Friday, July 03, 2015

Look Beyond Your Imagination

look beyond your imagination and beliefs for there are miracles waiting for you to see with clarity the joy and glory of other dimensions and alternate realities. the world is a magickal place for those courageous enough to leave their limitations and venture into the unknown.

fill your life with good intentions and meaningful experiences by being your true self and living your life in a manner befitting such a beautiful being of light. you are a blessing and your every breath is a gift to be shared and treasured.

i send you beautiful blessings of loving intent for it is my desire to make soulful connections of that foster change and inspire joyous purpose that all may see their true beauty and make a positive impact on the planet and its people.

positive purpose leads us down a passionate path of greater love that embraces the soul with heart centered bliss as it empowers and enriches our existence with self revelations that open our world to miraculous possibilities.

magickal is the place of self discovery within for it is there that the light of the sacred shines its brightest with illuminating messages of divine inspiration that bring out the love that is our destiny.

the heart smiles the moment you realize that you are an inspired being of beauty and light on an extraordinary journey of positive purpose and divine love.

smile and you experience more joy. laugh and you experience more happiness. dance and you experience more freedom. embrace and you experience more love. life is a series of experiences of our own making. let this be the day where everything you experience is beautiful.

explore the miraculous state of your being and replenish your spirit by embracing the highest vibrations of love and sharing them with each and every soul you meet.

listen and you will hear your life calling you home to your true path and purpose. listen and you will hear your heart calling you to live your love in ways divine. listen and you will hear your spirit calling you to walk in greatness and glory. listen and you will hear. listen.

deep is the love and respect i have for those brave enough to be their true self in spite of opposition. i celebrate the courage of those who live their uniqueness and authenticity with pride. life is a gift of great beauty to be shared and those who hold their head high as they embrace their freedom are the heroes whose hearts inspire and spirits transform.

live beyond your boundaries and express your greatness in a positive manner that all may appreciate your magnificence and bask in the glow of your innate gifts and sacred purpose for you are an angel on earth and the heavens smile whenever you spread your wings.

reach deep within your soul and you will find a love so great that you will experience the true beauty of your life in a way that cultivates kindness as it inspires the higher self to manifest miracles.

within us is heart centered wisdom, greater self awareness and profound truths waiting for us to discover their beauty and set them free that we may experience the sacred and become spiritual adventurers exploring fields of positive change.

life is a learning experience and those who are good students are the ones who facilitate well being and journey into wholeness. they are the ones who inspire, uplift and accomplish great things. they are the ones who teach by example. life is an education. what have you learned today.

( MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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