Thursday, July 30, 2015

Believe In Miracles

believe in miracles and the spirit of love will embrace your spirit and unravel your dreams that you may live with an open heart as you traverse mystical worlds and sacred dwelling places.

your true nature is a beautiful gift filled with sacred energy which if shared will inspire actions that empower and greater levels of happiness. live your true nature.

create a new you. build a better tomorrow. manifest your dreams. live your purpose. embrace each moment in spiritually liberating ways. construct a house of hope and happiness. you are the master of your fate and the god of your destiny. create a new you.

extraordinary is the beauty of your true and sacred self for it is a flower that blossoms in a garden whose uplifting voice of spirit speaks a language of universal prayer and love.

with peaceful independence express your inner wisdom in a way that celebrates life as doing so will inspire you and those whose soul you touch to live your prayers and purpose in a manner which manifests miraculous transformation.

awareness of your blessings allows you to explore your souls purest depths and live with greater compassion as you cast light on your life in a way that illuminates a path of love and leads you to gateways of empowerment and enlightenment.

the time for miracles is now. the time to celebrate the human spirit is here. the time to unite in freedom and flourish as beings of light is upon us. this is the time for greatness. this is the time for glory. this is your time to let your light shine. be sure to take the time to enjoy this time. this is your time.

truth is a gift of pure inspiration which frees us by letting us see our true beauty that we may serve the highest good as our life becomes a light filled reality of love.

dance with me on healing planes of infinite beauty where life is a song of bliss and every moment is a blessing that caresses the soul as it nurtures the heart.

we are light bearers on a diverse spiritual path of boundless possibilities and limitless opportunities where if we engage in positive activities we immerse ourself in uplifting experiences where we heal into happiness. we are love bearers...

the lightness and compassion within our soul are miracles of joy which when used become powerful and life changing tools that enable us to create a meaningful life of spirit and love.

our own spiritual path is made much brighter when we awaken to our beauty and realize that we are extraordinary people with the power to positively transform.

awaken to your purpose with the knowledge that you are a transformational being of love who is born of light and destined to touch hearts and souls in ways positive and profound.

the sheer beauty of your sacred self is a light that if embraced will illuminate a path of ascension that you may connect with angels, spirits and guides as you immerse yourself in the heart of inspiration and the soul of transformation.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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