Thursday, June 25, 2015

Celebrate Your Life

celebrate your life by spreading joy and happiness not only to those within your reach but beyond to every living soul for it is when we act in selfless ways with positive intent that we connect to the divine and ours becomes a life of love.

this moment you have the opportunity to heal. with every moment comes opportunity. holistic well being and everlasting happiness comes to those who embrace those opportunities as inspiration to manifest their desires and live their dreams.

when we share the light of who we are with others something extraordinary happens that illuminates and inspires both giver and receiver that together they may see the beauty of their existence and travel within to that place of perfect harmony and balance.

love and respect make a difference. inherent goodness makes a difference. positive intention makes a difference. you make a difference.

open the soul to receive the joy of living. open the mind to receive the blessings of knowledge. open the spirit to receive the glory of your angels and guides. open your heart to receive the gift of love. wonderful and miraculous things walk into our life the more open we are.

follow your heart and you will discover just how extraordinary you are. if you remain true to yourself and make spirit based choices your heart will create wonderful outcomes that manifest as divine acts of love. follow your heart for it leads home to you.

a highly evolved spirit is one of pure intentions that embrace the life energy force with love and leave you feeling uplifted. open yourself to spirit that you may experience the glory of your greatness and the beauty of your sacred self.

within the heart is a place of pure bliss and it is when we visit this place that we experience something greater and our life is made richer.

when you believe in yourself you change your life for the better and yours becomes a path of greatness. when you love yourself you change the world for the better and yours becomes a path of divine light. believe in and love who you are.

open yourself up to spirit and you will experience a higher vibration that fills you with wonder and inspires you to unfold your wings that you may fly to the heavens and see with clarity the glory in everyone and everything.

wherever you are is a place of sacred energy for you are a being of divine inspiration whose life is a gift that enriches those blessed to experience the beauty of who you are.

positive actions, intentions and a commitment to spiritual growth creates an extraordinary awakening as it illuminates your path and inspires you to travel through life at the speed of love.

to inspire others we need not climb mountains we need only to smile and reach out a hand with the intention to share those things which make us beautiful.

to evolve you must be happy with yourself. you must believe in yourself and love who you are. it is when we give ourself the kindness and compassion we deserve that we discover how truly miraculous life is. begin this day by giving yourself a hug and saying i love you.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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