Thursday, July 09, 2015

You Are A Beautiful Child Of The Universe

free your soul, liberate your spirit and open your heart for you are a beautiful child of the universe whose essence shines like a star and the more who experience your sacredness the better a world this will be.

begin this day with positive intent, live each moment with the highest good as your guide, embrace the glory of who you are and be the love that is your essence for these are the gifts that make life a beautiful and blessed journey.

love minded are those who accept that they are beings of light and live their life in a way that illuminates and inspires others. the pathway to happiness is one of positive intent where we celebrate our unique essence as we awaken our spirit and manifest our divine destiny.

sacred is your beauty and when you let your love shine through you bless the world for it is when we see the light in others that we are inspired to share our greatness and live our glory.

be passionate about everything you do and live with positive intent. passion leads to a life of love and positive intent cultivates kindness and inspires transformation.

you uplift when you nurture, you empower when you nourish, you inspire when you share, you transform when you love and you evolve when you enlighten. these are the things you do when you give freely of your true and beautiful self.

infinite is your beauty and limitless is the depth of your love. be grateful for your greatness and share your light with the world for you are a blessing. infinite is your light and endless is the depth of your divinity.

there is power within. it is a sacred power both visionary and enlightening. reach deeply towards your inner light and let its beauty and bliss embrace you heart and soul that you may heal yourself and the world around you.

i am alive with love and ready to share the beauty of my true and sacred self with those who are open to life changing experiences and willing to dance across the universe with clarity of heart and divine intent.

love is spiritual sustenance and the more we love ourself and embrace the beauty of those around us the more we fill our heart with light and live a life that satisfies the soul.

welcome to happiness. welcome to joy. welcome to beauty. welcome to bliss. welcome to peace. welcome to love. the door is open come on in. welcome home.

to feel fully alive is to feel fully the love and light within for we are at our most alive and awakened when we our living our truth and celebrating who we are.

positive thought, positive action and positive intent are gifts we give ourself that make ours a life worth living and sharing for the essence of spirit is alive in the heart and soul of all things positive.

be a catalyst for transformation by setting an example that inspires others to live beyond their expectations and imaginations. be a creator of positive thought by living your life in a way that motivates others to not only think outside the box but to live outside of it in peace and freedom. be the beautiful being of light you were born to be.

woven of spirit is the light of love within and those who share their light with the universe are the ones whose days are filled with beauty and whose nights are filled with bliss for they are angels of inspiration.

a life in service to the sacred is a transformational journey of extraordinary experiences and profound lessons for to serve the sacred is to live the love that is your destiny.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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