Friday, June 15, 2012

Love is Everything

Today i soar High and Far for within me there is a Fire that Glows which Guides my way. The Drumbeat of the Ancients dances in Harmony with the Heartbeat of my Soul. I am Ancient, I am newly Born and I am Eternal. Today i walk with Angels and Ancestors.

You are the World. You are Worthy of Love. You are the Light of Creation. You are my Friend and I Love You.

I have seen forever in the Eyes of an Infant. I have seen True Beauty in the Face of a Child. I have found Salvation in the Smile of a Little One and I have Learned how to Love from watching Youth at Play. Bless the Earth and all its Children for they are the Future and they are Beautiful.

Love is Everything. Love is a Well of Light which Embraces our Humanity. Love is the Inspiration for us to Live better Lives. Love makes us Evolve more Beautifully. Love is the Infinite Sky of your Higher Self. Love is the Brightest Flame and the most Positive influence. Love is Truth and Understanding. Love is Caring and Kindness. Love is Who We Are and Who We are meant to Be. Share your Love and Love your Life.

The spark of Life within you releases Fireflies of Peace, Freedom and Love to the Universe and Beyond that Heaven may know your Glory.

In Light I come to you a Humble servant of Love and We are One.

Kneel and Kiss the ground of the Earth you walk on for she is your Mother and she needs your Love.

Miracles happen for those who Bathe in Waters of Love and Sail on Waves of Bliss. The Truth of Who We are is that We are a Cosmic Family. We are Brothers and Sisters of Light on a Journey to the Sacred and Divine. We are Kind Hearted Extraordinary People of Positive Transformation. We are Devoted Servants of the Highest Good whose Mission in Life is to be Healers of the Heart for when the Heart begins to Glow it Illuminates the Path to Heaven.

The Heart has much to Teach us. Listen to your Heart. The Spirit has much to Teach us. Listen to your Spirit. The Soul has much to Teach us. Listen to your Soul. Listen to the Lessons within for they are the Inspiration you have been Seeking.

The time has come for us to assist Mother Earth in Healing. Love your Mother for Love is a Healing Light that reaches beyond the Stars.

The Soul is as wide as the Sky and as deep as the Ocean. Immerse yourself in its Transcendent Beauty and you will emerge Transformed.

I am a Heavenly Garden Beautifully Tranquil and full of Lightness. I am Connected to all by the Miracle of Life. I am Joyful and Playful in the Field of the Mind for it is there that i create Thoughts that will in their time Transform into Realities that will Change the World.

You are Radiant. Your Soul floats in the Wind on Waves of Energy. Your Inner and Outer Vision are Clear, Confident and at One with all of Life. Yours is a Spirit filled with many Blessings and much Love. You are a Wonderful Inspiration that Treasures People and Cherishes Life. You are a Message from the Universe that Walks on Sacred Ground and Resonates with Wisdom from the Ancients. You are a place of Beauty between Reality and Imagination. You are that which you have been longing for. Welcome Home.

Share the Beauty that is You and your Soul will Bloom like a Flower in the Garden of the Universe.

Express Love and Gratitude for your many Blessings and have the Courage to be Yourself. It is when we are Authentic that we are most Sacred. Be Compassionate towards Yourself and the Light of your Greatness will Illuminate your Path. Life is an Expression of our true Essence. Feel Beautiful Today, Feel Bountiful Tomorrow and Feel Blessed every Moment of every day.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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