Thursday, June 18, 2015

Be Kind With Yourself

be kind with yourself and every step will be positive. be compassionate with yourself and every choice will be transformational. love yourself and and you will discover an inner peace and beauty that will lead you home to your true and miraculous self. how we treat ourself dictates our destiny.

bring others to the light and you will be embraced by a truth greater than yourself that will inspire you to discover the spirit within and immerse yourself in the glory of the sacred.

true spiritual progress comes to those whose intent is to live with great joy for positive thought and action are the tools of transformation which accelerate our ascension and inspire us to explore rich realms of experience.

life loves you. life wants you to be happy. life is a blessing. life is a gift. life knows the real you. life wants you to be joyful. life is a treasure to be cherished. life is a miracle. life loves you.

we open ourself to profound opportunities when we realize that life loves us and live that truth in a manner befitting a being of light. it is acceptance, recognition and belief in our true and sacred self that will lead us to a place of holistic well being where we may be who we were born to be.

love is a transformative gift of divine inspiration which guides us on an experiential journey of light and beauty where we are grateful for every breath.

love yourself completely and the healing power of spirit will embrace the celestial in your heart and guide you on a truly transformative journey of life changing experiences and miracles of love.

cultivate compassion for it is through kindness that our essence is revealed and ours becomes a path of personal revelations that lead us into a world of spirit where every moment is fresh and alive with hope and happiness.

there are planes of existence where prayer and intention are gifts of spirit given to us by our angels and guides that we may discover the heaven within and live our divinity as we create something beautiful.

breathe in the soothing vibrations of the soul and take a positive course of action as you channel the wisdom from the heavens into an encouraging message of hope that transforms your life and illuminates your path with love.

we are eternal beings. we are living expressions of the divine. we are beauty in its purest form. we are the light of a brighter tomorrow. we are miracles in the making and masters of our destiny. we are the answers we have been waiting for. we are gods and goddesses. this is who we are.

deep within your being are profound spiritual truths waiting to burst into lightness that you may create a new reality and travel into higher dimensions.

your authentic self is a beautiful being of purpose and meaning filled with spiritual truths that inspire and empower. be your authentic self.

let us gather as one and use our collective consciousness to transmit powerful transformational energy to the entire universe that all may sail blissful seas of spirit that make them feel joyful and uplifted.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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