Friday, July 17, 2015

Create A Flow Of Positive Energy

when you harvest the sacred you broaden your comfort zone and thus create a flow of positive energy which makes yours a mystical and metaphysical journey that projects joy into the world.

live more purposefully, live more passionately. live! love more purposefully. love more passionately. love. you are of divine origin and by living and loving more purposefully and passionately you open channels of spirit that create transformational experiences and make your cosmic evolution one that lights the world.

allow your intuitive sensibilities to ignite the divine flame within that all may experience the genuine glow of your true nature and sacred beauty.

with clarity and understanding of the sacred meaning of life breathe in the beauty of who you are as you unleash the healing vibrations embedded in your soul for this will make yours a mystical and powerful path of spiritual significance.

cultivate an appreciation for giving and receiving love and you will make your soul feel more alive as you align with the divine and experience the magick of your existence from a greater spiritual perspective.

you change everything you touch so with focused intent touch everything with love.

with purpose and intent release the powerful healing energy within. with love and compassion let your heart expand. with clarity of thought open your mind to new realities. with joy as your companion walk a path of light. our road is paved with miracles when we walk with greatness, glory and god as our guide.

live authentically and you will be divinely guided to treasures of the spirit where your inner fire will inspire you to dedicate your every step to the highest good of all.

be your happiest self by stepping joyfully into the path of who you truly are for it is when we live our destiny that we discover the beauty of life and happiness becomes the norm.

walk with me along the path of spirit where with every step love is imprinted on the soul and ours will be a life of mystical experiences and metaphysical wonders that lead us to the sacred.

within the heart of spirit are glorious things of the highest meaning which lead to a path of greater happiness where the soul blossoms. look within and embrace the beauty of your spirit and yours will be a happier healthier life where abundance flows and pure shining love lights your way.

positive thoughts create positive actions which create positive paths that create positive experiences which create positive communities of spirit that create a loving world. be positive.

the more passionate you are about helping others the more you will be able to help yourself. it is through love that we shine. it is through love that we rise. it is through love that we transform. when love is our purpose love is also our reward.

within you is a powerful source of knowledge, wisdom and ancient teachings. by reaching deep inside and releasing their glory you also set free your inner self that all may see the light of your beauty and know the depth of your magnificence.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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