Endless.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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