Friday, September 21, 2012

Let Your Soul Dance

Let your Soul Dance as your Spirit Teaches you to wear your Life like a Rose. Transform your Outlook to that of only Happy Thoughts and Emotions. Be a Rainbow of Light designed by Nature to Illuminate the Flow of Divine Grace. Live your Higher Truth and Be the Love that Inspires the World to Dream.

The Greatest Contribution we can make to Humanity is Love. The Greatest Contribution we can make to Earth is Love. The Greatest Contribution we can make to the Universe is Love. The Greatest Contribution we can make to Heaven is Love. The Key to Life and the Answer to every question is Simple for it is Love. Everything is Love.

Love Illuminates a Path of Hope and Joy that leads to a place of Peace where the Stars of Heaven unfold to Welcome you Home.

To all Dreamers I say invite your Soul out to Play for the Beloved Child of God within is waiting in Silent Joy for the day that you Realize that Heaven is a Playground.

Live and Breathe Change. Love and Embrace Life. Commune with your Heart and Connect with your Destiny. The Time has come to Be Who You Truly Are.

On the Edge of Reality is an Enchanted Realm where a Family of Light Beings gather with the Fae and Dance the day Away. This is a Place i call Home.

May you explore the voices of the natural world and achieve a blissful state of eternal happiness.

All the earth is our home and if we let our light shine freely we will open our hearts to abundant blessings. Existence is a collective experience and by enhancing the life you live you can inspire the imagination of those around you. Together we create miracles, so let us dance as flowers in the wind and celebrate the gifts that inspire us to rise above the ordinary.

May you plant Seeds of Transformation as you See a Higher Purpose. May the Blessings of the Universe lead you to a more Tranquil and Peaceful Self.

The Waters of Consciousness are filled with Thoughts and Prayers of Grace and Tenderness. Live in Joy and Share a Smile with everyone you meet. Life is meant to be an Everlasting Harvest of Love where all Sentient Beings are Eternally Connected. Feel the Connection, Embrace the Consciousness and Live your Destiny.

The Heart rejoices when we Nurture our Gifts for we are Bringers of Light born to Shine.

Be a Vehicle of Light and Live your Life with great Purpose and Meaning. Those who walk with Spirit in each step are Free as the Wind and Blessed with Richness of Life and Wealth of Love.

Divinely Guided, Bathed in Sunshine and Bursting with Joy, mine is a Journey where nothing is Impossible.

Within the Metaphysical Field there is a Sacred Garden where the Light of Love nourishes all Life. Join me there and we will Rejoice in the Rapture of Being Alive.

Be receptive to Miracles and Create a new Reality of Higher Truths and Infinite Dimensions of Love. Transformation begins with the words I Believe.

Every Soul is Unique. Celebrate Who You Are and Enrich your Life with the Beauty and Blessings of Nature.

May you Live the Call of your Heart and Love the Calling that is your Life.

To Live fully is to Create a Life of Love and Compassion where every moment Sparkles with Inspiration and Transformation.

Beyond the Dream is the Vision. Beyond the Vision is the Light. Beyond the Light is the Love. Beyond the Love is the Life. Beyond the Life is the Heaven. Beyond the Heaven there is You. The Answer has always been You.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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