Thursday, December 24, 2015

Let Ours Be A Message Of Love

let ours be a message of love that brings people together in an uplifting and positive way that all may gather as one in a joyful celebration of their blessings and live in peaceful bliss.

we are elevated beings and every moment we have here on earth is an opportunity to connect with love minded souls.

this is a magickal time. a time to explore new worlds. a time to dance in the light of your sacred essence. a time to live your beauty. a time to immerse yourself in the glory of your greatness. a time to love. this is a magickal time.

you have the ability to inspire and if you listen to the spirit within you can guide others to move in a new direction that benefits the heart and rejuvenates the soul.

awaken your magnificence for you are beautiful and yours is a profound path crafted with love and blessed with the gift of life.

explore your true nature and breathe in the wisdom of your sacred self for you are a blessing and the moment you embrace the miracle of your existence is the moment that your life will change for the better.

through the spirit of generosity i have made my heart my home and my home a welcoming sanctuary and peaceful environment that embraces all with a love divine.

a life prepared with love is one of profound spiritual awareness that supports your evolution and guides you to the heaven within that you may in turn create a paradise all your own.

let this be a time of bliss where we come to understand that ours is a profound path rich with insight and filled with revelatory messages that will guide us to a place of natural beauty where we may enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

journey with me along shamanic pathways where we discover the truth within and embrace our visionary abilities as we immerse ourselves in peace and harmony.

truly love yourself and your life becomes a sacred walk through the enchanted forest of the soul where with every step you discover beauty and experience miracles.

something beautiful happens when we embrace a higher love. we begin a spiritual transformation that takes us to magickal realms and sacred dimensions where we experience the joy of our divinity.

spirits are everywhere. see with sacred eyes and you deepen your journey. angels are everywhere. see with divine intent and you embrace your highest self. how we look at life determines how life treats us. look at life with love as your guide and yours will be a journey of unique opportunities and limitless possibilities where you discover the miracle of your essence and beauty of your ethereal existence.

to nourish consciousness in a gentle loving way is to embark on a path of total well being. to nurture your true sacred self in a kind compassionate way is to open the gates of heaven.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, December 17, 2015

You Are A Miracle Of Joy

you are a miracle of joy whose innate goodness has the ability to heal and all you have to do to experience other worlds and make your way to happiness is believe that this is who you are.

spiritual empowerment and cosmic awareness are rewards that the universe blesses us with when we open our heart and are willing to believe just how beautiful we are.

wisdom enriches the traveler, knowledge empowers the messenger and love enlightens the seeker. life has gifts at every step along our path. be sure that you see, embrace, live and share them.

open the gateway to greater realities and you will discover that you are a higher dimensional being of light who with love and care can change the world.

we are gifted with sacred insight and when we nurture and cultivate our gifts we connect to the divine grace and glory of the cosmos.

loving and helping others reveals the beauty of our true self and creates a positive atmosphere that allows us to awaken into a new and more beautiful world.

awaken the soul, awaken the sacred healing power within, awaken the spirit, awaken the angelic essence of your true self, awaken the heart, awaken the glory of your greatness, AWAKEN!

you have the power to miraculously change for you are a being of light and at any moment you can simply by believing in the beauty of who you are create miracles.

an extraordinary life is the gift we give ourself when we are positively focused on planting seeds of love for this is a profound act that encourages growth deep within the soul.

by exploring other dimensions and seeking other realms we become a spiritually nurturing source of light for ourself and others as it is the willingness to venture into worlds beyond our reach and reality that brings the heavens to earth.

heavenly doors open when we nurture ourself with the pure energy and healing power of our divine essence.

breathe in the beauty of your true and sacred self and you will experience joy in heartwarming ways that nurture the soul and raise the spirit to a place of higher vibrations.

a healthier love of self awakens and transforms by making us spiritually self empowering which guides us to our divine nature and makes us a positive force on a path of great happiness.

to live happy lives we must love the lives we live and to love the lives we live we must first believe in and cherish who we are.

an authentic life path aligns with the divine and creates a loving perspective that touches the heart and soul in ways that inspire, uplift, enrich and empower.

to open the heart is to brighten your world and make yours a path of life changing insights which lead to growth and healing.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, December 10, 2015

We Begin To Shine Brighter When We Expand Our Perception

we begin to shine brighter when we expand our perception for it is then that we see with greater clarity the angels surrounding us and make the profound discovery that life is a truly holistic experience.

we are agents of creation in a galactic community whose soul purpose is to love and be loved.

as beings of light we have the ability to heal. we have within us the gifts of the universe which if shared spiritually empower ourself and others. as beings of love we have the ability to change the world.

live your destiny now. immerse yourself in spirit. dance in the light of your soul. you are a celestial being whose life is to be celebrated. you are a special gift in the land of the sacred. you are a messenger of hope and happiness. live your truth now.

the coming changes will manifest a reality of positive knowledge and deeper understanding which will lead us to higher levels of compassion that we may live the love that is our true divine nature.

open your heart today to the beauty of your highly spiritual existence and share with the world the glory of your divinity and the miracle of your true and sacred self.

positive spiritual aspirations and joyful participation in your existence soothe the soul and illuminate the way to divine universal energy which gives you the opportunity to experience other worlds and discover the transformative power of your sacred self.

you are the creator of your life and when you focus your intention on creating something beautiful you become an inspiration for yourself and others.

hope, confidence and a deeper connection with self is a marvelous gift we can share with the world that inspires miraculous healing and positively benefits all.

the more open and willing we are to experience love in all its glory the more opportunity we will have for spiritual growth and the more enriched and enlightened our life will be.

an amazing adventure of cosmic awareness awaits those who choose to awaken the beauty inside for it is when we cultivate and nurture our true authentic self that we become beacons of light and messengers of spirit.

a more rewarding life full of goodness is a gift we give ourself by believing in who we are and living our truth with a smile on our soul.

celebrate your magnificence with life affirming thoughts and soul satisfying actions that make a positive impact for you are a messenger of light born to share your beauty and change the world.

lift your dreams that you may see more clearly the spiritual tools woven into their divine messages and use those tools to create a life of sacred beauty where love is the only reality and happiness the only truth.

love and accept life and life will love and accept you. its not the law of attraction as much as it is common sense.

life becomes an incredible adventure for those who hear the whispers of angels and ancestors and follow them to dimensions of spirit where every thought and action are exquisite creations that manifest miracles of joy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Walk With Me Through Landscapes Of Sacred Adventure

listen to the voice within telling you to believe in yourself and walk wth me through landscapes of sacred adventure and profound spiritual realization where together we will change our world and the world of others.

you are a beautiful soul of genuine love whose every step is a gift and whose every breath is a blessing.

you are an instrument of light and when you open yourself to new experiences your life becomes a song of love that serves as a beacon of hope to all blessed to experience the miracle of your existence.

there is a sacred healing space within us all where the love and light that is our birthright waits for us to realize our magnificence that it may blossom and illuminate our world with heavenly spirit.

open yourself to spirit by sharing the profound healing gifts within for it is when we share our truth and beauty that we become more alive and ours becomes a happier and healthier existence.

a soul centered approach to life creates heaven in your heart which helps you live your inspiration and be a catalyst for others to explore their own heart and soul.

may your gratitude be intense, may your thankfulness be passionate and may your love for life be positive and profound.

when we discover more loving ways to express ourself we align with the divine and ours becomes a life that serves the greater good of all.

when we create our reality from compassionate energy we bring about positive change that inspires kindness and attracts love.

cultivate self compassion and nurture positive relationships for these actions will immerse you in the healing waters of spirit that you may transcend this earthly realm and venture into new places of existence where you can see your true beauty and better appreciate the sacredness of all life.

you are a channel of light and when you do that which aligns with your heart and soul you breathe spirit into your life.

call forth the very best of who you are by releasing your spiritual gifts that the world may experience your extraordinary life and the divine, positive and loving path you are on.

a better relationship with the divine will empower and inspire you by embracing you with life affirming messages from the soul that enlighten and transform.

honour yourself on this day by releasing your magickal essence that it may share the healing and wholeness of your divinity by cultivating greater love and manifesting heavenly light.

compassionate actions empower and uplift by making room for spirit. take action today and the universe will thank you.

when you allow yourself to experience the brilliance of who you truly are you bring out your spiritual gifts and innate sacredness which will lead you to oceans of happiness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Create Kindness In The Universe

spiritually conscious living creates kindness in the universe which inspires us to explore the sacred within and make richly transformative choices that bring joy to others that they too may believe in their goodness and realize that life is a gift. be conscious. be kind.

a soul that is nourished enables you to be fully awake and create a life you love that is deeper and more meaningful.

greater self respect and responsibility sparks the divine within and makes us more aware that we have the power to make a difference.

happy and fulfilled are they who come to the empowering realization that they are on a higher mission of abundant well being and heart opening transformation.

we experience greater peace when we honour our own abilities by providing guidance and healing for others. it is through acts of kindness that magick happens and miracles occur.

awaken your true self and share with the world your unique soul story for yours is an impactful path meant to touch hearts and change lives.

loving acceptance of the truth and beauty of your sacred self releases soul based energy from within which nurtures the spirit and creates an atmosphere of heart centered living that changes life for the better. with gratitude and thankfulness accept the glory and greatness of who you are.

every moment in our life is an opportunity to grow and when we seize those opportunities we embrace the essence of life with blessings and miracles that guide us to experiences of tremendous love.

live for the good of all. love for the good of all. it is by accepting that the greater good is that which serves the good of all that we blossom into beauty and ours becomes a garden of sacred transformation.

liberate your passions and purpose by opening yourself to new possibilities for by exploring beyond your reach you will discover waves of light that will illuminate a path to a place of heart centered living where you may live with greater joy.

when we help others transform we experience the extraordinary for acts of kindness create a spiritual well being that makes our journey alive and vibrant with light and love.

the soul has a beautiful smile which shines all the more brightly whenever you reach out to others in love and kindness.

live your life as a positive affirmation of your sacred beauty and divine greatness for you are a unique contribution to the universe whose loving essence is a profound gift and by sharing your light you joyfully immerse yourself and others in a sea of spiritual purification.

to truly be in love with yourself is an empowering realization that will inspire you to live your dreams and move you forward joyously in the direction of your divine destiny.

the brightness within you is an infinite source of inspiration and by sharing its beauty with others you bring more love into the world.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nourishing Our Existence

( artwork by manuela galo de cuendias 1898 )

the more meaningful the contributions we make to our life and the lives around us the more nourishing our existence will be for open hearted interactions with ourself and others enables and inspires us to evolve into the divine.

these our times of great change and we can awaken our dreams and turn our desires into destiny if we approach life at a soul level and seek to make our thoughts and actions expressions of joy.

a healing relationship with the self begins when we immerse ourself in the life force energy within as doing so creates a greater awareness of spirit which frees the soul in a way that inspires us to embrace our true nature and emerge transformed.

journey with me to wholeness where we will joyfully connect to our sacred purpose as we see clearly the sacredness of the soul and align ourselves with our true divine essence.

make an effort to have the most beautiful relationship possible with yourself for it is when we love ourself completely that life becomes a series of extraordinary opportunities that transmit the sacred and transform us into the beings of light that we are destined to be.

let us embark on a sacred journey where we engage life fully as we bring forth more light. let us nurture peace within as we make ours a soul stirring adventure where we positively impact the world around us. let us embrace the oneness of all life.

embrace who you are today and you will bring forth the light of tomorrow which will guide you to profound transformative experiences that will enrich your soul, enhance your spirit and enlighten your very essence.

there are parts of you waiting to be discovered. there are sacred secrets and divine discoveries waiting for you to find your way home. explore the beauty of your true and highest self for it is there that you will experience the healing and happiness you so desire.

you are an instrument of spirit whose true nature is one of heroic adventures that embrace the heart and soul of all humanity with a joyful awareness of the beauty of life.

greater aliveness comes to us when we realize that every moment of our life is an opportunity to experience the divine as we traverse celestial realms within.

ignite your passion and purpose with new visions of light and love by expanding your consciousness in a way that allows your spiritual heart to embrace your own magnificence with happiness and goodwill.

when we bathe in the light of kindness, compassion and love our path becomes one of positive transformation where we feel more fully alive as we connect with the sacred.

purity of thought and intention makes ours a life changing journey of divine energy and sacred courage where spontaneous prayer creates positive realities that transform our life and the world around us.

live your life with the greatest compassion. keep going forward. we evolve and change when we are active participants in our lives. know that everyday miracles occur when we awaken to the reality that each moment in our life is an opportunity to encourage and empower. live your life with the highest intentions.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Path Of Spiritual Evolution

there is greater meaning and sacred healing within yourself and others which when believed in and embraced will take you down a path of spiritual evolution where yours will be a life extraordinary.

there is possibility in every moment and if you believe in possibility the gifts of life and the healing powers of love will make their way home to you.

the power of your true self is limitless and if you believe in your greatness you can facilitate your freedom and liberate your spirit as you embrace your worth and significance.

let ours be a unifying prayer where we encourage each other to live a happier healthier life of bliss and harmony where we practice gratitude and live our divinity .

awareness of self and spirit helps us dream a new life into being because enhanced understanding of our true beauty is a gift we can give ourself which inspires the soul to sing and transforms our every step into a dance of love and light.

positive action and intent combined with mutual respect and love cultivates compassion and creates a better quality of life.

the key to your destiny is a myth. there are no keys because there are no doors... we ourself put up walls. we ourself put up fences. light the lamp of awareness that you may see that it is we who create boundaries and blockages. when we awaken to this truth we become more evolved and the pure spiritual energy of our true self is unleashed. throw away the key for you are free. you have always been free.

you are a truly wonderful gift and when you accept this truth with all your heart yours will be a soaring spirit of enlightened vision that ignites the inner fire and facilitates love of self and others.

the desire to help others creates a sacred sovereignty that allows the soul to bloom by embracing your spiritual heritage and gifting you with the reality that there is always hope.

when love is your purpose and kindness your passion yours becomes a path toward a brighter future of esoteric truths and metaphysical wonders where the great light of destiny and the sacred heart of mother earth vibrate joy and happiness.

there is a place deep within where belief is born. a place of divine good where gifts of the universe reside. go to this place and awaken your wisdom as you discover your miraculous powers. there is a place deep within where heaven is created.

the more open we are to receive blessings the more light we bring to the world and the more able we are to walk a path of positive transformation where we experience deeper healing and live our celestial destiny.

we are immortal beings of pure vibrational energy born of light whose heart and soul are filled with esoteric treasures.

once you discover your greater purpose the veils between dimensions are lifted and you see more clearly all the possibilities available which guides you to your greater purpose that you may do what makes your soul happy.

the spirit of mother earth is within you and by immersing yourself in her cleansing essence you gain the power to transform and yours becomes a magickal universe of holistic harmony and divine joy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Revel In The Adventure Of Life

revel in the adventure of life and let your natural beauty and life force energy embrace all who traverse this sacred land for it is by sharing our love and light that we open ourself to spiritual dimensions and the healing waters of the divine.

life is a most precious gift and we honour that gift by living beautifully. by sharing our gift we invite the spirit home as we awaken the divine. life is a most precious gift and we honour that gift by loving beautifully.

the divine is within us all and by embracing this reality with great joy we transform the spirit as we create balance and harmony.

when we encourage and inspire wellness in others we create a deep soul connection and our true self comes alive.

you have the capacity to create great beauty. you have the ability to touch the heart and soul in ways profound. yours is an elevated spirit. yours is a path of higher awareness and consciousness. you are sacred and divine. you are a being of great beauty. what a wonderful creation.

a spiritually motivated life is one of sacred awareness in which we grow and flourish into heavenly beings who change our life and the lives of others for the better.

see the angels in your daily life and open yourself to their beauty that they may guide you in a more positive direction that is spiritually rewarding where you can embrace your extraordinary powers and live your every moment with deep love and respect for yourself and the world around you.

shine a light on the path within and you will see a place where wishes come true and miracles happen. there are treasures within each of us waiting to be discovered that they may change our lives so we can change the world.

celestial guides and helpers are always with us. the more awakened and aware we are the better able we are to see their presence and open ourself to receive their love and light.

self nurturing creates clarity and insight. self love creates inner peace and harmony. how we treat ourself contributes greatly to how the world treats us. awaken to your true beauty and begin this day by embracing your sacred self and saying i love you.

you are a highly sensitive being whose life has a significant impact on others. live your life as a prayer and seek to make your every action a blessing and yours will be an extraordinary future where you are joyous and happy to be alive.

enjoy the here and now. set free the beauty that is alive within your soul and live this moment in a way that edifies and empowers.

when we are of service to others we are better able to enjoy the here and now for it is through acts of kindness and compassion that we embrace our cosmic responsibilities and create an environment of sacred light and positive energy vibrations.

journey to a place of self love for it is there that you will discover the wondrous things alive within and hear the sacred voice of the ancients.

i am blessed every day by the kindness of angels. i am inspired by heavenly souls who touch my heart with divine light and beauty. whether you know it or not you are an angel and you are a heavenly soul. thank you for being in my life. i love you.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 29, 2015

An Opportunity For Good

this very moment in your existence is an opportunity for good. you can choose right now to guide and direct yourself along a path of richness and spirit. you can invite your angels in as you let your demons out. you can respond to any given situation with love. these are things you can do. for your true self knows that this very moment in your existence is an opportunity for good.

let love and gratitude flow through you and accept your blessings. do what makes you happy and allow your deepest intentions to become your most beautiful realities. yours is an evolving story of spirit and you have control over what you write.

explore new possibilities and opportunities as you move in a positive direction for these are choices that will profoundly empower you on your path and guide you to a place of lasting happiness.

do that which serves your soul and your life will be a feast of joy and happiness that gently nurtures your divine self as it inspires a new passion for being alive.

every experience is a gift. every person is a treasure. every moment is a blessing. given these truths we should be living our lives as a celebration. open yourself to the beauty around and let the love that is your essence rejoice as you immerse yourself in every gift, treasure and blessing you have.

when you contribute to the happiness of others you find greater joy and spirit reveals itself as you journey into higher realms where you emerge into your sacred self.

we are beautiful ever evolving beings of light and by following a path of purposeful living and peaceful loving solutions we increase our spiritual awareness as we move joyously toward heaven on earth.

strengthen the positive by living your sacred worth. allow your spirit to guide you to the heart of compassion. untether your soul that the world may experience your divine beauty. this is your world to shape and you do so by sharing your glory and living your greatness.

unexpected opportunities based in spirit come to us when we commit to empowering others to overcome lifes challenges by embracing the light and living their love.

with pure love open yourself to lifes blessings for by doing so you see more clearly the gateway to heaven and yours becomes a deeply spiritual and purposeful life of great joy and happiness.

good things happen when we are more awakened and compassionate. miracles occur when we embrace loving awareness and share our divine caring presence. we are beautiful bright lights born to shine. we are souls in transformation born to be a source of inspiration. live this truth and yours will be a journey of joyful aliveness.

you have deep within your heart and soul a reservoir of pure positive energy and by believing in who you are and immersing yourself in its cleansing waters you develop yourself spiritually as you expand your capacity to love.

to fully love and accept yourself is to choose to grow for it is through belief in the beauty of who we truly are that we transform into healing loving angels of light.

a soul filled life creates a flow of events which uplift the heart and awaken the best in you that you may realize your true nature and commune with the divine.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Freely Unfold Into A Life Of Beauty

spiritual well being comes when we are brave enough to wake up to a new reality where we freely unfold into a life of beauty. embrace the essence of who you are by creating a safe and supportive environment where you may live a larger destiny as the world within provides guidance and wisdom. it is through mindful self compassion that we heal our heart and soul thereby becoming the gods and goddesses we were born to be.

to be a hero is to be yourself. to be yourself is to love life and the world around you. to love life and the world around you is to embrace all with kindness and compassion. to embrace all with kindness and compassion is to be a hero. to be a hero is to be yourself.

share your gifts with others. share what brings you joy. to show kindness and compassion is to fill the heart and soul of humanity with insight and inspiration.

faith can heal. belief can heal. have faith in who you are. believe in your greatness. hope can heal. dreams can heal. have faith in your hopes. believe in your dreams. you are a blessing and a miracle and the gateway to glory opens the moment you have faith and believe.

these are times of great change and those who illuminate their lives by stirring the magick within will open our hearts to the spirits of the land that we may all embrace higher wisdom as we immerse ourselves in unlimited possibilities and opportunities for growth.

awaken to the positive and allow its powerful feelings to inspire you to be true to yourself and forge a new clear path where you may explore your connection with spirit.

have an intimate conversation with your angels, ancestors and guides. listen and let their healing words infuse your mind, body and soul with spiritually transformative power. follow the path they bring you to for it will lead to greater understanding and a richer and fuller life of divine beauty and sacred love.

make your life better by building bridges of spiritual growth to places that light the fire within your soul for it is through actions that inspire hope that we make miraculous connections which help us evolve into our sacred self.

i hear messages from beyond which guide me to mystical planes where i embark on magickal adventures that lead to positive enriching experiences. all of this occurs simply because i listen.

selfless service to others creates a more compassionate life. every time we help another soul we manifest more meaning and inspire greater beauty. open your heart and let the light of love within guide you to your greatness that you may live the beauty of your true and sacred self.

a new earth is forming where we will connect with higher planes and awaken from within for ours is a journey of light and we are beautiful celestial beings on a sacred path of love.

to help and heal creates an expansion of light which in turn illuminates opportunities for growth that have a positive impact on our collective evolution.

we are positive loving people and by lighting the sacred fire within we create meaning in life that leads us to a place of greater glory where the miracle of our divinity begins to unfold into a blossoming flower of beauty, bliss and spiritual mastery.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Heartbeat Of Our True Sacred Self

the heartbeat of our true sacred self plays an ancient song of love and when we listen closely and open ourself to its beauty life becomes a tribal dance of kindness, caring, compassion and community.

whenever we help another soul to create a beautiful life our life becomes all the lovelier for life is a garden and when we plant seeds of joy, beauty, happiness and bliss we grow miracles that nurture ourself and others.

you are an extraordinary individual with an extraordinary life on an extraordinary journey of extraordinary adventures to extraordinary places of extraordinary light where you will discover extraordinary love. be extraordinary. its who you are.

a commitment to positive change will open doorways into other dimensions and realities where you may see more clearly just how wonderful you are and blossom into the beautiful being of light that you were born to be.

love from the heart and live from the soul for by doing so you create an atmosphere of kindness and caring which will positively transform your world.

a beautiful life is a gift we give ourself when we truly love and respect who we are. believing in yourself is a gateway to greatness. open the gate and explore the wonders that await you.

you are a blessing to others. you are a blessing to the earth. you are a blessing to the universe. blessed are we who know and love you. blessed are we who experience your greatness. blessed are we who are touched by the light of your divinity. you are a blessing.

engage your soul in a sacred dance as you sing a song of spirit and celebrate the truth and beauty of who you are.

we all have a higher calling but not all of us hear or heed the call. listen closely and take the message to heart and yours will be a path of transformation and ascension.

open yourself to new realities, ideas, dimensions, beliefs... the more open you are and the more willing you are to change the better your life will be. for every obstacle you remove there is a blessing waiting to embrace your essence.

there is light within the soul and love within the light. open your soul and unleash its beauty that all may benefit from your love and light.

awaken to a life of boundless joy. awaken to a life of passion and purpose. awaken to a path of positive intention. breathe in the beauty of who you truly are and allow yourself the opportunity to see your sacredness and use your gifts to explore the magnificence of your being as you serve humanity with love and compassion. awaken!

i am connected to you and you are connected to your neighbor and she is connected to a friend at work and they are connected to someone they met in cyberspace and he is connected to me... we are all connected.

when the soul of the sacred and the heart of the spirit discover each other is the moment in our existence where we have the clarity to live our highest good and love our true self in a way that serves humanity and the universe.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Metaphysical Wellness And Divine Bliss

be a spiritual facilitator. embrace self acceptance and bless the earth with a life well lived. we grow and develop into more loving people when we awaken and explore our true self for it is then that we experience metaphysical wellness and divine bliss.

there is a healing energy within and when we believe in who we are that energy creates thoughts that empower and actions that guide us to spiritual epiphanies which embrace the wholeness of our being with love.

i hear the voice of angels. i hear the call of spirit. i hear the words of the ancients. i hear the songs of the ancestors. i hear messages for my previous incarnations. i hear god and goddess. i hear because i listen. i hear you. i hear.

a higher level of being and a richer happier life come to those who reach deep within to the treasure trove of inspiration that is their birthright and share its beauty that others may open to enlightenment and discover their path and purpose.

choices shaped by love help us create a path of profound change connected to the divine and filled with spirit guided experiences.

you are responsible for your own joy. you are the architect of your existence and if you so choose you can build your life into something beautiful. shape your world using pieces of hope, happiness, truth, belief, kindness, compassion, light and love. you are responsible for your own destiny.

walk in the beauty of the light that shines within with the knowledge that when you embrace those things that serve you well you infuse your life and the lives around you with the healing power of spirit.

to grow spiritually you must be your true self for this will foster inner peace and guide you to happiness.

once you realize there is something greater than yourself the healing power of love shines a new light on life that you may see with clarity the beauty all around you.

i put anger away and i felt at peace. i put stress away and i felt great joy. i put fear away and i felt profoundly happy. life becomes more beautiful the more you release and let go of those things that do not serve you well.

to appreciate the beauty of who you are is to embrace greater self awareness for it is by loving and respecting yoursellf that you communicate with angels and rise above the ordinary to heavens where you become one with your divine essence.

be kind to yourself. a compassionate act of kindness toward yourself creates a flow of positive energy which will guide you along the way of spirit to a place of light where the soul is nourished with a love divine.

each moment holds a miracle. each breath has within it messages of light. every step brings with it a spiritual epiphany and each choice has the potential for life affirming change. you are a miraculous vessel and the time is now to see the truth and live its beauty.

beautiful are they who know that to create the life they desire and achieve their soul purpose they need only ride the waves of change to the place of light within.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Seek Something More Meaningful

seek something more meaningful and you broaden your awareness as you light the way to a unique spiritual journey of compassionate guidance and transformational energy where every step is divinely inspired and every choice leads to your highest truest self.

come with me to a place where anything is possible and together we will spread well being and joy as we empower others to heal. let us embrace our sacred purpose and share our glorious gifts with one and all. come with me to a place of light where we will open a magickal doorway to a beautiful new reality where we all gather together as a loving community of spirit. come with me.

do something special. do something beautiful. do something magickal. do something miraculous. do something.

there is a place of pure magick in the depths of your soul where your inner joy waits patiently to be liberated. explore your soul, discover your greatness and live your joy.

free your soul and allow your divine self to shine that all the world may know that you are an instrument of spirit on a path of eternal light.

imagine greater things. see them in your heart and soul then set them free. from imagination comes inspiration and from inspiration comes transformation.

you nurture your whole being when you choose a more meaningful direction. when the path you are on is one of kindness that leaves you feeling inspired life becomes a joyous journey of positive choices and actions. be a deliberate creator of powerful experiences with heart and soul that facilitate healing and guide you beyond all light to where heaven waits.

to better express who you are connect to your inner wisdom and set free the sacred essence within.

at this moment you have before you the opportunity to awaken. you can at this time choose to make your next step one that moves you toward a place of pure love. the road to happiness is a path we build ourself when we walk in the light of spiritual well being.

a desire to help others fills our heart and soul with divine healing energy and empowers us to create a positive atmosphere where we may embrace greater awareness and live our highest purpose.

greater balance and harmony comes to those whose intention is to empower. they are the messengers of light who have come to the realization that the truth is in the heart and seek to share that truth with the world.

bring your gifts to the world for by sharing your beauty with others you empower yourself into wholeness as you embrace a greater sense of peace and a higher level of being.

choose a more positive direction and yours will be a journey where higher levels of joy guide you to your divine self.

walk with me towards positive change where we will free ourself of burdens as we remove boundaries and throw away limitations. dance with me in the sunlight of our beauty where we will live our divinity and embrace our highest self. soar with me into the heavens where we will sing with angels as we touch the face of god.

there is a place of inner knowing within you that opens every time you reach out to others with kindness and compassion. it is the voice of yoir soul saying thank you and bless you. it is the light of creation leading you home. it is a map of miraculous intention. smile at the world, say i love you and listen to the messages from within.

( MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Make The Angels Sing Your Praises

elevate yourself by allowing the truth of who you are to wrap you in the loving arms of a beauty so sacred as to make the angels sing your praises as the heavens open to your glory.

acts of love are gifts we give ourself and others which resonate deep within our being that we may experience greater joy as we immerse ourself mind, body and soul in this amazing journey.

the most miraculous changes occur as a result of positive thoughts and good intentions.

change your reality and you change the reality of others. choose a path of positive direction and meaning and you embrace the welfare of others in a way that enhances and enriches their lives. know that solutions born of love give birth to truths that enlighten. if there is joy in the experience yours becomes a soul directed life where the spirit flowers and greater well being is your reward.

a heart dedicated to loving is a pure and free source of positive energy which expands horizons and breathes life into all it embraces.

honor your feelings by exploring the depths of your soul and making yours a caring environment of light bursting with joy where life is a celebration.

complete self acceptance plants seeds of change which if nourished and nurtured will make ours a divinely delicious garden of pure love.

every moment is an opportunity to evolve. every choice is a chance to improve the quality of your life. everything we do in life can help us grow. it is up to us to decide not only the path we walk but how we walk it.

if we are spiritually focused and devoted to sacred growth our life will be an inspiring and uplifting journey of compassionate self acceptance where the heart and soul find fulfillment.

welcome with an open heart every soul that crosses your path for doing so is a celebration of spirit that will guide you to a life of selfless service, devotion and personal well being.

create good outcomes by going where love wants to go for it is there that your flowering essence will blossom into its true beauty and you will find inner peace.

i have seen angels, apparitions and aliens and all have contributed to who i am in ways that make me devote myself to assisting others along their path that they too may know the beauty of what lies beyond.

an inspired life of unique sacred beauty is our reward for traveling along an open path of love for love is the way to enlightenment.

if we are to change our life for the better we must be willing to heal. we need to cultivate an awareness of self which leads us to accept and believe that we are ethereal beings of light. we have to be open to the gentle waves of energy within for they will guide us to a place of heart embracing transformation. these are the choices we must make to change the path we are on.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 18, 2015

Positive Affirmations Can Change Lives And Transform Worlds

positive affirmations can change lives and transform worlds and its the easiest thing to do. you simply smile and say i love you.

expand into enlightenment and you will find within a peace and tranquility that will inspire you to be of service to humanity by living and sharing a life of heart centered love.

beyond your vision is a place of harmony and love. to get there you need only embrace a positive mindset for doing so will lead you to an enlightening state of consciousness that will open gateways to the world of spirit making yours an extraordinary journey of light.

explore spiritual experiences and you will awaken to the beauty within as you discover that you are a pure positive presence on a journey to the divine source.

you are a vibrant and unique multidimensional being and the light of your soul is filled with positive energy and transforming insights. embrace your true calling and you will build a spiritual bridge to sacred encounters that heal and invigorate. you are a universal and divine being of love.

you are on a spiritual adventure and by illuminating the sacred you begin to understand your essence. it is the realization that life is a pilgrimage to the scared self that creates a recipe for miracles that nourishes mind, body and soul.

live beyond the here and now. explore other dimensions of reality. immerse yourself in alternative realms of light. seek not to live outside the box but to live in a world free of boxes and boundaries. be free for with freedom we find our wings and it is then we fly.

wisdom and joy are ways to wellness. love and light are ways to wellness. awaken to the beauty of your sacred self and walk softly into ways of wellness for it is then that you will discover your blessings and live your divine destiny.

something miraculous happens when we explore the power within. we begin to weave a web of light that transforms our daily life and makes ours a magnificent quest that connects us with the eternal.

your angels and guides share valuable life lessons that are magickal and transformative your job is simply to listen and learn.

a higher dimensional future is our reward when we embrace our souls essence in a celebration of love for it is the realization of our greatness that liberates and elevates.

the more spiritually conscious we are the more transformative blessings we attract into our lives and the better able we are to heal ourselves.

a heart devoted to love is a gift to be shared for its prayers and good intentions help others along their path by bringing more joy and satisfaction into their lives.

you are a sacred treasure and by seeking to joyfully experience each moment of your existence with love as your guide you commune with angels as you connect to the divine.

our glorious universe is constantly sending us kisses from heaven in the form of acts of kindness and compassion. as you walk through this life remember that every smile, gentle touch and kind word are sacred gifts sent from above.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Embrace Your Divine Gifts

to embody ones true self is to embrace your divine gifts and broaden your horizons as you blossom into a loving light in the world.

the healing begins when we awaken to who we truly are for it is then that we begin to believe the impossible and live our sacred purpose.

embrace your sacred essence and your life becomes a powerfully transformative journey of meaningful experiences and compassionate intentions which nurture the whole being.

we all come into this world with a richness of blessings but as time goes by the day to day struggles of life blur our vision and we can no longer see the true beauty that surrounds us. open yourself mind, body and soul to the magnificence of your divine truth that you may once again see with clarity the miracle of life.

something truly magickal happens when we operate in awareness for the more aware we are the more we open ourselves to experience greater love.

to manifest your miracle you must grow more alive every day and to do this you must take care of yourself. you must show yourself the love and respect you deserve. you must believe in who you are. do these things and your days will be filled with delightful moments that inspire and transform.

an ethereal garden exists in each of us where the light of love grows and it is when we share that light and love with the world that we blossom into beauty.

let yours be a path of divine intent where every choice is guided by love. let yours be a journey where passions grow into purpose that lead to you to your sacred space. let yours be a path of light and transformation where every moment is a miracle.

open yourself to the divine healing energy within and yours will be a unique jourey to wholeness filled with meaningful encounters which create lasting change.

lives are transformed by soul centered practices that enrich the spirit with awe inspiring splendor.

fill your heart with the healing power of spirit and do that which resonates with your soul for ours is a life of great beauty and when we live it with more positive intention and purpose we create a better world of well being and harmony.

every moment is deeply transformational for those with the courage to live their truth and be who they were born to be. when we live our divine essence we experience the magnificent beauty of the inner self in a way that evolves our world and makes ours an existence touched by spirit.

i am on a sacred quest to expand my perception and live my truth. my path is filled with meaningful messages to guide me to the wisdom within that i may connect with my purpose. my every step leads me to a new way of seeing. i am immersed in moments of joy that inspire. this is who i am. this is my destiny. i am blessed.

within you are insights and perspectives waiting for you to become more aware that they may reveal their beauty and guide you a place of divine consciousness where you can connect with your true and sacred self.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Planting Sacred Seeds

spirits are all around planting sacred seeds from which an extraordinary life blossoms. this is a magickal world and if we make our path one of affirmative prayers and loving actions we will find our wings and our journey will be something beautiful to cherish and celebrate.

deeply loving actions create unique spiritual experiences that frame our lives in a way that changes our focus and leads us along a path of profound transformation.

start living your dreams. make your purpose to turn hopes and wishes into realities. seek to manifest your passions and yours will be a journey far greater than imagined. the door to truth is waiting for you to open it. wake up to your destiny.

love the day. love the choices that give you joy. love the moments that bring you happiness. love the flow of positive energy within. love the beauty of your true and sacred self. love every breath. love!

yours is a life of higher aspirations worth loving. the more you love yourself the more power you have to change and the more joy and happiness you will create in your life.

allow yourself the freedom to expand your boundaries and live your life with purpose. by reaching beyond your limits you will begin to chart your own course in a way that creates a positive flow in which moments become miracles.

the soul is ready for you to release a beautiful flow of focused passion that all may be immersed in the beauty of who you are as you imprint your love on their hearts.

accept who you are and allow your dreams and aspirations to become realities that lift the spirit and make yours a fantastic journey of love and compassion where true and lasting happiness is your destination.

be kind to yourself. appreciate each moment. let yours be a people loving path. life is a joyful experience when we show ourself the love and compassion we deserve.

you have deep inside a healing altar of light and if yours are prayers of positive intention that call on higher wisdom you will discover that you connect more meaningfully with others and yours becomes a life transformed.

something greater will come your way when you open your heart to the limitless possibilities of love. you are an enlightened being and when you accept this truth and follow your heart life will become a series of beautiful experiences.

focus on the positive and you will be a healing presence whose purpose of being is to help yourself and others discover the beauty within.

may the healing fire of love within you be a light into the world that heals and empowers yourself and others and may yours be a joyous journey of positive outcomes and miraculous results.

love your whole life and you bring light into the world for it is when we love our existence with all our heart that we allow inspiration to flow and our path becomes one of great spiritual purpose and divine guidance that changes lives and serves the highest good.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, August 27, 2015

You Are A True Blessing

you are a true blessing. within you is a place where happiness blossoms. open yourself to miracles that your spirit may float on clouds of joy. happiness and healing are gifts you give yourself by believing in your beauty. explore your spirit. embrace your soul. it is when we immerse ourself in our sacred essence that we make divine connections and transform our life. greet this and every day by saying i love you to yourself. you are a true blessing.

there is a halo over our heart to remind us that we are angels and that ours is a life of meaning and purpose where if we love and believe in ourself we can do the impossible and create miracles.

to know and love your life is to serenade your soul that it may dance along a path of divine bliss that leads to deeper spiritual connections and life changing experiences of joy and happiness.

real spiritual experiences open portals of perception which inspire heart centered actions and positive change.

nurture your heart and soul with guidance from spirit and your experience of life will be one of bountiful blessings where you reach a sublime state of being.

we are all born extraordinary. we are all unique and special. we are all beautiful. believe in the miracle of who and what you are. you are extraordinary. you are unique and special. you are beautiful. you are a miracle. this is who you are. this is who we are. i am extraordinary...

you are important. your life is meaningful. you matter. you are special. you are a gift and a blessing. your life is significant. you are a light for others. you are amazing. you are a miracle. you are beautiful. you are loved. you are important.

when you smile with your heart you create a flow of positive energy that brightens the day and moves people to share their light for positivity creates positivity.

thank you. i feel your energy. your compassion wraps around me like a cloak of kindness. your beauty inspires me and your love heals my soul. thank you.

act in kindness and you empower yourself to grow and expand in ways that cultivate love in every step and joy in every beat of your heart.

the more you practice the better you get at things. so practice joy, practice happiness, practice kindness, practice compassion, practice bliss, practice ecstasy, practice love...

embrace a path of positive thought and action as you decorate the world around you with happiness. the more positive we live the more we stimulate the soul and inspire the heart.

celebrate your soul and you serve the highest good. celebrate your spirit and you serve your highest self. celebrate your sacredness and you serve the heavens. its time to celebrate. let the party begin.

flowing from your soul is divine goodness and when you share its beauty you shower your spirit with light as you embrace the world with love.

awaken to the blessings around you and see with clarity their profound meaning for it is when we truly see the light in our life that we can raise our consciousness, heal ourself and bring bliss and joy into our world.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, August 21, 2015

Higher Levels Of Joy

when ours is a spiritual purpose we see higher levels of joy. when ours is a sacred purpose we create lasting happiness. where ours is a joyful purpose we take positive steps forward. when ours is a loving purpose we empower our life with infinite possibilities. when ours is a divine purpose we are liberated and transformed. live a life of purpose.

the more aware you are of lifes beauty the more aware you will be of how phenomenally beautiful you are. it is when we see the truth, beauty, love and light around us that we see it in ourself. look at life closely and see the miracle of your existence.

with joyful purpose, gentleness and compassion walk through this world touching every soul you meet with the light and love that radiate from the core of your being for you are a blessing to be shared.

a heart at peace is a heart with deeper purpose. it is a heart that purifies and rejuvenates. it is a heart created from love that guides you down your true life path. i wish you peace.

a sincere wish to inspire others will expand your awareness and make yours an experiential journey through portals of wisdom where you harness your powers and reach higher levels of consciousness.

a better life is waiting for you. it has always been waiting for you. its in pieces and you have to put it together but it is waiting for you. there are pieces of confidence, pieces of self respect, pieces of beauty, pieces of truth, pieces of inspiration, pieces of spirit and pieces of love. a better life is waiting for you. isnt it time you picked up the pieces and put them together.

there is wisdom in your heart and by immersing yourself in its glory and truth you shift your reality and move toward a state of pure bliss. the greatest growth comes to those who accept and embrace how powerful and beautiful they truly are.

open your soul to deep and lasting change and you will stimulate a flow of positive energy that will manifest more joy in your life.

you are here for a purpose and that purpose is to serve the highest good as you connect with your spirit guides and move towards enlightenment.

you have an eternal soul that nurtures the spirit and by opening yourself to its blessings you become a beacon of light whose passion for helping others nurtures the spirit.

be of pure heart and you will receive encouragement from the universe and experience deep healing for it is the pure of heart who walk a loving and transformative path of bliss.

how high is your level of happiness. is yours a life you love to live. these are questions we must ask ourself and if the answers are not to our liking then we must take positive action for we have within us the ability to transform. wonderful choices create wonderful opportunities. plant your feet in possibility and light your sacred fire. be the blessing you were born to be.

live in gentle healing ways and allow your loving presence to be a beautiful message that helps you move forward on a path of self discovery while inspiring all with divine clarity and transformative power.

expressions of love are a sacred power which when shared give us a positive sense of self while filling the heart and soul of others with insights and revelations that deepen their understanding and heal their lives.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Beautiful Wave Of Positive Energy

empower and encourage others as doing so creates a beautiful wave of positive energy that warms the soul with the sunlight of sacredness and fills us with transformative energy which guides us to a kind and gentle place of happiness.

to achieve vibrational alignment is to do that which brings you joy. it is by showing ourselves kindness, compassion and love that we become our true self and journey toward the light.

we become whole when our appreciation of life consumes our heart with spirit for it is then that power of our soul changes the way we think and inspires us to accept all existence as we live our true and sacred beauty.

renewal and rebirth are the gifts we give ourself when ours is a positive spiritual purpose of inspirational empowerment that radiates pure love.

you are a loving and compassionate soul. the raw beauty of your spirit is a joyous expression of your divinity that ignites the spark of inspiration within those blessed to experience your greatness. never doubt that you are something extraordinary.

with sacred intention shower yourself with love as doing so will create a deeper connection with self, release your spiritual healing gifts and open your mind,body and soul to the light.

when dreams go bad - wake up. open your eyes to the treasure trove of experiences that await. be the light and allow yourself to be touched by spirit. let your angels and guardians lead you to places of pure delight. release the divine energy within. you are powerful beyond measure. when dreams go bad - wake up.

know yourself better and the energy of life will embrace you with moments of spiritual significance that make miracles come alive for to know oneself is to know god.

there are miracles every day. inspiring and meaningful moments that touch the heart of the sacred. remove stress and you will see them. remove anger and you will see them. remove anxiety and you will feel them. remove hatred and you will feel them. remove the roadblocks you have set up and you will create them. remove doubt and you will create them. there are miracles every day.

we are on a blessed journey of truth and beauty and those of us who see the miracle and magnificence of our existence will rise from the waters of our soul and live our sacredness in a manner befitting the glorious beings of light that we are.

within your soul is a place of inspired living which when opened will guide you to spiritually significant experiences that will change your life for the better.

tremendous are the benefits when we enjoy the beauty of who we are for it is then that we achieve wholeness of being and our life becomes one of greater self knowledge and compassionate wisdom where our indomitable spirit guides us to live each moment in a kind loving way.

live in positive loving ways and your every moment becomes an inspirational message that empowers you and inspires others.

live with great compassion and you will make a positive impression that empowers yourself and embraces the divine.

you must have compassion for yourself. you must show yourself kindness. you must reach out to your divine essence with love as your guide. it is when we truly accept ourself that we truly accept others and ours becomes a life of expanding horizons, shared intentions and absolute joy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Discover Your Radiant Essence

to believe in who you are is to enhance your life and discover your radiant essence. yours is an enlightened soul and when you immerse yourself in its beauty you receive profound benefits that impact positively. love yourself mind, body, spirit and soul for doing so will elevate and liberate. to love who you are is to celebrate your life and discover your glorious sacred essence.

when we guide others on their path we create an amazing life of joyful and meaningful experiences.

believe in who you are for it is when we love and honor our greatness that we shine brilliantly and beautifully. be the angel you were born to be and yours will be a life of miracles and positive spiritual experiences.

rich and diverse are the beliefs within for they are gifts from the heavens which enlighten and empower. listen to the voice of spirit. listen to the messages of your soul. connect to your higher self and live your miracle. you are the creator of your own existence.

embrace love and the joy it brings you with a smile on your soul for you are an emissary of love and when you immerse yourself in its beauty you become a beacon of light that inspires lives and changes worlds.

today is a day of transformation. a day to be truly awakened. a day to celebrate the divine by living an empowered spiritual life. a positive and compassionate day of soul exploration. a day to love and be loved. this is your day. live it well.

the light within when unleashed will guide you along a pathway of joy where guidance and blessings bring transformative change for it is a light of miraculous visions and spiritual epiphanies meant to manifest love and make your dreams come true.

when we allow ourself to flow and bloom we connect to something greater which better enables us to be of service to humanity and embrace the highest good of all.

connect with your divinity by listening to the voice of your soul. the message your soul brings forth is one of esoteric guidance that will inspire you to live an empowered life where you cultivate love and open gateways to spiritual growth.

divinely inspired are they who speak words of love that heal for they are angelic messengers of light that see the sacred in every moment and seek to share its bliss and beauty.

when you give from your heart you improve the quality of your life for it is through sharing our love that we walk angelic pathways and help heal the world.

live from the heart for within the heart is a place of spiritual upliftment and divine beauty where a positive point of focus will guide you to openness and acceptance that you may embrace your light and the light of others with love.

live with sacred purpose and you will experience love in a way that makes yours a path of infinite possibilities and awakening experiences for it is through the divine that we discover our true self and ours becomes a journey of loving guidance and a rich banquet of soul embracing light.

let the blessings of light and harmony within your soul inspire natural healing that you may live your greatness and create the life you want.

your soul journey is one of evolutionary change and by seeing every moment as an opportunity to learn and grow you will have more meaningful experiences that take you to higher dimensions where the beauty and miracle of who you are may blossom and shine brightly.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Believe In Miracles

believe in miracles and the spirit of love will embrace your spirit and unravel your dreams that you may live with an open heart as you traverse mystical worlds and sacred dwelling places.

your true nature is a beautiful gift filled with sacred energy which if shared will inspire actions that empower and greater levels of happiness. live your true nature.

create a new you. build a better tomorrow. manifest your dreams. live your purpose. embrace each moment in spiritually liberating ways. construct a house of hope and happiness. you are the master of your fate and the god of your destiny. create a new you.

extraordinary is the beauty of your true and sacred self for it is a flower that blossoms in a garden whose uplifting voice of spirit speaks a language of universal prayer and love.

with peaceful independence express your inner wisdom in a way that celebrates life as doing so will inspire you and those whose soul you touch to live your prayers and purpose in a manner which manifests miraculous transformation.

awareness of your blessings allows you to explore your souls purest depths and live with greater compassion as you cast light on your life in a way that illuminates a path of love and leads you to gateways of empowerment and enlightenment.

the time for miracles is now. the time to celebrate the human spirit is here. the time to unite in freedom and flourish as beings of light is upon us. this is the time for greatness. this is the time for glory. this is your time to let your light shine. be sure to take the time to enjoy this time. this is your time.

truth is a gift of pure inspiration which frees us by letting us see our true beauty that we may serve the highest good as our life becomes a light filled reality of love.

dance with me on healing planes of infinite beauty where life is a song of bliss and every moment is a blessing that caresses the soul as it nurtures the heart.

we are light bearers on a diverse spiritual path of boundless possibilities and limitless opportunities where if we engage in positive activities we immerse ourself in uplifting experiences where we heal into happiness. we are love bearers...

the lightness and compassion within our soul are miracles of joy which when used become powerful and life changing tools that enable us to create a meaningful life of spirit and love.

our own spiritual path is made much brighter when we awaken to our beauty and realize that we are extraordinary people with the power to positively transform.

awaken to your purpose with the knowledge that you are a transformational being of love who is born of light and destined to touch hearts and souls in ways positive and profound.

the sheer beauty of your sacred self is a light that if embraced will illuminate a path of ascension that you may connect with angels, spirits and guides as you immerse yourself in the heart of inspiration and the soul of transformation.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Look Deep Within Where Happiness Flows

with spirit as your guide look deep within where happiness flows and you will discover hidden truths and radiant healing energy that will lead you along a path of mystical moments and miraculous outcomes.

to expand your knowledge in a way that speaks to the heart of all you need to explore inner planes of power, higher sacred consciousness, the unseen world and extraterrestrial realities, for it is beyond our reach and outside our comfort zone where miracles await our arrival.

when we explore our inner truth we get a better sense of the sacred and our divine abilities are awakened that we may share freely with the universe our positive energy and vibrations.

you are something truly beautiful. a miracle of light a love. a blessing fashioned from spirit and soul. i honor and celebrate your glory and greatness.

you are a loving influence and every time you share the beauty of your true and sacred self you enlighten your soul. know that the light of your essence is a gift that touches hearts and changes lives.

open yourself to inspiration from higher realms and let their be the joy of love in every action as you embrace your true spiritual nature and raise your consciousness.

commune with spirit and connect with your true self. it is by accepting and acknowledging that it is a wonderful life that we open ourself to amazing revelations and higher plateaus of intuitive perception and universal love. celebrate you for you are miraculous and beautiful.

seek experiences that uplift for they will raise your vibration and lead you to a place of love and self empowerment where you will immerse yourself in the immortality of spirit as you open your heart and soul to the universe and beyond.

you have the ability to change. at any moment you can transform your life. you are the breath of life and the soul of humanity. you are beautiful. believe in the glory of who you are and live your life as a blessing. you have the ability to change.

the power of prayer is of great benefit for through prayer we open gateways to the divine which inspire us to expand our heart and evolve spiritually as we embrace the reality that we are sacred.

look deep within to the core of your being and listen closely for you will hear meaningful messages from your ancestral and angelic guides which will lead you to holistic pathways and sacred experiences.

to walk a path to enlightenment one must simply serve through spirit and embrace a life of purpose. we heal ourselves and others when we focus our intent on the positive and share our love with all humanity.

we reach a harmonious state when we connect soul to soul. may you touch souls in a way that caresses the world with transformational energy and may you light the way of love with a heightened awareness that inspires the mind and embraces the heart.

embrace the joy of being you and you expand your consciousness as the light within illuminates the essence of love and allows you to experience greater freedom as you manifest the positive.

you are a radiant force from the angelic realm placed on earth to light the world with your truth and beauty. believe in your magnificence and yours will be a path of love profound and joy divine.

to be a compassionate messenger is to accomplish the extraordinary. to share your love and kindness is to gift the world with blessings that make the soul sing. use your natural healing abilities to change your life and the lives of those around you. to give is to live.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, July 17, 2015

Create A Flow Of Positive Energy

when you harvest the sacred you broaden your comfort zone and thus create a flow of positive energy which makes yours a mystical and metaphysical journey that projects joy into the world.

live more purposefully, live more passionately. live! love more purposefully. love more passionately. love. you are of divine origin and by living and loving more purposefully and passionately you open channels of spirit that create transformational experiences and make your cosmic evolution one that lights the world.

allow your intuitive sensibilities to ignite the divine flame within that all may experience the genuine glow of your true nature and sacred beauty.

with clarity and understanding of the sacred meaning of life breathe in the beauty of who you are as you unleash the healing vibrations embedded in your soul for this will make yours a mystical and powerful path of spiritual significance.

cultivate an appreciation for giving and receiving love and you will make your soul feel more alive as you align with the divine and experience the magick of your existence from a greater spiritual perspective.

you change everything you touch so with focused intent touch everything with love.

with purpose and intent release the powerful healing energy within. with love and compassion let your heart expand. with clarity of thought open your mind to new realities. with joy as your companion walk a path of light. our road is paved with miracles when we walk with greatness, glory and god as our guide.

live authentically and you will be divinely guided to treasures of the spirit where your inner fire will inspire you to dedicate your every step to the highest good of all.

be your happiest self by stepping joyfully into the path of who you truly are for it is when we live our destiny that we discover the beauty of life and happiness becomes the norm.

walk with me along the path of spirit where with every step love is imprinted on the soul and ours will be a life of mystical experiences and metaphysical wonders that lead us to the sacred.

within the heart of spirit are glorious things of the highest meaning which lead to a path of greater happiness where the soul blossoms. look within and embrace the beauty of your spirit and yours will be a happier healthier life where abundance flows and pure shining love lights your way.

positive thoughts create positive actions which create positive paths that create positive experiences which create positive communities of spirit that create a loving world. be positive.

the more passionate you are about helping others the more you will be able to help yourself. it is through love that we shine. it is through love that we rise. it is through love that we transform. when love is our purpose love is also our reward.

within you is a powerful source of knowledge, wisdom and ancient teachings. by reaching deep inside and releasing their glory you also set free your inner self that all may see the light of your beauty and know the depth of your magnificence.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, July 09, 2015

You Are A Beautiful Child Of The Universe

free your soul, liberate your spirit and open your heart for you are a beautiful child of the universe whose essence shines like a star and the more who experience your sacredness the better a world this will be.

begin this day with positive intent, live each moment with the highest good as your guide, embrace the glory of who you are and be the love that is your essence for these are the gifts that make life a beautiful and blessed journey.

love minded are those who accept that they are beings of light and live their life in a way that illuminates and inspires others. the pathway to happiness is one of positive intent where we celebrate our unique essence as we awaken our spirit and manifest our divine destiny.

sacred is your beauty and when you let your love shine through you bless the world for it is when we see the light in others that we are inspired to share our greatness and live our glory.

be passionate about everything you do and live with positive intent. passion leads to a life of love and positive intent cultivates kindness and inspires transformation.

you uplift when you nurture, you empower when you nourish, you inspire when you share, you transform when you love and you evolve when you enlighten. these are the things you do when you give freely of your true and beautiful self.

infinite is your beauty and limitless is the depth of your love. be grateful for your greatness and share your light with the world for you are a blessing. infinite is your light and endless is the depth of your divinity.

there is power within. it is a sacred power both visionary and enlightening. reach deeply towards your inner light and let its beauty and bliss embrace you heart and soul that you may heal yourself and the world around you.

i am alive with love and ready to share the beauty of my true and sacred self with those who are open to life changing experiences and willing to dance across the universe with clarity of heart and divine intent.

love is spiritual sustenance and the more we love ourself and embrace the beauty of those around us the more we fill our heart with light and live a life that satisfies the soul.

welcome to happiness. welcome to joy. welcome to beauty. welcome to bliss. welcome to peace. welcome to love. the door is open come on in. welcome home.

to feel fully alive is to feel fully the love and light within for we are at our most alive and awakened when we our living our truth and celebrating who we are.

positive thought, positive action and positive intent are gifts we give ourself that make ours a life worth living and sharing for the essence of spirit is alive in the heart and soul of all things positive.

be a catalyst for transformation by setting an example that inspires others to live beyond their expectations and imaginations. be a creator of positive thought by living your life in a way that motivates others to not only think outside the box but to live outside of it in peace and freedom. be the beautiful being of light you were born to be.

woven of spirit is the light of love within and those who share their light with the universe are the ones whose days are filled with beauty and whose nights are filled with bliss for they are angels of inspiration.

a life in service to the sacred is a transformational journey of extraordinary experiences and profound lessons for to serve the sacred is to live the love that is your destiny.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, July 03, 2015

Look Beyond Your Imagination

look beyond your imagination and beliefs for there are miracles waiting for you to see with clarity the joy and glory of other dimensions and alternate realities. the world is a magickal place for those courageous enough to leave their limitations and venture into the unknown.

fill your life with good intentions and meaningful experiences by being your true self and living your life in a manner befitting such a beautiful being of light. you are a blessing and your every breath is a gift to be shared and treasured.

i send you beautiful blessings of loving intent for it is my desire to make soulful connections of that foster change and inspire joyous purpose that all may see their true beauty and make a positive impact on the planet and its people.

positive purpose leads us down a passionate path of greater love that embraces the soul with heart centered bliss as it empowers and enriches our existence with self revelations that open our world to miraculous possibilities.

magickal is the place of self discovery within for it is there that the light of the sacred shines its brightest with illuminating messages of divine inspiration that bring out the love that is our destiny.

the heart smiles the moment you realize that you are an inspired being of beauty and light on an extraordinary journey of positive purpose and divine love.

smile and you experience more joy. laugh and you experience more happiness. dance and you experience more freedom. embrace and you experience more love. life is a series of experiences of our own making. let this be the day where everything you experience is beautiful.

explore the miraculous state of your being and replenish your spirit by embracing the highest vibrations of love and sharing them with each and every soul you meet.

listen and you will hear your life calling you home to your true path and purpose. listen and you will hear your heart calling you to live your love in ways divine. listen and you will hear your spirit calling you to walk in greatness and glory. listen and you will hear. listen.

deep is the love and respect i have for those brave enough to be their true self in spite of opposition. i celebrate the courage of those who live their uniqueness and authenticity with pride. life is a gift of great beauty to be shared and those who hold their head high as they embrace their freedom are the heroes whose hearts inspire and spirits transform.

live beyond your boundaries and express your greatness in a positive manner that all may appreciate your magnificence and bask in the glow of your innate gifts and sacred purpose for you are an angel on earth and the heavens smile whenever you spread your wings.

reach deep within your soul and you will find a love so great that you will experience the true beauty of your life in a way that cultivates kindness as it inspires the higher self to manifest miracles.

within us is heart centered wisdom, greater self awareness and profound truths waiting for us to discover their beauty and set them free that we may experience the sacred and become spiritual adventurers exploring fields of positive change.

life is a learning experience and those who are good students are the ones who facilitate well being and journey into wholeness. they are the ones who inspire, uplift and accomplish great things. they are the ones who teach by example. life is an education. what have you learned today.

( MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Celebrate Your Life

celebrate your life by spreading joy and happiness not only to those within your reach but beyond to every living soul for it is when we act in selfless ways with positive intent that we connect to the divine and ours becomes a life of love.

this moment you have the opportunity to heal. with every moment comes opportunity. holistic well being and everlasting happiness comes to those who embrace those opportunities as inspiration to manifest their desires and live their dreams.

when we share the light of who we are with others something extraordinary happens that illuminates and inspires both giver and receiver that together they may see the beauty of their existence and travel within to that place of perfect harmony and balance.

love and respect make a difference. inherent goodness makes a difference. positive intention makes a difference. you make a difference.

open the soul to receive the joy of living. open the mind to receive the blessings of knowledge. open the spirit to receive the glory of your angels and guides. open your heart to receive the gift of love. wonderful and miraculous things walk into our life the more open we are.

follow your heart and you will discover just how extraordinary you are. if you remain true to yourself and make spirit based choices your heart will create wonderful outcomes that manifest as divine acts of love. follow your heart for it leads home to you.

a highly evolved spirit is one of pure intentions that embrace the life energy force with love and leave you feeling uplifted. open yourself to spirit that you may experience the glory of your greatness and the beauty of your sacred self.

within the heart is a place of pure bliss and it is when we visit this place that we experience something greater and our life is made richer.

when you believe in yourself you change your life for the better and yours becomes a path of greatness. when you love yourself you change the world for the better and yours becomes a path of divine light. believe in and love who you are.

open yourself up to spirit and you will experience a higher vibration that fills you with wonder and inspires you to unfold your wings that you may fly to the heavens and see with clarity the glory in everyone and everything.

wherever you are is a place of sacred energy for you are a being of divine inspiration whose life is a gift that enriches those blessed to experience the beauty of who you are.

positive actions, intentions and a commitment to spiritual growth creates an extraordinary awakening as it illuminates your path and inspires you to travel through life at the speed of love.

to inspire others we need not climb mountains we need only to smile and reach out a hand with the intention to share those things which make us beautiful.

to evolve you must be happy with yourself. you must believe in yourself and love who you are. it is when we give ourself the kindness and compassion we deserve that we discover how truly miraculous life is. begin this day by giving yourself a hug and saying i love you.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )