Friday, June 29, 2012

A Smile can Change the World

The Real You sparkles with Wisdom. The Real You embraces the Art of being Human. The Real You is Immersed in the Sacred. The Real You is Beautiful and Unique. The Real You is Born to do Good in the World. The Real You is Immortal and Inspiring. The Real You is Serving the Highest in Yourself. The Real You is Optimistic about Tomorrow. The Real You is a Gift from God. The Real You is Love. Be Joyful, Be Kind, Be Happy and Be Real.

Act in Angelic Ways and Change your Life forever. Life is filled with Meaningful Messages and Infinite Possibilities for Miracles for those who Listen with their Spirit and See with their Soul.

Call on the Spirits and the Soul comes Alive. Call on the Soul and the Spirits sing with Joy. Life is a Loving Journey in which we are always in the company of Angels and Guides.

Today is a Special Opportunity to work with the Sacred. An Opportunity to Listen to the Heartbeat of God and Celebrate the Gifts of Gaia. An Opportunity to Immerse yourself in Ancestral Blessings and the Greatness within. Every day we have the Opportunity to make Choices that make a Difference. Make the most of your Opportunities and the Heavens will Align and your Life will Transform.

There is a River of Ancient Wisdom within the Soul where Dreams, Hopes and Desires wait to be set Free.

You are a Star Shining Brightly. You are a Sacred Flower of Love. You are Beautiful beyond words. Believe it, Live it, Breathe it and Be it.

Hear my Prayer of Light and Goodness. Let us Share our many Gifts and build Castles in the Stars. Let us Embrace the Sun in all its Glory and Touch the Sky with Soul and Spirit. Hear my Prayer of Love and Kindness.

A Smile can Change the World. Smile with your Soul and Free the Joy within. We Live and We Love from a Sacred Well of Unique Life Energy. There is an Ocean of Possibility within the Heart where the Spirit of Love lies waiting for an Invitation to Heal. A Kiss Inspires, A Hug Motivates, A Caress Liberates and a Smile Transforms. Kiss Me, Hug Me, Caress Me and Smile for We are Happy and We are Free.

A Positive Community will bring Greater Happiness into your Life. The Earth and the Heavens will hear your Prayers and Nurturance from Spirit will Create a new Reality of Thoughtful Insight and Love Profound.

When you Feel Good about yourself you Shape your World with a Happy Awareness and Offerings of Love. Create Positive Change by falling in Love with You!

I had a Cup of Fae today and my World became an Enchanted Forest where Lovers dwell and Children Play.

Immersed in Spirit I give Thanks to Glorious Gaia and set forth on a Journey of Rainbow Experiences and Sacred Pleasure.

Reach for the Stars and you just may Touch the Wings of an Angel. It is when you Realize that You are the Light that Blessings of Love come your way. A Spiritual Utopia awaits those who Live their Light, Live their Love and Live their Life as Gods and Goddesses. Being Alive in the World means Being in Love with the World. Transformation begins with the words I Love You.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, June 22, 2012

There are Angels at my Window

In my Vision of the future there is great Joy. There is a World of Peace where people Celebrate the Glory of the Universe. There is an Ocean of Oneness where Awakened Minds embrace the Spirit of Generosity. It is a Loving World. A World in tune with the Heavens where Angels guide us to Positive Experiences. A World where Waterfalls of Wisdom cleanse our Souls and Bathe us in Joyful Spirituality. In my Vision of the Future all are Happy. Who will Join me in making this Vision a Reality?

A Positive Reality grows in Gardens where the Infinite aspects of Beauty are Cultivated.

To Create a Happier Life drink from the Cup of Hope. Explore the Sacred World inside and Live your Life like a Poem of Love. Happy are they who Choose Love and then Nurture and Nourish it.

Blooming in the Meadow of Inspiration is Love. Love is a Gift you give yourself and Share with others. Make your Dreams come True by Living from the Soul and Loving from the Heart.

Brightest Blessings on this Beautiful day. The World belongs to us. Lets Create something Magickal born of Dreams that Inspires the Soul.

Every Child is a God for they are Pure and Innocent. Bless the Child and you Bless the World.

Live simply and embrace the Wholeness of things. Listen to your Angels and Celebrate the Wonders of Nature. Together we can Create a New World. Together we can bring Heaven Home. Together we can Love. Life is at its Happiest when Shared.

Walk with me along a Path of Welcoming where we will Communion with Kindred Spirits and Sacred Souls. We are a Blessing and a Gift. We are Divinely Guided Beings destined to Live from Connectedness. Sail with me along an Ocean of Spiritual Gratification where we will Communion with Evolutionary Forces and Universal Life Energy. We are Self Aware Messengers of Freedom destined to Expand and Enrich the Lives of all we meet. Dance with me.....

Seeker of Enlightenment live an Inspired Life. Enjoy the Journey and Express Gratitude for all your Blessings. You are a Divine Light on an all encompassing Spiritual Landscape of Love.

Positive Thinking will Guide you on a Cleansing Journey to your Higher Self.

In the Desert of my Soul there is an Oasis of Love where the Sun always Shines and the Heart always Glows.

Sometimes I Dream of Beautiful Portals of Light which lead to Landscapes of Love and I Awake Transformed.

There are Angels at my Window. They are Ministers of Love here to Share the Beauty of Life. They are filled with Joy for they Know that when the Soul learns to Smile the Universe will Open and all will Ascend. I hear Birds Singing and with the Angels they are Composing a Symphony of Love. My Spirit is flying Free to where the Sun and the Moon meet. My Destiny is a Limitless Sky and an Infinite Sphere of Kindness, Caring and Compassion. I Know the Miracle for I am the Miracle and I am Beautiful.

The Good we do for others Purifies the Heart and sets the stage for something Miraculous.

The Soul is as wide as the Sky and as deep as the Ocean. Immerse yourself in its Transcendent Beauty and you will emerge Transformed.

Bring your Heart to me and I will Awaken it to Possibility. We will Travel to places where Dreams Blossom and Dolphins Dance. We will Voyage to places of Illuminated Freedom and Inspired Peace. Bring your Heart to me and We will Live in Love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, June 15, 2012

Love is Everything

Today i soar High and Far for within me there is a Fire that Glows which Guides my way. The Drumbeat of the Ancients dances in Harmony with the Heartbeat of my Soul. I am Ancient, I am newly Born and I am Eternal. Today i walk with Angels and Ancestors.

You are the World. You are Worthy of Love. You are the Light of Creation. You are my Friend and I Love You.

I have seen forever in the Eyes of an Infant. I have seen True Beauty in the Face of a Child. I have found Salvation in the Smile of a Little One and I have Learned how to Love from watching Youth at Play. Bless the Earth and all its Children for they are the Future and they are Beautiful.

Love is Everything. Love is a Well of Light which Embraces our Humanity. Love is the Inspiration for us to Live better Lives. Love makes us Evolve more Beautifully. Love is the Infinite Sky of your Higher Self. Love is the Brightest Flame and the most Positive influence. Love is Truth and Understanding. Love is Caring and Kindness. Love is Who We Are and Who We are meant to Be. Share your Love and Love your Life.

The spark of Life within you releases Fireflies of Peace, Freedom and Love to the Universe and Beyond that Heaven may know your Glory.

In Light I come to you a Humble servant of Love and We are One.

Kneel and Kiss the ground of the Earth you walk on for she is your Mother and she needs your Love.

Miracles happen for those who Bathe in Waters of Love and Sail on Waves of Bliss. The Truth of Who We are is that We are a Cosmic Family. We are Brothers and Sisters of Light on a Journey to the Sacred and Divine. We are Kind Hearted Extraordinary People of Positive Transformation. We are Devoted Servants of the Highest Good whose Mission in Life is to be Healers of the Heart for when the Heart begins to Glow it Illuminates the Path to Heaven.

The Heart has much to Teach us. Listen to your Heart. The Spirit has much to Teach us. Listen to your Spirit. The Soul has much to Teach us. Listen to your Soul. Listen to the Lessons within for they are the Inspiration you have been Seeking.

The time has come for us to assist Mother Earth in Healing. Love your Mother for Love is a Healing Light that reaches beyond the Stars.

The Soul is as wide as the Sky and as deep as the Ocean. Immerse yourself in its Transcendent Beauty and you will emerge Transformed.

I am a Heavenly Garden Beautifully Tranquil and full of Lightness. I am Connected to all by the Miracle of Life. I am Joyful and Playful in the Field of the Mind for it is there that i create Thoughts that will in their time Transform into Realities that will Change the World.

You are Radiant. Your Soul floats in the Wind on Waves of Energy. Your Inner and Outer Vision are Clear, Confident and at One with all of Life. Yours is a Spirit filled with many Blessings and much Love. You are a Wonderful Inspiration that Treasures People and Cherishes Life. You are a Message from the Universe that Walks on Sacred Ground and Resonates with Wisdom from the Ancients. You are a place of Beauty between Reality and Imagination. You are that which you have been longing for. Welcome Home.

Share the Beauty that is You and your Soul will Bloom like a Flower in the Garden of the Universe.

Express Love and Gratitude for your many Blessings and have the Courage to be Yourself. It is when we are Authentic that we are most Sacred. Be Compassionate towards Yourself and the Light of your Greatness will Illuminate your Path. Life is an Expression of our true Essence. Feel Beautiful Today, Feel Bountiful Tomorrow and Feel Blessed every Moment of every day.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, June 08, 2012

I Cast Light upon the Darkness

There is always Light when you Trust in Love. Change your Thoughts and Feelings and you Bloom into Being. The Gateway to Inspiration opens when we choose Transformation as a way of Life. The Time has come to Evolve Spiritually. Be your own Hero. Be your own Teacher. Be your own Mystic and Be your own Shaman. Trust your Heart for deep within it is a state of Unity and Bliss that will Nurture the Living Soul. We are the Weavers. We are the Light. Live in the Light.

Believe in the Love you Embrace. Believe in the Wonder of a Sunset. All thats Beautiful comes from Belief for when we Believe we see with eyes of Spirit.

Fan the Flames of Freedom, Fan the Flames of Love, Fan the Flames of Light and of God Above. Fan the Flames of Hope, Fan the Flames of Joy, Fan the Flames of Happiness for every Girl and Boy. Fan the Flames of Peace, Fan the Flames of Pride, Fan the Flames of Enlightenment and the Truth which lies Inside. We are the Fire, We are the Flame, We are the Fire, We are the Flame.....

I Pray in Prose for Life is but a Poem and I am but a Poet.

At this moment on Sacred Ground i give Birth to Healing Energy. I weave this Energy into the Fabric of Life creating a Garment of Love. I Share the Abundance and Blessings of this Energy that all may Benefit from its Healing powers. We are all Healers. We all have the Ability to Transform and Transcend. It begins with Belief. Believe in yourself and you become your own Healer. Believe in your Innate Spiritual Essence and you Heal the World. Believe in Love and the Heavens open. Believe!

We are the Breath of Life. Mother Earth is Alive within each of us and We are Poetic and Powerful Messengers of Transformation. We are the thing Dreams are made of and the Dream things are made of. Breathe in Positive Energy and Live your Dreams.

Drink from the Cup of Love and you Evolve to a Higher Reality where every day is a Miracle of Holistic Choices and Mystic Creations.

Tonight i cast Light upon the Darkness for the Darkness is not my enemy it is but another side of me. We who have truly seen Darkness better Appreciate the Light. Those of us who use our struggles as Inspiration know that anything is Possible. We who have crawled our way Home from the bowels of hell that we may Share our Love with all Beings are Ascending Souls. Tonight i cast Light upon the Darkness that all may see the Beauty of my Shadows.

Today i followed my Soul and was led to undiscovered Opportunities and Extraordinary Moments of Empowered Living. Today i followed my Spirit and was led to the Richness of the Earth and Miraculous ways to Inspire. Today i Followed - Tomorrow I Lead!

Blessed are they who have Compassion for all Life for they are the Ones who Guide people toward Enlightenment.

I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Light and I am Love. I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Hope and I am Joy. I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Transformation and I am Growth. I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Beauty and I am Bliss. I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Unity and I am Peace. I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Light and I am Love. I am Sacred and I am Human!

The Light of Truth is within your Reach. The Light of Hope is but a Dream away and the Light of Love is at Home in your Heart. Embrace the Light.

Live with Light. Live your Uniqueness by Voyaging through Abundant Gardens of Wisdom and Fertile Fields of Creativity. Be Alive in the Moment and Live your Higher Self. The Essence of who we are is Love. Live your Essence. Make every Thought a Flowing Affirmation and every Breath a Celebration of Spirit. Imagine the Unimaginable and Dream the Impossible. Rejoice in the Knowledge that Bliss is your Birthright. Live your Bliss.

In Celebration of Life i transmit Positive Energy and Blessings to All.

I Love you on a Soul to Soul Level for within my Soul is where my Inner Child resides and he is a Child born of Light and Love.

In Thoughts and Prayers i Embrace the Light of your Soul. In Esoteric Knowledge i walk a Path of Love, Compassion and Creativity. In Pleasure and Joy i manifest the Life i was Born to Live. In Oneness with the Universe i Live from the Heart and Love from the Soul. Life is a Sacred Relationship and i am a Faithful Partner. In Service to the Greatest Good i bring my Dreams into Reality. I am Truth, I am Beauty, I am Light, I am MicHEAL and I am The Ancient One.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, June 01, 2012

We are Souls of Love and Light

To Achieve Inner Peace one must Live Joyfully and Creatively. One must Embrace Complete Truth and Illuminate a Path to the Spiritual. One must Ignite the Light within and Bathe in Celestial Essence and Energy. The Path with Heart is the Path that leads to Heaven. The Path with Hope is the Path that leads to Greatness. The Path with Love is the Path that leads Home. To Achieve one must Transform. To Transform one must Ascend and To Ascend one must Love.

We are Souls of Love and Light. We are Spirits of Hope and Happiness. We are Messengers, Mystics and Masters. We are Miracles.

Heaven is a Playground and those of us who keep the Spirit of our Youth Alive. Look within and let your Inner Child out to Play.

We all Live in a World of Possibilities. It is Possible to Transform. It is Possible to let your Spirit Fly. It is Possible to Cultivate the Core of your Essence. It is Possible to Brighten your World. It is Possible to Create a Joyful Life. We all Live in a World of Possibilities and its just Possible that We can make it a World of Love.

I live in Absolute Joy when I see a Child Smile. I Experience Absolute Love when I feel the Breath of a Woman on my Soul. I am Happy for I am Loved.

Beloved Planet Earth I come to you a Humble Servant. I give you my Word that I will lead a Spiritual Life and Light the Way for others. I Vow to follow the Path to Ascension and Radiate Beauty while Empowering People with an Enlightened Perspective. Beloved Planet Earth I am an Angel of Guidance and I will Open peoples minds to Universal Truth and Spiritual Rejuvenation. I Pledge to Create Unique Opportunities and Manifest Awareness that all Humanity may Appreciate and Acknowledge your Love and Beauty. Beloved Planet Earth I Love You!

I am a Visionary of Light. I See my Path and I am Inspired to Enjoy Life and Immerse myself in Kindness.

Mother Earth watches over her flock and we who Feel her Presence are the Ones that will Thrive, Survive, Transcend and Transform.

Join me on a Spiritual Pilgrimage of Higher Vibrations and Angelic Energies. A Journey of Inspiring Messages and Genuine Spiritual Connections. A Voyage of Evolving Spirit and Collective Awareness. Join me and Together we will Change the World.

The Key to Life is to Feel Good and Love Yourself. Life is a Sacred Experience and by Embracing your Divine Self you Enhance Spiritual Development and Live the Miracle.

The soul speaks to us in dreams, inspiring us to embrace a personal relationship with our spirit guides that we may become enlightened beings.

Light the New Dawn with Heavenly Blessings. Open your Soul to the Sacred and Journey to the Highest Spheres of Kindness and Consciousness. Inspire every Thought with Earthly Awareness and Celestial Awakening. The New Dawn is here and You are Beautiful. Give yourself into the World that it may say Thank You for the Gift of You.

Light a Candle of Love that it may Illuminate the Path to Joy and Happiness. Light a Lamp of Wisdom that it may Guide you to a Life of Harmony and Balance. Light a Fire of Spirit that it may Inspire you to Breathe Change and Celebrate Wholeness. Love from the Inside Out and you Inspire the Soul. We are Beings of Light and by Sharing that Light we achieve Serenity and Create Transformation.

The Beauty of Existence has Captivated my Soul and Inspired me to Share the Love in my Heart with all of Humanity. It is my Desire to Manifest a Life of Joy that I may pass along that Joy to the Universe and all her Inhabitants. Today I Awake with a Loving Heart and a Joyful Spirit. These are my Gifts to You.

The Shaman Dreams of Sacred Words and Ancient Wisdom. Follow me into my Dreams and We will Voyage into Angelic Realms of Love and Light.

Earth is filled with Spiritual Content. Breathe in the Beauty that surrounds you and Rejoice in the Knowledge that Life is a Garden and We are Gardeners.

My Positive Affirmation is this: I will Live in Joy. I will Facilitate Transformation and See with Eyes of Compassion. I will Evolve my Soul to its Birthright of Clear, Pure Ethereal Healing Energy. I will Embrace Compassion and Grace. I will Open my Heart to Kindness and Inspiration. I will see Heaven in the Rainbows of my Happiness and I will Live in Light and Love.

Come with me on a Holy Adventure of Love and Infinite Light. We will Follow a Path of Divine Healing Energy to a Place of Inspiration and Imagination where Dreams become Realities. We will be Face to Face with Angels in a Loving and Supportive Environment. Come with me on a Sacred Journey of Wonder and Wellness. We will Commune with Spirit Guides and Open Gateways to Higher Dimensions. We will Create a Mighty Kindness that Inspires the Sun to Shine and the Soul to Smile. Come with Me...

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )